10 Best Marble Runs for Kids in 2017

One of the most fascinating gifts you can ever give to your kid, whether it is for Christmas or his or her birthday, is a marble run. There’s just so much joy just watching these marvelous pieces of toys that your child will first have to construct before he or she can begin to really enjoy it. And while you can easily pick out the best for your child from several hundreds of brands and models, we’ve shortened the list for you. You can bet there’s one in our 10 best marble runs for kids that is designed specifically for your child.

How We Chose the Top Marble Runs in Our List

Selecting which among the hundreds of marble runs currently in the market we had to include in our shortlist was very challenging, to say the least. First it was all about cutting the number to a more manageable size. Product reviews and ratings were thus, considered to come up with a much shorter pool of products to be evaluated. This gave us the reassurance that all of the products that we have shared with you in our top 10 list are also recommended by many moms and dads.

Each of the shortlisted marble runs was then subjected to a more thorough evaluation using a variety of parameters. Chief of these was the inherent developmental appropriateness of the marble run. We had to look at the manufacturer’s recommended age and determine whether the complexity of the play set is appropriate for the child’s developmental age. We also carefully evaluated other inherent features in each of these products to determine how they would fit in a child’s need to develop his or her true potentials.

Safety is also a primary concern. Since most of the products that we have evaluated are made of plastic, it is essential that they are not made of harmful materials or are finished with a variety of chemicals that can undermine the health of our children.

The company’s trustworthiness was also factored into the shortlist as this can help us give you the peace of mind that you need regarding the quality and safety of the products we have listed. We know for a fact that highly reputable organizations will never do anything that will tarnish their good image.

Marble Runs and Your Child’s Cognitive Development

One of the most important benefits of playing with marble runs by children is the development of their cognitive abilities. There is simply a lot of cognitive processes going on every time a child plays with these kinds of toys.

For the most part, their logical thinking will be enhanced as they attempt to piece the different building blocks to create a continuous pathway for the marbles to reach their destination. This requires logic and critical thinking that largely depends on their understanding of cause and effect relationships. By looking at the different pieces, they are able to mentally paint a possible outcome if they are going to position a piece in one particular way. Changing the position or configuration of this building or construction piece can also lead to another “effect”. It is this mental processing of many cause-and-effects that children are able to develop their logic and critical thinking.

This can also have a significant implication in their problem solving abilities. By thinking logically and critically, they are able to develop an understanding of the essence of a scientific process. This can help them process other more complex problems in the future as they now have a very rudimentary yet effective understanding of such concepts.

Children’s spatial intelligence can also be enhanced by these types of toys. This gives them the opportunity to define the relationship of an object with the space around it. Dropping marbles into the holes of these playsets simply mean kids will have a good spatial sense, not to mention good hand-eye coordination as well as superb control of fine motor skills.

The Bottom Line

Marble runs, like building and construction playsets, are beneficial to your child’s development. We hope you have found something from our top 10 marble runs that you think your kid, or even the rest of your family, will love.

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