10 Best Magic Kits for Kids in 2017

magic sets for kids

While not everyone believes in magic, we can safely say that everyone gets fascinated every time someone plays magic tricks. Whether it is on the streets, during a party, in a theatre featuring a magic show, in parks, or even in the classroom, performing magic, no matter how simple, is a sure draw. It can literally attract the attention of other people within the immediate vicinity of the magician – aspiring or otherwise. That’s why there are a lot of kids who often start very young trying to learn a variety of simple magic tricks using ordinary playing cards. While these have become the norm, you can elevate the magician’s training of your child by giving him or her any of the 10 best magic kits for kids in 2017 we have especially collected just for you.

10 Best Magic Kits for Children

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Solid-Wood Magic Set With 10 Classic TricksMelissa & Doug5
Ideal 100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show SuitcaseIdeal4.9
Scientific Explorer Magic Science Kit for Wizards OnlyScientific Explorer4.7
Ideal My First Magic Set Ideal4.6
Jim Stott's 'My First Magic Kit' The Perfect Magic Kit for Beginners and Kids of All Ages!Jim Stott Magic4.5
Dowling Magnets Magic Penny Magnet KitDowling Magnets4.4

1Deluxe Solid Wood Magic Set with 10 Classic Tricks by Melissa & Doug

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

Boasting of 10 classic tricks that are guaranteed to wow any audience, regardless of their age and socioeconomic background, once learned and perfected, the Deluxe Solid Wood Magic Set is one of kit that you definitely want to give to any child who is showing initial fascination with the mysterious art of illusion. As long as he or she is willing to learn the ropes of the magically fantastic trade, this Melissa & Doug product is guaranteed to be a sure way to initiate your child in his or her mystic training. All the pieces in the kit are made of high quality solid wood and finished in the safest possible materials. Becoming a young illusionist requires constant practice. It is not enough that your child trains every other day. To master these tricks, your child will have to train every single day. It is for this reason the Melissa & Doug decided to use exclusive solid wood on all of the components of the kit so these can stand repeated practices and plays. The Deluxe Magic Set comes complete with a very detailed training instruction on how to perform the vanishing coin trick, the disappearing ball, the great escape, the magic coin box, the secret silks, the cylinder squeeze, the money maker, the magic number prediction, and the Egyptian prediction illusions. This is one great way to encourage your own child not only to learn 10 very easy magical plays but also help build his or her confidence and enhance his or her hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

What We Like about It – Melissa & Doug is known for its high quality wooden toys for kids that are the product of a careful design that integrates fundamental concepts in child growth and development. We can thus, count on the Deluxe Solid Wood Magic Set to be especially beneficial for children’s optimum development.

2100 Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase by Ideal

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

With a hundred different illusions to learn and master, the 100 Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase is a great item to give for beginning illusionists. The kit comes with a full-length instructional DVD on how to perform these hundred tricks as well as helpful tips on how kids and beginning magicians can hone their skills. The video is presented by master illusionist Ryan Oakes. What’s great about the kit is that the different magical activities don’t require any special gadgets. They only require products or items that are already found in your home. It does come with a variety of tools, nonetheless, to give young boys and girls the chance to really feel the magical world of master illusionists. Already included in the package are cubes, boxes, coins, balls, cups, and a whole lot more. It even comes with its very own magic wand and hat to make the whole experience a lot more meaningful. These tools are designed to help the child learn the tricks a lot faster and a lot easier. Once the principles of using the sleight of hand have been mastered, children can then use almost any other object at hand to wow the crowd. From reading other people’s minds to performing an after-dinner miracle, or the more common vanishing coin illusion, kids will simply have the best times of their lives learning from one of the pros in the magic circuit.

What We Like about It – The 100 Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase is definitely a must-have for any beginning illusionist. With such an excellent array of things to master, your child will simply have a lot of tricks up his or her sleeve.

