10 Best Make Up Sets for Kids in 2017

Grooming is an activity that children must be able to master as early as possible. While boys don’t usually have much to fix about their appearance every morning, girls will have to learn how they can enhance their natural beauty. As such, they must be able to learn how to apply make up the correct way. However, instead of teaching them your very own beauty make up secrets using your own kit, it is better to use one of our 10 best make up sets for kids. We guarantee the results will be nothing less than spectacular.

Makeup kits that inspire creative play

Inspiring children to engage in creative/imaginative/pretend play is very important during their childhood. When children are pretending they are not just pretending to do something they are learning something. Giving children toys that allow them to explore their imagination and creative side help inspire them to learn. Whether they are using blocks, crayons, or playing with a dollhouse it is all a learning experience. Each of the different toys sets inspires different scenarios. Some toys encourage problem-solving skills while others work on social skills. Each time you see a child engaging in creative play they are learning.

Makeup kits inspire many different types of creative play that create a learning experience. When children play makeup kits it encourages them to engage in role play, use their fine motor skills, and promote hand-eye coordination. Inspiring creative with using makeup is a great way to encourage many different developmental and it is fun way have a good time.

Criteria Used to Evaluate The Best Make Up Kits for Kids

The criteria used to compose the list of the 10 best makeup kits that appear on this page are something that we do not take lightly. Every kit on the list was first evaluated for safety. We want to make sure anything listed on our pages is completely safe and non-toxic to the children using the kits. Each kit was researched to ensure that if they included real makeup that the makeup was chemical free and was easy to clean up. We want all kids to look beautiful and have fun playing with the makeup but we also want to make sure it is safe.

Once each of the kits that we selected was narrowed down by the safety criteria then they were evaluated by our panel of experts. The panels of experts consist of toy experts, parents, and child psychologist. The panel reviews the makeup kits based on others customer’s review and their own feedback of each of the kits. We always want to make sure anything that is listed on our site is completely safe and fun.

Encouraging kids to role play

When kids role play they are not only having fun but they are learning as well. Role play has many developmental benefits. Encouraging kids to engage in role play helps them explore their creativity and inspires their imaginations. When you help kids explore their creativity you are giving them to power to learn while engaging in a fun acidity. Whether you are pretending to be a pirate on a ship in the ocean or doing a makeover in the bathroom floor everything experience is something they can learn from and builds their developmental skill sets.

When you inspire a child’s imagination you are giving them an outlet to express themselves. When kids are able to express themselves they learn about verbal social cues and nonverbal social cues. They are able to engage in a social setting without ever having to leave their own environment. This helps to not only create a developing social skill set but it also works on motor skills as well. No matter what way you look at inspiring a kid to engage in role play is very beneficial.

Development of social skills through playing with makeup sets

When children engage in creative play with makeup sets they are building their social skills through learning about themselves and also learning about others. This allows children to engage in a social setting that creates interactions and helps them communicate with each other about their current feelings and interests during the play session. They are able to learn about themselves through communicating with others and it also allows them to explore their interests. When using makeup sets it allows a child to pretend they are a princess and how it would feel to be in that role. This teaches them skills and builds their thoughts for the future.

When engaging in social play with makeup kits with others children also get the social experience of learning about others. It teaches them to communicate others and encourages to work as a team. This allows them to also learn about different social roles and how different people react in different situations. Engaging in pretend-play with makeup sets or any other props that are provided give children an environment to explore and learn while developing social skills that will help them through their lives.

What Determined The Best Make Up Kits in Our List

Picking the correct make up set for children is almost the same as selecting the best kit for us adults. However, since we’re talking about children here, we don’t want any harsh chemicals come in contact with their very sensitive skin. It was therefore, very crucial for us to determine the safety of the materials used in these products. Kits that contain chemicals that are difficult to wash away and clean-up are thus avoided. We don’t want any of these clogging the pores of the skin or even irritating your child’s integument. True, they will look gorgeous but if they develop skin allergies to it, we’d rather not risk it.

