10 Best Kids Guitars in 2017

Music can help children develop their cognitive, emotional, and social competencies a lot better than those who are not exposed to these wonderful melodies. While it is one thing to listen to music, it’s definitely another thing to actively make one or play it. And when it comes to playing music, nothing can be as versatile and easy to learn than playing the guitar. That’s why we’re proud to share with you our ten really amazing guitars for kids.

How We Chose the Top Guitars for Children in Our List

In choosing the best guitar for children, we had to take note of the age of the child who is going to use it. This is very important since young children typically will not be able to handle yet any full sized string musical instruments that well. As such, the developmental appropriateness of the musical instrument was a primary consideration in our selection process. This included an analysis of whether the child of a given age will be able to effectively play the instrument or even, at least, pretend to play with it. If he or she will be having a difficult time playing with it, then he or she will simply lose interest and ditch the product for something more useful.

Secondly, the construction of the string musical instrument was taken into consideration. Unfortunately, we could not really physically examine all of these products given the short time we have. As such we had to rely on the guitar maker’s reputation, its trustworthiness, the current consumer review ranking of the product, and, of course, the feedbacks and comments from customers. As much as possible we included only chordophones that have very durable construction, especially the body, the soundboard, and the neck and truss rod. The body of the guitar was also evaluated to make sure that it is sturdy. We’re talking about kids here who may not be able to safely handle such delicate musical instruments.

The safety of the chordophone was also considered. Any additional features were also carefully examined as to how they can benefit children’s overall development as well as enjoyment playing the string instrument.

Guitars and Your Child’s Development

We already know that there are many benefits of music to children, especially the younger ones. Whether it is music listening or actively engaging in the creation of tunes and melodies, music can greatly impact the development of children.

Playing guitars, in particular, can provide a host of truly superb developmental benefits. Chief among these is the enhancement of sensory development. As kids strum the strings to produce a tune, they naturally feel the vibrations created by the strings. Likewise, they also hear the melodies created by these vibrations. And in the case of a toy guitar that comes with built-in light shows, the interactive effects can also help provide visual stimulation. It is this combination of visual, tactile, and auditory sensory information that will allow the young brain to process and integrate different senses into one meaningful experience.

Playing guitars and musical toys can also help children master the art of finger dexterity and coordination. Pressing the correct string to elicit the right tune requires spatial reasoning as well as superb control of fine motor movements. All of these resonate through the psychomotor development of young children as they attempt to coordinate the movement of their fingers with the chords that their eyes are reading from a songbook. The auditory input will also be integrated into the finger movements. If the tune doesn’t hear right, then the placement of the fingers are readjusted.

Of course, being able to complete one song can be a great achievement for young kids. This can substantially improve their sense of confidence. In cases where the kid performs in front of an audience, be it the family or in school, this can have an impact in his or her social and emotional wellbeing.

The Bottom Line

Playing a string instrument is one of the favorite pastimes of almost everyone. With these 10 amazing kids guitars you can help your child start appreciating and loving this wonderful musical art.

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