10 Best Kites for Kids In 2017

best kites for kids

To say that man has always wanted to fly is a gross understatement. He has always been fascinated by the things, especially the other living creatures, around him. That’s why man wants to swim like the fish and fly like the birds or even run as fast as an antelope or even a cheetah. The point is that man’s pursuit of happiness has its inspirations from the things around him. It is no wonder then that this spirit of adventurism is well ingrained in the DNA of future generations that even kids will dream of flying even while they are still very young. You can cultivate this love of flying by giving them childrens kites for starters. Once they’ve mastered the art of flying a kite, then they can progress to remote controlled aerial vehicles before going on to pilot a real plane. It takes time, we know. But that’s the whole point about development. You have to start simple. And you can start this with our top 10 kite kids will surely love.

Top 10 Kites for Kids

1Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids by aGreatLife

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

Instead of letting your children stay in front of the computer for long periods of time, why not buy for them the Huge Rainbow Kite so they can get to enjoy the great outdoors, learn how to fly a kite, get a few rays of sunshine to help strengthen their bones, and, of course, just to enjoy a good laugh seeing the kite fall down from the sky once they lose control of it. The good news is that the Rainbow Kite is so stable that it will never be knocked down to earth. Unless of course you have Hurricane Katrina heading your way or maybe even the wind simply stopped blowing. The point is that the flyer is so well-balanced that it is neither too light that it spirals out of control nor too heavy that it won’t lift off the ground. It is this perfect balance that kids will appreciate how easy it is to launch from a safe distance and then guide it towards the heavens. The Rainbow flyer also has a very simple design construction that setting it up is a breeze. However, we would like to reiterate that the recommended age of 3 years is purely for flying the toy only and not meant to include its assembly. If you expect your kid to assemble the Rainbow by himself or herself, then he or she should be at least 6 years old. If not, you’d have to give them a hand.

What We Like about It – It’s a great way to help build your kid’s control of his or her muscles as he or she attempts to launch it and glide it in the air. The Rainbow is also a superb reinforcer of color mastery especially among toddlers while the joys of kite-flying will come in handy in developing a sense of accomplishment among older children. 

2Red Software Octopus Easy Flyer for Kids by Hengda Kite

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Age Range: At least 10 years old

You would think that the ocean is where the great octopus lives. But right in the beaches of some of the famous tourist destinations on the planet, you can see lively colorful Red Software Octopus Easy Flyer childrens kites soaring high above the blue waters as if the world has been turned upside down. With really fantastic looking tentacles that are almost 13 feet in length which is slightly shorter than the length of compact sport utility vehicles or compact sedans, the Red Octopus measures a whopping 4 meters in length from the head down to the tip of its tentacles. To give you an idea of how long the Red Octopus really is, it’s about the length of a 2016 Mini Cooper. The wide and bulbous head is 5 inches shy of a 3-foot diameter. It’s thus, not really a surprise to learn that the recommended age is 10 years old. Any child younger than 10 will really have difficulty launching the Red Octopus in the air. Controlling it will also require some muscle because the colorful tentacles can really make the Red Octo dance like crazy high up in the clouds. But if you’re thinking a kite this humongous will require some highly specialized carrying bag as well as a very complicated process of folding, storing, and unfolding, then you’re grossly mistaken. It’s not. And if you’re wondering where to buy kites like these, then where else but from the International Kite capital of the world in Shandong, China.

What We Like about It – It’s the size of the Red Octopus that really surprised us. With this size, you can bet your child will have a workout in the park or even right on the beach or any other place where there’s an excellent amount of space. Talk about fun exercising for kids!

