10 Best Kids’ Baseball Gloves in 2017

baseball gloves for kids

One way to get kids off their couches is to let them experience the joys of many sports and games. And nothing can be more American than baseball. Aside from the fact that it is somewhat physically demanding, playing baseball can also help develop kids’ other skills primarily their spatial reasoning and hand and eye coordination. That being said, it would be wise to equip them with any of our 10 best kids’ baseball gloves in 2017 as these are the necessary tools to help make sure you get that ball.

10 Best Baseball Gloves for Kids

Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball GloveMizuno4.98
Franklin Sports Air Tech Soft Foam Baseball Glove and Ball Set - Special EditionFranklin Sports4.9
Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Gloves & Ball ComboFranklin Sports4.86
Franklin Sports Disney Frozen Air-Tech Glove and Ball SetFranklin Sports4.72
Easton ZFX 1101 Z-Flex Series Ball GloveEaston4.68

1GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove by Mizuno

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Clearly one of the most trusted names in sports equipment is Mizuno. This Japanese brand has been making some of the most trusted sportswear and equipment not only for baseball but also for tennis, boxing, volleyball, and football, just to name a few. And they have been doing it for more than 110 years. With its reputation for high quality products, you can expect its GPP1150Y1 11.5 inch Youth Prospect Ball Glove to provide you with the same level of technical efficiency when it comes to catching baseballs. The Mizuno Prospect youth baseball gloves feature five very unique technologies that help ensure your kid will be catching like a Pro. The PowerClose technology allows your kid to instantly close the glove once the ball has made contact with the inner surface of the mitt. This helps make sure your kid catches the ball with relative ease. In case where the ball lands not in the pocket, not to worry since there’s the Parashock Palm Pad technology that helps dissipate the kinetic energy that comes with a speeding ball. Adding to the efficiency of the PowerClose is the Heel Flex technology which essentially increases overall flexibility of the mitt to help your kid close it with precision efficiency. V-Flex Notch also helps in the easy closure of the Prospect so your kid will be landing on the Hall of Fame sooner than he can start voting. The Mizuno Prospect is sized 11.5 inches although other sizes are available. The 11.5 incher is great for 9 to 11 year olds although you really need to check the size of your child’s hands. Regardless, you can always ensure secure fit with the Mizuno Prospect’s PowerLock feature. Made of synthetic leather, the Prospect is also comfortable to wear.

What We Like about It – With more than a century of high quality products and consumer confidence, it’s never difficult to fall in love with the Mizuno Prospect. Its various embedded technologies make it THE best youth baseball glove you can ever give to your kids.

2New 2017 Boys’ Players Series 9 Inch Tee Ball Glove by Rawlings

If you think Mizuno is a world leader in sports equipment simply because they have been in the business for more than a century, just wait until you check out Rawlings, an American manufacturer of sports equipment that has made baseball equipment their bread and butter since 1887. With close to 130 years of superb commitment to baseball equipment supremacy, the New 2017 Boys’ Players Series 9 Inch Tee Ball Glove should really come as a wonderful mitt for your young future Hall of Famer to use. Whether your child is aiming to be a famous pitcher or infielder, the Rawlings Tee Ball will be the best training glove for him. The ball mitt comes with Rawlings’ patented BasketWeb technology that essentially forms a deep closed pocket that is guaranteed to catch the ball every time and to never drop it. A wide opening is featured just above the wrist for optimum hand movement. These youth baseball gloves also come with a composite shell made of synthetic leather giving it superbly soft feel and shock absorption capabilities as well. Breaking in the Rawlings Tee Ball is easy as a few sessions of opening and closing. This ensures your boy will be practicing like a Pro in no time.

What We Like about It – With 13 decades of designing and fabricating mitts specifically designed for the originators of baseball coupled with an ingenious deep pocket closure make the Rawlings Tee Ball a must-have for all future Hall of Famers.

