10 Best Kids Scooters in 2017

A few days up to a few weeks before the doors of retailers all over the country open for the annual Black Fridaymadness that officially ushers in the Holiday season, consumers already have an idea of what they will be buying for their loved ones.

For many years, parents have been buying scooters as gifts to their children or the kids of their friends. And why not? Scooters can provide a lot of thrilling action, cruising fun, and a sense of adventure to kids. And, depending on the brand, model, and make of the scooter, it can also accommodate Mom or Dad making for a more family-oriented fun.

Aside from that, these types of playthings are also beneficial in kids’ optimum development and growth. It strengthens leg muscles, helps enhance a sense of steadiness or balance, and provides for an opportunity for excellent coordination between visual cues and mobility. And we are not talking about the cognitive as well as social and emotional benefits of kids scooters.

This holiday season, you might want to consider buying you kid a scooter as a gift. Let our list of the top 10 kids’ scooters help you make that buying decision.

How We Chose the Top Scooters for Kids in Our List

For some people, buying things like toys and clothes for their children is easy. It is simply a matter of getting the first item that they can see. However, for most of us, we are more concerned about the quality of the product especially when it comes to our children’s safety and developmental needs. Doing this can be time-consuming and, with an ocean of product choices today, downright confusing.

That is why we have decided to provide you with a list of the top 10 kids scooters that you definitely would want to have for your child this holiday season. Our selection underwent a very rigorous process that took into consideration a variety of factors which, we strongly believe, you would also consider if you were to make the selection yourself.

Our researchers focused more on the quality and safety of the scooters in our list. This is very important especially in terms of its construction. It should be sturdy and made of the highest grade materials that are not finished in potentially harmful chemicals. While it is equally important to look at the developmental usefulness of the scooter, we are only limited to understanding the benefits of any inherent feature.

We also read the different reviews as well as customer feedback to gain an idea into their first-hand experiences with the product. We believe that this is something that you would also want to learn and consider when buying a scooter, or any other plaything for that matter, for your kid. Lastly, the reputation of the kiddie scooter manufacturer was also determined to help build a more credible assessment of the overall quality of the kiddie scooter in our list.

Kick Scooters and Your Child’s Development

Scooters are a type of ride-on toy where balance and coordination are very essential especially among beginning riders. One wrong move and you might injure yourself, suffer a scratch or a bruise, or, worse, get sprained or even fractured in the process. That is why if you are going to purchase any type of scooter for your kid, it is always a lot better to also purchase safety gear such as a helmet and elbow and knee pads.

Safety issues aside, scooters are one of the best ways to develop a kid’s proprioceptive sense as this essentially helps the brain establish the body’s position in relation to its surroundings. This becomes the basis for the enhancement of the child’s sense of equilibrium or balance. This can lead to the more successful accomplishment of other physical activities where absolute concentration to maintain balance is required. For example, gymnasts will have to strengthen their core muscles as well as the muscles of the legs to maintain balance for significantly longer periods of time. Riding a scooter can help in this aspect.

Now, it is essential that the scooter be of the kick type and not electronic. Electronic scooters don’t require foot propulsion so there is no way kids will be able to strengthen their leg muscles and train a lot better about coordinating their lower body movements with the actions of their hands and the things that they see. In an electronic scooter, the child will be more focused on maintaining balance. On the other hand, a kick scooter will develop a child’s sense of muscle coordination – one foot kicking and one foot stabilizing the rest of the body on the scooter’s deck – while also maintaining balance. Additionally, the speed of the scooter will be entirely dependent on the strength of the kick.

Riding scooters don’t only develop kids’ psychomotor skills but also their cognitive abilities particularly their spatial intelligence and understanding of causal relationships. Performing a variety of scooter tricks requires the rapid processing of information by the brain so that these can be fully integrated into the different motor movements.

More importantly, riding scooter helps children feel happy especially if they are able to perform tricks. This helps enhance their self-esteem and also boosts their self-confidence. This becomes that fuel for them to succeed in any given endeavor. Moreover, it can also help them deal with their peers or fellow scooter riders in a more positive way paving the way for healthier social relationships.

The Bottom Line

Scooters are one of the best gifts you can give your child this coming holiday season. With our list of the top 10 kids scooters, it is now a lot easier to choose which one to give.

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