10 Best Make Up Sets for Kids in 2017

Grooming is an activity that children must be able to master as early as possible. While boys don’t usually have much to fix about their appearance every morning, girls will have to learn how they can enhance their natural beauty. As such, they must be able to learn how to apply make up the correct way. However, instead of teaching them your very own beauty make up secrets using your own kit, it is better to use one of our 10 best make up sets for kids. We guarantee the results will be nothing less than spectacular.

How We Chose the Best Make Up Kits in Our List

Picking the correct make up set for children is almost the same as selecting the best kit for us adults. However, since we’re talking about children here, we don’t want any harsh chemicals come in contact with their very sensitive skin. It was therefore, very crucial for us to determine the safety of the materials used in these products. Kits that contain chemicals that are difficult to wash away and clean-up are thus avoided. We don’t want any of these clogging the pores of the skin or even irritating your child’s integument. True, they will look gorgeous but if they develop skin allergies to it, we’d rather not risk it.

Additionally, we only focused on make-believe or pretend play make up kits. While some of our selection really do provide fantastic results, the materials used are considered to be kids-safe. What we wanted is to provide children with the correct tools to help them learn about the basics of grooming especially in the application of make-up.

We also read quite a handful of the different feedbacks, reviews, and comments from very satisfied customers. That’s why we’re pretty confident about our shortlist as they do represent the prevailing sentiments of many parents. Of course, we don’t expect all of the feedback to be positive. That’s why we also had to review the negative ones and determine whether these can impact the overall usefulness of these make up sets for kids.

Pretend Play and Role Playing in Children

Pretend play is regarded as one of the best ways to encourage imagination in our young children. These activities are often seen by many child care experts as children’s means of communicating their understanding of how the world works. They may have difficulty expressing their ideas verbally but, when given the chance to act out what they have in mind, the picture can take on a very dramatic meaning. Aside from this, there are other benefits of pretend play. These can include enhancement of their cognitive abilities, the establishment and strengthening of their social skills, and the refinement and continuous growth of their emotional skills.

Unfortunately, not all parents understand the concept behind pretend play.

Children playing pretend typically use props or objects to represent real things. Experts say that the more realistic the object is, the least helpful it is in stimulating a child’s imaginative potentials. For instance, giving him or her a stick allows the child to use his or her imagination to pretend that the stick is a magic wand, a conductor’s baton, or even a spaceship. Now, if you give him or her an actual magic wand, then his or her mind no longer has to imagine simply because it knows that what it has is a magic wand and not something else.

This is not to say that realistic-looking toys are not beneficial. These are important in role playing where kids are able to act out their understanding of the world. For example, drinking from a toy teacup teaches kids the art of actual tea-drinking itself. In like manner, applying on a toy makeup teaches them about the art of wearing a makeup. This helps prepare them when they grow up so they can do the things that adults are expected to do.

The point is, if you want to stimulate imagination, then you need to encourage pretend play. If you want your child to learn a specific adult task, then help them with role-playing activities.

The Bottom Line

Learning to put on a makeup is important for girls as they grow up. With the ten best makeup sets for kids in our list, we’re confident you’ll be in the right track helping your child learn this task.

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