Top 25 Toys of 2017

best selling toys of 2017

The research team at spend countless hours every day finding the mot popular and leading toys for kids. Our product selection process is a strict one factoring in customer feedback, the quality of the manufacturer and the developmental appropriateness of each toy.

Based on extensive buyer data and toy trends, we are pleased to showcase the top 25 best selling toys this year that every kids must have!

25 Best Toys of 2017

Liberty Imports World Racing Car Take-A-Part ToyLiberty Imports Building Toy
Kidoozie Foam Pogo JumperKidoozieRide-On Toy
The Original Stomp Rocket: Jr. Glow in the Dark 4-Rocket KitStomp RocketFlying Toy
Melissa & Doug Monster Plush 6-Pin Bowling Game With Carrying CaseMelissa & DougSoft Toy
Gravity MazeThink FunPuzzle
OWI 14-in-1 Solar RobotOWIBuilding Toy

1World Racing Car Take-A-Part Toy for Kids with Tool Drill, Lights, and Sounds by Liberty Imports 

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

There is nothing more fascinating to young children than to be able to build something that they can really play with. It’s fun and can provide a whole lot of developmental benefits such as mastery of fine motor skills, enhancement of problem solving abilities, and improvement of their self-concept and self-esteem. The World Racing Car Take-A-Part Toy for Kids provides these benefits and a whole lot more. It’s an awesome looking race car that kids can disassemble and reassemble using the different tools that comes with the package. The race car itself even comes with realistic light and sound effects to make playtime more meaningful. It comes with a toy tool drill enabling your child to make the necessary changes to his or her ride.

What We Like about It – The Liberty World Racing Car looks really awesome. But its real magic lies in its ability to be reassembled to give young kids a totally different playing experience. 

2Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper by Kidoozie

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Age Range: 3 to 10 years old

When it comes to bouncy types of ride-on toys, one of the best you can ever buy for your tot is the Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper. It actually doesn’t look like much but when you start considered the full thickness of the super durable foam base of this kiddie jumper, you will appreciate just how much comfortable and easy it is to be hopping around your neighborhood. And yes, you can hop around with it, too; provided you don’t weigh any heavier than 250 pounds, that is. The Kidoozie Jumper is perfect for helping kids master the art of balancing and coordinating the movements of his or her arms and legs to move about.

We love this toy so much it made it into our number 1 spot for the best toys for 4 year old boys here.

What We Like about It – The Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper is just great for developing kids’ optimum physical development. Parents and everyone else can take it for a ride, too.

3The Original Stomp Rocket: Jr. Glow in the Dark 4-Rocket Kit by Stomp Rocket

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Age Range: 3 to 12 years old

Even before man has discovered rocket boosters, he has already experimented with air pressure as a means of catapulting a rocket into space. Kids can now experiment with this idea by getting for them the Original Stomp Rocket: Jr. Glow in the Dark Rockets. These foam rockets do not need any special gadgets or fuel cells to see them blasting off their respective launchers. They only require leg power, a great sense of balance, and precision targeting to hit the center of the launcher with all of your kid’s might. Once airborne, the Stomp rocket can reach up to a height of 100 feet before it starts falling back to Earth. And if your kids will choose to launch these babies at night, then they will be treated to a really marvelous spectacle.

What We Like about It – The Stomp Rocket is perfect for helping kids to enjoy some good old fashioned outdoor fun.

4Monster Plush 6-Pin Bowling Game with Carrying Case by Melissa & Doug

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Age Range: 2 to 4 years old

If you’re into bowling and you’d like to introduce this fun sport to your young kids, then get the Monster Plush Bowling Game. You’ve got 6 very colorful and friendly-looking monsters that are so cute and adorable that you’ll never think of them as hideous creatures. Each of these plush monsters has a weighted bottom to allow them to stand in formation, awaiting for the green and blue monster bowling ball to topple them over. And even if your kid simply doesn’t want to play bowling, he or she will definitely have fun playing with these plush toys as standalone which should be perfect for enhancing their imagination.

