8 Best Laser Tag Toys for Kids in 2017

laser tag toys for kids

Tag is one of the world’s most enjoyable children’s games. It has a variety of health benefits from enhancement of their psychomotor skills to the promotion of optimum physical and emotional development. It also helps foster a sense of camaraderie which can be an excellent foundation for the enhancement of children’s social interaction skills. While the traditional game of tag requires the “it” person to physically “tag” the others in the game, there have been great variations throughout generations. From flashlight tagging to kicking the can to muckling and a whole lot more, tagging today can be done in many different ways. One of the best ways to truly enjoy a more modern approach to the game of tag is by using laser-embedded devices. That’s why we thought of sharing with you the eight (8) best laser tag toys for kids in 2017. So, gather everyone around. Design the rules of the game. And watch who will be conquering who.

8 Best Laser Tag Toys for Kids

PictureNameBrandAge Range
Legacy Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case for Kids Multiplayer 4 PackSimply Addictive Games 10 Years +
Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-PackHasbro 8 -15 Years
Discovery Kids Spaceship Laser TagNKOK6-15 Years
LASER X Two Player Laser Gaming SetLaser X 6-15 Years
Kidzlane Laser Tag : Game Mega Pack - Set of 4 - Laser Gun Indoor and Outdoor Group Activity FunKidzlane8 Years +
Wowwee Special Edition Multiplayer Laser Tag Combo Set for One to Three Players - Comes with Three Light Strike Assault Strikers and Three Simple Targets - Red, Yellow, & OrangeWow Wee 8 Years +

1Legacy Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case for Kids by Simply Addictive Games

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Age Range: At least 10 years old

The traditional way of playing laser tag is by wearing a vest or a similar gadget that your opponents will have to “hit” using their own light beams. Technically, you get 2 gadgets: one to shoot with and one to register the shot. Unfortunately, this arrangement or configuration can be bulky as the gadget being tagged will usually occupy more space. Simply Addictive Games has solved this issue by integrating the target device into the shooting gadget itself. There simply is no need for wearing a separate vest or sensor to “hit” as the Legacy Toys Laser Tag Set already comes fully built with the sensor within the frame of the ultra-futuristic look of its shooter. The package comes with 4 differently colored blasters contained in one fine-looking storage and carrying case. Each blaster can be programmed for team play as well as dial in the different blast settings which typically includes a variety of stoppage power, range requirements, and reload times. You can play in teams of two or even as a free for all where everyone will simply be a target of everyone else. Tapping the butt of the blaster reloads it; you will also get a voice prompt saying that it’s ready to fire. On the side of the colorful blaster is your health indicator which slowly diminishes with each “hit”. Now, get the entire gang and decide whether to have a team event or one massive free for all. In either case, we can only guarantee pure and absolute fun for everyone.

What We Like about It – The Legacy laser tag set is one ingenious solution to enjoy a classic game of tagging someone else. The integrated sensor on the blaster eliminates the need for a separate vest.

2Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger by Hasbro

Age Range: 8 to 15 years old

Children love Nerf guns and blasters whether it is to augment their make believe play blasting zombies and other creatures or even reliving some of the blasting sequences of their favorite computer action games. With the Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger, kids will now have an entirely new way of enjoy their favorite Nerf blaster tagger. Built with the same design principles found in its blasters, the Nerf Phoenix LTX Tagger comes fully equipped with a sensor mechanism that registers any hit sustained by the LTX. You will also receive a tactile feedback which Nerf says is more like a rumble. At any rate, every time the Nerf Phoenix LTX Tagger rumbles, it simply means that you have been hit by your opponents. But how do you know that you are actually firing a shot at your enemies? Well, Nerf addressed this issue with recoil. Every time the Nerf Phoenix LTX Tagger jerks itself backwards in a recoil fashion, it simply denotes a shot has just been made. The Nerf Phoenix LTX Tagger also has a force-field feature that allows you to momentarily shield yourself so you can take a better aim at your enemies from afar. Always aim for the other Phoenix LTX Taggers as the set no longer needs a sensor for its laser tag equipment. The Phoenix LTX Tagger serves as both the tagger and the sensor. Here’s a tip. Just make sure before you even start playing, be it in teams or in a rowdy free for all, you need to decide and agree on the level of strength of the blasts that each of these LTX taggers will be emitting; lest some will “die” a lot faster while others will be a lot more difficult to “kill”.

What We Like about It – The interactive sounds and vibration functions of the Nerf Phoenix LTX Tagger provides excellent fun especially for kids who already have an array of Nerf guns and blasters.

