10 Best Skateboards for Kids in 2017

It really is fun to watch individuals who can perform a lot of tricks with their skateboards from the ollie to the Indy grab, the flip, slide, lip tricks, grinds, and, of course, freestyle. This hobby has grown considerably that many communities all over the world have their own dedicated skateboarding parks or rinks. It is no wonder that many kids would love to have their very own skateboards.

Aside from being a cool and fun way to cruise the streets in your neighborhood, these ride-on toys can also have tremendous developmental benefits for young kids. However, it is very important to help them learn the basics with our 10 best skateboards for kids in 2017 before they can start aspiring for a slot in the next X-Games.

How We Chose the Best and Most Amazing Skateboards for Children in Our List

We learned that coming up with a list of the best skateboards for kids can be daunting. Initially we thought the selection process would be super easy since all we had to do was to pick out a flattened board with a slightly curved tail and a rounded head complete with 4 small wheels, right? How hard can that be? But alas! By the time we were given with a list of all the available skateboards in the market, we realized that choosing the best ones suddenly became not so simple anymore.

First was the issue of sturdiness and stability. Sure, they all looked the same but the true test of a product’s sturdiness and superb stability is in its actual use. Unfortunately, we cannot individually test all of these products. So, we had to devise a plan by carefully selecting only those products that pass our initial screening. We know it’s not a very objective way of screening for a good product but we do trust our customers as well. As such, we listened to their experiences by reading through their comments and feedbacks. We then generated a point system for the different product characteristics that customers have identified. We then compared the aggregate score with the current product rating published online. That’s why, if you have noticed, we never really included any product with a customer rating below 4.0 stars.

Our initial screening resulted in a much more manageable size. And that’s where we started the nitty-gritty work of determining the strengths and weaknesses of these products. We looked for signs or pieces of evidence that will show of a product’s sturdiness, strength, and durability particularly for its board or deck. The different technologies employed in its manufacture were also examined. The wheels were particularly evaluated for their mobility, smoothness and comfort of ride, and durability and strength. The ease of maintenance or upkeep was also evaluated. Since these products are intended for children, we thought that it should not be difficult for them to maintain their skateboard’s integrity.

Lastly, we knew we had to factor in the company’s reputation as well. Some companies do a much better job at certain things than others. And this can be gleaned from any recognition or certification that the company may have obtained through the years of its existence. This way, we feel more confident about the selection that we have just shared with you.

Building Your Very Own Skateboard

Getting a complete skateboard can save you the hassle of buying different parts and putting them together only to realize that the one that you built is not really what you wanted. However, there are certain benefits to building your very own skateboard, chief of which is the sheer sense of satisfaction from being able to create something that best represents your personality. You can also create one specifically for your child if you really want to. There are plenty of skateboard guides in the internet you can use to help you build a very personalized board fit for your child. If you want to learn how to build your child’s own skateboard, then you may want to read this.

  • Buy all of your materials. You will need a deck of the appropriate size for your child, trucks, wheels, bearings, nuts and bolts, and a grip tape. As for the deck, you have the option of making one yourself.
  • Install the trucks onto the underside of the board. If you’re using a pre-made deck, make sure to attach the trucks on their appropriate positions. Make sure to securely fasten the bolts.
  • Insert the bearings into the wheels by carefully removing the washers and nut from the axle. Place the bearing on the axle and then put the wheel onto the axle. Press the wheel to insert the bearing. Do this for all wheels.
  • Install the wheels on the skateboard trucks. Insert a washer, a wheel, and another washer onto the truck, in that order. Now secure the wheel with a nut. Do this for the other wheels.

Now you’ve got your own skateboard.

The Bottom Line

Riding skateboards can be so much fun for kids. More importantly, it helps build their self-confidence which can be very useful when they grow up. Our 10 best skateboards for kids will help you make sure of this. For more great toys, please visit our ride-on toys category here.

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