10 Best Piggy Banks for Kids in 2017


One of the most crucial things we need to teach our kids is how to manage their finances. We know not everyone of us are doing a pretty good job at managing our own finances but, hopefully our kids will do better. We can help them start thinking about money management by saving a little of their daily allowance by depositing these into their own piggy banks. As such, we are giving you the 10 best piggy banks for kids in 2016 we guarantee your children will not only love but will cherish for the rest of their lives.

10 Best Piggy Banks for Kids

1Green Frog Money Piggy Bank by Streamline

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We know what you’re thinking. Is this the most famous frog of all? The better half of the most loved Miss Piggy of all? Unfortunately, the Green Frog Money Piggy Bank is not Kermit. Nevertheless, this money saving gadget looks like it’s begging your kid to give it some money. Its wide-eyed look should constantly remind your kid to feed it with his or her coins or change. Made of a sturdy and glossy green plastic, this friendly, albeit googly-eyed frog should make savings for your child more fun. Like all coin depositories, the Green Frog comes with a back-positioned money or coin slot complete with a bottom plastic stopper.

What We Like about It – The Green Frog is quite a lovable fellow. It may have a very simple design but a lot of parents love it for their children.

2Girls Pink & Green Circles Pig Piggy Bank by Burton & Burton

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If you have a girl who you want to teach about how to save money, maybe the Girls Pink and Green Circles Pig Piggy Bank can help. This coin depository is made of high grade ceramic and hand-painted with pink and green circles on its body. Its pink feet and snout make an excellent contrast to its white body. With its small yet quaint eyes providing that enticing look, as if begging your kid to put her extra coins in the slot on its back. If you think it’s too plain, maybe a dry erase pen that already comes with the package can help as it allows your kid to really personalize her piggy bank. It also features an adorable ribbon on the pig’s head to really give that cute and lovable look.

What We Like about It – It’s quite rare to see ceramic coin depositories today as many are made of plastic. And since there are no stoppers in this piggy bank, the only way your kid will open it is by breaking it. This means that it can only be opened once so your child will be enticed to just keep on filling the gadget until she can no longer place a coin inside.

3Smiley Happy Piggy Bank by Carter’s

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If the Girls Pink and Green Circles captured your attention but would prefer a more simple design, then we recommend the Smiley Happy Piggy Bank. It’s made of ceramic but finished in glossy silver to mimic the shiny allure of silver coins. There are no ribbons or any adornments to the Smiley Happy, just plain old pig figurine complete with a slot on its back. And since it’s made of ceramic, your child will have no choice but to keep on filling the Smiley Happy with all the coins and change that your kid can muster from his or her daily allowance until it’s time to break the bank.

What We Like about It – Its glossy finish makes for an interesting décor. Plus, the ample space inside the Smiley Happy’s body is perfect for penny savings.

4Rubber Piggy Bank by Schylling

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If a ceramic pig is not your thing, then maybe the vinyl Rubber Piggy Bank might interest you. If you’re going to look at it, it does remind you of the farm animals we have learned to love as kids because of its blue gingham scarf beautifully wrapped around the pig’s neck. And, we’re pretty sure kids will love it, too especially so that its design is more pig-like than the others that we have in this list. It has more realistic swine features from the head, the body, down to the legs, and of course, that signature curly tail. And with its smiling face beckoning for your kid to drop his or her coins into its slot.

What We Like about It – What makes this coin depository well-loved by many customers is its realistic design. And, we couldn’t agree more. At any rate, your kid will have a fun time depositing his or her change to really save for the rainy days.

5Digital Coin Bank Savings Jar by Digital Energy

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One of the issues of conventional coin banks is that they require a separate system of monitoring how much money you have already placed inside. For instance, if your kid is really devoted to dropping $1 into the coin slot every day, he or she must still have a separate system of knowing how much money he or she has already placed in the jar. Your child can use the traditional stick counting method or even crossing a date on his or her calendar. This is quite tedious as your child will be doing two things: dropping the coin and updating his or her records. But what if you have a system that once your kid drops the coin into the coin slot, the mechanism already registers the amount and provides you a running balance of how much is inside? That would really be fantastic, right? If so, you’d have to get the Digital Coin Bank Savings Jar. This jar comes with a fully electronic lid that has built-in sensors which automatically determines the denomination of the US coin that your kid will be pushing inside. It also gives you an overall total of how much is already contained in the jar. It accepts pennies, dimes, quarters, nickels, half dollar coins, and even dollar coins. One of the things that you should understand about the Digital Savings Jar is that it may take getting used to especially in slotting the coins. It requires a certain push so that the sensors will be able to detect the actual coin denomination being inserted. Now, since the lid can actually be screwed on and off the jar, your kid will have to make the necessary changes in the amount of the savings by pressing either the (+) sign or the (-) sign. So, if he or she decides to take from the jar, he or she will have to press the (-) sign to adjust the amount and keep tabs with the running balance.

