10 Best Make Up Sets for Kids in 2017


Grooming is an activity that children must be able to master as early as possible. While boys don’t usually have much to fix about their appearance every morning, girls will have to learn how they can enhance their natural beauty. As such, they must be able to learn how to apply make up the correct way. However, instead of teaching them your very own beauty make up secrets using your own kit, it is better to use one of our 10 best make up sets for kids. We guarantee the results will be nothing less than spectacular.

10 Best Make Up Sets For Kids

Glamour Girl Pretend Play Make Up Kit by Make it Up

Glamour Girl Pretend Play Make Up Kit

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

One of the best things you can teach your little girl is how to put on a make-up. We all know that. That’s why we’re recommending the Glamour Girl Pretend Play Make Up Kit to help you teach your young princess how to apply an eye catching foundation before putting on a dazzling blush-on. The fantastic thing about the Glamour Girl is that it’s all pretend or make believe. There are no chemicals involved. However, the different make up tools and accessories are so realistic that it can thus, elevate the make believe play of your princesses. At the very least, she’ll get to enjoy making use of 13 different tools to help enhance her natural beauty, albeit in a make believe fashion. There’s lipstick, lip gloss, and a whole lot more. Everything can be easily placed inside a floral designed cosmetic bag to further add to the fashion and style that young princesses today love to sport.

What We Like about It – The Glamour Girl Pretend Play is just perfect for encouraging little girls to be as imaginative as they can be in grooming themselves. Now, they don’t have to mess with your own kit as they can do so safely with this particular set.

Kids Washable Makeup Set with a Glitter Cosmetic Bag by IQ Toys

Kids Washable Makeup Set with a Glitter Cosmetic Bag

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Age Range: At least 6 years old

Designed specifically for the school aged girl, the Kids Washable Makeup Set is the ideal tool for a more realistic make believe play. The different cosmetic products that come with the set have been manufactured using only the highest quality and certified kid safe materials so that even if your princess will be applying it on her delicate skin, you’ll feel more confident that her integument will not be irritated which might lead to inflammation and, of course, possibly infection. On top of the kid safe materials put into each item, these are fully washable, too. All your child has to do is to wash it off with a mild bath soap and water then rinse and she’ll have her flawless skin back in no time. Unlike other toys, the Kids Washable comes with real substances that can be applied onto the skin. This makes it ultra-realistic. Your princess can actually try applying make-up on her friends or them on her. They can play make believe hair and beauty salon with this particular kit.

What We Like about It – The Lids Washable is great for enhancing children’s make believe play because of the realistic components of the kit. It’s guaranteed to be safe, too. So, no worries there.

Petite Girls Heart Shaped Cosmetics Play Set by Liberty Imports

Petite Girls Heart Shaped Cosmetics Play Set

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

Princesses just love anything that is shaped like a heart as well as stars and other non-pointy forms. With blings that adorn the cover of the Petite Girls Heart Shaped Cosmetics Play Set you can be sure that your little girl will have a fabulous time pretending to beautify herself. The three level compartments easily fans outwards to create a very fantastic cosmetics container. Each level has all the beginning beauty needs of young children. And if you are concerned that the chemicals might be too harsh for your child’s sensitive skin, fear not as these have been duly tested to be non-toxic and are guaranteed kid safe. Additionally, the pigments are easily washed off so you’ll have more confidence about your child using it in their make believe play time activities. If they are not going to use it for its intended purpose, the Petite Girls Heart Shaped Cosmetics Play Set can be used as an excellent storage box for many of your kid’s trinkets and other personal valuables. Just remove the tray and she now has an instant jewelry box.

What We Like about It – The Petite Girls Heart Shaped Cosmetics Play Set is just one of Liberty Imports’ pretend play products for kids. There are other fun shapes that your kid can also collect.

Pretend Play Cosmetic and Makeup Set by Click N’ Play

Pretend Play Cosmetic and Makeup Set

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

If you’re worrying about harsh chemicals that may be absorbed into your toddler’s skin, then you’d better get her the Pretend Play Cosmetic and Makeup Set. This 8-piece set is so real that many parents have dubbed it as one of the best make up sets for kids, especially young toddlers who may still be in the process of exploring their world. With this Click N’ Play set, you can now encourage your child to apply make up together with you. You can also invite her friends over to your house so they will have an excellent time playing with the set. While their imagination may be a bit muted because of the realism of the different cosmetics that are included in the Click N’ Play product, it is nonetheless a very good tool to help them in their make believe play where your little princess can act like a makeup artist and her friends will be the celebrities. Or, they can take turns playing with it.

