10 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids in 2017

best lunchboxes for kids

Children require optimum nutrition to help them grow physically stronger and mentally healthier. That is why Moms and Dads all over the world try their best to prepare highly nutritious food for their young ones especially when they go to school. Unfortunately, by the time kids will be eating their food, it would already be cold and unappetizing. There must be a way to keep the freshness of cooked food so that kids will enjoy their meals whenever they’re ready. As such, insulated lunch bags or lunch boxes for kids will definitely come in handy. This holiday season, surprise them with the coolest and hippest lunch containers for kids with our top 10 lunch boxes for kids.

Top 10 Lunch Boxes for Kids

1PackitFreezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure by Packit

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One of the best-looking and truly unique insulated lunch bags we have seen is the PackitFreezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure. What makes it unique you ask? Well, the entire bag can be turned into one amazing cooling unit. It contains a freezable gel which turns into rock hard ice once you put the Packit inside your freezer overnight for a minimum of 12 hours. Simply fold the Packit flat and put it inside your freezer. The following morning, pull it out, unfold, and put all of your favorite refreshments inside. Your kid now has a portable and very fashionable ice box to put his or her favorite food inside. It’s great for dairy items, vegetables, and fruits not to mention drinks as these stay cool and refreshing for the rest of the day. The Packit was designed primarily for people who have special dietary needs, food allergies, and food sensitivities.

The Packit comes with a zip closure to seal in the coolness, ensuring food and drinks stay fresh a whole lot longer than other types of lunch containers for kids. It also features a buckle handle which can easily clip onto your kid’s backpack, tote bag, or even your baby stroller. This makes a perfect companion for those away times when you need to bring baby with you. Your baby will still have fresh milk and food whenever he or she is ready to feed. The Packit has been designed to be from any harmful chemicals like BPA, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, and PVC so you can be sure none of these chemicals will be leaching into your kid’s food and drinks. Oh, the inner lining is water-resistant, too. The PackitFreezable comes in 29 different designs so you can choose one that’s perfect for your kid’s personality.

What We Like about It – If there’s one thing we love most about the Packit, it’s the fact that it can be frozen and turned into a very portable mini cooler. This keeps food and drinks fresher for a longer time. Additionally, the wide array of styles and designs to choose from makes it easy to personalize your kid’s food bag.

2Bentgo Bento-Style Kids’ Lunch Box by Bentgo

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If you’re familiar with the bento-style of food preparation among the Japanese with all of those cute lovable designs they put into the food itself, then you’d definitely would want to try the Bentgo Bento-Style Box. These cool lunch boxes come with a patented leak-proof technology so you can be sure that your kid’s meal will stay fresh as if it was just been cooked a few minutes ago. The 5-compartment bento box have high partitions that are also locked in by a corresponding molded lid. This means that different foods will not be mixing and affecting the flavors of one another. For example, if you place a saucy recipe on one of the compartments and fried food on another, you can be sure that the fried food will stay dry and crispy without being affected by the sauce of the other meal. It can also be popped right into your microwave for those instant heating requirements.

The Bentgo lunch containers for kids also feature a rubber-coated edge that is guaranteed to keep the Bentgo safe even though your kid will be dropping it from a height. The latches are also easily opened and closed yet forms an airtight seal for your kid’s food. The Bentgo is manufactured using only FDA-approved and food-grade materials so you can be sure it’s safe for your child. We almost forgot, the Bentgo is easy to clean, too. Just pop it in your dishwasher and your problems are solved.

What We Like about It – Aside from being a really stylish bento box, we definitely love the way the Bentgo’s leak-proof compartments have been designed and built. While these do not have the thermal-sealing capacity of the Packit, we’re sure kids will enjoy their meals because these won’t necessarily be mixing with one another.

3Baby Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Insulated and Water Resistant Lunch Bag by Skip Hop

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If you need neat-looking insulated lunch bags, we’d recommend the Baby Zoo. There are 3 lovable zoo animal designs to choose from: Otis Owl, Ferguson Fox, and Picasso Penguin. Any of these three lunch containers for kids will be an excellent addition to your child’s backpack or even tote bag as the top handle of the Baby Zoo can easily attach to the lower straps of these bags. You can even attach it to the handle of your baby stroller or even your grocery cart, just make sure not to forget removing it before you leave the store, though. The Baby Zoo has a large fully insulated compartment that can accommodate your kid’s food boxes. It’s big enough to fit your kid’s sandwich, his or her apple, and his or her favorite juice box. Of course, don’t expect this to be a picnic box because it simply is too small for that. Here’s an added bonus. There’s a mesh pocket inside the Baby Zoo which is perfect for his or her eating utensils. The Baby Zoo prides itself as having adhered to California’s Proposition 65 which is the state’s 1986 Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act. This should help you feel more secure about the safety of this lunch bag.