What We Like about It – It is easy to understand why a lot of parents consider this as one of the best piggy banks. It does allow your kid to take full control of his or her savings.

6Thomas the Train Tank Engine Coin Bank by Thomas & Friends

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Every child knows Thomas the Tank Engine. And if your little one already has several playsets of this lovable character, adding the Thomas the Train Tank Engine Coin Bank should really perk up his or her interest in saving some of his or her allowance. This ceramic savings container has a very glossy finish making it a perfect décor.

What We Like about It – The use of a well-known children’s character is great for stimulating interest in any child, especially those who are fans of Thomas and his Friends.

7Cute Pig Money Box Piggy Bank by Ookamiwolf

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For a very unique and fun way to get your child to start saving, get him or her the Cute Pig Money Box Piggy Bank. While we are not really sure why it’s called as such because what you have in the system is a waggling dog which tips the bucket to drop the coins into the box, it really is a fun way to entice children to put money in the bucket. Once coins are dropped into the bucket, the robotic dog in a sitting position stands up and moves its smiling head to tip the bucket and drop the money into the box. This motion is sure to keep your kids entertained as it is more like those arcade games we see in fairs.

What We Like about It – It’s one of the most lovable coin boxes we have seen so far. The mechanical movements can help entice your kid to keep on dropping coins into the bucket.

8Fire Truck Coin Bank by Money Scholar

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If you need money box that is somewhat similar to the envelope budgeting system we use at home, then we recommend the Fire Truck Coin Bank. It is designed with 4 different compartments which correspond to the Money Scholar System that includes saving, investing, giving, and spending. Each one of these chambers has its own exit twist locks. Your child can rename these chambers to allow him or her to put money where he or she deems it necessary. When it’s time to take the money out of a particular chamber, all he or she needs to do is to open the exit lock of the corresponding chamber.

What We Like about It – It’s an excellent tool to teach kids about the basics of money management. The 4 chambers are also a welcome design innovation.

9NFL Green Bay Packers Piggy Bank by Forever Collectibles

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Designed like the Bad Piggies from Angry Birds, the NFL Green Bay Packers Piggy Bank is the perfect storage for your kid’s next home game of his or her favorite NFL team. Designed with the official logo of the Packers in its iconic dark green color complete with snowy details, this resin-made money box is a wonderful addition to any desktop décor. More importantly, it’s not only season tickets that it can store but also your kid’s savings. What better way to encourage your child to save than with something that reminds him or her of his or her favorite team?

What We Like about It – The design of this piggy bank is simply amazing. It really does have the colors of one of the winningest teams in the league.

10Cartoon Electronic Password Piggy Bank by Jhua 

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While the Cartoon Electronic Password Piggy Bank is not really a dedicated cash can, it is nonetheless very effective in keeping all of your kid’s small valuables safe. Be it collectors’ cards, trinkets, play money, or any other small items, the Jhua Cartoon’s unique password security features allows your kid to make sure that only he or she has access to it. It even has a paper roller so whenever your kid slides in his or her paper money, it is rolled perfectly. It’s got a rotary lock which only opens with the correct combination. You can actually look at the Jhua Cartoon as your kid’s own personal vault or safe. At any rate, this should help him or her secure whatever it is he or she values, be it money or objects.

What We Like about It – The excellent security features, designed for kids, are quite superb. The design is uniquely fun, too.

How We Chose the Top Piggy Banks in Our List

When we talk about kiddie coin depositories, most people would simply buy almost any other figurine, be it an animal or some other character, which has a slot at the back with which to insert change. But then, we thought kids might not get really excited about saving if they see a very ordinary looking device. So, we aimed to look for piggy banks that have passed the scrutiny and have met the approval of countless parents who have already purchased these products. At any rate, you can be sure that what we have listed here are also used by other parents who, just like you, would like to teach their kids to enjoy saving their money.

