10 Best PS4 Games for Kids in 2017

In a world where everything is already run on computers and technology, it should not come as a surprise if your kids would be very happy to open their Christmas Day presents and see their favourite video games. We cannot discount the fact that many computer games can provide benefits to children especially in terms of their cognition and psychomotor coordination. That’s why, with Black Friday just knocking around the corner, we’re sharing with you our 10 best PS4 games for kids this year 2017.

Our Top 3 Picks

LEGO Jurassic World
  • LEGO Jurassic World
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating 4.7/5
  • 20 Different Dinosaurs
  • Price: See Here
  • Minecraft-PlayStation
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating 4.7/5
  • Enhanced Draw Distance
  • Price: See Here
Ratchet & Clank
  • Ratchet & Clank
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating 4.7/5
  • Completely New Graphics
  • Price: See Here

How We Chose the Top PS4 Games in Our List

When we embarked on our mission of bringing you the world’s top 10 PlayStation 4 games, we were not really sure how to make the shortlist. Perhaps because we have already outgrown our fondness and passion for such games. As such, we knew we had to modify our approach and look at our list from the viewpoint of children. Well, they’re the ones who’re going to play with it, right? So we had to make sure that the games are fun and with just the right levels of difficulty or challenges to help motivate our kids to really think and strategize. Too easy and they get bored; too difficult and they might give up entirely.

To assist us with this, we had to consider the recommended age of the PS4 game and compare that to the developmental abilities of children of that particular age. Is it appropriate for the child’s age? Will it be enough to stimulate the establishment, if not the enhancement, of the child’s developmental needs? We had to look at the game play features and try to determine the specific developmental benefit it can provide to children of a particular age group.

Obviously, we also had to consider the feedback as well as reviews of fellow parents and other consumers. We didn’t particularly gave weight to the reviews of serious gamers as not all parents have the technical proficiency of a serious gamer. We, nevertheless, took into account the different themes contained in these feedbacks, comments, and reviews to gain an understanding of how the PS4 game is accepted by ordinary parents, not avid gamers.

With these 3-point system we devised, we were able to define our top 10 PlayStation 4 games we’re sure every kid will love.

Minimizing the Impact of Computer Games on Children’s Development

While computer games can definitely benefit children especially in terms of their motor reflexes, cognitive abilities, social relationship skills, and even logical, strategic, and critical thinking abilities, there is a great divide regarding the use of these kinds of games among children. On one end of the spectrum are those blaming computer games for the sedentary lifestyle seen among many children of today. On the other end are those claiming cognitive, social, and emotional benefits.

Sitting in front of the computer for how many hours with very few chance of physical activity has been often cited as one of the culprits for the growing number of children who are obese. While faulty eating habits can also be blamed, being glued to the screen can definitely contribute to a sedentary lifestyle. Here’s how we can minimize the impact of such games in the development of our kids.

  • Provide a limit to your kid’s use of computer games. Unfortunately, there are no clear-cut rules on how much time in front of computer games can be considered safe. Like any playtime activity, playing with video games should also have its time limit. Two hours is usually a safe bet.
  • Make sure to provide other toys for your child to play with. Video games can help develop certain aspects of children’s development. These can also be provided by other toys.
  • Establish an agreement with your child to play only video games at certain days of the week and for a certain length of time. You can offer other forms of rewards if he or she can keep your agreement.
  • Choose video games that involve whole body movements. This is where sports- and dance- themed games are highly beneficial. The movement will help your kid get the physical activity he or she needs.

The Bottom Line

Video games can definitely have their pros and cons in terms of kids’ development. Our role as parents is to reinforce the positive ones and minimize the impact of the negatives. With our top 10 PS4 games, you’re now much closer to providing a more holistic development for your kid.

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