10 Best Kids Scooters in 2017


A few days up to a few weeks before the doors of retailers all over the country open for the annual Black Fridaymadness that officially ushers in the Holiday season, consumers already have an idea of what they will be buying for their loved ones. For many years, parents have been buying scooters as gifts to their children or the kids of their friends. And why not? Scooters can provide a lot of thrilling action, cruising fun, and a sense of adventure to kids. And, depending on the brand, model, and make of the scooter, it can also accommodate Mom or Dad making for a more family-oriented fun.

Aside from that, these types of playthings are also beneficial in kids’ optimum development and growth. It strengthens leg muscles, helps enhance a sense of steadiness or balance, and provides for an opportunity for excellent coordination between visual cues and mobility. And we are not talking about the cognitive as well as social and emotional benefits of kids scooters.

This holiday season, you might want to consider buying you kid a scooter as a gift. Let our list of the top 10 kids’ scooters help you make that buying decision.

10 Best Scooters For Kids 

PictureProduct NameBrandAge Range
Razor A Kick ScooterRazor5+ Years
Mongoose 12" Expo Scooter It features neon green accents Actual Color: GrayMongoose7+ Years
Globber 3 Wheel Fixed Scooter (Green/Black)Globber Scooters 3+ Years
Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter - DLXRazor 6+ Years
Bikestar 10 inch (25.4 cm) Kids Kick Scooter Purple and WhiteBikestar7+ Years
Pulse Performance Products KR2 Freestyle Scooter - Navy Blue/WhitePulse Performance Products5+ Years

1Razor A Kick Scooter by Razor (Our Top Pick)

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

Maximum Weight: 143 pounds 

Razor has been designing and manufacturing wonderful and really sturdy children’s scooters for more than 15 years now. And one of its truly original classic that follows the traditional scooter design is the Razor A. The tube and deck of the Razor A is made of premium aircraft-grade aluminum to make sure that your boy or girl will be able to enjoy this ride until he or she reaches the maximum weight limit of 143 pounds. Although we read that some consumers heavier than the maximum weight limit reported using the Razor A themselves with no problem at all, we wouldn’t really recommend doing so. Nevertheless, it just goes to show how sturdy and durable the main body of the Razor A is.

The inline-style wheels are 98 millimeters in diameter, made of high quality urethane, and built with ABEC-5 wheel bearings for excellent mobility. There are no complicated brake system, it’s just a matter of your kid putting his or her feet on the rear fender to activate the quick stop mechanism. The T-tube can be easily folded to the deck for instant storage and easy carriage in any bag. This simply means your kid can carry the Razor A anywhere he or she goes. The Razor A is available in 6 different color variants including blue, green, red, pink, sweet pea, and clear/black.

What We Like about It – The easy folding mechanism is superb as this means our kids can take it anywhere. The sturdy construction is also phenomenal.

2PowerWing Caster Scooter by Razor 

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Age Range: At least 6 years old

Maximum Weight: 143 pounds 

Designed primarily to appeal to younger riders, the PowerWing Caster is an entirely different style of scooter. Instead of a linear deck it spreads outwards like a gullwing towards the rear of the ride on toy. This affords children optimum stability as the wide stance allow for a certain steadiness that is perfect for beginning scooter riders. Razor says that the PowerWing is an excellent trick scooter but we believe kids will have to practice and train making those kick-outs, spin-outs, and side drifts.

Part of the superb trick-playing abilities of the PowerWing is the use of caster wheels on the rear gullwing platform. These allow 360-degree rotation making for tighter turns and even side drifts with a combination of the front steering column. The wheel on the front has a diameter of 125 millimeters and is made of high quality polyurethane. The frame is made of premium grade steel so it actually grows with your kid. Stopping power is initiated by a beautifully designed handbrake integrated into the handle bar that has been wrapped in soft foam for optimum comfort while maneuvering.

The PowerWing is available in blue, black, silver, daisy, and sweet pea.

What We Like about It – Its unique design is revolutionary, at least for us. It’s stable and the caster wheels allow for imaginative riding tricks.

3Globber 3-Wheel Scooter by Globber Scooters 

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Age Range: At least 3 years old

Maximum Weight: 110 pounds 

If you have a toddler who is deeply fascinated with ride on toys and who has excellent balance and leg muscle strength, then you might want to get Globber’s 3-Wheel Scooter with a fully adjustable handle bar and steering column height. This simply means that your tot will be able to use it until he or she reaches 110 pounds which should be in his or her late teens or even early adulthood. The steering column can be adjusted up to 3 different heights.

One of the unique things about the Globber scooter is the inclusion of a steering lock system. This is very useful for helping young kids learn to ride the scooter in a straight line by keeping the steering bar in a locked-in position. This way your kid will first learn how to balance himself or herself on the Globber before attempts at turning and speed scootering can be made. This ensures optimum safety.

The 2 front wheels are extra-large allowing for additional stability without negatively affecting its maneuverability. In terms of its construction, its deck is reinforced with premium grade steel plate and also features a rear wheel fender-mounted brake system. It has a relatively low ground clearance allowing for safer dismounts.

