15 Best Remote Control Rock Crawlers in 2017

best remote control rock crawler

There is really something unique about being able to drive a scaled down version of a vehicle as you take it for a spin on the pavement and even on grassy terrain. Now, imagine what joy it would bring to you and your child if you have a remote control rock crawler? These miniaturized monster vehicles with large super-grip wheels can navigate over any terrain that they could virtually put to shame your kid’s off-road ride-on toy. If you don’t believe us, why don’t check out the 15 best remote control rock crawlers in 2017 we have prepared for you? Just be ready with the “buy now” button as we can guarantee you will love everyone of it.

15 Best Remote Control Rock Crawlers

Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler with Waterproof ElectronicsRedcat Racing5
Exceed RC MaxStone 4WD Powerful Electric Remote Control Rock CrawlerExceed RC4.9
Maisto R/C Rock Crawler 3XL Radio Control VehicleMaisto4.7
Coolmade RC Car Conqueror Electric RC Truck Rock Crawler Coolmade4.5
Remote Control 4WD Tri-Band Off-Road Rock Crawler RTR Monster Truck by MaistoMaisto4.4
Redcat Racing Rockslide-RS10-XT-24 CrawlerRedcat Racing4.2

1Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler with Waterproof Electronics by Redcat Racing

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Age Range: At least 14 years old

With a ground clearance that is more than 3.5 inches high, a wheelbase that is more than 12.5 inches wide, and one of the industry’s most trusted motors for off road rock crawler vehicles, the Everest-10 from Redcat Racing can be likened to a real monster in the real world, more than capable of navigating across, over, and around any obstacle strewn on its way. Featuring an electric brushed 45A fully waterproofed motor that provides power to its 4 wheel drive system, the Everest-10 is a monster to beat. The fully independent suspension helps make sure that at least one of the tires are in constant contact with the ground while the reliable motor helps ensure power is driven to this wheel. The shock absorbers on the Everest 10 are oil filled and aluminum capped ensuring optimum dissipation of even the minutest vibrations to keep the sensitive electronics in full optimal operation. Adding to the superb maneuverability of the Everest 10 is the ball bearings that have been fully integrated in all of the tires of the monster vehicle. Both front and rear suspension systems are designed with multi-link architecture which further adds to the superb navigation of the Everest 10. Providing a sturdy backbone to all of the Everest 10’s advanced technologies is an aluminum chassis that affords it excellent lightweight properties but with the strength and durability of steel. It won’t really matter where you’re going to drive the Everest 10 since, like its namesake, no other object in the world will ever be enough to prevent the monster truck from accomplishing its inherent goal – to lord the roads and off-road terrain, regardless of how difficult it may seem.

What We Like about It – The fully waterproofed electronics, superb multi-link suspension, excellent long travel shocks, a durable aluminum chassis, and a top-of-the-line electric brushed motor all make the Everest 10 a marvel to drive across any terrain.

2MaxStone 4WD Powerful Electric Remote Control Rock Crawler by Exceed RC

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Age Range: At least 14 years old

Just like the Everest 10, the MaxStone 4WD remote control 4×4 rock crawler is a heavily miniaturized version of the real deal. It comes with the same long travel shocks that have been coated with nitride to give it superb articulation, enabling it to go over any obstacle, often working in tandem with its multilink suspension and superb 4 wheel driving capabilities. The steering servo is axle-mounted giving you superb control while its RC260 motor provides high torque high power output that sees the MaxStone climb over rocks with relative ease. The highly advanced tread patterns on its tires provide excellent grip while the solid axle mount affords the MaxStone superior protections for its front and rear shaft. Full ball bearings are integrated throughout the MaxStone to add to its remarkable maneuverability. Suspension links are made of advanced aluminum alloy while its chassis takes on a twin vertical plate design that’s made of high grade aluminum alloy. The electronic circuitry is fully weatherproofed so the MaxStone will never fail even if you run it across muddy potholes and even puddles of water. What is truly remarkable about the MaxStone is its superior ground clearance at 5.5 inches, a full 2 inches higher than the Everest 10. This guarantees superior crawling prowess. One particularly maddening effect of a high center of gravity is the overall stability of the vehicle. Not to worry because the MaxStone comes with an 8.5 inch wheelbase, narrower by 4 inches from the Everest 10’s 12.5 inches. Nevertheless, the MaxStone is one super RC rock crawler truck that you will simply enjoy.

