10 Best Skateboards for Kids in 2017

best skateboard for kids

It really is fun to watch individuals who can perform a lot of tricks with their skateboards from the ollie to the Indy grab, the flip, slide, lip tricks, grinds, and, of course, freestyle. This hobby has grown considerably that many communities all over the world have their own dedicated skateboarding parks or rinks. It is no wonder that many kids would love to have their very own skateboards. Aside from being a cool and fun way to cruise the streets in your neighborhood, these ride-on toys can also have tremendous developmental benefits for young kids. However, it is very important to help them learn the basics with our 10 best skateboards for kids in 2017 before they can start aspiring for a slot in the next X-Games.

10 Best Skateboards for Kids

PictureModelAge RangeRecommended Maximum Weight Limit
Skatro - Mini Cruiser Skateboard. 22x6inch Retro Style Plastic Board Comes CompleteAt least 5 years old220 pounds
Rimable Complete 22" Skateboard (fire skull)At least 5 years old198 pounds
Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Skateboard Complete 22 Inch Standard Retro Style Plastic Board(White Board-Yellow Wheel)At least 5 years old176 pounds
Merkapa Shinning Skateboard Glow Deck Cruiser Board With LED Light Wheels (Blue)At least 5 years old180 pounds
Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard,Blue FlameAt least 5 years old180 pounds
Tiger Boards Complete 22" Skateboard (22" x 6") (White)At least 5 years old190 pounds
Fisher-Price Grow-To-Pro 3-In-1 Skateboard4-8 years old80 pounds

1Skatro Mini Cruiser Retro Style Skateboard by Skatro

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

Recommended Maximum Weight Limit: 220 pounds

Some skateboarders prefer longer boards while others prefer minis or shorter ones. Regardless of the length however, a much more important consideration is the width of the deck. And since we’re talking about kids skateboards, it is a must that we get something that offers the best overall performance for the beginning skill level of our children. And for that, Skatro’s Mini Cruiser in super retro styling fits the bill perfectly. Among the boards that we’ve included in this list, the Skatro Mini Cruiser is the only one with the perfect 5. And here’s why. First, the deck. It features Skatro’s signature technology, the Flexy, which effectively ensures optimum flexion in every board that the company makes. This enables riders to glide effortlessly as the board is never too rigid that it cannot absorb impact forces. Flexing allows these boards to bend a little bit with each move, more like tiny springs that help cushion the impact of vertical forces. Second, the deck itself comes with excellent lattice work grooves that help keep your feet firmly planted without danger of slipping. We believe this is one excellent feature especially for kids as it can help minimize falls. Third, the heavy duty 3 inch trucks are made of high grade yet ultra-lightweight aluminum to make the Skatro Mini Cruiser super durable. Fourth, the wheels are humongous, at 59 mm, and extra-wide, too. This gives superior stability while cruising and rolling. Fifth, the use of ABEC 7 bearings help ensure optimum performance regardless of who rides the Skatro Mini Cruiser. Sixth, and this one is absolutely well-loved by buyers of the product, the Skatro Mini Cruiser already comes with its very own T-tool which is just perfect for adjusting the trucks or even the wheels to allow for smoother cornering. Now, do take note that the Skatro Mini Cruiser is not intended for performing stunts and tricks. It is primarily a coaster, a cruiser, or a transportation board that will make going to school more fun and enjoyable for your kid.

What We Like about It – The Skatro Mini Cruiser offers the right combination of durable construction, superb stability, lightweight yet durable design, and an overall great value especially with the addition of the T-tool which could easily set you back for another 10 to 15 dollars.

2Rimable Complete 22 Inch Skateboard by Rimable

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

Recommended Maximum Weight Limit: 198 pounds

Available in 21 very colorful, very artsy, and truly magnificent designs that can actually form a great collection of wonderful street art if you collect them all, the Rimable Complete 22 Inch Skateboard is one ride-on that kids with style will really appreciate. Rimable skateboards for kids are designed primarily to be shown off to other people. Each deck comes designed in beautiful patterns that it will feel like riding on a marvelous piece of artwork. The different design combinations also make for an interesting personal style, something the older kids can use to enhance their search for their own identity. The Rimable is your fashion accessory on wheels. And while the Rimable has a truly impressive design, its construction and performance don’t disappoint either. The deck is made of 100 percent fresh material, some customers say is made of high quality plastic. Underneath the deck are 3 inch aluminum trucks that provide an excellent support to its ABEC 7 bearings and polyurethane wheels. Customers particularly love the construction as it is quite soft compared to other brands that can create loud noises while cruising. Overall, your kid will get a very stylish skateboard that truly reflects his or her personal style complete with a highly durable deck and trucks and a superbly rolling set of wheels. Too bad, you’d have to buy a separate T-tool to make minute adjustments to its trucks.