3Air Tech Soft Foam Baseball Glove and Ball Set – Special Edition by Franklin Sports

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While Franklin Sports does not have the long history of sports equipment manufacturing tradition enjoyed by Mizuno and Rawlings, having been established only in 1946, the company is nevertheless known for introducing to the world the very first batting gloves. These are mitts worn specifically by batters as they go to the plate to hit home runs and flyers. The original design was conjured by the owner of the company, Irving Franklin, and the 3rd baseman Hall of Famer from the Phillies, Mike Schmidt. Today, the company still specializes in batting gloves but has largely expanded into other baseball equipment that are now used both in the MB and the Little League as well as leagues all over the world. The 9 inch Special Edition Air Tech Soft Foam Baseball Glove and Ball Set may not be your best youth baseball glove but it sure can provide the experience of being a Hall of Famer to your young child. The Special Edition Air Tech comes with a soft foam outer shell so your child’s young hands won’t necessarily feel the impact of the ball hitting the insides of the mitt. This issue has been further addressed by the inclusion of an equally soft and lightweight Air Tech ball so your young child will be having lots of fun throwing and catching the lightweight ball until such time that he has grown more confident with the sport. The Special Edition Air Tech is soft and very flexible so it can be easily opened and closed even by the smallest hands in your family. And it fits perfectly, too, thanks to a wrist enclosure made of Velcro. With a red, white, and blue design you can also instill a certain sense of pride in your kid for being an American.

What We Like about It – With a reputation for making sports equipment used by Pro and Little League baseballers, it’s not surprising to see the Special Edition Air Tech in this list. It’s flexible, cushiony, and fun, too.

4RTP Teeball Performance Gloves and Ball Combo by Franklin Sports

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With an excellent experience working with many of the league’s and sports industry’s best athletes and sportsmen, Franklin Sports continues to design and manufacture superb quality products for everyone to enjoy. If the Rawling 2017 looks quite childish for your taste, then maybe the RTP Teebal Performance Gloves and Ball Combo will appeal more. Available in 2 designs specific for boys and girls as well as in right- and left- handed players, the RTP Teeball consists of a PVC shell giving it lightweight features that will help your child train properly with the basics of catching the ball without being constrained by weight issues. Finger stalls are duly lined with cool touch materials so your kid’s digits will still feel comfy inside. Like all Franklin products, the RTP Teeball comes with the signature comfortable design that’s well-known of the company. The ball mitt also requires no break-ins as its construction has been well engineered to be as flexible and pliable as a really seasoned mitt. And combined with a very friendly price, the RTP Teeball youth baseball gloves and ball are excellent starter kits for any youngster who would like to follow in the footsteps of Joe Namath, Babe Ruth, and other baseball greats.

What We Like about It – It’s a very practical way to introduce kids to the wonders of the sport complete with a super feel and a no-break-in requirement.

5Disney Frozen Air Tech Glove and Ball Set by Franklin Sports

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If you have a young baseballer who happens to be an avid fan of the two lovely princesses of Arendelle or even of Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf, then we suggest getting the Disney Frozen Air Tech Glove and Ball Set. While the Disney Frozen Air Tech is not necessarily the best youth baseball glove, it surely can command respect from the followers of the Disney film. Too bad it doesn’t come with built-in music player to give your little prince or princess endless playtime of Let it Go.  Nevertheless, the 8.5 inch shell casing made of ultra-soft Air Tech foam helps ensure your child will never feel the full brunt of the kinetic energy of a speeding ball; as if there is much kinetic energy stored in the equally soft Air Tech ball that comes with the package. The Disney Frozen Air Tech is primarily designed for very young players, especially those who are still in their third year of life. The combination of colorful graphics and soft construction make it a very useful way to get little ones acquainted with the sport of baseball.

What We Like about It – Designed primarily for toddlers, the softness of the glove as well as the beautiful character details provide an exceptionally fun way to enjoy a game of baseball.

6ZFX 1101 Z-Flex Series Ball Glove by Easton

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One of the essential skills that all beginning baseballers have to master is the art of closing the glove at the precise time to make sure the ball will not be bouncing off the inner surface and fall off. This requires a very flexible construction of the ball mitt to facilitate reflexive closing action. Unfortunately, many youth baseball gloves fail in this aspect. With the ZFX 1101 Z-Flex Series Ball Glove from Easton, instantaneous closing of the mitt is now a breeze thanks to the integration of elastic strips on the lateral aspect of the Z-Flex palms. This strip allows for the more efficient, reflex-like closing action so kids will have a superb grasp of the ball. Also helping catch the ball and keeping it in the web is a 2-1-1 palm design than effectively increases the leverage of younger catchers and basemen in closing their respective baseball gloves. It also has an extended stall length to provide additional depth for the baseball to continue its journey towards the Grab All pocket. And speaking of the Grab All, this is designed by Easton to be at least 40 percent larger than conventional webs that are found in ordinary youth baseball gloves.