What We Like about It – Superb electronics weatherproofing, superior suspension and shocks systems, and a very sturdy and reliable chassis make the MaxStone a true gem to control.

3Maisto-Tech Rock Crawler 3XL by Maisto

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Age Range: 8 to 15 years old

According to a variety of remote control rock crawler reviews, Maisto rock crawler models provide excellent combination of superb maneuverability, durability, functionality, and design at a price that’s never going to hurt your pocket. Take the Maisto-Tech 3XL for example. It may not have the high tech features of the MaxStone or even the Everest 10, but for its price range, it can very well compete with these high-end brands and models. The 3XL is primarily designed for the school age child, not the teenager like in other brands. As such, you can expect the controls and the different built-in features to be somewhat downplayed a bit to account for both its economy of price and its ease of control. The vacuum-formed body of the 3XL provides structural rigidity that is a requirement for all RC vehicles of this type. It may be rigid but it’s also lightweight so carrying it is never a problem. The 3XL features fully articulated spring suspension systems on both the front and rear wheels while its four wheel drive mechanism helps propel it over small to medium sized obstacles. The ground clearance may not be as high as the other models or brands in this list. However, it is more than capable of clearing any hazard on its path.

What We Like about It – The Maisto-Tech 3XL is built primarily for children, not adults. It’s got a great mix of functionality, form, and price-beat advantage that make it one great starter kit for kids.

4Conqueror Electric RC Truck Rock Crawler by Coolmade

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Age Range: At least 10 years old

If you’re after cheap RC rock crawlers, you may want to consider Coolmade’s Conqueror. At just under $35, you can already bring home this beautiful monster of an off-roader and all-terrain conqueror. The Conqueror boasts of superior durability when it comes to its construction, bolstered by multiple screws on various points to keep the whole integrity of the RC intact. This also helps extend the overall crashworthiness and ruggedness of the Conqueror enabling pre-teens to maneuver it across any terrain that they choose. Each wheel comes with full independent suspension, protecting sensitive components inside the Conqueror’s RC rock crawler truck body. The tires are made of the highest possible quality of soft and elastic PVC material that hugs any surface, keeping it in contact all the time while also giving it superb skid resistance, thanks to its unique tire tread patterns. The 540 electric brushed motor is powerful enough to proper this mini beast and give your tween a very enjoyable experience driving an off-road vehicle that will never give up.

What We Like about It – The Conqueror may come across as cheaply made but it can nevertheless, provide an off-roading experience like no other.

54WD Tri-Band Off Road Rock Crawler RTR Monster Truck by Maisto

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

We have already said that Maisto rock crawler products are one of the most trusted when it comes to functionality at an affordable price. If you don’t like the styling of the Maisto-tech 3XL, then perhaps the Tri-band Off-Road RTR Monster Truck variant from Maisto will appeal more. technically, the Maisto Monster Truck has humongous tires that make it more like a really scaled down version of Big Foot and all other famous names in the monster truck battle racing circuit. The large tires make for optimum maneuverability over any hazard or obstacle and greatly increase the ground clearance of the RC rock crawler truck. Two powerful electric brush motors bring the much needed energy to both the front and rear axles to bring it to speed. But wait, don’t expect the Monster Truck to race like an F1 racecar since it’s not really built for such a purpose. Instead, the drivetrain operates on low gears to make sure these RC trucks get optimum traction even against the steepest grades and uneven terrain. This is one superb-looking little beast that’s just perfect for little hands to control.

What We Like about It – The Monster Truck is Maisto’s answer to those looking for cheap yet truly functional remote control off-roader.

