12 Best Scooters for Toddlers in 2017


Scooters have been around for over a century. And while the very first scooters where made of wood, todays advances in materials technology have led to the development of more lightweight, safer, and more durable scooters. It is therefore not surprising to learn that it is one of the most common gifts given during the Holiday season as well as during birthdays.

However, more than being a very simple mode of fun transportation, scooters are beneficial toys when it comes to the optimum development of toddlers. It is instrumental in the development of toddlers’ psychomotor, social, cognitive, and emotional skills. It is therefore, important to choose the best scooters for your toddler.

Here are the top 12 scooters we have researched and which we are positive you and your tot will love.

Top 12 Scooters for Little Tots

Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter (Ffp), BlueRazor3 Years +
Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-bar (Blue)Micro Kickboard2-5 Years
Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter, RedRadio Flyer2 Years +
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages ScooterFisher-Price1-3 Years
OxGord Scooter for Kids - Deluxe Pink 3 Wheel GliderOxgord3 Years +
Globber 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter (Dark Purple/Gray)Globber2-5 Years

1Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter by Razor 

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

Available in blue and pink, the Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter is an engineering marvel as the steering column can be easily folded for easy storage. The body is made of high grade aluminum and steel construction to give it maximum strength, durability, and rigidity without necessarily making it too heavy for young kids. It features 3 colorful urethane wheels with a wide wheelbase in the rear. This provides for optimum stability so toddlers won’t fall off balance easily. The deck is made of a slip-resistant polypropylene material for added safety. Comfort handling is ensured with foam handles. It has a weight limit of 45 lbs.

What We Like about It – We love the wide wheelbase for stability plus the folding mechanism is a sure hit for parents who may have issues with storage. It’s perfect for helping kids develop their sense of balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. 

2Micro Mini Kick Scooter by Micro Kickboard

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Age Range: 2 to 5 years old

The Micro Mini Kick Scooter is a Swiss-designed surfboard on wheels. Its design is intended to teach kids about shifting the weight of their body to turn the scooter either left or right. In other words, toddlers have to learn how to lean while maintaining balance. The 2 front and 1 rear wheel are made of high grade polyurethane while the wide-bodied deck has been dutifully layered with flexible fiberglass. This combination allows for optimum strength, sturdiness, and structural integrity while the wheels allow for a smoother ride. It has a weight limit of 44 lbs.

What We Like about It – The unique 2-front wheel configuration plus the lean-to-turn mechanism is quite ingenious. The deck is low enough so toddlers can safely land when out of balance. It’s ideal for teaching kids about shifting their weight to change direction which enhances their sense of balance.

3Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-Bar by Micro Kickboard

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

The Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-bar is the bigger brother, although not by much, of the Micro Mini Kick Scooter. It is able to accommodate up to 50 lbs. of weight and comes in 9 different color variants. It has the same Swiss-designed steering system, a fiberglass-layered deck, and polyurethane wheels with a low ground clearance.

What We Like about It – The Maxi is excellent for growing kids. If you are worried that your toddler can easily outgrow his or her Micro Mini, then you have to give him or her the Micro Maxi. It’s perfect for developing muscle coordination and balance. It’s also tons of fun.

4My First Scooter Sport by Radio Flyer

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Age Range: At least 2 years old

Clearly one of the most visually stunning kiddie kick scooters we have seen is Radio Flyer’s My First Scooter Sport. It has a very wide deck and an equally wide wheelbase complete with large 2 front wheels providing optimum stability. When viewed above, it is shaped like a tear drop with the apex of the tear forming the rear portion of the scooter. This allows for more room for kicking and pushing the scooter with the feet. It features a folding handle for ease of transport and storage. The scooter can accommodate up to 50 lbs.

What We Like about It – We fell in love with the overall design. Its extra-wide deck and wheelbase allows for optimum riding safety. It’s therefore one of the best in terms of developing psychomotor skills of young children.

5Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter by Fisher-Price

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Age Range: 1 to 3 years old

While it is definitely not the kind of scooter you may have in mind, the Vespa-inspired Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter is nonetheless powered by the kid’s legs and feet; hence, it qualifies as a kick scooter. Its learning activity center features 3 levels of play designed for 12-18 months, 18-24 months, and 2-3 year olds. It plays at least 50 melodies, songs, phrases, and tunes and helps teach young kids about colors, numbers, and shapes.

What We Like about It – It’s the perfect gift for very young children as it can help develop their language skills, color recognition, numerical skills, as well as shape recognition. It’s also great for enhancing fine and gross motor development while the learning activities for 3 year olds will be helpful in encouraging imaginative play.