What We Like about It – The Easton’s large pocket is something that will really help young baseballers learn the basics of the game as well as experience the true joys of playing baseball.

7WFP120 12 Inch Fastpitch Baseball Mitt by Rawlings

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For your young princess who would like to become the next Claire Schillace, Dorothy Ferguson, or even Faye Dancer in the now-defunct All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, you’d better get for her the Rawlings WFP 120 12 Inch Fastpitch Baseball Mitt. Like all Rawlings ball mitts, the Fastpitch is designed with a fantastic BasketWeb technology that helps ensure better and more accurate catches every time. However, it should be made clear that the Fastpitch is intended for right hand throwers, meaning it should be worn on the left hand. We found some confusion on the handedness of the Fastpitch with customers complaining of the left-handed description. Some thought that this meant the Fastpitch is for left-handed throwers and that it should be worn on the right hand. It is the other way around. So, if your young girl is an obvious lefty, then it might be wise to skip this product altogether to save you the hassle later on. These youth baseball gloves come with a smaller hand opening which help ensure snug fit. However, there is some downside to the way in which the lacing was done. Some consumers found the lacing to be quite a downer as it required extensive effort on breaking in the Fastpitch. Unlike other models, the Fastpitch required a substantial number of break-ins to help ensure greater flexibility at closure. Nevertheless, for a price that’s considered to be a steal, the Fastpitch should be a great option for introducing young lasses to the world of softball.

What We Like about It – The Fastpitch is just right for beginning softball players. It’s also inexpensive.

8Disney Pixar Cars 9 Inch Air Tech Glove and Ball Set by Franklin Sports

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Similar in design and features to the Franklin Disney Frozen, the Disney Pixar Cars 9 Inch Air Tech Glove and Ball Set is especially geared for fans of the animated film. Older toddlers and preschoolers will love the cool design of the Cars Air Tech complete with a Lightning McQueen decal on the palm of the glove. Even the soft Air Tech ball is hand-sewn with McQueen graphics to really complete the fantastic ball play. A soft foam cushion provides exceptional shock absorption and comfort for very small hands. The same soft shell allows the Cars Air Tech to be highly flexible, enabling even the smallest of hands to easily close the glove once the ball has been caught. There really is no need to break-in as the design is made for such purpose. Additionally, the pocket is designed to be as wide as possible to enable young ball players to easily catch fly balls and runners. Fitting these youth baseball gloves is also assured as it already comes with a wrist closure that sticks by itself and is fully adjustable. This is one ball mitt that you’ll be glad to get for your aspiring Hall of Famers.

What We Like about It – It’s soft and flexible and is lightweight enough to be worn by your tots and preschoolers. You’ll be guaranteeing endless hours of fun and enjoyment as they catch their favorite Cars character right in their hands.

9A200 Series 10 Inch Youth Baseball Glove by Wilson

One of the most common comments that we have read about a variety of baseball gloves is the necessity to break in. This involves the process of “softening” the mitt’s closing and opening mechanism, making it more pliable or flexible so that when it is time to catch the ball, opening the mitt and then closing it at the right time will be super easy. Unfortunately, many products call for a rather lengthy break in period. If you want something that your kid can use straight out of its packaging, we recommend the Wilson A200 Series 10 Inch Youth Baseball Glove. It is considered as one of the best youth baseball glove units in the market owing to the exclusive use of super flexible, synthetic materials that do not only guarantee straight-off-the-box-use but also superb comfort for your kid’s little hands. It boasts of a patented Victory Web system which guarantees excellent catches and superior ball retention. This works exceptionally well with the superb flexible design of the A200. And get this, the A200 is designed for beginners at any position be it a catcher, a pitcher, a baseman, or even an out- or in- fielder. The point is, if you need a true baseball glove that requires no breaking in, the A200 is your best bet. 

What We Like about It – It’s super flexible allowing kids to use it perfectly straight from its packaging. The all-position design is also marvelous.