6Rockslide RS10 XT-24 Crawler by Redcat Racing

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Age Range: At least 14 years old

It’s quite easy to blaze your own trail if you’ve got the Rockslide RS10 XT-24 in your hands. You can easily whip up some really fantastic rock crawling carnage with this 4×4 mini beast, thanks to its powerful dual 70T 380 electric brushed motors that send power to both axles. The aggressive tread pattern of the Rockslide tires is perfect for hugging and crawling a wide variety of surfaces while the aluminum chassis gives you superb flexibility and durability. What’s really astounding about the Rockslide RS10 XT-24 remote control 4×4 rock crawler is its sufficiently-high ground clearance enabling it to move past obstacles and hazards as if these were not there at all. The body casing of the Rockslide is made of super durable polycarbonate that has been duly tested for crash and impact resistance. Aluminum bodied shock absorbers are filled with oil to give you superb dissipation of impact forces. You’ve never driven an off road rock crawler before until you’ve tested the Rockslide RS10.

What We Like about It –The dual motors, durable chassis, and high ground clearance make the Rockslide RS10 a true wonder of a rock creeper.

7SZJJX RC Rock Off-Road Vehicle Crawler Truck by JJX-TECH

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

Remote control rock crawler reviews on the SZJJX Off Road Vehicle Truck are quite remarkable knowing that the product is one of those cheap RC rock crawlers that many would simply frown upon when they see it. But, truth be told, the SZJJX can pretty much hold its own against well-established brands thanks to its superb craftsmanship that gives it a solid and durable build. The cross-country body casing is made of high grade materials and is mated to a suspension system that keeps the tires in constant contact with any kind or type of ground surface. The 540 electric brushed RC engine affords it the kind of raw power that RC enthusiasts expect from RC buggies. It also features a directional trimmer located at the bottom front of the SZJJX chassis to make sure it rides in a straight line in the event you let go of the controls. Its 4 wheel drive architecture provides better off-roading performance than a 2 wheel drive, ensuring you get the best experience even though you’re controlling a miniature.

What We Like about It – The SZJJX offers a practical alternative to more expensive models. At any rate, this should help you gain and build confidence in the handling of these vehicles before you move on to more complex systems.

8Rock Master Rock Crawler RC Car by Thinkgizmos

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Age Range: At least 6 years old

Thinkgizmos’ Rock Master RC rock crawler truck is one of those cheap RC rock crawlers that you can depend on to give you or even your kid a really good time driving a mini beast that can run over large stones and rocks, sandy dunes, grass lawns, and any other terrain with ease. The Rock Master comes with exceptionally-designed knobby tires that are spaced well enough to afford it superior stability. It doesn’t have state of the art suspension systems or even oil filled shock absorbers as well as aluminum body frame. Nevertheless, the Rock Master is truly a master of any terrain, fully capable of adapting to various surface conditions, and enabling your young boy to experience the thrill of driving one of these famed RC cars. The good news is that, while the technology may not be so advanced, it makes up for it by improving on its superb ability to navigate and maneuver over and around any hazard or obstacle thrown its way. For kids, this can bring a whole new different adventure.

 What We Like about It – It may be cheap but the Rock Master can provide your young child with the kind of RC off road driving experience he is looking for.

9Everest-16 Electric Rock Crawler by Redcat Racing

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Age Range: At least 14 years old

If you think the Everest 10 looks and drives pretty awesome but are let down by its rather steep price, then maybe you need Redcat Racing’s Everest 16 RC rock crawler truck instead. Technically, the Everest 16 has most of the technical features that make the Everest 10 such a joy to drive. One of the more obvious differences between the Everest 16 and the Everest 10 is the absence of electrical circuitry waterproofing in the former. Without this added protection to the sensitive electronics of the Everest 16, you may have to be careful about where you’re going to drive it as puddles of water or even moisture that gets trapped into its circuitry can significantly undermine its performance. So, this should be a major consideration if you’re deciding between the Everest 10 and the Everest 16. For a few more tens of dollars, we strongly recommend getting the Everest 10. But if you’re careful enough where you’re going to take the Everest 16 for a crawl, then it should still be an excellent buy.

What We Like about It – The Everest 16 has all the technological advancements of the Everest 10 except for its motor waterproofing.