3Discovery Kids Spaceship Laser Tag by NKOK

Age Range: 6 to 15 years old

Want something totally out of this world-kind of tagger? How about the spaceship-styled Discovery Kids Spaceship Laser Tag set? It’s like an oversized watch except that it doesn’t have a strap to wrap around your kid’s wrist. Instead, he or she will insert his or her hands underneath the Discovery Kids Spaceship tagger, hold onto the handlebar underneath the spaceship body, and press the button on the side of the handle to fire away. Kids don’t need a separate vest with sensors to enjoy playing with the Discovery Kids Spaceship tagger as the sensor is already built into the device itself. Children will be aiming their shots not at their enemies but rather at the Discovery Kids Spaceship laser tag set that other players are wearing. This requires precision placement of shots as aiming for the gadget will expose you to counterattacks. It is thus, ideal for helping kids hone their reflexes as they have to be quick in aiming and even quicker in shooting. When you get hit, vibrations will be emitted from the device and you can literally feel the shockwaves run through your forearm. You’ll never miss getting hit. Firing the Discovery Kids Spaceship tagger will also elicit intergalactic sounds making it just great for aiding children in their imaginative and make believe play being the miniature versions of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

What We Like about It – The Discovery Kids Spaceship laser tag equipment is built for fun tagging that also helps refine hand eye coordination and quick reflexes in children.

4Laser X Two Player Laser Gaming Set by Laser X

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Age Range: 6 to 15 years old

If you don’t like an integrated sensor into the laser blaster and you prefer a more traditional laser tag game set complete with a wearable sensor, we recommend the Laser X 2-Player Laser Gaming Set. This game set is perfect for kids who would like to aim for the body of their opponents instead of the weapon they are holding. It’s actually very easy to play. Simply slip on the sensor over your head so that it dangles right across your chest. You’ll feel more like Iron Man with his miniaturized arc reactor on his chest, except that this will be the target of your opponent in the same way as what you will be aiming for in your opponent’s chest up to distances as far as 200 feet away. Each blaster and receiver vest keep you updated with your progress in terms of hits and shots fired. There’s also an interactive voice coach that is designed to give you tips on how you can maximize your “kill” potential. Invaluable in-game feedback is also provided by the audio feature of the Laser X. For a more engaging and fulfilling experience disintegrating your opponents with high intensity laser beams, you can easily plug in the accompanying headphones and you’d be treated to a whole new level of auditory sensations. Whether your child will be playing as part of a team or as a lone wolf in free for all game plays, you can bet the Laser X will bring an entirely new experience to the classic game of tag.

What We Like about It – The blend of visual and auditory feedbacks provide very interesting game play experience to tag. Plus, the blasters themselves look really super cool.

5Kidzlane Laser Tag Game Mega Pack by Kidzlane

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

If you’re on the lookout for inexpensive childrens laser tag toys, we propose buying the Kidzlane Laser Tag Game Set Mega Pack that already contains 4 uniquely designed, ultra-futuristic, and really cool-looking blasters available in blue, red, green, and white. It is for this unique color scheme that the tagging game can be done in teams or even as a free for all. The blasters can be programmed to shoot like a pistol, a submachine gun, a shotgun, or even a rocket. We do suggest to agree first on what firearm mode should be used in a particular game play. However, if it were a team versus team game play, then 4 players in each team can wield an entirely different firearm mod. The pointman will get the pistol, the breacher with the shotgun, the machinegunner with the SMG, and the artillery man the rocket. Like the other laser tag sets in our list, the Kidzlane Mega Pack provides realist shooting sound effects that closely mimics the different gun modes. When “hit” by an enemy, the blaster creates strong vibrations. When shooting the blaster, it emits a wonderful light up show. Reloading the Kidzlane requires pressing the butt of the blaster. Keeping updated with your life and available shots is made easy with an integrated LED lights at the side of the stock. Kids will love playing with the Kidzlane Mega Pack as it gives them the opportunity to shoot enemies from as far as 130 feet away. Unfortunately, they will have to aim for a much smaller target – the Kidzlane blaster of their opponents – as its receiver sensor is already built into the blaster.

What We Like about It – The range of the tagger is sufficient for great indoor plays. Outdoors, it should be particularly interesting as staying out of range can definitely increase your chances of “survival”.

6Wowwee Special Edition Multiplayer Laser Tag Combo Set by Wow Wee

Age Range: At least 8 years old

Sure, pistol-type blasters offer you portability and ease of use. But, can they blast larger opponents or even take down entire armies with a single blow? We don’t think so. A really great alternative is to use one of Wowwee’s Special Edition Multiplayer Laser Tag Combo Set that includes 3 mean-looking, awesome assault strikers for superb light strike missions. These firearms are built with a really menacing look that your enemies will be fleeing even before you can take your positions. With these assault strikers, you can play individually or as part of a team in a classic versus fight. Each assault striker has its own signature capabilities so you can customize the kind of firepower that you’re going to use. It even comes with an invisible shield to help protect your striker from counterattacks. And if this is not enough, your kid is treated to unlimited ammunition. There’s no need to reload as the assault striker is designed to fire infinite streams of high intensity laser beams at your enemies. Just a tip: simply hide the assault striker behind you when you come into contact with your enemies. Since there are no vests or any other separate sensors, protecting the striker simply means protecting yourself.