3Fighter Plane Kite with Long Tail by Hengda Kite

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Age Range: At least 10 years old

If you have a child who’s been bugging you to buy him or her a remote controlled F-16 or F-15 or any other radio controlled model fighter plane, you know that you’re going to spend a whole lot more than $15 for that. Besides, the technical aspects of maintaining a performance-grade engine often requires a hobbyist’s understanding and a mechanic’s technical competence. While we don’t underestimate your child’s abilities, we believe it’s best he or she start first with a kite that’s designed like a fighter plane. For this, we recommend the Fighter Plane Kite with Long Tail. This is a kite kids will love especially those who are fans of fighter planes. It has a long tail that is designed like the contrails of a speeding jet. The tail itself provides the balance that is required of any flyer. Additionally, don’t expect the material to be similar to the ones we usually see in retail stores because the product has been dutifully imported from the International Kite Festival capital of the globe.

What We Like about It – The Fighter Plan Kite may lack the technological sophistication of real fighter jets but it is never short on enhancing children’s imagination. The long tail and the well-balanced design provide absolute ease of control such that it would feel like handling the joystick of a real fighter aircraft.

4New 2016 Easy Flyer by Kite Perfect

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

One doesn’t really need very intricate designs of flyers to enjoy the art of flying. In many countries just a piece of pad paper complete with a good length of string is needed to start learning how to both make and fly a kite. The New 2016 Easy Flyer, while not really a cheap piece of flying paper strives to be as close to the original styling of the kite. This is one kite kids will have no problems launching into the air whether it is in the open prairies, the beach, the park, or even right in their backyards. It features a fiberglass frame which makes it super sturdy and impact-resistant. Crashes are inadvertent in kite-flying. That is why it is important to build one with a very durable and sturdy frame. The kit already comes with a string 100 feet long. Of course, if you want the Easy Flyer to reach greater heights, then you’ll have to buy and attach a much longer string. With its diamond shaped frame and a really thin yet very functional tail that helps stabilize the Easy Flyer in flight, these brand of kite is sure to deliver hours upon hours of fun for the whole family.

What We Like about It – The 30-inch Easy Flyer has a design that is as classic as the original. It is this fuss-free styling that really inspired us to include it in our list. Additionally, its construction doesn’t disappoint either.

5Soft Octopus Easy Flyer in Packs of 3 by BeMax

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

What will you do if you were swimming in the blue ocean and you suddenly came face to face with blue octopus or even a green one and with tentacles that have rainbow colors? Will you be scared out of your wits? What if you were on the beach just lying down, enjoying the breeze and listening to the pounding of the surf, and then overhead you are being shadowed by three flying octopuses in green, blue, and red colors with matching rainbow-colored tentacles? You’d be amazed right? Now, imagine it’s your kid flying any of these three colorful Soft Octopus Easy Flyers and you can really appreciate what joy such toys can bring to them. The Octopus Easy Flyer is a kite kids will love flying. We’re not really sure about the recommended age, though since the company says a 3-year old child can easily handle the flying octopus. If you can recall our Red Octopus the recommended age is 10 years old, simply because of the relative degree of difficulty flying the kite. We have nevertheless, read a lot of parents saying they tried the Soft Octopus on their kids as young as 6 years old. The sheer size of the Soft Octopus, which has the same dimensions as the Red Octopus at 4 meters long and 70 centimeters wide, can actually cover a small child. The Soft Octopus is made of soft high quality materials so there’s no problem unfurling it from its packaging and sending it soaring in an instant. The sheer size of the Soft Octopus, like the Red Octopus, will require some degree of muscling. So, if you do decide to let your younger ones control it, make sure to assist them.

What We Like about It – The beauty of the Soft Octopus is in its 3-piece packing as well as the 3 colors it comes in. It is thus highly recommended for families who may have 3 children so each one will get to fly a Soft Octopus. Or, it can be good for an only child as Mom and Dad can have theirs, too.

