15 Best Science Toys Your Kids Will Love in 2017

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Science And Your Children

Science kits and toys help children understand how things work in real life. These toys teach kids about the scientific process and problem-solving techniques while at the same time help stimulate their logic and critical thinking skills. By allowing children to explore, science toys can help improve cognitive abilities including memory, spatial intelligence, and reasoning. More importantly, these kinds of toys help them better understand and appreciate everything in the real world.

Top 15 Science Toys for Your Kids

In a hurry? Check out our best picks from the list:

Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science KitScientific Explorer8-10 years
50ft Long Solar Balloon (Age 14+) - learn about buoyancy, convection, thermodynamics & solar power!TEDCO Toys14 years +
Educational Insights Nancy B's Science Club Microscope and Activity JournalEducational Insights8-11 years
Creativity for Kids Grow 'n Glow TerrariumCreativity for Kids6 years +
Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science +70 ActivitiesBe Amazing! Toys8-14 years
Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery KitElenco8-11 years
The Magic School Bus - Chemistry LabThe Magic School Bus5-12 years

1Disgusting Science Kit by Scientific Explorer

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Age Range: 8-10 years

For kids who would like to learn about the human body including some of the more common bodily processes but are considered to be too gross to be discussed in the family circle, the Disgusting Science Kit is the answer. This kit introduces chemical and biological processes that occur inside the body to help them understand how certain life events occur. Reasonably priced, kids can already play the role of dedicated medical microbiologists and physiologists. We love this toy so much, we featured it on our top gift ideas for 9 year old boys here. 

What We Like About It – The title itself may be disgusting but the educational value is priceless. The mere fact that it teaches kids some of the nauseating processes in the human body in a light and fun way is simply amazing.

2Solar Balloon by TEDCO Toys 

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Age Range: 14 years

For kids who are fascinated by solar-powered flying machines, now they can marvel at the simplified technology provided by TEDCO Toy’s Solar Balloon. This 50-foot $17.95 balloon is an engineering marvel in itself. Filled with any type of gas, the sun’s rays initiates a chemical reaction that converts light energy into thermal energy, creating the gas inside the balloon to become lighter than air.

What We Like About It – The design is very simple and it teaches kids about the principles of solar power, buoyancy, thermodynamics, and convection heat transfers. Best of all, they get to appreciate it first-hand.

3Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal by Educational Insights 

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Age Range: 8 to 11 years

Many of the most wonderful things in life are not seen by the naked eye. However, with the Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal, your kids can now enjoy looking and appreciating truly microscopic objects and living things. The kit already comes with an ocular that can magnify objects by as much as 400 times and a low power objective of about 30 times. Also included are a 26-piece lab science tool set and an activity journal.

What We Like About It – It’s a very realistic interpretation of the actual microscope. Perfect for introducing concepts in microbiology, cellular physiology, and microscopic anatomy.

4Rock On! Geology Game with Rock and Mineral Collection Kit by iLaughnLearn 

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Age Range: 5 years+

They say that rocks and geological formations tell a lot of stories about the Earth. Let your kids discover these for themselves using iLaughnLearn’s Rock On! Geology Game with Rock and Mineral Collection Kit. This science toy comes with 15 rock specimens and over 60 additional polished minerals and rocks. The kit also comes with a Master Rock Guide and rock and mineral player cards.

What We Like About It – The rocks and minerals are realistic and are a great way to introduce geology as well as mineralogy. Additionally, we love the fact that the kit can be turned into a game to help make it more fun and enjoyable.

5Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium by Creativity for Kids

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Age Range: 6 years +

For children who would like to learn how the ecosystem works, the Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium is an interesting science toy to start with. It allows kids to build their very own miniaturized ecosystem as the terrarium kit already comes with everything that your kid will ever need. The kit also comes with glow-in-the-dark decals to help turn your kid’s terrarium into a spectacular nighttime piece.

What We Like About It – The kit is more like an open-ended puzzle where your kid will be enticed to create his or her own little world in a mason-style jar. This can spur creativity and imagination which is the whole point about learning and playing.

6Physics Workshop by Thames & Kosmos

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Age Range: 8-12 years

Designed to augment classroom instruction on certain fundamental principles of physics, the Physics Workshop by Thames & Kosmos is every young physicist’s childhood dream come true. The $49.40 science toy comes complete with over 300 pieces of building material to help kids experiment with very simple machines such as planes, wheels and axles, screws, and levers, among others.

What We Like About It – Physics is one of the most challenging subjects for kids to really understand. Surprisingly, Physics Workshop does a very good job at simplifying these concepts and principles through experimentation.

7Big Bag of Science by Be Amazing! Toys

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Age Range: 8-14 years

Science is all about discovering the truth behind even the most mundane of things. At least, this is what Big Bag of Science by Be Amazing! Toys want kids to appreciate. With its test tubes and other cool scientific tools and supplies to carry out a successful experiment, the Big Bag is one of the few science toys that approaches scientific discovery in a very fun way. Priced at $35, the kit comes with a full-color lab booklet.

What We Like About It – It is a great way to satisfy the curiosity of kids by helping them experiment and discover for themselves some of the baffling questions they may have.

8Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit by Elenco

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Age Range: 8 years +

Almost everything today runs on electricity. Elenco’s Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics Discovery Kit is one great way to help kids understand how electrical systems work. The $19.25 kit comes with an electrical circuit board with which to snap-on more than 30 parts to help operate a photo sensor, a siren, and a flashing light.

What We Like About It – While the kit itself only contains about 30 or so pieces, the number of electrical projects your kid can think of is simply astounding. The manufacturer says your kid can build more than a hundred projects out of the kit alone.

9Chemistry Lab by The Magic School Bus

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Age Range: 5-12 years

For kids who would like to experiment even with ordinary household stuff to check whether a chemical reaction will occur or not, the Chemistry Lab science toy from The Magic School Bus can provide the necessary direction and guidance to make such experiments safe. The kit comes with 51 experiment cards that come in full color illustration. This $27.99 kit also comes with all the different lab tools your kid will ever need to perform an experiment.

What We Like About It – While it does not really provide the actual materials for the experiments as these can be sourced right from your kitchen, the Chemistry Lab nevertheless provide excellent visual instruction on how to perform these experiments.

10Primary Science Lab Set by Learning Resources

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Age Range: 4-8 years

Great for introducing preschoolers and beginning school age children on the wonders of science experiments, the Primary Science Lab Set is something that all kids need to have. The set comes with realistic replicas in toy form of common laboratory tools such as test tubes, flasks, funnels, and goggles, just to name a few.

What We Like About It – All of the products are safe and they do a good job at stimulating preschoolers’ curiosity, sense of discovery, exploration, and experimentation. This should help prepare them for higher science concepts.

11Magic Science Kit for Wizards Only by Scientific Explorer

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Age Range: 6-10 years

Children who are fans of Harry Potter may find the Magic Science Kit for Wizards Only something worth having. The $15.14 kit comes with safe common household chemicals, test tubes, measuring scoops, and a full-color activity guide. The kit also comes complete with a wizard’s wand and 2 caps to make your kid feel like Prof. Dumbledore.

What We Like About It – Mixing fantasy with learning is always a great way to facilitate understanding and appreciation for things that are difficult to explain. Such is the aim of the Magic Science Kit.

12Snap Circuits Lights Electronics Discovery Kit by Elenco

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Age Range: 8-15 years

There is something magical about the way light and music interact. Interactive light shows have always fascinated kids in a way as if the lights are dancing to the music. Such wonder can now be replicated by your kids with the Snap Circuits Lights Electronics Discovery Kit. This $56.83 science kit introduces children to the idea of interactive light shows using music, voice, or even touch. Like other Snap Circuits products, the Lights Electronics Discovery Kit provides ample electronic pieces to snap onto a board.

What We Like About It – Children are always fascinated by interactive light shows. Now, if they can make their very own light show, you can just imagine the sense of accomplishment they will have.

13Euler’s Disk by Toysmith

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Age Range: 8-15 years

If you have been fascinated by spinning a coin on its side, swirling around on a flat surface, before resting on either face, then you know your kid will love the Euler’s Disk. This $34.99 science tool is one great way to understand the physics of motion and how certain characteristics of the base can help prolong the spinning of the disk.

What We Like About It – It elevates the science of coin or disk spinning as a form of art.

14The Cartoon Periodic Chart Poster by Studio 306

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Age Range: 11 years +

If your kid has problems memorizing the different elements and their respective symbols and chemical characteristics, then you really need to get the $18.95 Cartoon Periodic Chart Poster. This learning resource has been proven invaluable in mastering the different elements.

What We Like About It – It’s not only great for kids, it’s also excellent for adults teaching kids chemistry.

15Ozobot 2.0 Bit by Ozobot

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Age Range: 8 years +

Many children love robots and with the Ozobot 2.0 Bit, they could very well be creating their own miniature robot army while at the same time understanding the concepts of computer programming and coding. This programmable robot can help kids understand the concepts of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a very fun and entertaining way.

What We Like About It – With a very futuristic approach to teaching STEM, it is not difficult to see why the Ozobot 2.0 bit is one real marvelous kid’s toy. We’re sure even adults will love it.

This are our list of 15 best science toys for kids. We’re pretty sure you would agree to at least one of our top picks.

Choosing Our Picks

We believe we are also scientists as we employed a very systematic and organized approach in our identification of the top 15 science toys for kids this 2016. We have taken into consideration a host of factors including the scientific discipline to which the toy can be particularly useful, the manufacturer’s reputation, the overall educational and scientific features of the toy, and, of course, feedback from parents like you who only want the best for their kids.

We are optimistic that you will also agree with at least one of the products in our top 15 list. If not, at the very least we are able to provide you with an insight on what science toy you might want to consider for your child.

Big Benefits Of Science

Science is one of the most exciting subjects one can ever learn from school. It is one of the major branches of knowledge that is focused mainly on the objective assessment, analysis, interpretation, and experimentation of the different things of the natural and physical world including the behavior and structure of these things. To put it simply, science pervades every aspect of human existence. Without it, life will be a little less systematic and organized.

It should be understood that these toys are not designed to replace formal instruction in school but rather serve as an adjunct to learning. Science toys augment learning obtained from school. These reinforce the different concepts and principles by providing children with a more fun and enjoyable way to learn fundamental scientific concepts. These toys help children appreciate science as a very fun and enjoyable activity.

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