What We Like about It – The Rimable provides a remarkable combination of style, durability, and performance without ever hurting your budget as it will only cost you about a third of the price of leading brands.

3Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Complete 22 Inch Standard Retro Style Skateboard by Cal 7

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

Recommended Maximum Weight Limit: 176 pounds

We know you love the Skatro Mini Cruiser because of its enviable features and the addition of the very useful T-tool. Unfortunately, a used Skatro Mini Cruiser can easily set you back by more than 50 dollars. If this is the price for a second hand Skatro, what more if you aim for the brand new one? This is one of the reasons why there are some people who would like a much cheaper alternative without necessarily sacrificing all the different elements and features that make the Skatro a superb board for kids. This is where the Cal 7 Mini Cruiser comes in. The brand new Cal 7 Mini Cruiser will only cost you half the price of a second-hand or used Skatro Mini Cruiser. And, you basically get the same features as the Skatro, except for the accompanying T-tool, of course. Another major difference is the Flexy Technology applied into all Skatro boards which is, for proprietary reasons, clearly absent in the Cal 7 Mini Cruiser. But, if you can live without the Flexy Technology, which effectively limits the board’s maximum weight capacity, and the bonus T-tool, then the Cal 7 Mini is a splendid choice. You’ve got the same super smooth rolling ABEC 7 bearings, 59mm durable wheels, and 3.125 inch aluminum trucks. The deck comes with the same patterned grooves as in the Skatro so your feet stays planted firmly on the deck.

What We Like about It – The Cal 7 is an excellent alternative to the Skatro especially if you’re budget-constrained. It should nevertheless, give your kid, more or less, the same level of comfortable ride cruising on it.

4Merkapa Glow Deck Cruiser Skateboard by Merkapa

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

Recommended Maximum Weight Limit: 180 pounds

Kids love riding on things that light up, that’s for sure! With the Merkapa Glow Deck Cruiser, children will be cruising to school or anywhere else in style. The wheels of the Merkapa come with built-in multi-colored LED lights so whenever the wheels go rolling, the lights will be flashing as well. Don’t think this is the only thing that makes the Merkapa great. If we really have to be blunt about it, remove the LED light-up wheels and you have a skateboard that’s more or less identical to both the Skatro and the Cal 7 mini cruisers. The deck of the Merkapa comes with the same ridges that allow for superb grip for your kid’s feet. It has the same 22 inch deck length and the same ABEC 7 bearings. The only thing that’s different is the Merkapa’s aluminum V-trucks measuring 3.25 inches and its 60 mm polyurethane wheels giving your kid slightly better stability because of its modestly wider wheelbase. It’s the perfect training board for any kid with the addition of the fun-looking LED lights. Learning how to ride and cruise on a skateboard should really be fun.

What We Like about It – The Merkapa is a really fun way for kids to cruise along the neighborhood on their way to school or anywhere else, thanks, in part, to its built-in LED lights.

5Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard by Krown

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

Recommended Maximum Weight Limit: 180 pounds

If your child is having difficulty with minis because of their relatively narrower and shorter deck as well as narrower wheelbase, maybe it’s about time he or she try training with a much more stable platform. For this, he or she may need a slightly longer board. The Krown Rookie comes in at 31 inches and with sufficient width to accommodate your kid’s growing feet. The heavy duty aluminum trucks on the Krown Rookie are also superbly larger than the pennies or minis at 5 inches. This effectively translates to a much wider wheelbase which should afford splendid stability. Made of Canadian maple, the durable and sturdy deck is completed with flame artwork in 6 different color schemes. The wheels are quite narrower though at only 52 mm. Unfortunately, while the Krown Rookie should be great for introductory skateboarding tricks, many consumers find it quite difficult to turn as the wheels tend to go in one direction.  Nevertheless, the Krown Rookie can make for a great beginner’s skateboard for kids.

What We Like about It – The Krown Rookie’s longer deck and wider wheelbase guarantees excellent stability.