3Magic Science Kit for Wizards Only by Scientific Explorer

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Age Range: At least 6 years old

Many consider science as a very strict, very straightforward body of knowledge that is governed by rules and principles that are best reserved for the intellectual. Many don’t look at science as something magical and highly entertaining. Many look at it as very boring. Well, let your child disprove all of these myths with the Magic Science Kit for Wizards Only. We are pretty sure your little magician will be lording over his or her science class and be wowing the rest of the folks in your neighborhood as your child prepares and shows them just how fascinating and magical science truly is. Remember, this is not your usual magic trick where sleight of hand is employed. It is largely based on scientific principles that have been extended well into the realm of everyday living. Technically the Magic Science Kit for Wizards Only attempts to explain the scientific basis to some of the more common tricks performed by magicians and illusionists. This is proof that scientists can be as amazing and spell-bounding as illusionists and magicians. The kit comes with a variety of substances that your kid can use to create stunning chemical reactions that work like magic. It includes baking soda, cabbage powder, zinc sulfide, citric acid, and even polyacrylate copolymer, as well as a host of other substances. With these and the accompanying instruction booklet, your child will be concocting scientific experiments that will leave their audience gasping with awe.

What We Like about It – The Magic Science Kit for Wizards Only is one splendid package that helps to explain, in a more rational manner, some of the things that we often think as clearly impossible. This also helps children learn and appreciate science a lot more.

4My First Magic Set by Ideal

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Age Range: At least 4 years old

One of the things that all magicians have is confidence. If you don’t have this, it will be quite impossible to make people believe in the things that you’re trying to pull off. The trick is for every beginning magician and illusionist to start with the very simple stuff, the very basic until such time that they have grown very confident about performing these tricks in front of the mirror, their families, their friends, and then to practically everyone else. Ideal’s My First Magic Set aims to provide young children just that. The 20 tricks that have been included in the set’s highly instructional DVD hosted by Ryan Oakes have been carefully selected to fit the cognitive capabilities of preschoolers. These should be easy to master as it does not entail a lot of fancy stuff. The point is for our preschoolers to grow in confidence performing a variety of these maneuvers so that they can take on more complex tricks in the future. The My First Magic Set comes with step-by-step instructions so your child will be able to gain mastery of each step. Depending on the cognitive abilities of your child, he or she can actually start learning and mastering the different steps of a single trick so that he or she will have first-hand experience on how it is done. Knowing that it is relatively easy, he or she will then be more motivated to learn the other tricks present and explained in the DVD. The My First Magic Set already comes with the basic tools that a young magician will need including a magic hat and wand.

What We Like about It – The My First Magic Set from Ideal provides just the right number of easy-to-learn tricks that even younger preschoolers can master. Throw in the instructional video and they’d be masters in no time.

5My First Magic Set: The Perfect Magic Kit for Beginners and Kids of All Ages by Jim Stott Magic

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

One of the most loved street magicians, Jim Stott, has just decided to share with young kids some of his trademark secrets on how to wow a crowd of totally unrelated people. With the My First Magic Set: The Perfect Magic Kit for Beginners and Kids of All Ages, five year old children will now get the chance to learn some of these street magic tricks that they can perform themselves during birthday parties or even at the playground where they can entrance other kids with their own brand of mysticism. The Jim Stott kit comes with the Amazing Magic Coloring Book that is sure to draw attention to your child’s mystical powers. Your kid will also learn to how to make a flower appear out of nowhere, perform the mystery drawer box trick, the use of rainbow chips, the color-changing handkerchiefs, and a whole lot more. Jim Stott has made the learning of all of these tricks as easy as possible so that even the youngest minds and the smallest hands can become fully adept at pulling these off. Instead of an accompanying DVD, the set comes with a Welcome Letter that contains a link to Jim Stott’s secret website so that kids can get instant access to many tips and tricks to really elevate the magician’s training. If there’s one kit you’re entertaining to give to a young aspiring magician, this should be it.

What We Like about It – Jim Stott’s My First Magic Set provides super-easy tricks to master. The inclusion of a secret link to a wealth of knowledge pertaining to magic and mysticism is particularly exceptional.