What We Like about It – This Click N’ Play product is simply amazing especially for the sense of realism integrated into the design of the individual cosmetics products. In fact, if you’re going to look at it from afar, it definitely looks more like the real thing.

Make Up Artist Sketch Set by Fashion Angels

Make Up Artist Sketch Set

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

If you don’t like the idea of applying makeups on kids even though it’s only make believe simply because it’s still too early for them to do so, then the Fashion Angels Make Up Artist Sketch Set might be of interest to you. This particular product is not actually for pretend play but rather for the arts and crafts. It’s more like a coloring book but with a fashion twist. Instead of the usual images that your kid will be adding colors to, it will be the drawings of faces that she will try to beautify. Your kid will be using ten colorful Chroma Stix to augment the 14 make up pallets. Your princess will have a grand time creating her very own make up styles and designs. At least, she can first try out different shades before she attempts to do apply it on her friend’s face. Just look at it this way: the Fashion Angels Sketch Kit gives your child the right tool to try her hand on makeup designs and styles to build confidence. This way, once she has mastered the art of combining different colors to achieve a certain kind of look, putting on a makeup on a real person will be much easier for her.

What We Like about It – We’d like to look at the Fashion Angels as a training tool specifically designed to harness your kid’s creative talents in being a makeup artist. Since there are no actual applications on the skin whatsoever, she can afford to make mistakes and slowly build her confidence.

Princess Girl’s All in One Deluxe Makeup Palette with Mirror by IQ Toys


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Age Range: At least 5 years old

Designed especially for the budding little princess in your life, the Princess Girl’s All in One Deluxe Makeup Palette with Mirror is a superb looking make up kit that contains highly washable, kid safe, and non-toxic materials that your young lady will be able to easily apply on her skin. Two compartments slide open on both sides to reveal more cosmetics options to choose from. The inside surface of the cover has a built-in mirror to give your child the opportunity to look at just how well she is applying all those fabulous colors. There are also 6 different colors of lip gloss which should be perfect for enhancing your girl’s looks depending on her prevailing mood. The eye shadows can produce a remarkable effect further complementing the natural wonders of your kid’s eyes. Each of these applications glitter to give a more sophisticated and luxurious look. So, if your kid is going to perform on a school play, you don’t need to bring your own makeup kit anymore. You will only need the Princess Girl’s Deluxe Kit.

What We Like about It – From the blushes to the lip glosses to the eye shadows, the Princess Girl’s Deluxe Kit truly lives up to its reputation as being one of the best make up sets for kids. The artsy case also make for an excellent fashion statement for your young lady.

Joyin Toy All in One Girls Makeup Kit by Joyin Toy

Joyin Toy All in One Girls Makeup Kit

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

There’s a perfectly good reason why we decided to include the Joyin Toy All in One Girls Makeup Kit. The design of the different cosmetics will remind you that this is not the real thing and that they are essentially built to enhance children’s pretend play or make believe play activities. The canisters or containers of these pseudo cosmetics are styled in very fun designs. There’s an owl, a cat, a dog, and many other lovable characters that kids today will really appreciate. There’s an all-purpose shimmer powder which is perfect for providing accents to your kid’s facial features as well as a super cute lip gloss and lip balms to help soothe your child’s lips while giving it a moist and radiant look. Each cosmetic item is tested safe so it should not pose any concern as your kid tries her hand on becoming a world famous makeup artist. And if your child has simply outgrown the need for pretend play makeup kits, she can always discard the contents and use the containers or canisters as a handy storage box for her other trinkets.

What We Like about It – It’s the fun and lovable design of the different cosmetic products of the Joyin Toy All in One Girls Makeup Kit that we really loved about it. We are pretty confident your child will love these, too.

Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Signature Set by Little Cosmetics


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Age Range: 3 to 6 years old

With thousands of positive reviews, it’s hard to see why the Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Signature Set should not be in this list. This play makeup set is designed specifically for toddlers and preschoolers whose imagination are still growing. Contained in a colorful striped cosmetics bag, this Little Cosmetics item is the perfect gift you can give to your young princess or even to your friend’s daughter on her birthday. It’s got all the different beauty tools and implements that any young lady will need to create a really stunning look. The best part of this is that it won’t necessarily affect your child’s skin integrity as everything is all make believe; it’s fake makeup. However, at first glance, you’d definitely think of it as the real thing, except perhaps for its small size. Moms all over the world can now start teaching their tots and preschoolers the basic strokes needed to apply a really dashing makeup.

What We Like about It – This kit is excellent for enticing young children to try out their hands in the application of a makeup without really leaving on the skin any trace of chemicals, toxic or not. The point is that it is a make believe toy but designed in a very realistic way.