What We Like about It – The Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling Game is great for helping kids develop their motor skills, visual motor coordination, and of course, balance.

5Gravity Maze by Think Fun

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Age Range: 8 to 15 years old

Marble puzzles are a different type of game that requires strategy especially in the placement of the different components to solve a particular puzzle problem. The Gravity Maze features 9 different towers in various color combinations that have to be placed in a 4×4 game grid to help solve any of the problems set in the 60 challenge cards. The objective is very simple. Look at the challenge, rearrange the towers, drop the marble, and hope that the solution results in the marble hitting the target piece. It may be intended for kids but the Gravity Maze can sure bring a lot of fun to the entire family.

What We Like about It – The Gravity Maze is ideal for honing the problem solving and strategic planning skills of children. For the younger ones, it’s great for encouraging them to refine their spatial intelligence.

614-in-1 Solar Robot by OWI

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Age Range: 8 to 15 years old

Forget the Transformers, be it the Autobots or the Decepticons. These can only transform into two different modes. To give your child something to be really excited about, you’d better get him or her the OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot. As the name implies, the OWI has fully replaceable and interchangeable parts which can see it transforming from a catamaran, a zombie, a dog, a beetle, or even a crab, as well as many other robot configurations. The best part of all of these is that these models are fully functional. They don’t require any batteries, too, as they are powered by the sun’s energy. The kit is an exceptional toy meant to introduce kids to the wonders of robotics and solar energy.

If you like this product, you can view more robot toys here.

What We Like about It – The OWI Solar Robot is a great toy, no doubt about that. There’s just so much science behind its design that it should provide a wonderful learning tool for kids to master the fundamentals of STEM.

7Little Hands Button Art by ALEX Toys

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Age Range: 2 to 6 years old

The Little Hands Button Art is not actually a craft toy per se but rather a combination of puzzle picture boards and colorful buttons. There are a total of 46 different colored buttons that kids will have to use to provide “color” to the images printed on 10 different picture boards. The Little Hands Button Art can be a great tool for enhancing kids’ color perception, spatial skills, and problem solving abilities, not to mention their hand eye coordination. The Little Hands come with its very own unique storage tray which should help organize and keep the buttons from spilling and getting lost. It also makes for a convenient game on the go so kids will have plenty of activities to perform.

We love this product so much, it made it into our list of the top toys for 2 year old boys here.

What We Like about It – The Little Hands Button Art is one superb way to stimulate young children’s dexterity, spatial skills, hand eye coordination, and creativity. Plus, it would be a wonderful décor to have in your child’s bedroom.

8Suspend Family Game by Melissa & Doug

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Age Range: 8 to 15 years old

In a thrilling game of balance and coordination where even the slightest wrong move can topple the whole structure, the Suspend Family Game is a really great way to strengthen family ties as well as the bonds of friendship. The Suspend is a game where kids learn to build a tower made of rods that they have to balance to keep it from toppling. It’s like Jenga but with a twist. Instead of removing blocks from the tower without toppling the structure, Suspend is all about adding game rods to the 4 frame rods to make sure it stays upright. It may be a very simple game but it requires absolute concentration especially in the placement of the rods. One false move and you can have the entire tower crumbling down.

What We Like about It – The Suspend Family Game requires strategic thinking and superb control of hand eye coordination. The fun that you’ll get with your family and friends is simply priceless. Just imagine what this can do for your kids.

9KidiBeats Kids Drum Set by VTech

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Age Range: 2 to 5 years old

We all know that music is very much a part of our lives. And when kids start drumming their way, creating fantastic rhythms that only they can interpret, the developmental benefits can really be astounding. Now, add the learning benefits that are embedded in the KidiBeats Kids Drum Set and you are guaranteed to have a child who is excellent in the alphabet and numbers. VTech has always been known for integrating early childhood learning concepts into its products and KidiBeats surely carries on this tradition. Every time kids bang the drums or the cymbals, the KidiBeats lets out unique sounds that are great for optimum sensory development. Interactive learning buttons can be pressed to teach kids about the alphabet, numbers, and even fun phrases. The KidiBeats come with 9 pre-set melodic styles to let your kid create fabulous drum-based rhythms. Maybe you’ve got the next Ringo Starr in your home.

