10 Best Kids Luggage Sets in 2017

luggage sets for kids

Taking your kids on a holiday tour can be a great opportunity for them to see other places. If you’re going overseas, it will be an entirely different cultural experience for them. You will also be introducing different concepts related to traveling including packing and organization, trip planning, and maintaining safety while in another place. While you can pack all of your things as a family in one large travel luggage, a much better way is to help your kids pack their own things in any of the 10 best kids luggage sets in 2017 we have prepared just for you. This should really make their travel experience a lot more meaningful.

10 Best Kids Luggage Sets

Everywhere Travel Buddies Lola Lady Bug Kids Luggage SetTravel Buddies5
Rockland 2 Piece Luggage SetRockland4.9
Goplus 2Pc 12" 16" Kids Luggage Set (Deer & Birds)Goplus4.8
American Tourister Disney 18 Inch Upright Hard SideAmerican Tourister4.7
Disney Pixar Cars 2 Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage SuitcaseDisney Interactive Studios4.6
American Tourister Star Wars 21 Inch Hard Side SpinnerAmerican Tourister4.5

1Lola Ladybug Luggage Set by Travel Buddies

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If your kid has already watched the film A Bug’s Life, we’re pretty certain he or she might want to consider himself or herself like a Blueberry trooper, too. Your kid can have the Lola Ladybug and he or she will be traveling in the same carefree lifestyle of Francis. This 13-inch backpack and 18-inch wheelie suitcase combo is just perfect for those out of town trips that you have planned for your kid and the whole family. Both the suitcase and the backpack are made of high quality hard shell ABS giving these bags superb strength without sacrificing weight. When empty, the back pack only weighs a measly 1.5 pounds while the wheelie suitcase comes in at no more than 5 pounds, both of which can be easily transported by your kid. Both bags also feature marvelously engineered handles designed specifically for kids. The handle on the suitcase can also be retracted to a certain height that is just perfect for adults so you can help pull the Ladybug along. Now, you can go with your kid and the rest of your family wherever you desire.

What We Like about It – The hard shell casing provides optimum durability while maintaining its lightweight features. The ergonomic handles are also welcome pluses.

2Rockland 2 Piece Luggage Set by Rockland

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Sure the Lola Ladybug looks fabulous for young kids but if you have a school aged child or even a preteen who is now more serious about the things he or she uses, maybe getting a cartoony luggage set may not be a good idea. How about the Rockland 2 Piece Luggage Set instead? The Rockland comes with a 19 inch tote bag perfect for keeping your child’s more valuable stuff and a 21 inch suitcase to stuff your kid’s clothes and other items in. The suitcase comes with EZ roll wheels that are commonly used in inline skates. This makes it super easy for your child to pull it along any surface. Both the Rockland suitcase and tote bag are made of 600 denier fabric that has been duly tested to be 100 percent tough and reliably durable. Zipper-secured pockets have been built into the back sections of both bags to complement the accompanying locks and keys. Stability bars have been integrated into the front bottom section of the suitcase to give it superb stability while in the upright position. The Rockland suitcase and tote bag have a combined weight of about 8 pounds so it should not really pose any concern for your child. And since the tote bag also comes with a fully padded shoulder strap, your kid can sling it over his or her shoulder to free his or her other hand while pulling on the wheeled suitcase.

What We Like about It – The variety of design choices is exceptional. Obviously, your kid will have a fantastic time choosing which one to get. It’s lightweight, too.

32 Piece Kids Luggage Set Suitcase Backpack School Travel Trolley by Goplus

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Need a lovely luggage set for your preschooler? We’d recommend the 16- and 12- inch Goplus Travel Trolleys. Made of highly durable polycarbonate, extra-strong nylon, and heavy duty ABS plastic, the Goplus is the perfect luggage system for kids as the smaller trolley bag can actually double as a backpack. Your kid can use this to school and should be spacious enough to carry of all his or her things. Going on a holiday is also made super easy as the backpack can be conveniently slipped onto the retractable handle of the larger trolley suitcase so your kid will be pulling on both bags at the same time. The four fully-rotating caster wheels provide excellent maneuverability. The Goplus set has a combined weight of only 6 pounds, thanks to its ingenious lightweight design. Now, kids will have no qualms about bringing along their things on those holidays, camping trips, or any other activity where they will need some packing up to do. Available in 4 colorful and fun designs, the Goplus should be a fun way to travel around for your kids

What We Like about It – The Goplus has just the right amount of space for carrying your kid’s things. Its lightweight design is also a big plus.