6Fly Big Easy Diamond Rainbow High Flyer by Imaginesty

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

The Fly Big Easy Diamond Rainbow High Flyer is one of the best childrens kites we have in our list. It doesn’t really come with fancy designs such as odd animal shapes or even vehicle types of styles. The Fly Big Easy is one kite kids and their families will never grow tired of flying and there are simply a lot of reasons why. First, the frame is made of very sturdy and ultra-lightweight fiberglass giving it superb rigidity in flight yet flexibility for storage options. The flight surface is made not of paper nor other flimsy material but rather high quality polyester. And if you’re concerned that it contains a lot of chemicals, you’d be glad to learn that all of the raw materials used in the construction of the Fly Big Easy are non-toxic, free from any form of acids, free from phthalates, and has been guaranteed to be 100 percent eco-friendly. The Fly Big Easy can easily navigate through wind velocities of up to 20 miles per hour. Anything higher than that, we’d presume you’ll have to pack up. And packing up is a breeze, too since the Fly Big Easy is fully foldable which can then be easily stored in the kite bag that already comes included in the package. The diamond kite measures 30 inches long and 24 inches across with 2 pieces of 7-feet long tails for superb stability during flight. It comes with 100 feet of kite line. Our suggestion is to purchase a much longer line to really take full advantage of the features of the Fly Big Easy.

What We Like about It – The various features of the Fly Big Easy are exemplary. Its construction and overall design is also commendable. Our only suggestion is to get at least 2 kites so your kid will have another one to fly it with.

7Rainbow Delta Kite by Impresa Products

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

If you love the Fly Big Easy or even the Huge Rainbow but would like a much bigger version of it, then we’d recommend the Rainbow Delta childrens kites. From the ground, you will think that it’s an arrowhead splicing through the air with rainbow colors swirling behind it. The black arrowhead design of its delta-shaped wings should remind you of the Mirage, the Rafale, or even the Eurofighter Typhoon. But aside from its fantastic design, the Rainbow Delta can really soar as it already comes with 200 feet of durable kite line unlike the usual 100 feet of other brands. The flight surface is not made of polyester but high quality rip-stop nylon fabric. The frame is built with fiberglass that comes reinforced at certain sections of the Rainbow Delta to add to its sturdiness, reliability, and durability. The Rainbow Delta measures 43 inches across and 80 inches from the tip of the head down to the tip of the main tail. There are 2 additional tails for extra stability. Each of these additional tails measure 31 inches long. While the company guarantees the Rainbow Delta’s weather-resistant features, it should not be flown if the winds pick to more than 16 miles per hour which is 4 mph short of the maximum wind speeds that the Fly Big Easy can withstand.

What We Like about It – The use of nylon and reinforced fiberglass are exceptional. And while the Rainbow Delta can really look huge, storing it folded reduces it to just 17.5 inches. What is really fantastic is the 200 feet of line that comes with it. At least we don’t have to buy additional lines.

8Sweet Ice Cream Kite for Kids by aGreatLife

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

What if you suddenly saw a chocolate and strawberry ice cream cone topped with a luscious cherry suddenly appeared soaring above the beach, the park, or even in your neighborhood? Now wouldn’t that be a delectable treat made in heaven? When we first saw the Sweet Ice Cream childrens kites we know we stumbled on a potential gem. The design itself is so unique that we are very sure everyone else who sees it will stop whatever they’re doing to rub their eyes and see that it’s for real. The Sweet Ice Cream is a kite kids will really learn to master flying. It’s very rare that you see a flying ice cream. This kite is made of nylon as well as fiberglass to make it lightweight and really sturdy.

What We Like about It – A lot of happy parents shared our views about the Sweet Ice Cream. It’s a truly one-of-a-kind kite that any kid will fall for. Even adults think it’s cute. What more if you’re going to ask kids?

9Batman Superb Flyer by NICELY HOME

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

The Batman Superb Flyer is not your famous caped crusader on a string. Instead it really is designed and styled like a bat but with Batman’s iconic logo emblazoned on both wings of the flyer. The head has menacing eyes that really look so imposing when already soaring high above. The Batman Flyer has a pretty awesome wingspan and it’s as almost as tall as a 4 or 5 year old kid. You will need some serious kite lines to rein these childrens kites in. It comes with a nylon and plastic pouch complete with Velcro closures to help keep store the Batman in when not in use. It also has a very nice carrying handle that doubles as a strap so there’s no need for additional strapping.

