9 Best Kids Bikes for Boys & Girls In 2017

Bicycles are one of the best ride-on toys we can ever give to kids as these have been proven both by researchers and leading child development experts to be highly beneficial for children’s optimum growth and development. From their physical development to the enhancement of their cognitive skills and emotional health, these 10 best kids bikes in 2017 are your best tools for realizing their full development potential.

How We Chose the Ten Amazing Kiddie Bikes in Our List

For this project, choosing the top 10 bicycles for kids was relatively easy despite the fact that there are literally hundreds of such ride-on toys in the market. What we did was to look at the customer review ratings of each of these products. We had to set the bar a bit higher in this case. Usually, we only include those with at least 4.0 stars. For this project, we took only those with consumer product ratings not lower than 4.3 stars. As this is not really enough, we skimmed through the different reviews about the shortlisted bicycles for kids to get an idea of the actual performance of the toys. This gave us a glimpse of the pros and cons of each one so we can give you our best recommendations about the said bicycles.

We then considered the appropriateness of the design of the bicycle to the developmental age of children. Not all kids can master riding a bike right away. As such, features that will enable them to learn riding a bike in a progressive manner are essential things to consider. All other features were evaluated for their contribution to the overall development of children. Safety and comfort were also overriding concerns. The structural integrity of the bicycle had to be ensured to help guarantee its safety. The different materials used in its design and construction should be sturdy, comfortable, of high quality, and safe, whenever appropriate.

The reputation of the bicycle company was also evaluated. It is very important to include only products from well-established manufacturers that have been in the industry for many years. This helps provide the peace of mind we’ll ever need about the quality and safe construction of these types of ride-on toys.

Ensuring a Safer Biking Experience for Your Child

Biking is a very fun way to enjoy the outdoors. It is particularly beneficial for children as this can have an impact on their physical, emotional, and cognitive development. However, because balance is an inherent requirement for biking, there is always a risk of falls due to a loss of balance. Hence, it is important to always consider bike safety whenever your child takes his or her bicycle for a spin. Here are some things we can teach kids about bicycle safety.

  • Teach your child never to play on the road.
  • Teach your child never to ride on busy streets.
  • Teach your child never to ride his or her bike at night.
  • Teach your child to stop whenever there are stop signs.
  • Teach your child to always ride his or her bike with traffic.
  • Teach your child to always stop and look before crossing any intersection or before entering any roadway.
  • Teach your child how to use basic hand signals to signify their intention to other motorists in the area.
  • Teach your child never to ride his or her bike without a complete protective gear including a prescribed biker’s helmet and elbow and knee pads.

The Bottom Line

Biking is fun especially when safety in riding is ensured. While it is our job as parents to become role models for biking safety for our children, we should always start by choosing the best equipment that they will be riding on. Our 10 best kids bikes in 2017 are always a good place to start. If you would like to see more bikes, check out our guide on the best balance bikes for kids here.

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