4Disney 18 Inch Upright Hard Side by American Tourister

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It may only be sized as 18 inches but the American Tourister Disney Upright Hard Side is one fantastic option especially if you have children who are fans of Disney characters like Mickey as well as Star Wars icons Darth Vader, BB8, and Stormtroopers. Made of a super sturdy ABS material forming its hard shell casing, this American Tourister product comes with heavy duty translucent wheels that are primarily seen among inline skaters. The zipper closure has been designed never to fail to keep your child’s entire belongings safe and well protected. Because of its ABS construction, the American Tourister Disney 18 only weighs about 5 pounds so your kid can easily handle it. The ultra-large wheels also help in its superb mobility. Further protecting your child’s belongings is a nylon liner in the interior. Inside the AT Disney 18 is a secret compartment that is kept safe by a zipper closure mechanism. This is the perfect companion if you’re heading to Disneyland.

What We Like about It – American Tourister is well known for creating highly durable luggage. This carries on with that tradition.

5Disney Pixar Cars 2 Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage Suitcase by Disney Interactive Studios

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For your kid who is a fan of Lightning McQueen or who is an avid collector of any Cars memorabilia, the Disney Pixar Cars 2 Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage Suitcase is an excellent choice. Unlike other bags, the Disney Pixar is made of heavy duty canvas giving it a softer casing. However, this should not be viewed as a weakness as Disney Interactive made sure your child will get only the best. The design is that of Lightning complete with the decals that have made this racecar famous. The cabin of Lightning serves as a front compartment perfect for storing your child’s smaller items while the 6-inch deep main compartment is spacious enough to carry a good 5 days’ worth of clothing. And oh, in case your kid suddenly doesn’t want rolling McQueen, he or she can simply sling it over his or her back as a backpack. How convenient.

What We Like about It – The use of canvas is surprising enough. This gives it a lighter weight at about 5 pounds.

6Rockland Luggage 22 Inch Rolling Duffle Bag by Rockland

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With 31 various designs to choose from, the Rockland Luggage 22 Inch Rolling Duffle Bag should provide leeway for those who don’t want to be limited in their choices. What makes the Rockland Duffle Bag quite unique is that it’s not styled as a suitcase or a backpack. It’s more like a gym bag with wheels and a retractable handle. Since it’s a travelling bag, this Rockland creation comes with super large wheels perfect for rolling along any surface. Made of 100 percent polyester, the Rockland Rolling Duffle Bag weighs in at only 4.4 pounds, giving superb handling for your kid. And since the Rockland is basically made of fabric, you can easily wash it. If not in use, you can simply fold it for easy storage. Speaking of storage, its storage compartment is spacious and is complemented by 4 large front pockets secured by a heavy duty zipper mechanism. And just like any other duffle bag, the Rockland can also be carried either as a duffle bag or as a gym bag with its padded shoulder strap.

What We Like about It – The lightweight design of the Rockland is admirable, making it great for kids to carry.

7Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Traveling Rolling Luggage Backpack by Skip Hop

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If you’re traveling with your toddler, you have to buy the Zoo Little Kid Traveling Rolling Luggage Backpack. You can choose between an owl design, a monkey motif, or even a ladybug style for your child. The funny and friendly animal face design of these backpacks can do wonders for your young traveler. It can be used like any other backpack or, if your kid wants it, he or she can easily drag the Zoo Little as a rolling luggage. Weighing in at only 2.2 pounds, this is the perfect traveling bag for little tots. It’s got a front compartment as well as a mesh pocket for your kid’s water bottle. It comes with a retractable handle perfect for tugging along.

What We Like about It – The Zoo Little is designed primarily for toddlers. The poly-canvas material also makes it super light.

8Bear Children’s Luggage Carry On Trolley Suitcase by Cabin Max

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If your kid has a Teddy bear or even a doll she would like to bring along in their travels with you, then get the Cabin Max Bear Carry on Trolley Suitcase. Made of 100 percent 600-denier polyester, giving it a superb weight of only 2.5 kilograms, the Cabin Max is the perfect traveling bag for your child who simply doesn’t want to leave behind Teddy. The front panel of the Cabin Max features an adjustable pant complete with mini shoulder straps to secure your kid’s Teddy bear as well as her favorite doll. It also has a bottle holder and several pockets for keeping your child’s things.