What We Like about It – The Assault Striker from Wow Wee is an amazing piece of toy technology complete with interactive sounds and lights.

7Lazer Tag Single Blaster Pack by Nerf

Age Range: At least 8 years old

We know we already have the Nerf Phoenix LTX Tagger in our list but we simply couldn’t dismiss the design awesomeness and coolness of the Nerf Lazer Tag Single Blaster pack. It’s like having a real shooting game right on your iOS device. You see, the Lazer Tag comes with a cradle with which to accommodate your iPhone 3GS to 4S as well as 4th Gen iPod. Simply download the Lazer Tag app into your device, connect it to the blaster, and get a really superb way of shooting your enemies through the screen of your Apple devices. Your screen will display how many enemies you have already taken down, the length of time of the match, the number of special weapons used, your level of ammunition, the number of special armors used during the match, the level of protective shielding, and, of course, your life indicator. You can say that this laser tag set is one truly digitalized gaming experience for kids. If you like this product, you can view more nerf guns here.

What We Like about It – This Nerf product is simply excellent. The interface between the blaster and the iOS device is simply phenomenal.

8Lazer Tag Team Ops Deluxe 2-Player System by Hasbro 

Age Range: 8 to 14 years old

Want a more futuristic laser tag game set? Then pick the Lazer Tag Team Ops Deluxe 2-Player System. What makes this really cool is the addition of a Heads Up Display (HUD) which virtually gives you real-time visual and audio feedback. The tagger itself also comes with a large integrated LCD display that gives you live-action information about your game stats as well as communication with other devices from your team. It may be a bit pricey, but with 11 pre-programmed games already included in the package plus the ability to customize your very own game plays, this Hasbro product is surely one of the best in the market today.

What We Like about It – The Lazer Tag Team is one exceptionally fantastic laser tagging system that puts military- and espionage- style technology right in the hands of kids.

How We Chose the Best Laser Tag Toys in Our List

Form and function were two of the primary considerations in our search for the best laser tag set to include in this project. Let’s be honest. Gadgets that shoot high intensity beams of light should really look cool, futuristic, out of this world, and simply amazing. Try to imagine a Browning 9 mm pistol that emits a beam of light instead of a bullet fired off its muzzle. Does it look cool? Absolutely not!, right? That’s why we had to look at the inherent design of the gadgets we are entertaining to shortlist as this can have implications in the way it stimulates imaginative play in children. Child developmental psychologists recommend toys that allow for some degree of fiction so that kids will be able to use their imagination in filling the gaps between what is real and what is fiction. Otherwise, if we give them something that is very real, then they will no longer have to use their imagination. That’s why, as absurd as it may sound, we chose light-emitting guns that do not resemble any firearm in the real world.

Function was the second consideration. While a laser tag game set can look so futuristic and super cool yet it doesn’t perform what it’s supposed to do, then it’s all useless. It is for this reason that we looked at the reviews for each of these products and focused on the personal experiences of consumers who have already bought these items. More specifically, we looked for any indications of usefulness especially among their children. We then correlated this to the product’s current satisfaction rating. That’s why, if you have noticed, all of these products that were included in the top 8 laser tag toys for children had a minimum customer satisfaction rating of 4 stars.

While these two parameters, form and function, were the primary considerations in our search, we also looked at the developmental and age appropriateness of these toys. We made sure that the recommended age for the use of the product is consistent with the developmental levels of children of that particular age group.

Benefits of Playing the Game of Tag

As we have already said in the beginning of this article, there are many benefits of playing the game of tag especially among children. Children and their respective families and friends can benefit a lot regardless of the type of tag game that is being played. In case you’re wondering what these are, here are some of the wonderful benefits of playing laser tag or any other type of tag game.

  • Enhances precision targeting. 

For the most part, visual motor coordination is inherently greater in a game of laser tag than the classic tag game where you have to physically run after the target to tag him or her. In laser tagging, kids will have to aim at a very small section or area in their enemy’s body such as the receiver sensor or the tagger itself. This requires precision targeting which is largely dependent on how well kids can coordinate their visual and motor skills.

  • Improves social interaction skills. 

Whether it is played as a team effort or individually, laser tagging requires communication with other payers. Kids must know how to interact with others especially in setting the rules of the game.

  • Focuses on strategic problem solving. 

When shooting, kids are presented with a lot of challenges. They have to shoot their enemies without risking counterattack. They have to find of better ways to conceal themselves and wait for the correct moment to spring into action. This requires strategic thinking and one that involves complex problem solving processes.

  • Fosters teamwork and cooperation. 

Since a great majority of these kinds of games are best played in teams, children get to understand the value of working together with others in accomplishing an objective. Here, they get to cooperate and collaborate with other players.

The Bottom Line

Playing tag is a very fun activity not only for kids but for everyone in the family. Bring your family a lot closer today by getting any of these 8 best laser tag toys for kids in 2017. We are absolutely positive your family will love it.

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