What We Like about It – The KidiBeats integrates the many benefits of music creation with the learning concepts that only VTech can provide.

10N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster by Nerf

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

In the growing zombie menace, kids have to muster all their strengths and courage to beat these mindless creatures. They need to equip themselves with only the best weapons that are sure to blast the walking dead and put them out of their miseries. In the world of make-believe shooting games, nothing can really parallel the kind of imaginative fun that the N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster can provide. The rotating barrel can fire 6 Elite darts in rapid succession, especially when the Slam Fire mechanism has been activated, eliminating enemies up to 90 feet away. Targets won’t even have the chance to get within striking distance as they will already be obliterated by the awesome firepower of the Elite Strongarm Blaster. The one fantastic thing about Nerf products is that they can actually work with different models of the same brand. Now, kids can literally blast their way to a fantastic make-believe war against zombies and other enemies.

You can view the full range of leading nerf guns by clicking here

What We Like about It – The N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster is formed like a humongous pistol. Since it is not designed to be like the real thing, it leaves some for children to imagine how it can be used.

11Fun and Educational 4 Boat Bath Toys for Boys and Girls by 3 Bees and Me

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Age Range: At least 18 months old

Whoever thought that playtime should only be confined in the play area of kids? For toddlers, we all know that getting them to enjoy their bath is quite a challenge. One way we can help them have fun and actually look forward to bath time is by giving them toys to play with in the bath tub. In essence, we are incorporating playtime with bathtime. With the 3 Bees and Me Fun and Educational Boat Bath Toys, this is now possible. Kids will have lots of fun creating waves and whirlpools in the bathtub to see how these tiny colorful boats will manage such kiddie-made waves. This helps encourage imaginative thinking as young kids will be coming up with many ways to play with the toy boats. They can race from one end of the tub down to the other end. However, they are going to play with it, the bathtub will be their play area and that bathtime will never be a bore again.

What We Like about It – The 3 Bees and Me Boat Bath Toy is a great way to put fun in the tub. This helps entice young children to value bathtime as fun time.

12RacerZ Car Designer by ZOOB

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Age Range: 6 to 18 years old

Children love constructing things. Give them a few blocks of wood and they can essentially build a fantastic structure out of it. Give them the ZOOB RacerZ Car Designer, however, and you can get them to build and move their respective vehicles. Inspired by the success of LEGO building blocks, the ZOOB RacerZ comes with 76 differently colored rods that resemble bones, bulbous on both ends and connected by a straight rod in the middle. The idea is to connect the bulbous ends to create a particular vehicle. It doesn’t really matter what kind of vehicle your kid can come up with. The ZOOB RacerZ already comes with 12 wheels complete with rubberized tires so building a racer, a dune buggy, a crawler, a drag racer, or even a trailer, as well as many other vehicles, should be a cinch. What will only be required from your child is his or her imagination and creativity and all will be well.

What We Like about It – The ZOOB RacerZ provides the necessary stimulation for your child to really use his or her imagination. When his or her creation is completed, the emotional benefits can be profound.

13Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit by Elenco

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

We live in a world that is run on technology. Majority of these things run on electricity. And while we can provide our children with books that detail electrical circuits and components, a much better approach is for them to build their own electrical devices so that they learn hands-on. This is the premise behind Elenco’s Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit. It’s a construction and building set that is focused more on the creation of electronic devices such as flashing lights, photo sensors, and even a siren whose volume can be easily adjusted. There are no less than 100 electrical projects to tinker with, each one completed by the use of more than 30 snap-on electronic parts. If you have a child who is fascinated with electrical devices, this is the best way for them to appreciate and understand simple electrical concepts and principles.