6Tiger Boards Complete 22 Inch Skateboard by Tiger Boards

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

Recommended Maximum Weight Limit: 190 pounds

Priced about 10 dollars higher than the Cal 7 Mini Cruiser, the Tiger Boards Complete 22 Inch skateboard for kids has basically the same design like the Skrato, Cal 7, and Merkapa. If you’re going to ask us, the Tiger Boards sits right between the Cal 7 and the Merkapa, price-wise. It is for this reason that the Tiger Boards actually fares essentially in the same way as the other three products. The only difference is that the Tiger comes in 10 different candy colors giving it a more kid-friendly design. It has the same specs as the other 3 items in this list. The crisscross diamond pattern grooves on the deck ensures excellent grip while its combination of a 3 inch aluminum truck, ABEC 7 bearings, and 59 mm wheel help guarantee smoother ride. We did notice several comments however, related to the Tiger’s less than smooth rolling. This issue, surprisingly, is not experienced by others so we think it has something to do with a defective unit.

What We Like about It – The Tiger Boards has a kid-friendlier design which makes it quite ideal for younger children to learn the art of skateboarding.

7Grow-to-Pro 3-in-1 Skateboard by Fisher-Price

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Age Range: 4 to 8 years old

Recommended Maximum Weight Limit: 80 pounds

If it’s a toddler skateboard that you’re looking for, then Fisher-Price’s Grow-to-Pro 3-in-1 is the answer. This is one superb board that your little tike will be using well until he or she reaches 8 years old or until he or she reaches the recommended maximum weight limit. The point is that, the Grow to Pro is primarily intended to help young children learn the art of skateboarding in sequential steps. First, he or she will have to learn how to balance himself or herself on the board using the built-in removable handle bar. Once your kid has achieved this, then he or she can start moving or rolling with the Grow to Pro with the handle bar already removed. By the time your child has built the confidence in both balancing on and mobilizing using the Grow to pro, you can adjust the height of the wheels for a more professional skateboarding feel. The heavy duty wheels are typically positioned out for beginners to give them optimum stability while learning to balance. Upon mastery of the needed skills, the wheels can then be readjusted inwards to raise the height of the deck for a more pro-like performance. This is the perfect gift for kids to really learn how to ride a skateboard from a newbie to becoming a pro.

What We Like about It – The Grow to Pro is an excellent platform that allows kids to slowly build self-confidence riding the board. This is important for all professional skateboarders.

8Sun Boards 22 Inch Complete Mini Skateboard by Sun Boards

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

Recommended Maximum Weight Limit: 120 pounds

Maybe you don’t like the Skatro because it’s quite expensive. And if you, too, don’t like the Cal 7, the Merkapa, or even the Tiger for some reason or another, maybe you’d like to consider the Sun Boards 22 Inch Complete Mini Skateboard for kids instead? Technically, there really isn’t much difference from the last three we have mentioned. It has the same specs as the rest like a very sturdy and highly durable deck that’s adorned with excellent crisscross grooves for splendid grip and an ABEC 7 bearing with 59 mm PU wheel attached to a 3 inch heavy duty yet super lightweight aluminum truck. The deck of the Sun Board is manufactured using a superb injection molded process to help strengthen its structure. If any, the Sun Board is a lot similar to the Skatro because it already includes a hex tool which you can use to make fine adjustments in the setup of the skateboard. At any rate, you will have a super selection of products to get for your child.

What We Like about It – The Sun Board has all the same features like the rest of the 22 inchers in our list. However, instead of Skatro’s T-tool, it throws in a hex tool instead.

9Grow-with-Me 3-in-1 Skateboard by Fisher-Price

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Age Range: 4 to 8 years old

Recommended Maximum Weight Limit: 80 pounds

The best time to teach young kids how to ride a skateboard is when they have already gained excellent control of their lower leg muscles as these are needed for optimum balance. Additionally, it is imperative to look for a toddler skateboard that can really teach your kid three fundamental things in a stepwise progressive manner: balance, stable movement, and riding like the pros. Good thing Fisher-Price came up with the Grow with Me 3-in-1 to help toddlers learn and master fundamental skateboarding techniques. Regrettably, we are quite puzzled since the Fisher-Price Grow with Me is a lot like its Grow to Pro model with a very small difference: the color design of the deck and handlebar. So, whether you get the Grow to Pro or the Grow with Me, you will definitely get the same features. Your child will first build his or her confidence riding the toddler skateboard using the built in handlebar. Once he or she has gained enough confidence, you can then remove the handlebar. By the time he or she reaches a certain level of mastery, you can adjust the wheels inwards to make the Grow with Me a bit like a standard skateboard. Slowly but surely, your kid will be learning through the ropes.