Vogue @ Me Kids Fun Beauty Fashion Washable Makeup Set by IQ Toys

Vogue @ Me Kids Fun Beauty Fashion Washable Makeup Set

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Age Range: At least 6 years old

If you want a really fantastic looking makeup kit to give to your little girl on her birthday or even on Christmas, then the Vogue @ Me Kids Fun Beauty Fashion Washable Makeup Kit should be considered. The set already comes with a variety of cosmetics that are guaranteed to bring out the natural beauty in your child. Whether it is for a formal occasion in school or a simple weekend sleep over in her friend’s house, this is the perfect companion as you can be sure it won’t harm her skin. It’s got mascara, lip gloss, eye shadow, lipstick, bush, nail polish, and even glitters to really add a sparkle in your child’s makeup repertoire. Contained in a delightfully simplistic cosmetic box that has a built-in mirror in the inside surface of Vogue @ Me’s cover, these are the ideal tools that every child will use to help augment pretend play or even help train her in the art of makeup application.

What We Like about It – The Vogue @ Me has a rather simple yet very elegant design that we’re certain little princesses will be yearning to keep. Since it’s portable, they can make it as their daily companion.

Pretend Pinky Cosmetic Girl Toy Set by Wonderworld

Pretend Pinky Cosmetic Girl Toy Set

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

Is your toddler getting all wide eyed every time you put on your make-up? Have you seen her attempting to mimic what you’re doing to your face? If that’s the case, may we suggest the Pretend Pinky Cosmetic Girl Toy Set? Your child will be having a blast applying the different cosmetics like face powder, lipstick, nail polish, eye shadow, and a whole lot more. And like you, she’ll be using her very own mirror complete with its built-in stand to make sure that she has correctly applied these wonderful makeup components. It even has its own cute cosmetics bag to store all of these things. Make believe makeup application has never been more fun for young children. 

What We Like about It – The integration of different safety features into this otherwise simple pretend play toy is remarkable. Its eco-friendliness and use of child safe materials are commendable.

How We Chose the Best Make Up Kits in Our List

Picking the correct make up set for children is almost the same as selecting the best kit for us adults. However, since we’re talking about children here, we don’t want any harsh chemicals come in contact with their very sensitive skin. It was therefore, very crucial for us to determine the safety of the materials used in these products. Kits that contain chemicals that are difficult to wash away and clean-up are thus avoided. We don’t want any of these clogging the pores of the skin or even irritating your child’s integument. True, they will look gorgeous but if they develop skin allergies to it, we’d rather not risk it.

Additionally, we only focused on make-believe or pretend play make up kits. While some of our selection really do provide fantastic results, the materials used are considered to be kids-safe. What we wanted is to provide children with the correct tools to help them learn about the basics of grooming especially in the application of make-up.

We also read quite a handful of the different feedbacks, reviews, and comments from very satisfied customers. That’s why we’re pretty confident about our shortlist as they do represent the prevailing sentiments of many parents. Of course, we don’t expect all of the feedback to be positive. That’s why we also had to review the negative ones and determine whether these can impact the overall usefulness of these make up sets for kids.

Pretend Play and Role Playing in Children

Pretend play is regarded as one of the best ways to encourage imagination in our young children. These activities are often seen by many child care experts as children’s means of communicating their understanding of how the world works. They may have difficulty expressing their ideas verbally but, when given the chance to act out what they have in mind, the picture can take on a very dramatic meaning. Aside from this, there are other benefits of pretend play. These can include enhancement of their cognitive abilities, the establishment and strengthening of their social skills, and the refinement and continuous growth of their emotional skills.

Unfortunately, not all parents understand the concept behind pretend play.

Children playing pretend typically use props or objects to represent real things. Experts say that the more realistic the object is, the least helpful it is in stimulating a child’s imaginative potentials. For instance, giving him or her a stick allows the child to use his or her imagination to pretend that the stick is a magic wand, a conductor’s baton, or even a spaceship. Now, if you give him or her an actual magic wand, then his or her mind no longer has to imagine simply because it knows that what it has is a magic wand and not something else.

This is not to say that realistic-looking toys are not beneficial. These are important in role playing where kids are able to act out their understanding of the world. For example, drinking from a toy teacup teaches kids the art of actual tea-drinking itself. In like manner, applying on a toy makeup teaches them about the art of wearing a makeup. This helps prepare them when they grow up so they can do the things that adults are expected to do.

The point is, if you want to stimulate imagination, then you need to encourage pretend play. If you want your child to learn a specific adult task, then help them with role-playing activities.

The Bottom Line

Learning to put on a makeup is important for girls as they grow up. With the ten best makeup sets for kids in our list, we’re confident you’ll be in the right track helping your child learn this task.

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