20 Best Play Food Sets Your Kids Will Want in 2017

One of the most interesting gifts you can ever give to kids are play food sets. Not only are these helpful in fostering color and shape recognition as well as tactile stimulation, they also provide a very important benefit of introducing kids to the different foods available today. While these are not necessarily edible, giving them the chance to play with these, especially if they already have their own kitchen play sets, can help build appreciation and better understanding of balanced nutrition.

However, as there are literally tens of thousands of play food sets in toy stores, both online and offline, choosing the best one for the age and developmental stage of your child may be challenging. As such, you need help in streamlining the number of toys to choose from.

Now we are proud to present to you our list of the play food sets we guarantee your kids will definitely want this 2016.

How We Came Up with Our Most Popular List

Understanding the predicament of every parent has been our primary motivation for performing a very exhaustive research into the best play food sets available today. It is very important that we take into consideration the safety of the materials used in the manufacture of such toys. They must be free from lead, phthalate, BPA, and other harmful chemicals. Additionally, the design must be appropriate to the developmental age of children. For example, older kids will require more realistic play food items while younger children will need safer and more rounded play foods because of safety considerations. We also had to consider what other parents and consumers have to say about these play food sets. We want to provide you with a list of toys that have been fully accepted and duly recommended by fellow parents. Lastly, we also had to look at the trustworthiness of the toy maker. This is crucial because a company with a good manufacturing practices certification will clearly be a lot better choice than one that doesn’t have any certification at all. Recipients of specific toy design awards are also counted.

Children and the Value of Play Food Sets

One of the most challenging aspects of child-rearing is getting young children to have exhibit appreciation for a wide variety of foods especially fruits and vegetables. This is where play food sets can help parents by providing kids with the right tools to simulate the planning of meals, the preparation of food, the cooking of dishes, and the organization and setting up of the table. While it is understandable that younger kids will still not be able to really appreciate the concept of good nutrition, older kids will learn about adhering to the different food groups. When played together with other children, it can help foster healthier eating habits by conforming to the rules set by the peer group.

For younger children, the bright colors of the play food sets can help enhance mastery of the different hues. They will also be able to reinforce their mastery of different colors and shapes through the play food items that they are provided. In some types of toys where the food items form part of a puzzle, these help develop early problem solving skills particularly the convergent type.

However, as older kids can play with the play food sets in an open-ended manner, their divergent problem solving skills as well as counterfactual reasoning skills can be developed an/or enhanced. This type of problem solving skill makes use of more complex cognitive processes that are essential building blocks to more complicated experimentation, scientific problem solving, and logic and critical thinking. Playing in an open-ended manner helps facilitate the formation of what-if phenomenon which can help enhance children’s ability for prediction.

On the physical side of child development, picking up the different types of play foods require control of smaller groups of muscles. It also helps develop hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and spatial intelligence. For older kids, playing with these foods on a make-believe kitchen can help strengthen leg and arm muscles as kids will have to make use of larger groups of muscles to move about and cook and prepare their make-believe dishes.

Regardless of age, the mere fact that play food sets help children act out their fantasies can help in their emotional development. This can become the basis for the development of a healthier self-concept, boosting their self-confidence, and help establish more trusting relationships with their parents, their siblings, their friends, and other persons in their lives.

Play food sets are clearly one of the best gifts you can ever give a child. With our list of the 20 best play food sets for kids, we are confident that your kid will love you more when you give them one or all of these toys in our list.

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