What We Like about It – Passing the Prop 65 is a welcome feature of the Baby Zoo. Perhaps what we really loved about it is the various designs that it comes with. At least, you’ll have one for your toddler that he or she will definitely love.

4Novelty Soft Lunch Kit by Thermos

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Boasting of a premium IsoTec thermal insulation technology, the Novelty Soft Lunch Kit is one truly ingenious insulated lunch bags you can get for your kid. It comes in 26 beautiful novelty designs such as a Firetruck, Barbie, Snoopy, Star Wars R2D2, Cars’ Lightning McQueen, and a whole lot more. The IsoTec insulation technology of the Thermos Novelty comprises of several layers of excellent insulating materials to provide for superior retention of internal bag temperatures. It comprises of an inner leak-proof lining followed by a closed-cell high-grade polyethylene foam to afford its superb thermal energy retention. On the outside is a durable material backing protected by superior quality outer material. It’s like placing your kid’s food in a water thermos except that the Thermos Novelty is a really cool-looking lunch bag for kids. The inner lining is composed of PVC-free non-chlorinated, fully biodegradable material (polyethylene vinyl acetate) so you can have the peace of mind regarding the safety of the food that you have prepared for your kid.

What We Like about It – The number of colorful and iconic designs to choose from will simply amaze kids. There’s one design that is sure to captivate your kid’s fancy. For us, it’s the patented IsoTec technology that is really admirable.

5Star Wars Episode VII Dual Compartment Lunch Kit by Thermos

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If your kid just happens to be a follower of the Star Wars saga, particularly after watching The Force Awakens, then he or she will surely love the Star Wars Episode VII Dual Compartment food bag. These cool insulated lunch bags, as the name implies, come with two compartments, one for containing your kid’s food and the other for his or her utensils as well as other eating paraphernalia. It comes with the same PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) lining that contains neither PVC nor phthalates ensuring food safety for your kid. The Thermos Dual also comes with the patented IsoTec thermal retention technology made of high grade polyethylene foam in a closed cell configuration providing you with food that stays warm or cold as if you just prepared them a while ago. The front panel of the Thermos is printed in silkscreen graphics giving it a very sophisticated and lustrous finish. The carrying handle is fully padded so your kid will have no trouble carrying it to school. 

What We Like about It – The Star Wars Episode VII food bag kit is just one of 14 similar designs from Thermos. However, it’s its IsoTec technology that is really noteworthy. This helps ensure that your kid’s food stays fresh the moment he or she is ready to devour on it.

6Bento Lunch Box by WonderEsque

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Bento boxes are one of the coolest plastic lunch boxes for kids as they come in different sizes of compartments. The WonderEsque Bento Lunch Box provides such ingenious partitioning. The partitions or compartments are designed to be as leak-proof as possible using airtight silicone. The materials used in its construction are guaranteed safe as it contains no phthalates or BPA. The outer box of the WonderEsque is made of durable ABS plastic while the inner food tray is made of food-grade Tritan plastic. These materials provide optimum resistance against breakage while ensuring food safety. The WonderEsque is also dishwasher safe while the inner tray can be pooped straight into the microwave for instant heating or warming of food. The 4 compartments include a 2.5-cup area, 2 units of ¾ cup sections, and a quarter-cup well which is perfect for sauces and dips. The WonderEsque comes in pink, blue, and fuchsia pink so you’ll have one for your kid.

What We Like about It – The WonderEsque has a very simple yet ingenious design. The materials used in its construction are also admirably safe so there should be no worry at all. And since each compartment is sealed, there’s no reason why some dishes will be mixing with the rest.

7LunchBlox Lunch Bag by Rubbermaid

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Available in black etch, black plaid, blue circles, purple, and black designs, the LunchBlox Lunch Bag is one fashionable food bag. It’s clearly one of those insulated lunch bags that is a sure hit this Christmas. The design of the LunchBlox is tailor-made for Rubbermaid food container products as well as Blue Ice packs. It is well-insulated to keep your kid’s food in the right temperature. There’s a side pocket which is perfect for holding your kid’s favorite drink or even a bottle of water or his or her fruits juice. There are additional pockets or compartments that can store your kid’s utensils. The LunchBlox comes with a zip closure that is easy to operate. It also features a comfort-grip handle as well as a removable shoulder strap so carrying it won’t be a real hassle. Rubbermaid’s LunchBlox lunch containers for kids is microwavable, dishwasher-safe, and also freezer-safe.

What We Like about It – The good thing about the LunchBlox is that it works pretty well with Rubbermaid’s LunchBlox product line. Additionally, you can also put an ice pack in it to keep your food cool.

8Soft Lunch Kit by Thermos

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This product is almost similar to the Novelty Soft Lunch Kit lunch containers for kids product line of Thermos. The only difference is that the Soft Lunch Kit has only 18 designs to choose from like Frozen, Angry Birds, the Avengers, and Barbie, among others. It has the same IsoTec thermal insulation technology, the same PEVA lining, and the same fully-padded handle. Nevertheless, these can still make for interestingly cool lunch boxes for kids.

