10 Best Sippy Cups for Infants in 2017

Infants or babies have to learn a lot of things so they will be able to make the successful transition into toddlerhood and beyond. One of the most important tasks they need to master is the ability to drink from a cup. Unless you don’t mind your child drinking beverage from his or her milk bottle when he or she is already a grownup, then you really need to help your kid learn how to drink from the best sippy cup to start with. Choosing the most appropriate and the best sippy cup to transition from bottle is thus, very important. That is why we made a list of the ten top rated sippy cups you can ever find in the market today. Here’s our list.

How We Chose the Top Sippy Cups in Our List

How do you choose the best sippy cup for milk or even the sippy cups with straws? Well, first our researchers had to look at the overall design. Since babies don’t have an excellent command of their motor skills yet, the infant drinking gadget must be very easy to grasp and hold for baby to bring to his or her mouth. Having said that, the drinking cup should also be lightweight so as not to put strain on the baby’s fragile wrist and still-developing muscles. We don’t want to produce any type of injury to our kids, do we?

And speaking of injuries, it is imperative that the construction of the infant trainer cup is not made of harmful chemicals such as BPA, phthalate, PVC, lead, or even formaldehyde. We don’t want these chemicals to be leeching into the drinks of our young ones. Additionally, while we presume all of us won’t give our young infants piping hot milk, it is still crucial that the trainer glass is designed with a lid and a sipping mechanism that won’t spill the contents onto baby’s face or lap. We all know how clumsy babies can be, not that they are really clumsy but more because of immature muscles and coordination, and as such they have this tendency to spill their drinks. So, if there’s a mechanism that will help them retain the fluid inside the container itself, then that is a feature we had to look out for.

We then looked at the different features built into the trainer. We definitely would want the trainer glass to be able to develop some of the skills that babies need such as their motor skills, their visual and motor coordination, and their spatial relations skills. Of course, sipping on a trainer glass is different from drinking from a milk bottle so we had to look at how well the product was able to handle this aspect as well.

Properly cleaning the drinking trainer is also essential. Moms should know how to clean sippy cups and to do it with ease. If it takes an unusual number of steps just to clean the drinking trainer of babies, then we clearly don’t want that because we believe there are more important things in life that really deserve your attention. So while we do recognize the need of moms and other care givers to know how to clean sippy cups the proper way, we took the initiative of looking for drinking trainers that are easy to clean.

With that, we were able to make a shortlist of the top 10 sippy cups we’re 100 percent positive you and your kids will love.

How Do You Know Your Baby is Ready to Say “Bye-Bye” to His/Her Bottle?

Kids will not be drinking from their feeding bottles for the rest of their lives. At some point in their young lives they will have to eventually give up on their feeding bottles. This often requires a methodical approach in which you slowly introduce the concept of drinking from a cup and not a bottle. You cannot expect to throw away the bottle today and your child will already be so proficient in drinking from a cup.

One of the most obvious questions parents have about transitioning to a cup is when can we start initiating the transitional training? Pediatricians say that kids should be able to wean off their feeding bottles between the ages of 12 and 18 months; although it’s not unusual to have children as old as 3 and 4 years old still unwilling to let go of their bottles.

A good rule of thumb is to start using sippy cups at around the same time that babies are already receiving liquids other than milk. If they are already drinking water or even mild fruit juices, then that is the time to start introducing a sippy cup especially for these drinks. Let him or her drink milk from his or her bottle. All other liquids will have to be consumed through a sippy cup. This way, your child will tend to appreciate the joys of drinking from a cup compared to a bottle.

A better approach is to use sippy cups that are designed as milk bottles. The idea is that, the earlier babies get accustomed to holding the handle of a cup rather than the body of a bottle itself can help facilitate the earlier and faster graduation from feeding bottles.

The Bottom Line

The best sippy cups should be able to help your baby make the successful transition from feeding bottles. Our top 10 sippy cups should provide you a headstart on which trainer cup to get for your infant.

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