10 Best LEGO Technic Sets in 2017

One of the most fascinating products of Danish toymaker LEGO is their Technic line of play sets. Compared to the more traditional LEGO building sets, the Technic series provides a rare chance for kids to create and build something that is close to the real thing. It’s more like model building where they get to assemble something that they often see in the real world, complete with realistic parts and mechanisms. If your kid already has several sets of LEGO, maybe it’s time he or she graduates to the more technically-challenging yet equally fun and thrilling technology-inspired LEGO Technic. If so, then our 10 best LEGO Technic sets should help you find something specifically for your child.

How We Chose the Most Amazing LEGO Technics in Our List

Since the Technic line of LEGOs is designed with the basic premise of representing real-life objects or things, we knew we had to make this as our primary consideration in choosing which among the hundreds of models will be included in the final list. While there are some models that may not have an equivalent in real life, we still had to look at just how real the final assembled model will look.

We also had to consider the current standings of these products. As much as possible, we only included those products that have at least 4.5 stars. Our thinking is that if other people have a lot of positive things to say about a particular LEGO Technic, then there is a greater likelihood that your child will also love it.

Unlike our other product reviews, we no longer looked at the developmental appropriateness of these toys as LEGO has proven, time and again, that it does know its way around kids. Nevertheless, we did evaluate the level of difficulty in the assembly of these models and compared it to the recommended age. At least, we can assure you that if you give this to your kid, he or she will be able to build it.

Benefits of Building and Construction Toys for Children

Building and construction play sets are beneficial for children’s optimum development. Numerous studies have already shown the importance of encouraging children to play with these types of toys if we want them to grow up as more well-rounded individuals. In case you’re wondering, here are some of the more common benefits of building and construction toys for the children of today.

  • It enhances the mastery of their fine motor skills as they have to piece together different blocks to create a larger form. This also aids in the enhancement of their visual and motor coordination as they attempt to combine different blocks.
  • It helps them develop their math skillsparticularly in the area of geometry. They also get to learn the concepts of area, sorting, equivalents, and sizes. This can become an excellent foundation for the development of engineering skills.
  • It stimulates their creative thinking potential. While LEGOs come with complete instructions on how to build a certain model, the unique design of the building bricks allow for the creation of an entirely different form of model. Children learn to experiment which is a fundamental requirement for effective problem-solving.
  • It teaches them about certain scientific principles such as the effects of gravity, the achievement of balance, and the establishment of cause and effect relationships. Experimentation with a variety of forms or models can also be an important scientific principle that kids can learn from playing with these kits.
  • It improves their social relationship skills by giving them the opportunity to narrate the things that they are creating or building. They can also play scenarios while in the process of building things.

The Bottom Line

If you want your kid to really harness his or her true cognitive potential, you’d better get him or her a LEGO Technic. Our selection of the 10 best LEGO Technic sets in 2017 should help you choose which one to give to your child.

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