10 Best Magic Kits for Kids in 2017

magic sets for kids

While not everyone believes in magic, we can safely say that everyone gets fascinated every time someone plays magic tricks. Whether it is on the streets, during a party, in a theatre featuring a magic show, in parks, or even in the classroom, performing magic, no matter how simple, is a sure draw. It can literally attract the attention of other people within the immediate vicinity of the magician – aspiring or otherwise. That’s why there are a lot of kids who often start very young trying to learn a variety of simple magic tricks using ordinary playing cards. While these have become the norm, you can elevate the magician’s training of your child by giving him or her any of the 10 best magic kits for kids in 2017 we have especially collected just for you.

How We Chose the Best Magic Kits for Kids in Our List

Honestly, we really quite didn’t know what to do when we were given the task of coming up with a comprehensive listing of the world’s 10 best magic kits specifically designed for kids. So, we listed all of the available magic kits in the market and found out some striking similarities in them. We also noticed that each one has a consumer product rating, a very subjective measure of the product’s supposed “usefulness” and quality as evaluated by ordinary citizens and consumers. Mind you, these reviews do not represent professional-grade evaluations. As such, while we limited our shortlist to those that have no less than 4 stars, we knew we had to support our selection with a thorough understanding of what makes them really unique.

First and foremost, we had to consider the age appropriateness of the kit. These products require intense cognitive processes at a certain age level. It is thus imperative that the published recommended age matches the degree of learning difficulty needed to master the magic trick. If it is too much for the cognitive age of the child, then the kid will simply be frustrated. If it is too easy, he or she will simply lose interest. This is how crucial age appropriateness is especially when we’re talking about a product that requires sleight of hand and the nimbleness of wit.

Second, the safety of the magic kit was considered together with the quality and integrity of its construction. Sure, these may be like any other children’s toys, but even simple toys need to be made of only the safest and highest grade materials. Otherwise, we may be helping our children learn the principles of illusion but are inadvertently exposing them to harmful elements. So, it’s always better to err on the side of quality and safety.

Third, in a world that is defined by fierce competition, only the toughest survive. And by this we mean only companies that have a well-established reputation in the design and manufacturer of such children’s toys will be able to survive this long. So, we knew we had to consider this, too.

The Benefits of Learning Magic Tricks for Kids

Everyone loves magic, especially kids. That’s why it’s not really a big surprise if one day your child will be bugging you to let him or her learn how to perform magic tricks. Leading experts say that magic is a great social and educational learning tool while others look at it more as a form of entertainment. Regardless of what you believe in, here are some of the most common benefits of learning magic tricks for kids.

  • It boosts our child’s self-confidence as well as self-esteem. Being able to execute a trick flawlessly can be a great ego-booster. Now add the applause from the audience and the confidence can literally skyrocket.
  • It’s a great way to improve public speaking skills. Magicians need to communicate in front of a large crowd. This helps build confidence as well as social interaction skills which are a must when speaking in public.
  • It fosters creativity. Kids can start learning the fundamental principles of magic through the use of kits. In time, once they have fully understood these principles, they can start experimenting with other stuffs to perform magic on.
  • It improves problem-solving abilities. Learning tricks requires the understanding of the different principles associated with such tricks. This entails problem solving skills as children will have to work with existing conditions and apply the most appropriate principles of magic into the problem identified.

The Bottom Line

Helping our kids learn how to play magic tricks can have a lot of positive developmental effects on them. That’s why you simply have to get any one of the top 10 magic kits for kids in 2017 that we have just shared with you.

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