6Deluxe 3 Wheel Glider with Kick n Go Scooter for Kids by OxGord

Age Range: At least 3 years old

OxGord’s take on a 3 wheel scooter is constructed of carbon steel alloy, high grade aluminum, and durable nylon composites complete with a T-locking fully adjustable handle bar. The OxGord Glider also features polyurethane wheels and high quality wheel ball bearings for optimum riding comfort. It also folds easily for convenient handling and storage. The brake system can be easily applied on the rear wheel through its aluminum-reinforced pedal. It has a weight limit of around 75 lbs.

What We Like about It – It’s one of the most inexpensive kick scooters you can find. And with the strength and durability of its composite materials, this should really be valuable. It’s also ideal for developing kids’ balance, gross motor skills, and coordination.

73 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter by Globber

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

With a weight rating of 110 lbs. Globber’s 3-Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter has one of the sturdiest frames in our list. It is therefore ideal even for older kids and even teenagers. The deck is reinforced with a full steel plate and comes with rear brake covers. The handle bar can be adjusted as your kid grows. The Globber scooter also features a Secure Direction button lock which effectively increases the overall stability and balance of the scooter while in motion. The system locks the steering column so it only moves in one particular direction.

What We Like about It – We love the SDBL technology of this scooter as it can help younger children master the art of riding first before they can start learning how to make those tight turns. It’s therefore, ideal for a stepwise development of balance among young children.

8Scoot-About by Radio Flyer

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Age Range: 1 to 3 years old

Consider the Scoot-About as a kiddie trike without pedals and with 4 wheels. Well, that’s the most apt description we can ever think of. It is nonetheless a very sleek and beautiful quadcycle sans pedals. The front wheels have an extra-wide wheelbase for excellent stability. The handle bar and seats are designed pretty much like that of a bicycle. The frame is made of high grade steel and the steering handle is polished with chrome. It also includes streamers and a ringing bell.

What We Like about It – The design is intended to introduce very young kids to the joys of trike riding and eventually biking. It is thus helpful in developing muscle strength of the legs while allowing for hours of fun.

9Push & Ride Racer by Little Tikes

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Age Range: 9 months to 3 years old

The Push & Ride Racer is basically a ride on toy and walker rolled into one. It is designed like a car complete with a streamlined body, comfortable seats, and an easy-grip handle bar. It features a backseat to accommodate your toddler’s Teddy bear and a low ground clearance for optimum child safety.

What We Like about It – It’s one of the best gifts you can give your growing baby. He or she can still use this until your child is already 3 or 4 years old. It is great for developing gross motor skills while at the same time helping encourage imagination and role play.

10Learn to Turn Scooter by Little Tikes

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Age Range: 2 to 4 years old

The 2 front wheels of the Learn to Turn Scooter are larger than its rear wheel to provide optimum stability and balance. The wheelbase is equally wide further adding to its stability. When not used, the deck of the scooter takes on a slightly convex appearance from the side. When rode on, the deck assumes its straight rigid frame. The steering handle can be easily removed with the click of a quick release lever at the base of the steering column. This allows for ease of storage.

What We Like about It – We love the removable steering column as it can really save space. The stability and rigidity of the scooter is also superb. Great for encouraging physical activity as well as strengthening leg muscles and developing balance.

11Princess Scooter by Huffy

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

With a pink frame and steering column and a wide purple deck, the Princess Scooter is the perfect gift for your little princess. The 2 rear wheels are spaced wider apart to provide excellent stability while young kids are learning to balance. The large front tire balances the widened rear wheelbase. This helps young children to seamlessly glide around the neighborhood. Its mag wheels are built with high grade resin and the tires are made of high quality PVC complete with clear graphic grips. The center of the handle bar features a Disney Princess pouch for storing kids’ precious items. Colorful streamers adorn the handles. The deck also has a Disney Princess decal.

What We Like about It – It’s the ideal gift for little princesses. The wide wheelbase allow mastery of balance and lower limb coordination while having the thrill of their lives. It also helps encourage imaginative play.

12Kixi Mixi Scooter by Razor 

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

From our list of 12 scooters, only the Kixi Mixi has the ability to transform from a 3 wheel scooter to a 2 wheel scooter. This makes it ideal for kids to really learn the skill of balancing. With a weight rating of 45 lbs. this should be the ideal personal transporter of toddlers all the way to school age. It is constructed of lightweight steel and aircraft-grade aluminum for maximum durability and rigidity without sacrificing comfort. The handlebars feature foam grips so kids won’t be complaining of sore hands. Converting the 3 wheeler into a 2 wheel scooter is as easy as removing one rear wheel and placing the other into the center wheel well.

What We Like about It – It’s one of the best scooter gifts we would recommend especially if you really want your toddler to learn the art of balancing on a scooter. The ultimate balancing act is on the 2 wheel scooter. This allows kids to make full use of their proprioceptive sense.

