10 Best Kids’ Cash Registers in 2017

best kids cash register

Financial management is a very tricky business that even many adults have issues with. If we cannot manage our finances very well, there is a very high chance that we risk losing a lot of things that we value in life. If we have kids, it is our responsibility to teach them about certain concepts that will enable them to be more effective as fiscal managers of their own wealth. What better way to teach some of these money management concepts than through pretend play using kiddie cash registers as props for their role play. Let our 10 best kids’ cash registers in 2017 be your guide in choosing the right tool to inculcate in your kid’s young mind some principles of money management.

How We Chose the Top 10 Kids Cash Registers in Our List

While we thought of including super-realistic cash registers in our selection, we remembered that pretend play sets should leave something to the imagination. By creating a gap between what is a toy and what the real object is, we are able to encourage children to use their minds in filling the gap through their sense of imagination. As such, we chose products that provided some form motivation for kids to use their cognitive abilities in conjuring images of a real money management machine.

Additionally, since our goal is to provide the correct tools for children to enjoy their pretend play activities, we had to make sure that the recommended age of these toys are appropriate. Simply put, the toy cash register must be developmentally appropriate to the kid’s age. This is crucial as getting a toy that is simpler than the child’s developmental age can create boredom while something that is more advanced than the developmental level of the child can bring about frustrations. Striking a balance was thus, very important.

The overall construction of the toy was also evaluated. This included the safety and quality of the materials used. Harmful chemicals had to be ascertained to be absent from the manufacturing process as the presence of these substances can significantly undermine any developmental gains achieved by children so far. The integrity of the different components was also ascertained especially if the toy is geared for younger users.

Tips to Helping Kids Understand Basic Money Management

You don’t need to wait until your kids reach high school before you even start considering teaching kids about money. As early as one year of age, you can already start integrating simpler concepts in money management in their playtime activities. There are plenty of money lessons to teach kids even before they reach the age of 10. Here are some tips to help your child understand the basics of money management.

  • Make saving money a very fun activity. Use colorful character jars to place a part of our kid’s weekly allowance. Be as creative as you can be in the piggy bank to help entice your kid to save.
  • Help your kid to set a goal that he or she wants to achieve. Then help him or her devise a budget plan on how much he or she needs to save every day to achieve the goal within the set time frame. Make sure the goal is workable and is something that your kid really wants.
  • Contribute to your kid’s savings. Children will be more enticed to save if they know that you’ll be matching every savings they have. For instance, if they were able to save $10 in a week, then you also need to add $10 to their piggy bank. You can look at it as a form of incentive for kids to really save.
  • Be a good role model. If you’re teaching your kid to save or to have a goal, then you yourself must also be able to exhibit such attributes. Children learn best when they see a congruence between what we are saying and what we are doing.

The Bottom Line

These may only look like ordinary props in role play activities but the 10 best kids cash registers are excellent tools for helping kids develop an understanding of simple money management principles. It’s also great for enhancing children’s number and problem solving skills.

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