10 Best PAW Patrol Trucks in 2017

Ever since it started airing on Nickelodeon in August 2013, the PAW Patrol has been continuing to generate many adoring fans especially among pre-schoolers and even school age children who find the lovable characters to be very friendly representations of real-life heroes and professions that have helped make this world a much better, much safer place for everyone. Already on its fourth season, the PAW Patrol continues to capture the imagination of kids and the fascination of adults in the messages that they convey. It’s no longer a secret why their toy line is also doing exceptionally well. Kids can now watch their favorite characters on TV and actually relive their adventures through actual play. With these 10 best PAW Patrol trucks in 2017, we can surely help expand the imaginative abilities of your kids.

How We Chose the Most Amazing PAW Patrol Trucks in Our List

Picking the right item to include in this particular shortlist is quite easy since we are only after a very specific type – or brand – of toy: PAW patrol toys. The usual question about the reliability and trustworthiness of the toy manufacturer has already been booted out the door for the simple reason that we only included those that are duly licensed by Spin Master Entertainment themselves, complete with the original and authentic PAW Patrol logo. Of course, we really cannot help but caution consumers against buying these types of toys from unreliable sources or from third-party agents that have dubious records. Because of the popularity of this brand, you can expect to get knockoffs from time to time. We can only guarantee that the toys listed herein are from the official company itself.

So, how did we choose the most amazing PAW patrol truck toy sets in our list? We depended in part on the individual product ratings, setting the cutoff score to 4.4 stars, and qualifying this with the general theme of the customer feedbacks. We used this metric to determine the top 20 of the lot which we then subjected to further evaluation to come up with our best 10. Individually, we looked for design integrity as well as the safety of the toy; although this was more of a formality since they all came from the same manufacturer. Regardless, we made sure we did not overlook any aspect of the usual stuff that we evaluate when it comes to choosing the right toys. Of particular importance, however, is how the toy will be played with or used by children. While we are definitely no longer kids, we still had to make sure that it does serve a particular developmental benefit to kids.

Pretend Play and Role Playing among Children

For many of us, we often equate role-playing with acting. And we are correct. However, in the eyes of children, they are not merely acting; they are essentially expressing their ideas and their emotions in a manner that is considered as play.

The importance of role play among children cannot be overlooked nor can it be denied. For starters, it fosters imagination. Children are able to convey their ideas more openly if presented in a role play. This is because it is often treated as a play, a game where many adults consider as not real. However, for children, this is the closest they can get to reality and thus, serves as the best method to express whatever it is they have in their minds.

Pretend play or role play also helps kids refine their social interaction skills. Even mimes have to somehow interact with other actors. Children who are engaged in pretend play have to communicate, cooperate, collaborate, and build mutually beneficial relationships with their peers. Of course, if we’re talking about toddlers and preschoolers here, it will take some time before they warm up to the idea of cooperative endeavor.

A natural offshoot of kids’ ability to form positive social relationships is a commensurate improvement in their sense of self-worth. If they are doing something great, it is but natural to hear other people praise them for such a great role play. This nurtures the ego which ultimately leads to the building of self-confidence. And whenever self-confidence is involved, a boost in self-esteem is never far behind.

Technically, it is okay to ask how role playing can help kids. And the answer is quite simple. It helps make their world smaller, more manageable for them to really become more active in shaping it.

The Bottom Line

The PAW Patrol is growing strong, particularly among its avid followers primarily for its do-good, all-positive messages. It’s a great show and merchandise to teach kids about community life. Our 10 best PAW Patrol trucks in 2017 are not only instruments of positive values but are also tools of great developmental benefits.

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