What We Like about It – The Grow with Me is a Grow to Pro but with a different color scheme. It is the perfect tool for children who really like to learn how to skateboard from the very basic right up to the advanced.

10Playwheels Boys Kids 21 Inch Complete Skateboard by PlayWheels 

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Age Range: 5 to 10 years old

Recommended Maximum Weight Limit: 100 pounds

The Playwheels Complete Skateboard features a deck that’s an inch shorter than our Minis in this selection. However, it doesn’t mean that it will be any less functional or with a much lower quality of its construction. It remains a very viable alternative to the others in this list especially for those parents who are not yet really ready to shell out more than $20 for a piece of board that they are not sure if their kids will like or even appreciate. For its price, the Playwheels can really be a very economical way of introducing the concept of skateboarding to young children who may not have any idea of the joys the sport brings. The deck is made with a 9-ply maple giving it superb durability and strength as your kid will be learning how to cruise on the Playwheels. It features composite trucks which connect steel axles that turn the PVC-injected wheels. Its bearings are made of durable nylon giving your kid just enough mobility to enjoy the cruise.

What We Like about It – The Playwheels is perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that they’re not sure their kids will love.

How We Chose the Best and Most Amazing Skateboards for Children in Our List

We learned that coming up with a list of the best skateboards for kids can be daunting. Initially we thought the selection process would be super easy since all we had to do was to pick out a flattened board with a slightly curved tail and a rounded head complete with 4 small wheels, right? How hard can that be? But alas! By the time we were given with a list of all the available skateboards in the market, we realized that choosing the best ones suddenly became not so simple anymore.

First was the issue of sturdiness and stability. Sure, they all looked the same but the true test of a product’s sturdiness and superb stability is in its actual use. Unfortunately, we cannot individually test all of these products. So, we had to devise a plan by carefully selecting only those products that pass our initial screening. We know it’s not a very objective way of screening for a good product but we do trust our customers as well. As such, we listened to their experiences by reading through their comments and feedbacks. We then generated a point system for the different product characteristics that customers have identified. We then compared the aggregate score with the current product rating published online. That’s why, if you have noticed, we never really included any product with a customer rating below 4.0 stars.

Our initial screening resulted in a much more manageable size. And that’s where we started the nitty-gritty work of determining the strengths and weaknesses of these products. We looked for signs or pieces of evidence that will show of a product’s sturdiness, strength, and durability particularly for its board or deck. The different technologies employed in its manufacture were also examined. The wheels were particularly evaluated for their mobility, smoothness and comfort of ride, and durability and strength. The ease of maintenance or upkeep was also evaluated. Since these products are intended for children, we thought that it should not be difficult for them to maintain their skateboard’s integrity.

Lastly, we knew we had to factor in the company’s reputation as well. Some companies do a much better job at certain things than others. And this can be gleaned from any recognition or certification that the company may have obtained through the years of its existence. This way, we feel more confident about the selection that we have just shared with you.

Building Your Very Own Skateboard

Getting a complete skateboard can save you the hassle of buying different parts and putting them together only to realize that the one that you built is not really what you wanted. However, there are certain benefits to building your very own skateboard, chief of which is the sheer sense of satisfaction from being able to create something that best represents your personality. You can also create one specifically for your child if you really want to. There are plenty of skateboard guides in the internet you can use to help you build a very personalized board fit for your child. If you want to learn how to build your child’s own skateboard, then you may want to read this.

  • Buy all of your materials. You will need a deck of the appropriate size for your child, trucks, wheels, bearings, nuts and bolts, and a grip tape. As for the deck, you have the option of making one yourself.
  • Install the trucks onto the underside of the board. If you’re using a pre-made deck, make sure to attach the trucks on their appropriate positions. Make sure to securely fasten the bolts.
  • Insert the bearings into the wheels by carefully removing the washers and nut from the axle. Place the bearing on the axle and then put the wheel onto the axle. Press the wheel to insert the bearing. Do this for all wheels.
  • Install the wheels on the skateboard trucks. Insert a washer, a wheel, and another washer onto the truck, in that order. Now secure the wheel with a nut. Do this for the other wheels.

Now you’ve got your own skateboard.

The Bottom Line

Riding skateboards can be so much fun for kids. More importantly, it helps build their self-confidence which can be very useful when they grow up. Our 10 best skateboards for kids will help you make sure of this. For more great toys, please visit our ride-on toys category here.

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