6Magic Penny Magnet Kit by Dowling Magnets

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

Children all over the world have been playing the classic Magic Penny Magnet Kit for more than two decades. Today, Dowling Magnets has significantly improved the design of the kit so that children will have greater options in exploring its many uses. The kit comes with 44 different ferromagnetic activities which allow children to explore and understand a variety of physical principles at play. For the most part of it, kids will be able to understand and appreciate magnetic forces and how these can be applied in everyday situations as well as provide for some magical treats. The Penny Magnet Kit integrates concepts in art and the patterns of geometry to create stunning masterpieces that are nothing less than magical.

What We Like about It – The Penny Magnet Kit may not be the kind of magic kit for kids you have in mind. However, since magnetic forces can never be seen, these can be used to create a lot of magical activities.

7My First Magic Stand Kids Magic Set with Chest and DVD by Uncle Bunny Magic

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Age Range: At least 6 years old

If Ryan Oakes and Jim Stott can share their secrets to performing awesome magic to young kids, it’s not surprising that Leif Davis, another master magician, will also want to share some of his signature tricks to young children who are willing to learn. With the My First Magic Stand Kids Magic Set, children as young as 6 years old will be treated to a variety of tricks that are unique to the arsenal of Davis. He will teach kids, through his instructional DVD, how to perform the illusion of a sword penetrating glass or even the magic of chopping off one’s finger and a whole lot more. Each of the tricks are discussed in pretty amazing details and in a manner that even 6 year old children will surely understand. In no time, your child will be performing the vanishing card trick or even the face-changing coin as well as the self-printing picture, among other magical plays. The kit already comes with a 2-drawer performance table which also doubles as storage for the different accessories that come with the package. To add to the excitement of wowing the crowd, your child will also be given his or her very own magic wand to cast magical spells on all the items that is contained in the kit.

What We Like about It 

8Discovery Magic Set with 4 Classic Tricks in Solid Wood Construction by Melissa & Doug

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Age Range: At least 6 years old

The Deluxe Solid Wood Magic Set of Melissa & Doug boasts of 10 classic tricks that older children can master in a jiffy. If you are not really sure whether your child will love the kit, however, maybe you’ll need a smaller version of the product? As such, we’re giving you the Discovery magic Set with 4 Classic Tricks in Solid Wood Construction. It is technically the same as the other Melissa & Doug product in this list except for the fact that it only includes 4 tricks, not 10. The magic tricks included are also quite different. It includes the magic jewel box, the sword in the stone, the color changing string, and the chamber of illusion. Regardless, the Discovery Set should last a very long time since it is made of high quality solid wood. Even with constant daily practice, these magical pieces will never give up on the desire of your young child to master these 4 tricks as a necessary stepping stone to more advanced and more complex tricks. Perhaps more importantly is the fact that, like all Melissa & Doug products, you can be sure that your child’s confidence will be boosted every time he or she masters one or two tricks. This should give your kid the much-needed boost to face and entertain the crowd.

What We Like about It – Melissa & Doug’s Discovery Magic Set is pretty much like its Deluxe Set, albeit for starters. It’s particularly excellent for boosting children’s self-confidence as well as fine motor skills.

9Ultimate Magic Kit: Incredible Magic Tricks You Can Do by Jim Stott Magic

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Age Range: At least 10 years old

Jim Stott’s My First Magic Set is perfect for beginners. However, if your child has already outgrown the various tricks that are contained in this starter set, it’s time to get him or her Jim Stott’s Ultimate Magic Kit: Incredible Magic Tricks You Can Do. It already includes Jim Stott’s ultimate levitation system which allows your kid to levitate a dollar bill, a playing card, or any other lightweight material. Just wait until he or she masters this trick and people will be looking at the next Genie. The Ultimate kit also features a magic card box that enables children to make playing cards appear and disappear as well as change into other faces. The Ultimate Kit also comes with sponge balls, the 3-rope mystery package, the magic pen penetration system, and the top secret vanishing device that’s guaranteed to train your child in the well-known act of disappearing objects right on the palm of your hands. Like the My First Kit, the Ultimate comes with a truly helpful instructional booklet that has a secret link allowing kids to access tons of magical information on the Jim Stott website. This way, you can be sure that your kid will have a steady source of information to keep on honing his or her magical skills.