What We Like about It – The Globber’s unique style is worth it. The head of the deck may look bulk but it sure serves its purpose of housing the 2 large front wheels.

4Mongoose Scooter by Mongoose

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Age Range: At least 7 years old

Maximum Weight: 220 pounds 

It’s a bicycle that has no pedals and chains. That’s how most consumers describe the Mongoose. Looking at it from different directions, it does remind you of the big bikes like the Harley-Davidson because of its profile. Again, the only thing missing is the engine block and the seat. The Mongoose features all the important elements of a BMX bike sans the seat, the pedals, and the chain. The frame, made of durable steel, provides support for its skateboard-like deck that gently curves upwards towards the rear wheel.

The wheels are fully pneumatic so you will have to make sure to inflate it to the correct tire pressure. Its diameter is unusually large at 12 inches. But we find this very useful since it means your kid can take it on almost any terrain. Unlike conventional small-wheel scooters that require a flat paved surface, the Mongoose allows riders to take it over grassy knolls, pebbled or graveled roads, uneven asphalt, and even slightly sandy terrain.

Braking is typical of a bike as it also features the same hand brake calipers for optimum stopping and speed control. It also features pegs on the rear wheel so kids can perform a variety of tricks that they normally would do on a BMX bike.

What We Like about It – Its large wheels are superb for unpaved terrain, making for an absolutely fun adventure for kids. Its design is admirable, too.

5KR2 Freestyle Scooter by Pulse Performance Products

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

Maximum Weight: 140 pounds 

You may think lowly of the KR2 Freestyle Scooter because of its overly simplistic design. It’s like attaching a vertical tube onto the edge of a horizontal platform. Now attach a wheel on both sides of the platform and you now have the KR2.

But, the whole beauty of it lies not in its appearance but rather in the quality of its construction allowing kids to perform a whole variety of tricks with it. Its wheels are made of solid core urethane and, at 100 millimeters, should provide your kid with the best possible stability while going at excellent speeds. The wheels are designed to withstand impact forces as well, perfect for making jumps. It also features ABEC-5 wheel bearings for smoother ride. There are no suspension systems, though.

The handle bars are designed to be unusually large which should allow beginners to really get a feel of the KR2’s abilities. It has an intuitive brake system on the rear fender. The deck is made of heat-treated fully-reinforced aluminum on top of a sturdy steel frame. This structure allows for grinding tricks.

What We Like about It – The simple design may not appeal to everyone but we find it nonetheless attractive. What really sold us is the use of high grade materials making it into our list of the top 10 scooters.

6A5 LUX Scooter by Razor

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Age Range: At least 8 years old

Maximum Weight: 220 pounds 

Built specifically for larger riders, the A5 LUX can easily take on the weight of a 220-pound man or woman. What more a child? When Razor designed the A5, it had in mind the aspirations of would-be scooter pros. That’s why it built the A5 with a deck and T-tube made of only the highest quality, premium, and aircraft-grade aluminum. The T-tube and deck system conveniently folds for easy carriage. Razor says that they enlisted the help of professional scooter riders in designing and testing the A5 so that future riders will also experience what these pros have every time they take the LUX for a spin.

Stopping is quick and easy with the rear fender braking system. Your kid simply puts his or her foot on the rear fender and the A5 screeches to a full stop. The handle bars are fully adjustable and features cushiony soft grips wrapped in extra-thick foam. And while the recommended weight limit is 220 pounds, it was never designed to be used by adults. Of course, you’re free to take it for a ride as many of its customers are doing.

What We Like about It – The aluminum construction allows for extra durability. But it’s the fact that the A5 was designed by pro riders that really made us include it in our list.

7Bikestar Kids Kick Scooter by Bikestar

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Age Range: At least 7 years old

Maximum Weight: 100 pounds 

Boasting of pneumatic 12-inch tires, Bikestar’s Kids Kick Scooter allows for maximum fun and enjoyment wherever your kid will take it. Its angular frame that attaches to the steering column gives it a bicycle look. Even the brake calipers on the handle are very characteristic of a bike. It is constructed of German-quality steel tube that has been finished in a variety of eye-popping and vibrant colors. It’s got fenders complete with splash guards so your kid can ride it over any terrain. The spokes on the large wheel is reminiscent of a BMX bike giving it superb durability compared to plastic variants. And since the tires are filled with air, riding is so comfortable your kid will really enjoy practicing making those scooter tricks.

What We Like about It – The quality of the construction is something that you would expect from a German company. Additionally, its choice of pneumatic tires is commendable as it allows for excellent riding comfort.

8Berry Kick Scooter by Razor

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

Maximum Weight: 143 pounds 

Available in 4 color combinations – pink and purple, teal and orange, red and blue, and yellow and green – the Berry Kick Scooter is something that Razor designed specifically for younger and more preppy riders. It has essentially the same features as in any other Razor product except that the colors of the Berry are more “fruity” or in fun pastel. It’s also lighter than most other models because of its plastic deck over a frame of lightweight steel. The fork and handlebar are also made of the same lightweight steel material. The only difference from other models is that the steering column cannot be folded onto the deck so carriage might be an issue.

