15 Best Roller Skates for Kids In 2017

best roller skates for kids

If you think giving your kid a bicycle is too early for him or her or if you think that a skateboard is simply more dangerous albeit simulates the act of surfing, then you might be interest in getting roller skates for kids. This should strike a balance between riding a bicycle or scooter and cruising on a skateboard. Of course, your kid will still have to master the art of balancing as it is a fundamental requirement in any of these kinds of outdoor ride-on gadgets. So, before we officially usher in the Christmas season, we are already sharing with you 15 of the most iconic, truly famous, very popular, and most in-demand roller skates or kids including inline skates for kids. Now, you don’t have to bother your partner into searching for that one true Christmas gift that your kid will love. Let our top 15 roller skates guide your decision.

Top 15 Roller Skates for Kids

1Boys’ Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate by Roller Derby 

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With a real cool design and a revolutionary speedster styling, the Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate is the best looking boys inline skates we have seen so far. With its spectacular black and blue design, this adjustable roller skates is the perfect riding gear for your growing boy. Available in either small or medium size, the Tracer has a well-designed boot that comes complete with a fully functional adjustment system that is easily activated at a push of a button. Your kid will have no problems nor issues adjusting the fitness of the Tracer to his feet. This helps secure the Tracer by molding it onto the contours of the feet. To add to its unparalleled protection, the Tracer also comes with a comfort fit padding and a soft boot support technology. The adjustable roller skates also comes with a lever buckle that’s designed as a dual cam system.

The frame of the Tracer is made of high quality reinforced nylon polymer plus urethane while the wheels are made of a patented speed formula of urethane. The deluxe inner liner can be easily removed for washing into your ordinary washer.

What We Like about It – The revolutionary design of the Tracer is something that boys will surely go crazy for.  Add this to the fact the molded shell can be easily adjusted at a press of a button should make for a very interesting ride for your kid.

2Girls’ Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate by Roller Derby

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If you have a girl who also dreams of having her very own girls inline skates, then you may want to give her the Girls’ Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate. This is essentially similar to the Boys’ Tracer we have presented above with the only difference being the beautiful color. While the Girls’ Tracer may not be the pink roller skates you may have in mind for your young princess, it is nonetheless a very cute and adorable white roller skates. The design follows that of the Boys’ Tracer except that it’s white with red accents. The urethane wheels are colored red while the boot itself has some intricate patterns. It features the same fully adjustable molded shell, reinforced nylon polymer frame, and comfort fit inner pads. Its fully adjustable features should allow your girl to seamlessly grow with her own Tracer.

What We Like about It – In pretty much the same way that we loved the Tracer for boys, it’s the design and styling of the Girls’ Tracer that really captured our imagination. Moreover, the use of an adjustable shell should provide the versatility you need for your girl’s young adventurous feet.

3Chicago Girls’ Rink Skates by Chicago Skates

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Nothing beats the classic. And when it comes to roller skates for kids, you’d also be impressed by the Chicago Girls’ Rink Skates for its fidelity to the original design. Built specifically for young girls, the Chicago white roller skates has a high top boot that is made of high quality, premium-grade vinyl giving your little girl absolute feet protection because of the slightly rigid nature of vinyl compared to leather. The high top boot features a lace-up mechanism that allows optimum comfort fit.

The boot is molded onto an aluminum base plate complete with fully adjustable truck. This gives your young girl the ability to perform those dazzling turns and spins while also providing excellent control especially for newbies. Underneath the aluminum base are durable wheels made of high grade urethane wheels. They are so durable that your kid can use the Chicago whether it is in an indoor skating rink or outdoors. The urethane wheels are spaced in a wide wheelbase to allow for maximum stability. The wheels are made more efficient with super sturdy semi-precision ball bearings allowing your kid to have the smoothest roll of her life.

While this youth roller skates are made specifically for the beginning skater, it does come with a lot of pro-grade features.

What We Like about It – The Chicago’s fidelity to the original design is admirable. Perhaps it’s its sturdy supports that really sold us. Plus, the design is very unpretentious; something you rarely see these days.

4Unisex Adjustable Quad by Chicago Skates

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Need a cool-looking and fully adjustable roller skates for your kids? Then get the Unisex Adjustable Quad. As the name goes, it’s great for both girls and boys so you actually don’t have to buy a separate design or style for your respective kids. The color combination of the Unisex Quad is quite unexpected. With silver gray wheels mated to a black base plate and blue boot shell with silver gray ankle support, you’d think the Unisex Quad is going to a party of some sort. And we haven’t mentioned the orange and white details yet.

