20 Best Magnetic Toys for Kids in 2017

If you are searching for the best gifts or presents for your kid’s birthday or even for special occasions such as Christmas, you may want to consider magnetic toys. These are amazing toys that can help stimulate any kid’s curiosity especially in terms of understanding the principles of attraction and repelling forces. Many magnetic toys help develop or reinforce children’s fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. This helps facilitate more enjoyable play which can help build their emotional and social skills.

As such, it is with great optimism and pride that we present to you the 20 best magnetic toys for kids.

Children and Learning with Magnets

Because of the invisible nature of magnetic forces, playing with magnets can be magical to many young children. However, on the developmental side of things, magnetic toys can do more than just provide a source of wonder and awe among children. These toys can be in the form of construction and building toys, wooden puzzles, fishing toys, color and shape sorters, and even refrigerator magnets.

Magnetic toys help children develop and enhance their language skills as parents can emphasize the names, shapes, colors, and other characteristics of objects that contain magnets. Children are also able to manipulate the magnets enabling them to coordinate their muscle movements, especially the muscles of the hands and fingers. These can become the foundation for developing their writing and drawing abilities.

Magnetic toys also help stimulate children’s cognitive skills. Depending on the type of toy that contains magnets, children can further develop their convergent and divergent problem solving skills, their creative thinking skills, their logic and critical thinking skills, and their spatial intelligence as well as inferential reasoning skills. In some types of magnetic toys, children’s counterfactual reasoning can also be stimulated.

Creativity and imagination is best enhanced when magnetic building and construction toys are used. These provide open-ended opportunities for exploring their imaginative and creative potentials. They can come up with many different ways of designing, creating, coloring, and composing the various elements of the magnetic toy set.

Truly, magnetic toys can hold their own against other types of toys. That is why they make perfect gift suggestions to kids. We hope our list of the 20 top magnetic playthings for kids will help you narrow down your choices of the best presents or gifts for your precious ones.

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