10MaxStone RC Crawler RTR by Exceed RC

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Age Range: 10 to 14 years old

Love the MaxStone 4WD but wished it were bigger? The Exceed MaxStone RC comes in at a scale of 1:5 while the 4WD version is only 1:16. Because of its larger size, the Exceed MaxStone naturally has more complicated and larger components than its smaller brother. This also translates to a much higher price, often twice that of the smaller version. Nevertheless, the Exceed MaxStone features the same technology such as full ball bearings, multi-link suspension, four wheel driving, and solid axle mounts. It also comes with two high torque 540 electric brushed RC motors plus a fully waterproofed servo, radio receiver, and electronic speed control or ESC systems. The ground clearance and wheelbase are exceptional, too, assuring you of superb crawl performance wherever you decide to take it. The lower suspension link bars are made of heavy duty alloy. It also includes a battery mounting design that is top of its class plus a dual vertical plate chassis design made of aluminum alloy. For its size, the Exceed MaxStone is a really great buy, if you have the dough to spare.

What We Like about It – The Exceed MaxStone RC is one superbly built fast creeper that is sure to bring a wide grin on your face.

11Q20 RC Car Rock Crawler High Speed Climber Model Toy by iPstyle

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

The iPstyle Q20 is one of the several cheap RC rock crawlers that never fail to amaze even the avid RC hobbyist. The Q20 is made of superior grade ABS material giving it certain level of durability that should see it climb through any obstacle for many years. The Q20 also has a spring suspension system that runs independently on each wheel, giving it acceptable maneuverability and cross-country functionality. If you’re on the lookout for an all-terrain climber that won’t hurt your budget or you simply want to give as a gift to a novice RC driver, then the Q20 fits the bill just fine.

What We Like about It – Simple design with ample functionality at a price that’s a steal are the strong points of the Q20.

12RC Rock Crawler Extreme Vehicle by Maisto

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Age Range: 8 to 15 years old

Looking for a Maisto rock crawler for a beginner? Maisto’s Rock Crawler Extreme is the answer. Just look at it as the stripped-to-basics version of the 3XL and the 4WD. The Extreme is nonetheless, powerful, thanks to its triple motors. Two of these drive the Extreme while the other is what provides power to its steering mechanism. The Extreme also comes with a vacuum formed body casing that gives it superior toughness in a lightweight design. The suspension system is fully articulated to give it exceptional maneuverability considering its price. And if you’re going to trust remote control rock crawler reviews, this is an excellent buy.

What We Like about It – We all know what Maisto stands for. The Extreme simply epitomizes this penchant for quality and affordable RC cars.

13KidiRace Rock Crawler Remote Control Black RC Off Road Race Car by KidiRace

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

Designed pretty much like the Maisto Extreme but priced a bit steeper, the KidiRace is one RC rock crawler truck that is perfect for beginners. It features the same 3-motor layout both for steering and for driving which should provide it with exceptional controls. The off-road shocks are especially designed to let the KidiRace scale over obstacles, rocks, and any other ground feature. The high ground clearance plus the extra-large superior-grip tires give it splendid performance wherever you decide to run it. The KidiRace also comes with working headlights as well as brake lights to add to your child’s mini off-roading adventures.

What We Like about It – The KidiRace has the form and function that kids will love and at a very reasonable price.

14Newer Racing Cars Rock Crawler Off Road Car by Babrit

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

Featuring a rigid and durable body construction, superior terrain-hugging tires, and 4-wheel independent suspension, the Babrit Newer Racing Car is a fantastic climber that’s designed especially for novice users. Technically, it is strikingly similar to the Coolmade Conqueror, the Thikgizmos Rock Master, the JJX-TECH SZJJX, and the iPstyle Q20 although it is priced rather differently. The large tires and wheels are mated to the front and wheel axles that are supported by independent spring suspension giving it remarkable maneuverability. The shocks are well-designed to help minimize the effects of vibrations through the chassis and body of the Babrit. However you choose to run the Babrit, wherever that may be, you can rest assured it’s going to conquer any terrain you have in store for it.

What We Like about It – A mean look, durable construction, powerful motor, and superior traction give the Babrit an edge over other RC buggies of the same price range.