How We Chose the Top Scooters in Our List

Choosing the top scooters required our team of researchers to scrutinize every available scooter and ride-on toy that is leg-powered in the market today. We had to consider the overall safety and durability of the scooter. This is important as we all recognize the fact that toddlers’ sense of balance may still not be fully established by this time. And while we strongly believe that scooters can help toddlers develop their balance, it still pays to get a scooter that provides optimum stability for young children. We also looked at the other features of the scooter as well as what consumer reviews are saying about the product. We then had to consider the reputation of the scooter manufacturer as this can play a very important role in ensuring quality and safety.

This is how we came up with our list of the top 12 scooters for toddlers. We are thus, hopeful that you will find our list very useful in your own search of the perfect gift for your toddler.

Scooters – More than Leg Power for Toddlers

It is a well-known fact that riding a scooter is a fun way to help encourage toddlers to increase their physical activity which can then help enhance the development of their motor skills. However, this is actually not the only benefit they can get from playing with a scooter.

For the most part, riding a scooter helps toddlers develop their sense of balance, muscle coordination, and direction. While it is true that kicking their feet off the ground can help propel the scooter, it is actually their sense of balance that is keeping them cruising along. This also helps establish coordination as toddlers must be able to time their kicking with one foot and balancing on the scooter on the other foot. This can become a very important developmental milestone for them because this provides the foundation for all other physical activities that will require balance and coordination of the different parts of the body especially the limbs.

Maneuvering the scooter also requires a sense of direction. Turning the handle either left of right helps young children these two fundamental directions. While it may not actually be readily apparent, this can actually help toddlers develop their pre-reading skills. Western books are always printed from left to right and as such, having a sense of which is left and which is right can help children master the art of reading. There are certain societies where they read from right to left. Children in these societies can likewise benefit from the pre-reading skills afforded by the sense of direction.

Now, everyone knows that one of the most easily understood benefit of riding a scooter for toddlers is the development of their gross and fine motor skills. Toddlers need to develop stronger leg muscles to help them kick and propel the scooter along the pavement. They also need to have excellent psychomotor control of their hands and fingers as they hold onto the handle bar of the scooter. Their arm muscles must also be well-toned to steer the scooter away from obstacles as well as other obstructions in the path of the scooter.

Riding the scooter also helps improve the integration and processing of sensory information. Since riding a scooter requires visual and proprioceptive input, these pieces of information must be processed by the growing brain of the toddler. This enables the brain to make the necessary decisions on which particular path to take or the right amount of pressure to apply on the handle bar or even the correct amount of pressure adjustments needed to maintain balance. For example, a kid sees that there is an obstacle in his path. This visual information is processed by his or her brain to command the muscles of the arm to steer the scooter left or right or to command the muscles of the legs to apply the brakes. All of these happen in a fraction of a second.

Proprioception can also help train the brain of toddler to make minute changes in the body. For example, standing and riding on one leg may give the impression that the body is already leaning on one side. Our proprioceptive sense tells the brain of the position of certain parts of the body relative to the body itself. If it is already way too far astray, then it needs to be corrected. This helps toddlers maintain balance while they are in motion.

Because of the improved psychomotor skills of toddlers, they are better equipped to explore their world. With improved leg and arm muscle strength, they are able to perform other tasks that would otherwise be impossible for them to accomplish. They can pick up objects with ease and dig through their pile of toys for their favorite. This helps in their cognitive development as the greater the number of things that they discover, the greater is the opportunity for them to learn. Their curiosity is fueled by their ability to move about their surroundings.

This can then lead to language development. Toddlers will be asking the names of the different objects that they see. This expands their vocabulary which, in turn, can help them better express themselves especially when communicating with Mom and Dad. The more they are able to communicate their thoughts and feelings, the lesser is the occurrence of the dreaded temper tantrums that have become the highlight of toddler emotional development.

Consequently, because their curiosity is satisfied, they feel a lot better about themselves. This helps toddlers to begin understanding the importance of cooperative play. While riding a scooter does not really entail cooperation, it does provide the opportunity for toddlers to interact with other children of their age. This social interaction is key to helping them develop their social skills as well as pragmatic skills. In cases where there is only one scooter, they learn the value of sharing and of taking turns. This becomes a very important foundation for healthier and more mutually-beneficial social relationships.

You see, riding a scooter is not all about leg power, balance, and coordination. It can also have an effect on the other aspects of a toddler’s growth and development. What is important to understand is that toys are very important instruments for children’s optimum development. That’s why it’s crucial to choose only the best and most developmentally-appropriate toy for them; in this case, the scooter.

We are thus, highly optimistic that our list of the top scooters for toddlers will empower you to make the right buying decision. These scooters are, after all, designed primarily for your toddler’s welfare.

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