20 Best New Monster High Dolls of 2017


When Mattel introduced the Monster High series of fashion doll collection in July 2010, they knew it would be an instant hit. That is why MGA followed suit in 2012 with its Bratzillaz, Playhut with Mystixx, Jakk Pacific with Zombie Girls, and WowWee with Once Upon a Zombie. These witch- and monster- themed dolls were all testament to Monster High’s success. This year, 2016, Mattel’s Monster High will be rebooted complete with new face molds for its Ghouls and Mansters, an animated film, and a song performed by American Idol season 6 winner Jordin Sparks.

We are here to present to you the newest line of Monster High dolls that will sure to elevate the playtime activities of your kids. Mind you, the Monster High series is not only good for girls, it has dolls for boys, too. So, check out our list of the 20 top new Monster High dolls you can give either as a Christmas present or even as a birthday gift for your child.

How We Chose the Dolls in Our List

With so many Monster High doll figures and play sets to choose from, coming up with the top 20 new Monster High dolls is never an easy feat. Additionally, everything is made by the same company that has, for 6 years, dominated the monster-themed doll market and that has come to be the measuring stick of all other doll-makers that have come after it.

Well, we had to rely on the overall design of the Monster High doll. We had to make sure that they are appropriate for the developmental age of children who will be playing with these dolls. We had to carefully examine each one especially in terms of its benefits to the optimum development of children. We then had to read through the hundreds of customer reviews as well as parent feedbacks regarding the doll’s usefulness in either bringing joy to their children or helping their children grow and develop more optimally. It’s one of the trickiest and most challenging top 20s we have done so far. Nevertheless, we were able to pull it off.

Playing with Dolls and its Effects on Children’s Development

Many adults consider playing as a waste of time. They think that playing is a huge departure from their learning. What they fail to recognize is that at the heart of each play, learning takes place.

Playing with dolls allow kids to enjoy many types of play including dramatic play, manipulative play, fantasy play, and, to some extent, exploratory play. All of these play types can play a major role in the optimum growth and development of children.

For instance, dressing-up Monster High dolls will help develop, enhance, or strengthen the cognitive, self-help, and fine motor skills of children. For instance, they can play with dolls to help them master the fundamental skills of putting on clothes, buttoning one’s shirt and pants, removing one’s clothes, bathing, feeding, potty training, hygiene, and even grooming. While it takes many young kids to perfect these activities of daily living, they can learn and train for it using their dolls.

Now, many of these self-help skills require manual dexterity. For example, removing the buttons of one’s shirt require careful and very precise movements of the fingers as each button is carefully slotted out of its buttonhole. Buttoning is a similar endeavor where the different muscles of the fingers must be contracted at exactly the same time so that the button can be slotted through and in its hole. Perhaps more importantly is the mastery of using both hands in a coordinated manner. Buttoning, for example, requires one hand to hold the button while the other opens the buttonhole. This also requires hand-eye coordination, precision, and understanding of spatial relations. All self-help activities will require the balance and coordination of both hands. And all of these can be mastered using dolls such as those from Mattel’s Monster High.

Cognitively, kids playing with dolls learn about the different parts of the body especially those that can be readily seen such as the eyes, nose, lips, hair, skin, arms, legs, feet, and a whole lot more. This can also help in their language skills by expanding their vocabulary. You can also teach them the names of the different types of clothes like pants, dress, shirts, socks, and jammies, among other types of clothing. With Monster High dolls, there’s so much to learn especially with the different accessories that come with each package. The different body parts of the doll, its clothing, and its accessories can also be used to teach kids about adjectives, verbs, or feelings associated with such things. For example, kids can learn that their Monster High doll is “beautiful” and “tall” and that their dolls can go “hungry” if they are not able to “eat”. If they don’t eat in time, then they will be “sad”.

Playing with dolls also help children develop their pragmatic skills or social communication skills. This helps them understand that certain social situations may require different manner of communicating. It essentially helps kids to use language for a variety of purposes and be able to adapt his or her language to the needs of the other person or even the situation. Likewise, pragmatics allow children to follow some of the unspoken rules of conversation. These can all be enhanced by their playing with dolls as they can practice using their language through the different scenarios that they have conceived for their dramatic and fantasy play.

Dolls like those from Mattel’s Monster High can also be beneficial in enhancing the development of children’s emotional and social skills. They learn to care and nurture their dolls and often re-enact caring interactions they have received from Mom and Dad as well as other caregivers, siblings, relatives, and even friends. This can also help them to prepare for becoming an older sibling. By loving, nurturing, and caring for their dolls, children are able to develop a healthier sense of self which can also help in boosting their self-esteem. This can greatly influence their social interactions thus, leading to improved social development.

Perhaps one of the most often overlooked benefit of playing with dolls is the level of creativity and imagination it can help encourage in the child. By working with different doll accessories, children are able to think outside the box and create their very own hairstyles as well as fashion styles. Some can also use their dolls as wonderful instruments for exploratory play. They can think of many different ways in which the doll can be played with. Technically, this can give rise to the development of divergent problem solving skills wherein children learn that there may be more than one solution to any given problem. This lays the foundation for critical thinking and counterfactual reasoning.

Playing with dolls can truly have many benefits to children. From the development of their psychomotor and cognitive skills to the enhancement of their language, social, and emotional skills, dolls like those from the Monster High collection by Mattel are great instruments of child development. These can also help prepare children for the many essential roles they will have to play later in their lives as adults.

Thus, we feel deeply honored to have been given the chance to share with you the top 20 new Monster High dolls for 2016. We are very positive that any one of the dolls in our list will surely bring a wide smile in your child and reassurance in you that your kid will grow and develop to his or her full potential.

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