The truck can be adjusted two ways to give your kid the maximum comfort he or she needs. The upper part of the 2-piece boot is made of durable synthetic materials complete with adjustable bands. These bands can be activated with a push of a button so kids can easily adjust the fit of the boot. This gives them superior fit and comfort. The silvery grey collar has been built with extra padding for additional comfort around the lower legs, minimizing muscle strain as well as protecting the bones of the lower legs. The collar also features a pull-loop which eases the entry of your kid’s feet. It’s got precision ball bearings on its composite wheels for superb smoothness of mobility.

What We Like about It – It’s the unisex design that is clearly a winner in the Chicago Quad. At least, you don’t have to worry anymore about buying another pair of youth roller skates. If one of your kids have already outgrown the Unisex Quad, his or her younger sibling can use it regardless of gender.

5Boys’ Fun Roll Adjustable Roller Skate by Roller Derby

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Most of the roller skates for kids that we have in this top 15 list are geared for children who are at least 5 years old with a majority preferring at least 7 years old so that balance is not an issue. We believe that younger children also deserve to have the chance to try one of these gadgets but with the condition that we are there all the time.

The Boys’ Fun Roll Adjustable Roller Skate is specifically designed for young tots as young as 3 years of age, although we have to recommend it with caution. The beauty of the Fun Roll is that, aside from the fact that it’s an adjustable roller skates, the design of the wheels are built primarily for stability and balance. The large rear wheels are attached to the sides of the boot frame. This substantially widens the wheelbase. And as we all know, the wider the distance between two wheels, the more stable the platform becomes. But that is not all. The rear wheels are around 3 times larger than its two front wheels, and thicker, too. The result of this design is a really superb stable platform.

The Fun Roll also has the same standard features as in any other roller skates for kids. It has a fully molded ankle support system, comfortable inner and collar padding, locking buckles, and grease-sealed bearings.

What We Like about It – The overall design of the Fun Roll can be summed in one word – stable. And this is something that you would want if the one using the Fun Roll is an older toddler or a young preschooler. At least, this gives you the peace of mind of a more stable skating experience for your young kid.

6Boys’ Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skate by Roller Derby

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Want a really professional-looking skates for kids? You should definitely check out the Boys’ Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skate. What we found very interesting in this adjustable roller skates is that there are not only 2 fully variable units but 3 – the toe part, the heel part, and the entire skate boot. These 3 independent units can be adjusted as a single unit or individually to allow maximum comfort and unparalleled fit. But there’s essentially a better benefit for this adjustability. Your kid will still be able to use the Trac Star even if he is already a teenager, provided, of course, he can still fit his feet into the fully extended Trac Star platform.

The Trac Star features not an aluminum base plate but rather a patented torsion beam design. Don’t worry as the construction is designed to be ultra-lightweight so your kid will have no problems rolling with the Trac Star. Its Excellerator bearings are unlike others in this list providing the Trac Star with an efficiency that you can only see in professional-grade skates. The inner liner can be easily removed for washing. It has a cam-lever buckle lock system as well as a hinged cuff on its beautifully molded shell. The silver and red color styling depicts power perfect for boys.

What We Like about It – It’s the 3-unit adjustable mechanism that is truly admirable in the Trac Star. Its straps and other features are also excellent.

7Firestar Boys’ Roller Skate by Roller Derby

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With a black and silver boot over 4 red wheels, no other skates for kids is sportier than the Firestar. Just imagine your kid’s favorite rubber shoes complete with laces and a Velcro system at the collar. Now add 4 bright red wheels and you now have the Firestar, a very apt name for a very fiery set of small wheels.

The Firestar may not really be the boys inline skates that you wish to give your kid but it sure can surpass the different qualities of inlines. Boasting of a torsion beam frame, the Firestar is so durable that it can withstand repeated abuses from your kid’s exploits at the ramp as well as the pipes. The platform itself has been designed to be lightweight so your kid can perform those flips and turns with absolute ease. It also features Roller Derby’s patented Excellerator bearings giving the Firestar unparalleled smoothness of roll.

What We Like about It – Your boy will love the Firestar as it does not necessarily detract from his favorite rubber shoes. Its enclosure styling should make it very comfortable for your kid’s feet as it closely resembles the feeling of having rubber shoes on their feet. Unfortunately, if your kid’s feet grows a little faster than usual, then you might have to ditch the Firestar sooner than you had hoped for.

8Chicago Boys’ Rink Skates by Chicago Skates

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Similar to the Chicago Girls’ Rink white roller skates, this skates for kids is colored black instead of white. It has the same features such as premium quality vinyl high top boot, a lace closure system, aluminum base, semi-precision bearing, and urethane wheels attached to a wide wheel base.

