5 Best Sewing Machines for Kids in 2017

Sewing is one of the fundamental crafts that kids, especially young girls, need to learn. It can provide a host of developmental benefits to growing children while also helping ensure the continuity of an age-old tradition of sewing things by hand. In a world that is run mostly on automation, it does pay to learn these handicraft works to help ensure we have something to pass onto the next generation. Unfortunately, because it takes skill to sew, we will need the 5 best sewing machines for kids in 2017 to help them appreciate the wonderful world of needlecraft.

How We Chose the Best Kids’ Sewing Machines in Our List

Honestly, this is one of the toughest projects we have ever undertaken. We have to admit that we’re not really seamstresses or tailors so we are not competent in giving you a very detailed review of the products that we’ve selected. But we eventually found a way. We enlisted the help of a master tailor to give us a crash course on how a sewing machine works including its different components. More importantly, we sought advice on how to pick the best children’s sewing machine. We knew that with his years of experience, he’s already got a wealth of knowledge that will be invaluable in our search.

First was the ease of use. Since we are essentially looking for something that kids can use the very first time they lay their hands on it, it was important for us to look at the overall design of the kids sewing machine. Ease of operation is crucial since we want kids to think that needlework is very easy to learn and that, with constant practice, they can become master seamstresses or tailors, too.

While the appliance may be easy to use, it must also be safe. We’re talking about needles that are stitching thread into fabric at a very fast rate. Even master tailors and seamstresses have met accidents in their profession. So, we had to look at the safety features that are inherent in the product. And speaking of safety, we also had to look at electrical safety features as most of these products are run on electricity. For those models that are pedal-powered, the pedal mechanism must also be in sound form to make sure there will be no accidents occurring.

Since it is kids who are going to use these gadgets, we deemed it was necessary to look for something light and very portable. We know how heavy standard and industrial sewing machines are. Even grownups have difficulty carrying those. Now imagine if you have a kid. So, the weight and portability of the equipment have been carefully considered in our selection.

Other features were also taken into consideration as well as the company’s reputation.

Why Teach Our Kids Handicrafts such as Sewing

We live in a world of comfort and convenience. Many of the things we use today are now produced in bulk by huge automated machines. It’s very rare that we see products that are still made by hand. We are not saying this is good news. But handicrafts are part of who we are as a people. It defines our culture and our history as a people. That is why it is important to teach kids about the importance of handicrafts as a means to preserve the legacy of our ancestors and protect what we value most in life. More than this, however, is the obvious developmental benefits of handicrafts such as sewing among children.

Kids who learn how to sew can enhance their manual dexterity a lot further. Inserting a thread through the eye of a needle requires absolute control of the fine muscles of the fingers and the efficient coordination between what they see and how their fingers hold and move the thread. They call it hand-eye coordination and can be an excellent training for other tasks that will require the coordinated movements of the limbs.

Similarly, children who learn how to sew eventually have to learn how to create wonderful patterns. This enhances their problem solving abilities. They will make use of their reasoning faculties to try and determine which type or style of stitch will bring out the best qualities of a particular item. For instance, they may wish to sew a dress for their doll but will a straight stitch look fabulous or will a crescent stitch look more appropriate and dazzling? This teaches kids to use their knowledge in the creation of patterns, designs, and styles. That’s why it’s important to teach our kids handicrafts such as sewing.

More importantly, being able to create something can have a lot of benefits to a child’s social and emotional wellbeing. The sense of accomplishment can help build self-confidence which will make children feel they are capable of anything especially if they put their minds to it. Additionally, since many handicrafts are best completed with others, children are able to exercise their communication skill which is a fundamental requirement for effective social relationships.

There are other reasons why we need to teach our kids handicrafts like sewing. In a gist, these activities help them become better persons while also ensuring the transmission of these practices from generation to generation.

The Bottom Line

If you want to teach your child the wonderful art of needlework, you need to get one of our 5 best sewing machines for kids. These have been proven by countless other parents who want the same thing for their kids.

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