20 Best Lego Sets for Girls

Best Lego Sets For Girls

Lego is one of the top toys and most enduring learning tools that you can ever give young girls. Lego has been around since 1949 and it continues to provide parents with the correct tools and instruments to help their respective children to reach their full development potential in terms of psychomotor, cognitive, emotional, and social skills. In fact, many of today’s grown-ups attribute their creativity to playing Lego when they were still children. Many of them still use Lego sets to help them refine their problem solving and creative skills.

But, how do you choose the best Lego set for your girl? Allow us to help you identify the best one.

Top 3

Sparkling Ice Castle
  • Sparkling Ice Castle
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating 4.7/5
  • Decorative Stickers
  • Price: See Here
Olivias House
  • Olivias House
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating 4.8/5
  • Mini Doll Figures
  • Price: See Here
Jungle Building Set
  • Jungle Building Set
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating 4.6/5
  • Secret Compartment
  • Price: See Here

How We Chose the Top Legos in Our List

Choosing the top Lego toys should be easy but we can tell you it’s not. Every playset that comes out of Lego has been designed for a specific purpose and everything is guaranteed to stimulate the optimum growth and development of children specific to their age. As such we had to research carefully about other aspects of each of these Lego sets. We also had to rely on customer reviews and feedbacks as one of the bases for our choice. Ultimately, we had to carefully consider its appeal to young girls as they will be the ones who will be playing with it.

Coming with a shortlist of the top Lego sets for girls has been very challenging but very fulfilling because we know you, too, will agree with the Lego sets in our list.

Lego and Children’s Development

Millions of children have played with more than 600 billion Lego bricks and building parts and have been instrumental in the generation of a growing popular subculture. Lego is not just a toy for kids. It’s also a wonderful outlet for grown-ups and adults as well to remain as creative and imaginative as they possibly can.

Lego and its iconic bricks have been instrumental in the development of many a child’s creativity and imagination. The ability to put interlocking pieces together to create something new requires cognitive abilities such as problem solving, spatial reasoning, logical reasoning, memory, creative thinking, and critical thinking. Of particular importance is the development of divergent problem solving skills where children are able to think of as many creative ways to solve a particular problem. For example, an ordinary-looking milk bottle can be seen as just another bottle. But to a divergent thinker, there can be more than 101 ways this milk bottle can be transformed into other uses. Such is the power of divergent thinking that children who are exposed to learning and playing with construction and building toys have been known to be more divergent thinkers – creative thinkers – by the time they are adults.

While most Lego toys are designed to be built independently, Lego toy sets – those that provide multiple scenarios or situations – are best played cooperatively. This helps encourage social interaction and help in the development of kids’ language and communication skills. They learn to interact with other children of their age and use this interaction to hone their own communication skills. More importantly, however, is the fact that the interaction can ultimately lead to healthier social relationships such as the establishment of childhood friendships. This, in turn, can make the child feel a lot happier, a lot better about herself. This leads to healthier emotions.

One of the most often overlooked benefits of Lego toys, or any other construction and building toy for that matter, is the psychomotor development it gives to children. Holding a piece of a 4×2 Lego brick requires control of the different small muscles of the fingers. The brain has to command these muscles to exert just enough pressure on the brick so that it won’t fall from the rest of the bricks. It should also not be so tight that it already causes pain on the young child’s fingers. All of these physiologic processes occur in a fraction of a second. Unfortunately, we don’t really care much about how the brain controls the different movements of the body. Additionally, the brain will also have to make sure that the different muscle groups have the correct tension so they maintain balance and establish hand-eye coordination. The brain must also be able to make accurate assessments of the spaces between and among bricks and building pieces so that the different muscle groups can be directed to interlock a brick to the rest of the building model. This is why they call it psychomotor development. And Lego is one of the top toys for making sure children develop and gain mastery of this.

Lego has been around for almost 70 years. It has provided children of all ages the tools with which their psychomotor, cognitive, social, and emotional skills can be developed to their optimum. With our 20 top Lego toys for girls, we are confident that you too, will be more than empowered to give your girl the best toy to help with her continuing development.

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