Technically, this is what you would want to give if you want to remain true to the original design of the roller skate – no fuss, unpretentious, and no truly simplistic – except for a beautifully imprinted logo at the side of the ankle support. Because both the wheelbase and the wheels themselves are super wide, stability is guaranteed making the Chicago an absolute must if you want your boy to learn the basics of skating. The bearings will help make sure that, whenever he attempts to go on a roll, it will be as smooth as possible.

What We Like about It – The Chicago Rick Skates are a classic. It’s definitely for people who value the originals as well simple designs yet still able to provide professional-quality experience.

9Boys’ Laser Speed Quad Skate by Roller Derby

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If you want a really unusual youth roller skates with clear urethane wheels instead of one solid block, then the Boys’ Laser Speed Squad is an excellent choice. The boot is like a black rubber shoes with a Velcro strap near the collar and the panels closed together by a black lace. Now add some additional padding to both the interior and the collar of the boot to provide optimum comfort and fit to your young boy’s feet. Underneath the boot is a Tru-Tac chassis that has been developed and patented by Roller Derby providing superior durability without sacrificing weight and versatility. Perhaps what really sets the Laser Speed Quad from the rest is the laser-beam green motif of its Pro Core forming the center of its clear urethane wheels. Once rolling, the wheels give you the illusion of a beam of green laser light being emitted from the Laser Speed Quad. This gives it one truly fantastic skating show.

What We Like about It – The clear wheels with a green core truly make for a superb show. We guess it’s just proper that it is named the Laser Speed Quad because if your kid will really be going fast with it, he will be putting on a laser show.

10XinoSports Adjustable Inline skates for Kids by XinoSports

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If you are looking for both boys inline skates and girls inline skates, then look no further because XinoSports’ Adjustable Inline Skates fit the bill perfectly. Unlike the Tracer inline skates for kids that we also presented in this list, the XinoSports can be used by either girls or boys. In other words, the design is unisex.

The XinoSports comes in fully adjustable sizes so your child can literally grow with it. But if there’s anything that we can guarantee any child will love – be it boy or girl – is that its front inline wheel comes with built-in illuminating LED lights in green, red, and blue colors. Now tell us kids are not fascinated with light shows. Each wheel also has ABEC-7 high performance bearings giving your child the best inline skating they can ever have as rolling on the XinoSports will be the smoothest ride in their young lives, on inline skates, of course. The XinoSports also feature excellent ankle support as well extra layer of support paddings to give your child’s feet the comfort it needs. Both the boot and the wheels are marvelously integrated into the aluminum frame of the XinoSports.

What We Like about It – For kids, we’re pretty sure they will love the illuminating wheels. Unfortunately, only the front wheel of each skate lights up. It would really be wonderful if all 4 wheels will have the capability to light up.

11Zinger Girls’ Roller Skate by Roller Derby

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If you’re looking for a really pretty pink roller skates, then the Zinger Girls’ Roller Skate is what we would highly recommend. It has a very preppy pink and lime green design with a white heel section. The pink panels on this pink roller skates are printed with beautiful cartoon and animated characters to add some form of depth and texture to the Zinger. The sole of the boot is colored lime green and so it the tongue, lace, and lace holes. The wheels are colored in opposing pink and green. The chassis or frame is made of highly durable torsion beam which attaches the 4 colorful polyurethane wheels with G-Force bearings. This is the perfect pink roller skates for your little girl.

What We Like about It – Overall, the Zinger is something that you’d give to your young princess as it is really oozing with a bubbly appeal. We just wished it was also possible to choose other color combinations as the pink and green may not really appeal to everyone. Nevertheless, if you want to give your girl something she can really call her own, then the Zinger is your best bet.

12Boys’ Quad Roller Skates by Mongoose

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If it’s a really sporty skates for kids, especially young boys, that you are after, then the Mongoose Boys’ Quad Roller Skates should be a superb choice. The design is simple yet sporty in black and orange motif. The boot is designed like high-cut rubber shoes complete with an easy strap mechanism. The toes are designed like the steel toes of construction boots except that there are no steel plates involved. What it can assure kids is that their feet will be adequately protected. The Mongoose is fully adjustable up to 4 sizes making it ideal for boys who grow up unusually fast. The orange wheels are made of high grade urethane and comes integrated with professional-grade bearings.

What We Like about It – If you’re tired of white roller skates, then the Mongoose is for your boy. It has a very sporty look yet fully functional and inexpensive as well. If you require true value skates for kids, the Mongoose is the one to get.

