8 Best Laser Tag Toys for Kids in 2017

laser tag toys for kids

Tag is one of the world’s most enjoyable children’s games. It has a variety of health benefits from enhancement of their psychomotor skills to the promotion of optimum physical and emotional development. It also helps foster a sense of camaraderie which can be an excellent foundation for the enhancement of children’s social interaction skills. While the traditional game of tag requires the “it” person to physically “tag” the others in the game, there have been great variations throughout generations. From flashlight tagging to kicking the can to muckling and a whole lot more, tagging today can be done in many different ways. One of the best ways to truly enjoy a more modern approach to the game of tag is by using laser-embedded devices. That’s why we thought of sharing with you the eight (8) best laser tag toys for kids in 2017. So, gather everyone around. Design the rules of the game. And watch who will be conquering who.

How We Chose the Best Laser Tag Toys in Our List

Form and function were two of the primary considerations in our search for the best laser tag set to include in this project. Let’s be honest. Gadgets that shoot high intensity beams of light should really look cool, futuristic, out of this world, and simply amazing. Try to imagine a Browning 9 mm pistol that emits a beam of light instead of a bullet fired off its muzzle. Does it look cool? Absolutely not!, right? That’s why we had to look at the inherent design of the gadgets we are entertaining to shortlist as this can have implications in the way it stimulates imaginative play in children. Child developmental psychologists recommend toys that allow for some degree of fiction so that kids will be able to use their imagination in filling the gaps between what is real and what is fiction. Otherwise, if we give them something that is very real, then they will no longer have to use their imagination. That’s why, as absurd as it may sound, we chose light-emitting guns that do not resemble any firearm in the real world.

Function was the second consideration. While a laser tag game set can look so futuristic and super cool yet it doesn’t perform what it’s supposed to do, then it’s all useless. It is for this reason that we looked at the reviews for each of these products and focused on the personal experiences of consumers who have already bought these items. More specifically, we looked for any indications of usefulness especially among their children. We then correlated this to the product’s current satisfaction rating. That’s why, if you have noticed, all of these products that were included in the top 8 laser tag toys for children had a minimum customer satisfaction rating of 4 stars.

While these two parameters, form and function, were the primary considerations in our search, we also looked at the developmental and age appropriateness of these toys. We made sure that the recommended age for the use of the product is consistent with the developmental levels of children of that particular age group.

Benefits of Playing the Game of Tag

As we have already said in the beginning of this article, there are many benefits of playing the game of tag especially among children. Children and their respective families and friends can benefit a lot regardless of the type of tag game that is being played. In case you’re wondering what these are, here are some of the wonderful benefits of playing laser tag or any other type of tag game.

  • Enhances precision targeting. 

For the most part, visual motor coordination is inherently greater in a game of laser tag than the classic tag game where you have to physically run after the target to tag him or her. In laser tagging, kids will have to aim at a very small section or area in their enemy’s body such as the receiver sensor or the tagger itself. This requires precision targeting which is largely dependent on how well kids can coordinate their visual and motor skills.

  • Improves social interaction skills. 

Whether it is played as a team effort or individually, laser tagging requires communication with other payers. Kids must know how to interact with others especially in setting the rules of the game.

  • Focuses on strategic problem solving. 

When shooting, kids are presented with a lot of challenges. They have to shoot their enemies without risking counterattack. They have to find of better ways to conceal themselves and wait for the correct moment to spring into action. This requires strategic thinking and one that involves complex problem solving processes.

  • Fosters teamwork and cooperation. 

Since a great majority of these kinds of games are best played in teams, children get to understand the value of working together with others in accomplishing an objective. Here, they get to cooperate and collaborate with other players.

The Bottom Line

Playing tag is a very fun activity not only for kids but for everyone in the family. Bring your family a lot closer today by getting any of these 8 best laser tag toys for kids in 2017. We are absolutely positive your family will love it.

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