Additionally, we only focused on make-believe or pretend play make up kits. While some of our selection really do provide fantastic results, the materials used are considered to be kids-safe. What we wanted is to provide children with the correct tools to help them learn about the basics of grooming especially in the application of make-up.

We also read quite a handful of the different feedbacks, reviews, and comments from very satisfied customers. That’s why we’re pretty confident about our shortlist as they do represent the prevailing sentiments of many parents. Of course, we don’t expect all of the feedback to be positive. That’s why we also had to review the negative ones and determine whether these can impact the overall usefulness of these make up sets for kids.

Pretend Play and Role Playing in Children

Pretend play is regarded as one of the best ways to encourage imagination in our young children. These activities are often seen by many child care experts as children’s means of communicating their understanding of how the world works. They may have difficulty expressing their ideas verbally but, when given the chance to act out what they have in mind, the picture can take on a very dramatic meaning. Aside from this, there are other benefits of pretend play. These can include enhancement of their cognitive abilities, the establishment and strengthening of their social skills, and the refinement and continuous growth of their emotional skills.

Unfortunately, not all parents understand the concept behind pretend play.

Children playing pretend typically use props or objects to represent real things. Experts say that the more realistic the object is, the least helpful it is in stimulating a child’s imaginative potentials. For instance, giving him or her a stick allows the child to use his or her imagination to pretend that the stick is a magic wand, a conductor’s baton, or even a spaceship. Now, if you give him or her an actual magic wand, then his or her mind no longer has to imagine simply because it knows that what it has is a magic wand and not something else.

This is not to say that realistic-looking toys are not beneficial. These are important in role playing where kids are able to act out their understanding of the world. For example, drinking from a toy teacup teaches kids the art of actual tea-drinking itself. In like manner, applying on a toy makeup teaches them about the art of wearing a makeup. This helps prepare them when they grow up so they can do the things that adults are expected to do.

The point is, if you want to stimulate imagination, then you need to encourage pretend play. If you want your child to learn a specific adult task, then help them with role-playing activities.

The Bottom Line

Learning to put on a makeup is important for girls as they grow up. With the ten best makeup sets for kids in our list, we’re confident you’ll be in the right track helping your child learn this task.


Frequently asked questions

Q: Are all the products/makeup on the list safe for kids?

A: All of the products and kits listed on the list are safe and completely non-toxic. We researched each product and kit to make sure that the manufacturer has selected ingredients and products that are safe and meet all US requirements. We want nothing best the best suggestions for our visitors.

Q: How are the sets on the list selected?

A: The makeup kits selected on our list are put together by a panel of experts that review products for safety, quality, and the level of fun each kit provided. When selecting the kits that we have, we want the kits best reviews from parents, our experts, and other consumers as well. We want to make sure that anything listed on our list is a great kit and allows hours of fun.

Q: Where can I find the kits listed on this list?

A: You can find the kits listed on the page either by clicking the link provided in the description or by completing a simple search on the internet. Using a search engine is one of the easiest ways to find an item. Entering the item and pressing enter will display results of tons of places that carry the kit. The places will be both online stores and physical stores as well.

Q: Why is encouraging a child to play with makeup set important?

A: Having a child encouraged to play with makeup sets is important because it allows them to express themselves, see how others express themselves and learn through the experience. Each time a child is engaging in a creativity play setting they are learning. They are learning social skills, motor skills, and expressing themselves. This is important to their development and helps them prepare for situations in their lifetime.

Q: Are all the makeup products on the list washable?

A: All kits that are listed on our list are completely washable. It the kit suggested included real makeup we reviewed the manufactures information to ensure the ingredients washable along with being non-toxic as well. We want to make sure any suggestions on our list are safe and fun.

Q: Where can we find makeup designs to inspire creative play with makeup?

A: You can find makeup designs and information on styles on makeup to inspire the child in your life by either using books and magazines or searching the internet for makeup designs. Some of the kits suggested above even come with books that give have books to help with inspiration.


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