15Trail Hunter Remote Control Rock Crawler Off Road Truck by Danchee 

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

We’re quite puzzled with the remote control rock crawler reviews for the Danchee Trail Hunter. It only managed to gain 3.2 stars on Amazon’s rating system whereas the technical specifications are all hobby-grade. The Trail Hunter has dual brushed motors, hobby style precision controls, ultra-soft superior grip performance off-road tires, hobby-class servo steering mechanism, and a marvelously thought-of replaceable body. Here’s the gripe. While the performance of the Trail Hunter is unquestionably superb because of its hobby-class design, it is let down by its underpowered AA battery system. Unlike other systems that provide their own power source with the package, you will have to buy this separately from Danchee. If you use ordinary AAs, then there’s a strong likelihood you won’t enjoy the Trail Hunter and you’ll consider yourself a critic. Get the Danchee rechargeable battery pack and your perception about the Trail Hunter will change for the better.

What We Like about It – The hobby-class design of the Trail Hunter is exceptional. Just make sure to buy also the Danchee battery pack so you won’t have any problems.

How We Chose the Best Remote Control Rock Crawlers in Our List

Rock crawlers are defined by the sheer power of their motors that are transmitted to their axles that rotate the wheels. As such, in coming up with a considerable list of the 15 best RC toys that can conquer miniature mountains and rocky terrains, we had to look closely at the product’s inherent ability to effortlessly navigate around obstacles, crawl over rocks, and provide raw power that other types of RC vehicles simply cannot provide.

First, the motor must be powerful enough to drive these mini monsters over any terrain. And by any terrain we mean rocks, grass, sand dunes, mud pits, water puddles, cracked asphalt, and any other terrain you can think of. It must not wimp out on one type of surface while it can conquer another.

Second, the wheels must provide excellent traction and superior grip on any terrain. Third, the ground clearance or the center of gravity of the mini monster vehicle must be high enough to allow for effortless maneuvering over any obstacle. If it cannot go around an obstacle, it should be able to crawl right over it. This can only happen if the vehicle has enough ground clearance so as not to damage the sensitive circuitry inside its chassis.

Fourth, the suspension system was also evaluated. While these are not really ride-on toys that need excellent suspension and shock absorbing systems to provide optimum comfort for the rider, these systems must be kept in place so that the sensitive electronics are well-protected against shocks and vibrations generated by the off-road capabilities of the toy.

Fifth, weatherproofing is a necessity. As these remote control vehicles are miniaturized replicas of off-roaders and all-terrain vehicles, these should also have excellent weatherproofing features whether it is waterproofing or snowproofing or both as well as other forms of weatherproofing technology.

Lastly, the ease of control or operation was an absolute must. If it would take a great deal of effort trying to muscle the car into a particular direction, then what’s the point of having an RC toy if you cannot effectively control it from a distance.

Benefits of Playing with Remote Control Vehicles

It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing a rock crawler or a real RC speedster. The fact remains: there are many benefits of using an RC vehicle. For those who don’t necessarily believe that these miniatures are more than simple playthings, just check out the following benefits of playing with RC cars and other vehicles.

  • It’s a great way to bond as a family as everyone can take turns controlling the vehicle or race against each other in a friendly competition.
  • It helps enhance hand-eye coordination as well as spatial reasoning for the simple fact that one has to have a clear understanding of the placement of the RC vehicle in relation to its surroundings.
  • It’s a very effective stress management technique because it helps you stay focused on driving the RC vehicle, keeping your mind off stressful situations or events.
  • It’s a healthy way to socialize especially if you’re going to join a particular club where you can share your passion for the hobby and learn a thing or two about how you can further enhance your skills.
  • It’s an excellent way to keep yourself updated with technology especially those models that will require extensive setups and management.
  • It’s a great tool for kids to enhance their make-believe and pretend play abilities as they try to create a story behind every trick or maneuver performed by the RC car.

The Bottom Line

Remote control rock crawlers are never built for speed; they are designed for climbing and scaling terrain that are otherwise impossible for other RC vehicles. This helps make these kinds of toys special as they require a unique set of skills to drive. With the 15 best remote control rock crawlers in 2017, you can very well be on your way to developing this special skill.

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