13Chicago Boys’ Sidewalk Skate by Chicago Skates

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Designed like a ¾ cut athletic shoe, the Chicago Boys’ Sidewalk Skate is a pair of skates for kids that has oversized wheels which should help your boy to have no problems balancing or establishing his stability. The wheels are unusually large and wide compared to the wheels of most of the roller skates we have on this list. The wheels still have the standard semi-precision bearings though. Nevertheless, the whole system helps guarantee smoother rolling up and down any pavement. There’s extra padding on the ankle collar so it helps protect your boy’s feet against torsion injuries.

What We Like about It – The extra-large wheels of the Chicago Sidewalk is what we really love about it. This increases the surface area that is in constant contact with the pavement surface allowing excellent traction and stability.

14Disney Frozen Kids Classic Quad Roller Skates by PlayWheels 

One of the best character skates for kids in our list is the Disney Frozen Kids Classic Quad. It has the signature design and color styling of the Disney movie Frozen featuring Princess Elsa and Princess Anna on the ankle support. There are snowflake details on the straps as well as the toe stop. This adjustable roller skates can easily extend in size from 1 to 4. The auto-adjust system is one of the easiest that we’ve seen in a quad like this. The boot is made of highly durable polymer plastic and solid PVC that has been duly reinforced to be impact-resistant.

What We Like about It – It is the classic Frozen design that really sold us into the product. We’re sure young girls will surely love this especially if they are fans of the Frozen movie.

15Women’s Rink Skate by Chicago Skates 

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If your little girl has already outgrown her Chicago Rink Skate, then it’s time to graduate to the Women’s Rink Skate. Technically, the features are almost identical to the junior version skates for kids. It still includes the same semi-precision bearings, the aluminum frame, the urethane wheels, and the adjustable truck on the base plate. The only difference is that the Women’s Rink Skate is designed primarily for, well, young ladies starting at size 5. The high top design is also a lot taller including its lace system. If there’s anything that gives away its younger-than-adult orientation, it will be its pink-colored wheels. An adult lady skater would not really wear skates with pink wheels. But a teenager might.

What We Like about It – This skate’s design is a true gem. Its preppy wheels will tell you that it is also for older children.

How We Chose the Top Skates in Our List

 In choosing the top inline skates we had to look at the overall design of the item. Sturdy construction is a must as is the amount of safety and comfort features it has. We believed that these kinds of gadgets must allow kids or whoever wears them to be comfortable while also providing their feet, particularly, their ankles with the kind of support that will help prevent any injuries to the joint. As such, we looked at the sturdiness of its construction. It must be tough on the outside but soft and comfy on the inside.

In cases where there are additional features, we had to examine the usefulness of such things particularly the benefit or benefits they provide. If there is no discernible benefit from a particular feature, then we labeled it as utterly useless piece of junk. Form and functionality go together in these kinds of outdoor gear that is why it is important to look at the relationship between a particular feature and its intended benefit. If the relationship is positive, then we included that in our shortlist. If not, it’s scrapped.

We also considered the trustworthiness and credibility of the roller skate makers. While there are certain brands that are recognizable for their quality products, there are also relatively new companies that strive to do everything they can to take a piece of the pie. There are small manufacturers that are bent on making a name for themselves in a good way so we looked at this, too.

Lastly, we considered the voices of countless parents who, like you are now, were once faced with the same dilemma of choosing what kind of rollerblades for kids to buy. We read their experiences as we as their recommendations. Sure enough, there were a lot of interesting tidbits about these youth roller skates.

Roller Skates and Children’s Safety

There are a lot of controversies regarding the use of scooters, skateboards, and roller skates among young children. This is particularly true for those below 3 years of age as their proprioceptive sense may not yet be fully developed. This makes it quite impossible for them to establish and maintain optimum balance while skating.

However, there are also those who argue that it is precisely for this lack of balance that young children should be exposed as early as possible to toys or gadgets that require balancing. The earlier they are able to master the art of balancing while moving, the more skillful they become.

If we are really serious in teaching our kids how to balance using roller skates, it is imperative that we also provide them with adequate protection. They need to have appropriate head gear, elbow pads, and knee pads. They also need to have the right clothing when rolling on their skates.

Perhaps the most important thing we can do is to provide them the necessary supervision especially if this is their first time and they are still basically learning. We know the capabilities of our kids. So, if we believe that they are not yet physically and emotionally competent to learn roller skating, then perhaps we can look for other more suitable options. For example, instead of an inline skate, why not consider a tricycle or even an electric car instead? Or maybe we can look for a skate that has unusually large wheels and wide wheelbase. This can help increase the stability of the skate.

But, if your child is really bent on learning how to skate, the only thing we can do is to support them. Make sure that they are safe when they learn roller skating the first time.

The Bottom Line

A roller skate can be a wonderful gift for kids this Christmas season. With our top 15 roller skates, deciding on which skate to buy has been made a lot easier.

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