From this shortlist of the most popular coin and change depositories, we then identified if they do have certain features that will really entice kids to make full use of the gadget. Security features, mechanical components, and other features that have been built into the design of the device were also individually scrutinized. Primarily, we wanted to identify if such features offered some form of benefit to kids; although, we later found out that a great majority of parents actually prefer the simple yet cute and lovely designs of these products. Based on our readings of their experiences, we were able to determine that indeed, these simple products were well-accepted by their children. As such, we took these into consideration as well.

How We Can Teach Our Kids to Value Money

For some of us, we may not been fortunate enough to be taught by our respective parents how to save money for the rainy days. Perhaps because we grew up in an environment where everything is already provided for by our family that we simply cannot appreciate the value of working for money. For some of us, maybe the money lessons just didn’t sink in. We may have been given our coin banks when we were kids yet we didn’t get the correct instructions as to why we need to save. Let us not make the same mistake with our kids. We can actually help our children learn the value of money regardless of their age so they will be more responsible in handling their finances in the future. Here are some tips we can share with you on how we can teach our kids about money.

  • Organize his or her coin bank. 

For those of us who are using the envelope budgeting system, we can actually use the same principle to teach our kids on how to save. Technically, what you will have is several piggy banks, you can get several of a kind or even completely different products from our list, and then put a sticker or any label on each of these coin depositories. Now ask your child what he or she wants to buy with his or her money. For every item that he or she wants to purchase or avail of, use one specific coin depository. For instance, if your son is aching to have his latest set of Nerf blasters or your girl wants her new Barbie set, then you can allot a container for this. Likewise, if your kid wants to go on Disneyland holiday, then you also have to allot a container for that.

  • Develop a chart that indicates your kid’s savings goals. 

It’s always a lot better if you have a visual way of knowing if you are already hitting the target. As such, you can help you child create a savings goals chart or something to that effect. You can be as creative as you want. The idea is to provide motivation to your child as he or she is inching closer towards his or her goal. For instance, you can try to figure out how much the item your kid wants to buy costs. Now try to determine how many days or how many weeks he or she must save a certain amount to achieve the goal. Depending on your agreement, you can place any marker or even stickers on your kid’s weekly savings goals.

  • Consider positive reinforcement for your child’s behavior. 

Try giving a small reward to your child every time he or she is able to save his or her money. It doesn’t really have to be big and extravagant otherwise, we lose the idea of saving. A chocolate sundae treat or maybe even stickers or a 30-minute extension on his or her favorite computer games might help.

  • Be a good role model. 

It’s quite difficult to teach kids something if they don’t see their parents doing it. So, if we are teaching them how to save and value money, then we must be able to show them how. We can also have our very own piggy banks if you must.

  • A penny for your kid’s penny. 

To really entice your kid to save, why not match his or her savings? So, if he is able to save $2 per week, we can add $2 to his or her savings. Some kids are motivated to save more because the matching amount simply means higher as well.

  • Get them a kiddie bank account. 

When your child is old enough, you might want to consider getting him or her a high-yielding kiddie savings account. This is especially true if they have already learned in school about interests, especially compounded interest.

  • Help your kid make priorities. 

This is a very important aspect of money management: prioritization. Our children must learn how to prioritize his or her needs from his or her wants. You can ask your child to create a list of the things he or she wants in life. These must be both short- and long- term goals so that he or she will know how to prioritize. Once these have been prioritized, you can then ask your child to save a certain amount towards the achievement of each goal. This is the basics of financial planning.

  • It’s okay to make mistakes. 

If your kid, because of extra money, suddenly splurges on things he or she clearly doesn’t need, he or she will realize it soon enough that it would have been better to stick to his or her savings goals. It’s okay for kids to make mistakes. At least, it’s a learning experience for them.

  • Play money games. 

There are quite a number of board games and other play activities that you can use to teach your kid simple concepts on money management. The Game of Life and Monopoly are excellent games where you can teach your kid how to manage his or her finances well. Other excellent options are Rich Dad Cashflow for Kids and Rich Kid Smart Kid.

The Bottom Line

Teaching our kids to value money is an integral part of effective parenting. While we are not saying that our 10 best piggy banks for kids will make them financial wizards, since you still will have to lead them in the right direction, these are instruments you can use to instill basic concepts about saving money.

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