What We Like about It – The Elenco Snap Circuits SC-100 is the perfect gift for kids who excel in STEM. It facilitates understanding of electrical principles as well as helps encourage problem solving.

14Disgusting Science Kit by Scientific Explorer

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

Not many of us understand how the body works. Most of us actually feel disgusted at some of the secretions that our bodies produce. For instance, the slimy snot from our noses or even the blood that slowly creeps from an open wound often send shivers down our spine. However, we really have to appreciate these processes as integral parts of the body. Kids can learn about these things and many more physiologic processes with the Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit. It’s a fun way to learn about how the body actually works including the different byproducts that it excretes. It includes all the ingredients, materials, and tools your kids will ever need to recreate these processes and byproducts to gain a deeper, yet more fun way of, understanding of these things.

For more great products like this, check out our article on the top science toys this year.

What We Like about It – The Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science is never really disgusting as it opens the doors to greater understanding of what occurs inside our bodies.

15Take-a-Part Toy Vehicles by Battat

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Age Range: 3 to 6 years old

It would really be a great accomplishment if your child can build his or her own unique airplane, roadster, 4×4 off roader, or even crane. Of course, what we’re talking about are toy versions of these vehicles and not really the actual things themselves. It may seem simplistic enough but if kids can build something, we are essentially helping them gain confidence over their abilities. Battat’s Take-a-Part toy vehicles are made of different parts that have to be joined together using the different tools that come with the package. It helps children gain an understanding of how the different parts of these vehicles actually work together to create something fabulous.

What We Like about It – The Battat has a simple yet very noble design in helping kids appreciate some of the more common things in the real world.

16ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon by ALEX Toys

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Age Range: 8 to 15 years old

Instead of spending tens of dollars having your child’s hair colored in a spa setting, it’s better to get her the ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon so she and her friends can try their hands at styling their own locks. Made of water-based pigments, the Spa Hair chalks can be easily applied onto any hair and just as easily removed with a simple wash and rinse. The kit comes with 24 metallic beads to complement the 5 washable chalk pens to give your child a fabulous hairstyle she can call her own.

This product was featured in our list of the top toys for 9 year old girls here.

What We Like about It – The ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon is one unique way to encourage creativity in young kids to try their hands at hairstyling. It’s a lot cheaper, too, than going to a real salon.

17LeapFrog Scribble and Write by LeapFrog Enterprises

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Age Range: 3 to 5 years old

Writing is a skill that all of us have to learn from childhood. It is one of the most fundamental aspects of communication. While we can speak all we want, some of us may not have the ability to write. This can have serious implications. That’s why kids have to learn the basics of writing from the holding of the writing instrument to making the strokes necessary to draw the forms of letters and numbers. Our kids need all the help they can get to help them master this fundamental skill. LeapFrog Scribble and Write aims just that. It’s a miniature learning tablet that is composed of two sections, one for writing and one for choosing the letters and numbers that need to be written. When kids choose a letter or number, the form of the letter or number is lit on the writing pad. Your child traces the lights to learn how to draw the letter or number. With constant practice, your child will be able to master the letters of the alphabet as well as the numbers 1-10. Of course, it still is a long way to go but at least, this is the foundation of more to come.

What We Like about It – The Scribble and Write allows kids to learn how to write letters and numbers. The fun thing is that it also gives kids the opportunity to doodle on the drawing pad.

18Spirograph Deluxe Design Set by Kahootz

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

Cultivate the artistic talents of your child by giving him or her the Spirograph Deluxe Design Set that’s composed of 45 different pieces including 19 wheels with different patterns. This gives any child the ability to come up with wonderful designs that can be made as a decorative element to his or her notebooks, books, and other personal items. The spiraling designs can also make for a great wall décor especially when framed, giving your child something to smile about every time he or she sees his or her creation. Understand that the Spirograph is not only for kids. The entire family can come up with a family project to help strengthen family ties.