What We Like about It – The Cabin Max’s front pant feature is extraordinary. Now, your kid can bring along her doll or her teddy bear without having to put it inside the bag.

9Star Wars 21 Inch Hard Side Spinner by American Tourister

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One of the most lovable characters on the Star Wars franchise is R2D2. And with The Force Awakens still very fresh from the minds of young kids, getting the American Tourister Star Wars Hard Side Spinner is an excellent decision. If not R2D2, maybe the other characters in Star Wars will be interesting for your child. With fully lined interior and a hard shell casing made of 100 percent ABS plastic, the Star Wars 21 is the ideal traveling bag for little Star Wars fanatics. It’s got 4 fully rotating spinner wheels and a branded zipper pull. The interior also feature a zippered component for storing more valuable items.

What We Like about It – Designed primarily for Star Wars fans, this American Tourister product boasts of durability, style, and functionality.

10Zoo 3-Way Toddler Backpack with Wheels by Yodo

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Liked the Zoo Little but wished there were other designs? How about the Zoo 3-way Toddler Backpack with Wheels? We’re absolutely certain your tot will love pulling on these lovely-designed backpack wheelies made of high quality materials complete with fully accessible pockets and fully padded panels and straps. The wheels are large enough to allow your child to pull it easily across any surface. The wheels can be conveniently hidden when used as a backpack while the shoulder straps can be easily kept from view when used as a suitcase. It’s a playful take on a classic traveling bag.

What We Like about It – With a playful design, the Yodo Zoo is one fantastic bag that toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy having.

How We Chose the Amazing Kiddie Luggage Sets in our List

Choosing a travelling bag just for kids entailed looking at three important things: weight, sturdiness and durability, and overall styling. We knew that the bags we have to include in this project should be pretty lightweight so that kids will not have difficulty carrying them. Any feature that made carrying a lot easier such as casters, rollers, wheels, handles, or any other contraption, was carefully examined both for its functionality and integrity. Of course, the primary focus of our evaluation was the construction of the kids’ luggage. It was imperative that this was super lightweight.

Since we’re talking about the materials used in the construction of these luggage sets, we had to be certain that they also provide the kind of strength or durability that we expect. If the luggage was poorly manufactured, there’s a great chance that all of the contents might just spill out into the open. That’s why we had to make sure each component of the luggage set have been duly certified to be of the highest quality that it won’t lose its integrity in the middle of the journey.

We then looked at the overall styling of these luggage sets. Since it’s kids who are going to use them, we thought that the travelling bags must be fun to look at. These must have designs that kids will appreciate or even love so they will feel a lot prouder strolling in ports or even in hotel lobbies with their kids’ luggage in tow. Without a doubt, kids will be taking care of these luggage sets knowing that it contains many of their prized possessions.

Obviously, we had to narrow down our choices so we included only those that have no less than 4 stars in their customer review scores. The more positive the reviews are, the greater the chance the luggage set was included in this particular project of ours. Likewise, the company’s reputation as a luggage maker was also evaluated and given weight in the final scoring.

Benefits of Going on a Family Holiday

Going on a holiday with the whole family can have tremendous benefits especially to the youngest members of the family. For the most part, family holidays are an excellent source of happy memories. There are also a lot of studies showing that family holidays provide real health benefits particularly in terms lower levels of stress and lesser risk of cardiovascular diseases. Here are some other benefits of going on a family holiday especially for kids.

  • Strengthens family ties by creating more time for bonding.
  • Allows kids to focus on the accumulation of a wealth of positive memories and experiences.
  • Helps kids learn more about their larger world.
  • Facilitates the enhancement of kids’ social skills especially when interacting with kids of other cultures.
  • Helps provide emotional reinforcement to kids by showing what a happy family really means.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re going out of state or even overseas or simply in another city, going on a holiday can be very beneficial to your kids. Make sure they have one of the ten best kids’ luggage we have shared here so they’ll really appreciate what traveling and going on a family holiday is all about.

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