What We Like about It – Honestly, we couldn’t quite make it why they called it Batman when it clearly doesn’t look at all like the Dark Knight. Nonetheless, its large size is something that kids will really appreciate.

10AGPtEK 3D Soft Parafoil Giant Blue Dolphin Breeze Frameless Beach Kite by BrainyTrade

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Age Range: 5 to 10 years old

If you want a really unique kite kids and everyone else will surely be wide-eyed about, then get the AGPtEK 3D Soft Parafoil Giant Blue Dolphin Breeze Frameless Beach Kite. Measuring a staggering 6.5 feet long and 2.4 feet wide, the Blue Dolphin will be ruling the skies over beaches and parks as flying it comes as a breeze. Since it is frameless, your kid can easily unroll it from its packaging and let it soar through the skies in a jiffy. The materials used are made of soft parafoil which are primarily used in parachutes and other similar aero devices made of rip-stop nylon. The design has been made using a computer software so you can be sure of its design integrity.

What We Like about It – If the Blue Dolphin design doesn’t appeal to you, we don’t know what will. At least, it will really one unique kite-flying experience for your kid.

How We Chose the Amazing Children’s Kites in Our List

One of the most important aspects of choosing a kite kids will appreciate and learn to love is its ease of flying. It is very important that the flying toys that we include in our list are easy to get airborne, control to stay up in the air, and easy to retrieve. In short, it should be very easy to fly and store.

Next, since airplanes crash no matter how sophisticated they may be, it is inadvertent that kites will experience some errors or failures in flight as well. It is imperative that the kite kids in our list should be sturdy. We looked for signs of sturdiness and integrity of the structure and overall built of the kiddie flying object so that should it crash you will not be asking your neighbors or your friends to ask where to buy kites for replacement.

Speaking of where to buy kites, it is also crucial that obtaining one is easy whether you’re in New York or in some remote village in another part of the world. The point is that these childrens kites must be made available to you and your children anytime you want to order them and from anywhere you may be in the country or, perhaps, even in the world. So, we had to look at these, too.

A company’s reputation can speak a lot about the quality of the products that they put out in the market. This is especially true for companies that have been in the business for a very long time. If an organization is not doing it correctly, it won’t last long in today’s highly competitive world. As such, we also looked at the overall credibility of kite manufacturers and then compared it with the general sentiment of readers and users about the product. Plenty of negative feedback don’t sit well on the reputation of a company.

While kites are not really the first pick for toys especially this Christmas, we are nonetheless hoping that our top 10 kite kids will bring some form of guidance for those who would like to buy. Now, the only thing you have to ask is where to buy kites, especially the ones we have listed in here.

Benefits of Flying Kites among Children

We are all familiar with the annual international competition among kite flyers where everyone gets to showcase their skills both in the design and actual flying of these toys-for-all-ages. But what if you are not entering a competition? Is there any benefit especially among children? Here are some of the benefits of flying kites among kids.

  • Encourages physical activity – This is perhaps the most important benefit among kids. At least, they will have to run against the wind to help launch the kite into the air. They will also have to make sure that they have excellent motor coordination and a sense of balance to make sure they won’t trip or fall while launching their kites.
  • Improves social interaction skills – It is entirely possible to fly a kite alone but kite-flying has always been known to be a social activity. By encouraging children to participate in such activities, they get to interact with other children of their age as well as adults who are fond of kites, too. These can greatly improve their social relationship skills.
  • Enhances creativity – If your kid will be creating or building his or her very own kite, it will be a worthwhile endeavor. This can help enhance his or her creativity while also extending the limits of your child’s imagination.
  • Fosters mindfulness – When we say mindfulness, it is being aware of one’s immediate surroundings at all times. Kite-flying can help introduce this concept to children as they attempt to fly their kite, be aware of changes in the wind’s speed and direction, and the presence of obstacles everywhere such as trees, potholes, tree stumps, rocks, and a whole lot more. This enhances situational awareness or mindfulness.

The Bottom Line

Kite-flying bonds families. With our top 10 kites for kids, we’re pretty confident you have chosen one to help glue the ties of your own family.

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