What We Like about It – The Spirograph has been around for more than half a century. It’s been providing quality time to families as they watch their kids create fantastic artwork with these design rings and wheels.

19Little Apps Tablet by VTech

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Age Range: 2 to 5 years old

In a world that is heavily dependent on mobile devices, it would be foolish not to give our youngsters an appropriate device of his or her own. VTech’s Little Apps Tablet fits the bill perfectly. Since it’s a VTech product, you can expect the Little Apps to be filled with many learning activities designed to help ensure optimum cognitive development especially among toddlers and preschoolers. Your child will be learning the alphabet, numbers, and fun phrases that he or she can use to communicate with other kids or even with their caregivers. There are a total of 12 learning activities, each one in progressing complexity over the one preceding it. This helps ensure that your kid’s cognitive development occurs in a stepwise manner.

For more products like this, check out our post on the best tablets for kids.

What We Like about It – The Little Apps is a great and fun way to learn many of the early childhood concepts that will prepare young kids for schooling.

20DIY Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry by ALEX Toys

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Age Range: 8 to 16 years old

Building friendships is one of the integral tasks not only of children but also adults. We exist because of our interactions with others who happen to share the same interests as ours. Among children, this bond of friendship is often symbolized by the creation of friendship bands or tags, however you wish to call it. You can let your child create her own signature friendship band with the DIY Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry. This gives them the ability to personalize or customize their jewelry that will make their friendship more meaningful. The kit already comes complete with all the things your child will need to create a lot of fabulous and fashionable jewelry.

What We Like about It – The DIY Wear Friends 4 Ever is a superb way to entice your child to be as creative as she possibly can. Besides, it’s going to symbolize the friendship that she builds along the way.

21Diggin Active Dodge Tag by Diggin

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Age Range: 5 to 12 years old

If your kid is fond of playing dodge ball, put some twist to it by getting the Diggin Active Dodge Tag. The rules of the game are still the same. You hit your opponent with a ball while they attempt to dodge it. For the twist, instead of the ball bouncing off the opponent player’s body, it will stick onto the air-mesh vests with a bull’s eye print in the middle. The trick is to hit the vest and not just any part of the player’s body. The soft dodgeballs should easily stick onto the surface of the vest so there’s no mistaking whether you hit the player or not. The kit comes with 2 vests and 6 dodgeballs.

What We Like about It – The Diggin Active Dodge Tag is a creative take on a classic game. It’s great for developing kid’s precision targeting and motor skills.

22The Sleepover Party Game by Endless Games

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

Tired of the same activities your kids are playing over and over every time they have a sleepover at your house? Then get The Sleepover Party Game and be treated to more than 200 different activities, performances, and stunts that will surely keep everyone laughing and the night filled with memories.

What We Like about It – The Sleepover Party Game is an excellent resource material for making children’s parties livelier and more fun.

23Smart Shots Sports Center by VTech

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Age Range: 1 to 3 years old

Two of the most popular sports today are basketball and soccer. Whether you’re dreaming of your child to be the next Jordan or Pele, you’d better get him or her the Smart Shots Sports Center. This VTech toy features a basketball hoop attached to the upper bar of the soccer goal frame. The frame itself is also built with a variety of interactive buttons that teaches kids about sounds, shapes, songs, numbers, and fun phrases. A LED scoreboard provides just the right motivation for your young dribbler or attacker to take another shot. The goal frame comes complete with a net to help contain the soccer ball.

What We Like about It – The Smart Shots Sports Center is perfect for kids to enjoy two of the most popular sports in the world today. It should also help address issues of lack of physical activity among children.

24Light-up Tracing Pad Art Tool by Crayola

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

Do you want your child to master the art of drawing? With the Light-up Tracing Pad Art Tool, your child can now draw whatever he or she likes. Simply place the image or drawing that must be copied onto the tracing pad, light it up, place a tracing paper over it, and trace away. Over time, your child will be accustomed to the different strokes needed to create fantastic drawings that he or she will no longer have any need for the tool. However, adults actually find the tool to be particularly beneficial in their own drawings. Now, how about that?