What We Like about It – The Ultimate Magic Kit is the advanced version of Stott’s My First Magic Kit. You can thus expect more fun and greater confidence-boosting effects for your child.

10Ever Magic Set: 24 Magic Tricks to Master in Minutes by Ever Magic 

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

One of the fast-rising magic kits for kids this 2017 is the Ever Magic Set: 24 Magic Tricks to Master in Minutes. As the name implies, this kit consists of 24 easy-to-learn magic tricks that are sure hits when done properly. Not to worry as the instructional video that comes with the package is very easy to understand allowing your child to master the different plays of the magical world in a matter of minutes. By simply focusing on one or two tricks, your child will already be the mini David Copperfield or even the next David Blaine or any of the world’s foremost master illusionists and magicians. The point is that the Ever set already includes all the accessories, tools, and props any beginning magician will need to captivate his or her audience, have them glued to their seats as your child attempts to create one of the most spectacular and mind-boggling tricks up his or her sleeve. It comes with a wonderfully crafted Magician’s Box to keep all of your young magician’s secrets safe.

What We Like about It – With a perfect 5 star rating on Amazon so far, despite its rather limited number of reviewers, the Ever Set shows great promise as a wonderful starter set for aspiring young magicians.

How We Chose the Best Magic Kits for Kids in Our List

Honestly, we really quite didn’t know what to do when we were given the task of coming up with a comprehensive listing of the world’s 10 best magic kits specifically designed for kids. So, we listed all of the available magic kits in the market and found out some striking similarities in them. We also noticed that each one has a consumer product rating, a very subjective measure of the product’s supposed “usefulness” and quality as evaluated by ordinary citizens and consumers. Mind you, these reviews do not represent professional-grade evaluations. As such, while we limited our shortlist to those that have no less than 4 stars, we knew we had to support our selection with a thorough understanding of what makes them really unique.

First and foremost, we had to consider the age appropriateness of the kit. These products require intense cognitive processes at a certain age level. It is thus imperative that the published recommended age matches the degree of learning difficulty needed to master the magic trick. If it is too much for the cognitive age of the child, then the kid will simply be frustrated. If it is too easy, he or she will simply lose interest. This is how crucial age appropriateness is especially when we’re talking about a product that requires sleight of hand and the nimbleness of wit.

Second, the safety of the magic kit was considered together with the quality and integrity of its construction. Sure, these may be like any other children’s toys, but even simple toys need to be made of only the safest and highest grade materials. Otherwise, we may be helping our children learn the principles of illusion but are inadvertently exposing them to harmful elements. So, it’s always better to err on the side of quality and safety.

Third, in a world that is defined by fierce competition, only the toughest survive. And by this we mean only companies that have a well-established reputation in the design and manufacturer of such children’s toys will be able to survive this long. So, we knew we had to consider this, too.

The Benefits of Learning Magic Tricks for Kids

Everyone loves magic, especially kids. That’s why it’s not really a big surprise if one day your child will be bugging you to let him or her learn how to perform magic tricks. Leading experts say that magic is a great social and educational learning tool while others look at it more as a form of entertainment. Regardless of what you believe in, here are some of the most common benefits of learning magic tricks for kids.

  • It boosts our child’s self-confidence as well as self-esteem. Being able to execute a trick flawlessly can be a great ego-booster. Now add the applause from the audience and the confidence can literally skyrocket.
  • It’s a great way to improve public speaking skills. Magicians need to communicate in front of a large crowd. This helps build confidence as well as social interaction skills which are a must when speaking in public.
  • It fosters creativity. Kids can start learning the fundamental principles of magic through the use of kits. In time, once they have fully understood these principles, they can start experimenting with other stuffs to perform magic on.
  • It improves problem-solving abilities. Learning tricks requires the understanding of the different principles associated with such tricks. This entails problem solving skills as children will have to work with existing conditions and apply the most appropriate principles of magic into the problem identified.

The Bottom Line

Helping our kids learn how to play magic tricks can have a lot of positive developmental effects on them. That’s why you simply have to get any one of the top 10 magic kits for kids in 2017 that we have just shared with you.

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