10 Best Kids’ Cameras in 2017

Photography is one of the most beneficial ways to help stimulate children’s creativity especially in the expression of their thoughts and emotions. It’s never really too early to help our kids learn and appreciate the basics of photography. They just need the correct motivation, excellent support, and the ease of operation of a photo equipment. This is where we can help by sharing with you ten truly amazing cameras to kickstart your child’s creativity in photography.

How We Chose the Top Kiddie Cameras in Our List

Today’s photographic equipment are light-years ahead of what we used to have way back in the 19th century. Today, it’s all about finding the right frame to create really stunning pictures. Everything is already simplified by technology. Unfortunately, this does not make the selection process any easier. In fact, it has clearly made it more complicated as there are plenty of things to consider. However, since our topic is more on camera systems that will be used by children, we opted to focus more on certain areas that will make photography easy to learn and fun for kids.

First, the ease of operation. If you look at professional dSLR cameras there’s a lot of things that need to be set. Professional photographers never use the Auto Mode of their cameras as they would like to have greater control in the kind of outcome they want in their images. So, they always go Manual by dialing in the correct shutter, aperture, and ISO settings. These are just the basics. Forcing kids to master these fundamentals will definitely snuff the fun out of kiddie photography. As such, the camera in our list should make it very easy to operate while still allowing the expression of the child’s creative potential.

Of course, we also had to consider the developmental appropriateness of these cameras. As you may have already noted in our list, we also included some cameras that are specifically designed for a particular age group of children. For instance, we simply cannot expect a 1 year old baby to really take pictures or even shoot videos using a kiddie camera. What we did include, nonetheless, is a camera that is appropriate to their developmental stage.

Our researchers then sifted through the different feedbacks and reviews left by satisfied (and unsatisfied) customers, determining recurring themes in their comments. This gave us an idea of how these products are received by the general public. At least, we can say that countless parents also recommend these products.

Benefits of Photography to Children

Photography is not just about pointing your camera at a random object and shooting at will. It’s also not only about freezing a memory in time so you can always have something to look back to. Photography is more than just a profession or someone’s hobby. It is a very important tool for normal human development. This is especially true for children. Here are some of the more common benefits of learning photography by children.

  • Enhances cognitive abilities. 

Whenever kids look through the viewfinder of a kiddie camera, their brains are actually trying to figure out how to compose the best possible frame for the image. This requires an understanding of the different elements of photography such as light, shadows, lines, balance, and harmony among others. For some, this often translates to a child’s creativity. However, there are more complex cognitive processes occurring every time the child takes a picture. These cognitive processes are often reflected in the type and composition of the photograph.

  • Fosters healthier self-concept. 

If children are able to operate a camera with very minimal adult supervision, they tend to be happy about themselves. If they are able to create really stunning pictures for their age, then their confidence in themselves also increases. Self-confidence is one of the basics of developing a healthier self-concept which helps improve the kid’s emotional wellbeing.

  • Facilitates mastery of balance and control. 

Taking a picture requires mastery of one’s reflexes. As much as possible, the hands must be steady to avoid camera shake which can be magnified by the image sensor and result in blurred, unrecognizable images. As such, photography can actually teach kids to control their hand and arm muscles while also achieving balance and stability especially in depressing the camera’s shutter button.

The Bottom Line

You don’t need to buy a high-end dSLR for your child just so he or she will learn photography. You will only need to buy any one of the ten most amazing cameras for kids that we have listed here.

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