What We Like about It – The Berry is the perfect gift for any kid especially the trendy ones. Its deck is also phenomenal as it’s designed like a skateboard.

9Pro Stunt Kick Scooter by Vokul

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Age Range: At least 7 years old

Maximum Weight: 220 pounds 

With heat-forged deck plates attached to an aircraft-grade aluminum scooter frame, the Pro Stunt is a ride especially built for the aspiring pro. The Y-handle bar is constructed of medium carbon steel and attached with a triple-bolt clamp allowing your kid superb stability while also ensuring optimum safety. It has shock-absorbing and anti-abrasive set of wheels that also allows for high rebound. It’s ideal for performing a variety of tricks.

What We Like about It – Its lightweight ye very sturdy design is admirable. It’s perfect for aspiring kiddie pros.

10X-3 Pro Scooter by Fuzion 

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Age Range: At least 7 years old

Maximum Weight: 140 pounds 

With an 18-inch batwing handle bar spreading like the famed night cruiser, the X-3 Pro is every wannabe-pro’s dream starter scooter. It comes with 100 millimeter composite wheels plus a triple-bolt clamp for optimum stability. The frame is made of thermally-treated heavy-duty aluminum for superior durability and sturdiness. The hand grips are made of soft silicon to allow stress-free handling. The deck has been designed to have squarish edges to allow for maximum surface area for your kid’s feet. This also increases balance.

What We Like about It – The X-3 Pro is a must for any beginning kid pro. Its batwing handlebar design gives it a really menacing look to add to the thrill of riding it.

How We Chose the Top Scooters for Kids in Our List

For some people, buying things like toys and clothes for their children is easy. It is simply a matter of getting the first item that they can see. However, for most of us, we are more concerned about the quality of the product especially when it comes to our children’s safety and developmental needs. Doing this can be time-consuming and, with an ocean of product choices today, downright confusing.

That is why we have decided to provide you with a list of the top 10 kids scooters that you definitely would want to have for your child this holiday season. Our selection underwent a very rigorous process that took into consideration a variety of factors which, we strongly believe, you would also consider if you were to make the selection yourself.

Our researchers focused more on the quality and safety of the scooters in our list. This is very important especially in terms of its construction. It should be sturdy and made of the highest grade materials that are not finished in potentially harmful chemicals. While it is equally important to look at the developmental usefulness of the scooter, we are only limited to understanding the benefits of any inherent feature.

We also read the different reviews as well as customer feedback to gain an idea into their first-hand experiences with the product. We believe that this is something that you would also want to learn and consider when buying a scooter, or any other plaything for that matter, for your kid. Lastly, the reputation of the kiddie scooter manufacturer was also determined to help build a more credible assessment of the overall quality of the kiddie scooter in our list.

Kick Scooters and Your Child’s Development

Scooters are a type of ride-on toy where balance and coordination are very essential especially among beginning riders. One wrong move and you might injure yourself, suffer a scratch or a bruise, or, worse, get sprained or even fractured in the process. That is why if you are going to purchase any type of scooter for your kid, it is always a lot better to also purchase safety gear such as a helmet and elbow and knee pads.

Safety issues aside, scooters are one of the best ways to develop a kid’s proprioceptive sense as this essentially helps the brain establish the body’s position in relation to its surroundings. This becomes the basis for the enhancement of the child’s sense of equilibrium or balance. This can lead to the more successful accomplishment of other physical activities where absolute concentration to maintain balance is required. For example, gymnasts will have to strengthen their core muscles as well as the muscles of the legs to maintain balance for significantly longer periods of time. Riding a scooter can help in this aspect.

Now, it is essential that the scooter be of the kick type and not electronic. Electronic scooters don’t require foot propulsion so there is no way kids will be able to strengthen their leg muscles and train a lot better about coordinating their lower body movements with the actions of their hands and the things that they see. In an electronic scooter, the child will be more focused on maintaining balance. On the other hand, a kick scooter will develop a child’s sense of muscle coordination – one foot kicking and one foot stabilizing the rest of the body on the scooter’s deck – while also maintaining balance. Additionally, the speed of the scooter will be entirely dependent on the strength of the kick.

Riding scooters don’t only develop kids’ psychomotor skills but also their cognitive abilities particularly their spatial intelligence and understanding of causal relationships. Performing a variety of scooter tricks requires the rapid processing of information by the brain so that these can be fully integrated into the different motor movements.

More importantly, riding scooter helps children feel happy especially if they are able to perform tricks. This helps enhance their self-esteem and also boosts their self-confidence. This becomes that fuel for them to succeed in any given endeavor. Moreover, it can also help them deal with their peers or fellow scooter riders in a more positive way paving the way for healthier social relationships.

The Bottom Line

Scooters are one of the best gifts you can give your child this coming holiday season. With our list of the top 10 kids scooters, it is now a lot easier to choose which one to give.

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