What We Like about It – The IsoTec technology is something we really admire from Thermos products. At least, we can be sure it can keep our food in the right temperature.

93-Compartment Bento Lunch Box Containers by EasyLunchboxes

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Need fuss-free lunch boxes for kids? We’d recommend the 3-compartment EasyLunchboxes Bento lunch containers for kids. The compartments are designed to be leak-proof so there’s no issue of food leaking into other compartments. The bento box is made of FDA-approved, high-grade, and ultra-durable polypropylene plastic. It is also free from phthalates, PVC, or BPA. It can also be used as a food storage unit to be placed in the freezer. The EasyLunchboxes can be put into a microwave for instant hot meals. The set comes in 4 brightly colored bento boxes which can be stacked together for more convenient handling and easier storage.

What We Like about It – The EasyLunchboxes has a very simple design which makes it very likeable. However, it’s the leak-proof property of the bento box that is very useful in this instance.

10Wildkin Lunch Box by Wildkin 

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With more than thirty designs of insulated lunch bags to choose from, the Wildkin Lunch Box is like any other lunch bag except that it has a very fashionable styling. Wildkin lunch containers for kids boast of superb insulation, durable and sturdy fabric construction, and PVC-, phthalate-, and BPA- free composition. It features a mesh pocket on the inside cover perfect for storing your kid’s utensils. The thermal insulated lining keeps food and drinks fresh for longer hours.

What We Like about It – It’s the wide array of beautiful patterns and styles that really amazed us about the Wildkin. It’s a lot less expensive, too compared to most of the cool lunch boxes and bags we have in this list.

How We Chose the Top Lunch Boxes, Bags, and Containers in Our List

Choosing cool lunch boxes for our kids should not be a problem as long as we know what they want. Unfortunately, this is often not enough. We also have to make sure that the product we’re going to choose for our children is made of the safest materials available. We don’t want chemicals to be leaching into the food of our loved ones because that would simply be unsafe. That is why we tasked our researchers to search for food containers especially designed for kids that are made of only the safest materials possible. Generally, what we were looking for were portable food carriers and storage units that are free from phthalates, BPA, PVC, lead, and formaldehyde as well as other chemicals that can undermine the safety of the food that we prepare for our loved ones and put our kids at risk for the development of certain health conditions associated with these harmful substances.

We then tasked our research team to evaluate the design of each of the plastic lunch boxes for kids that have initially passed our “safety” parameters. First and foremost, the product must have a built-in mechanism which will help keep the temperature of the food stable. Also, if the product comes with a variety of pockets or smaller storage compartments for eating utensils and other small stuff, then these will be factored in.

Once the safety and design issues have been secured, we then focused on the aesthetics. While we don’t expect insulated lunch bags to be similar to those from Prada or Louis Vuitton in terms of fashion styling, they should nevertheless look like ordinary lunch boxes for kids. We want our kids to feel proud of their bags so they will be more motivated to bring it to school. Besides, we believe we can also use these lunch containers for kids especially when we go out for a walk or even to the park or maybe even hit the gym. At least, we’ll have a ready supply of truly refreshing drinks and highly proteinaceous food to help burn our calories.

Lastly, we also considered what Moms and Dads are saying about these cool lunch boxes. It’s one thing to recommend a product based on a quasi-objective assessment of its features and characteristics. It’s an entirely different thing to listen to what others have to say.

All in all, this is how we eventually came up with our list of amazing lunch boxes for kids.

Ensuring Our Kid’s Nutrition

Optimum nutrition is necessary for optimum child growth and development. However, one of the most common complaint by parents is having kids who are very picky eaters. This can undermine his or her nutritional status leading to growth and developmental issues such as stunted growth, decreased physical energy, metabolic abnormalities, and cognitive impairments.

But how do we ensure optimum nutrition for our kids if they are quite choosy? Here are some tips.

  • Don’t force or bribe your child to eat his or her meal or snack. This will only lead to a power struggle. A better approach is to give your kids smaller yet more frequent feedings.
  • Always serve snacks and meals at roughly the same time of the day to establish a routine. You can provide fruit juices or even milk during these times but make sure to give them water in between.
  • Make your child’s meals and snacks appetizing to look at. Learn from Japanese moms who really make it a habit to decorate the food they give to their children. Let them eat with their eyes. In time, they will be devouring the whole plate.
  • Be very patient when introducing something new. You can start by talking about the different colors, shapes, textures, and aromas of food.
  • Enlist your child’s assistance in preparing his or her food. This way, he or she will be more than willing to try out his or her own creations. This is applicable when going in the grocery, too.

The Bottom Line

Nutrition is important in life. With our top 10 amazing lunch boxes, you can also help ensure your kid’s optimum nutrition by adding a new element in the way he or she looks at food.

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