15 Best Remote Control Helicopters in 2017

Driving a car can be a really great experience especially for those who love to feel the rush of wind across their faces. But flying can be more exhilarating provided you are not afraid of heights. If you are acrophobic but have always dreamed of flying your very own aircraft, now you can with our 15 best remote control helicopters in 2017. You don’t need to leave the comfort and safety of solid ground to experience the thrill of sending a craft soaring up in the skies. While you can choose an RC airplane instead, helicopters offer an entirely different set of skills that will leave you ecstatic once you’ve mastered. So, grab your flight suit, wear your pilot’s helmet, and be ready to fly one of these marvelous pieces of toy engineering.

How We Chose the Best RC Helicopters in Our List

There were quite a number of parameters we had to consider in this endeavor owing to the unique characteristics of vertical takeoff and landing aircrafts. Because they need to take off and land in an almost vertical fashion and stay afloat in the air for an indefinite period of time, the ease of control is a must. It’s all about controlling the pitch and yaw and other flight characteristics of these aircrafts that need to be considered. Too sensitive the controls and one strong twitch of the fingers can send it spiraling towards the ground. Nonresponsive controls can have almost the same effect as you’d have to really muscle your way to establish control of the aircraft. As such, the ease of operation is a major consideration.

Related to the operation of the craft is its relative freedom from radio interference. Most hobbyists will fly in groups. As such, it is imperative that the product operates on a multi-channel platform so that it will not interfere with other units within the vicinity or, at least, will not also be affected by other radio controllers in the area. Otherwise, you’d have carnage in the skies.

In addition to radio transmission non-interference, it was crucial for us to check the sturdiness and structural integrity of the product. Loss of flight controls almost always lead to a crash. Unlike airplanes that can somehow be glided to minimize the impact of the crash, a helicopter losing control in flight is like dropping a hot potato from a certain height. As such, structural flexibility was a major consideration. It should be able to withstand impact forces that may be generated with sudden loss of flight.

Speaking of flight control, the control transmission radius was also deemed important. While we do recognize that this is inherently affected by terrain and obstacles, at the very minimum, the products we have listed should be able to provide you with ample control distance to really enjoy flying these vehicles. These are not your ordinary flying toys that are attached to a cord and made to fly in circles from its pivot point on the ceiling. At any rate, our choices reflected this consideration.

Benefits of Flying RC Helicopters

There are many advantages of flying RC helicopters compared to other types of remote controlled vehicles. For the most part, these advantages are inherently tied to the benefits of flying RC helicopters. To understand these advantages, it is crucial that we understand the different benefits provided by playing with these kinds of toys.

  • It fosters camaraderie as RC copter hobbyists are a unique group of people that share the same passion and interest for the art of flying mini helicopters.
  • It enhances hand eye coordination as you need to keep your eye glued on the flying chopper while your fingers will have to focus making minute adjustments on the controls.
  • It helps enhance your spatial intelligence as you will be controlling the aircraft from a distance. This means you need to have a fair sense of space and the relationship between your aircraft, you, and the environment or space you are in.
  • It’s a great way to get your mind off stressful situations or events by making you stay focused on controlling the flight performance of the helicopter. By narrowing your focus to this one task, your mind will not have the chance to think about what’s giving you stress.

The Bottom Line

Remote control helicopter pilots are a special breed of men and women. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when flying any of these aircrafts. With our top 15 remote control helicopters, we can guarantee that you will be more empowered to fly one of these aerial vehicles.

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