20 Best Lego Sets for Boys In 2017

best lego sets for boys

It is no wonder that people always buy Lego play sets as gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any other special occasion. It is one of the most developmentally beneficial types of toys in the world. And for the past 6 decades or so, Lego has been instrumental in many of the world’s brilliant young minds because of what it can do for the realization of a child’s optimum psychomotor, emotional, cognitive, and social development. So, if you are on the search for the best gift you can give a young boy, you don’t have to think long – just think Lego.

Unfortunately, choosing the best Lego set is not easy. Nevertheless, we are here to help you make the correct choice in the top Lego set you can ever give to your young boy.

The Cave Lego
  • The Cave Lego
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating 4.7/5
  • 249 Piece Set
  • Price: See Here
Lego Police Unit
  • Lego Police Unit
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating 4.8/5
  • 3 Mini-Figures
  • Price: See Here
LEGO Creator
  • LEGO Creator
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating 4.7/5
  • 3-in-1 Model
  • Price: See Here

With careful consideration, we were able to finally come up with the 20 top Lego sets for boys this 2016.

How We Chose the Most Popular in Our List

As we have said above, choosing the right Lego set is very challenging. Why? For starters, our usual parameter of looking at the developmental appropriateness of the toy is already nullified. Lego toys are already proven to be excellent toys when it comes to ensuring a child’s physical, mental, cognitive, social, and emotional development. Technically, you can just pick any Lego playset and you will never go wrong.

Unfortunately, we still have to provide you with a list of our 20 top Lego sets for boys. As such, we have to look at the overall design of the toy including its appeal and value to young boys. Additionally, we also have to look at the feedback and positive reviews of consumers.

Lego Bricks and Play Sets and Children’s Development

One of the most important benefits of Lego bricks, or any building toy for that matter, is in the development of the psychomotor skills of children. This requires the intricate integration of the nervous system as it processes information from the senses and transmits these to the corresponding muscle groups with pinpoint accuracy. That is why you can pick up even a thin piece of needle on the floor simply because your brain is telling your muscles the amount of force it needs to apply to pick up the needle. In like manner, playing with Lego bricks trains the brain to take full control of the different muscles of the young child. It teaches the muscles how to contract so that the Lego piece won’t fall off. It also tells the muscles just how much tension it needs to apply when pushing down on the Lego piece to interlock it with other pieces. Moreover, the brain is constantly computing the distances between spaces in the brick’s grooves and slots. This gives rise to the development of spatial intelligence, hand-eye coordination, and, of course, balance.

And since we are already talking about brain power, Lego is particularly beneficial in enhancing many of the cognitive process of children including creativity, imagination, spatial reasoning, memory processing and recall, creative thinking, logical reasoning, critical thinking, and divergent problem solving skills. In fact, several studies show that, compared with toys that foster convergent problem solving skills, toys that allow for the development of divergent problem solving skills led to the development of more critical thinking processes. This helps children understand the basis of scientific problem solving. To put it simply, given a particular problem, they can think of a hundred different ways of solving it. This is why sometimes, some kids are way smarter than some adults because they see solutions that are not otherwise thought of by adults. That’s the power of divergent thinking. And Lego toys and other building toys have been shown to be particularly good at developing.

Lego toys can also be used to develop or enhance the social and emotional skills of children. This is especially true when they begin sharing their bricks with others to build a particular model or structure. This helps build relationships. And, to help kids interact socially, they will need to develop or enhance their language and communication skills. Technically, cooperative playing with building toys helps children expand their vocabulary while at the same time enhancing their self-esteem. This also helps boost their self-confidence which can further enhance their social interactions and language development.

It’s true that Lego has been helping kids master their developmental tasks for almost 7 decades. Lego has provided kids of all ages the correct instruments and tools to develop their psychomotor, cognitive, social, and emotional skills to the fullest. We believe our 20 top Lego sets for boys will empower you to help your boy grow and develop to his full potential, too.

Last Updated On 29th September 2016

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