For more great products like this, make sure you read our post on the best crayola toys here.

What We Like about It – The Light-up Tracing Pad Art Tool is not really a toy but a device that is meant to simplify the process of drawing wonderful art.

25Pretend & Play Fishing Set by Learning Resources 

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Age Range: 3 to 9 years old

Many consider fishing to be a great hobby. Before you can encourage your kid to go with you on a fishing trip, you may want him or her to get accustomed first to the feel of fishing. One way to do this is by letting them play make-believe fishing using the Pretend and Play Fishing Set. It already includes an angler’s vest, a tackle box, a fishing pole, a net, worm baits, and 3 plastic fishes. The fishing rod comes with a magnetic hook to connect to the magnetized mouths of the fishes. Once your kid is done playing with this, he or she will be begging you for the real stuff.

What We Like about It – The Pretend and Play Fishing Set is a superb make-believe playset designed to encourage children to make full use of their imagination. It’s a great preparatory activity to the real hobby of fishing.

How We Chose the Best Toys in Our List

If it were only one category, then it would have been a lot easier coming up with a listing of the best playthings for children. However, given the fact that there are a variety of categories in online commerce sites, we thought that we really have to include playthings from each particular category. You can say it is the top of the top as we only shortlisted those products that were top-performing in their respective categories. That’s why you may have noticed we have quite a handful of items that were considered to be best-sellers in their product categories.

In cases where the best-seller was somehow bested by another product perhaps because of the sheer number of positive reviews for the latter product, then we had to weigh our decision on whether to include the one tagged as a best-seller or go with the item that had sufficiently better and more favorable customer experiences. To help us make the decision, we had to examine closely the customer comments or reviews for each of these products and determine which can provide a much better deal when it comes to helping kids grow and develop to become healthier and more socially responsible grownups.

Of course, we also considered the product’s safety especially in terms of its structural integrity and the threat of chemicals leaching. This is especially true for those toys that are designed primarily for very young children like babies and toddlers. Safety is a paramount concern. All other features were examined for their safety profile.

Lastly, the quality of the product was carefully examined. We based parts of our assumptions on the feedback of customers, the published description of the product, and the reputation of the toy manufacturer. We knew that these qualities or characteristics should always be present in the products that we consider to be top 25 toys of 2017.

Benefits of Toys among Children

Many of us have already forgotten the many benefits of play. Some of us even dismiss the value of toys to children as nothing more than a useless way to spend our hard-earned money. Many of us have totally forgotten that the things we have achieved so far are the indirect result of our development as children. It is about time we revisit the many benefits of toys among children so we’ll gain a better understanding of how we can ensure the success of our kids when they, too, grow up.


  • … help kids understand basic concepts in math, science, technology, and engineering;
  • … provide kids with the tools to refine problem solving, logical reasoning, and divergent thinking skills;
  • … enhance children’s physical abilities, especially their hand eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, spatial sense, and balance;
  • … help kids learn the basics of communication, including language development, expansion of vocabulary, and the correct use of speech;
  • … inspire creativity and imagination, giving kids the ability to think for themselves, become nation-builders, and excel in areas that they believe are best for them;
  • … boost children’s confidence and self-esteem by giving them the opportunity to build and create something that they otherwise, would not be able to accomplish;
  • … enhance kids’ social interaction skills by giving them the chance to work with other kids, learning how to cooperate and how to effectively communicate with them; and
  • … develop children’s innate skills that will help them to function in society with a greater chance of success as adults.

The Bottom Line

There are many benefits of toys for children. In case we have forgotten how it feels to play with these toys and how these can affect the growth and development of our kids, just get any of the top 25 toys in 2017 and you will appreciate just how invaluable these playthings are.

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