10PL90MB Players Series 9 Inch Youth Baseball Glove by Rawlings

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With its patented BasketWeb system, Rawlings PL90MB Players Series 9 Inch Youth Baseball Gloves offer exceptional catching capabilities because of its flexible construction. Designed with young children aged 3 to 5 years old in mind, the PL90MB is Rawlings’ answer to the kiddie baseball glove sets of Franklin Sports, providing youngsters with a 9 inch T-ball pattern that should be perfect for beginning players. It also comes with a soft core baseball training ball so kids will really have a feel for what it’s like to throw and catch a 9 inch ball. The PL90MB is designed for right-handed throwers only, meaning it is worn on the left hand. This should be clear as confusion may arise as to what a right-handed glove means. While the PL90MB is flexible, it does require some amount of breaking in. Never skip this process as it can literally spell the difference between a wonderful baseball experience and a rather traumatic one.

What We Like about It – It’s got the same quality backing of a company that has been making these kinds of products since the 1880s.

How We Chose the Top Kids’ Baseball Gloves in Our List

Picking the best youth baseball glove is like choosing the best mitt to use in the kitchen. Why? Well, you should be able to perform all of your expected chores like holding hot pans and baking trays while also protecting your hands from thermal injuries. In like manner, picking the right ball mitt involves the same process. We had to make sure that it is designed primarily to catch the baseball and minimize dropping the ball. Once the ball has been caught, then it should be kept within the confines of the mitt. It simply doesn’t make sense being able to catch a fly ball only to drop it moments later. That’s number one criteria. So we had to examine the different features that will allow your kids to catch the baseball every time and minimize drops.

Secondly, protection. Imagine a ball that’s going for 90 to 100 mph and you’ve got to stop this with your hand. All of that kinetic energy will be transmitted to your hands and through the rest of your body like a shockwave creating ripples all over. If you don’t wear baseball mitts, it is never uncommon to see injuries not only in your hands but elsewhere. A baseball glove, while it is intended to catch baseballs, should also be able to absorb this kinetic energy and help dissipate it across its surface to help protect your hand from any form of injury. As such, the material design of the baseball glove was crucial as this can help spell the difference between safety and injury. This also included optimum comfort for the hands.

Third, wearability. While baseball mitts come in sizes often in inches, we really cannot make any recommendations as to the appropriate age of the child who will be wearing it. There are some children who may still be young yet already have appendages that are unusually large. Conversely, there are those who are already old yet their hands are still small. As such, it was imperative to look at the size requirements of these gloves. More importantly, these mitts need to have a mechanism that will allow for guaranteeing the perfect fit regardless of hand size or age of the child. Moreover, there must be a mechanism to help ensure it stays in place.

Company reputation was also considered. We evaluated this in relation to the current standing of the product in terms of customer satisfaction. We deemed it necessary to evaluate these two parameters together as it all boils down to trustworthiness.

Benefits of Playing Baseball for Kids

We already said in the beginning that playing baseball can bring a lot of benefits for kids. These can range from health effects to physical and emotional benefits. In case you’re still wondering why your child should play baseball, we’ve listed here some of the many health, wellness, and fitness benefits of playing the game.

  • Strengthens their arms and legs. Throwing and catching the ball requires substantial force from the muscles of the arms. Running from one base to another or running after a ball involves the use of all the muscle groups of the legs as well. This makes playing baseball a great way to achieve leaner and stronger limbs.
  • Promotes decision-making skills. Stealing a base requires split-second decisions. Catching a ball and deciding on which base to throw it to also require making a decision. These will not be possible if one cannot stay focused on the game.
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination. Catching a ball is not easy as one needs to be able to coordinate the placement of the glove in relation to the approaching ball.
  • Boosts spatial intelligence. Playing baseball is all about understanding one’s relationship with space. This is especially true with the ball flying through the air. Catchers will have to have a fair sense of space and the overall trajectory of the ball to anticipate where it will land.
  • Fosters camaraderie and boosts social relationship skills. Baseball is a team sport. Children will learn how to play as a member of a team and how to work together with others to bring home the win.

The Bottom Line

Playing baseball is fun. For kids, it can bring a lot of developmental and health-related benefits. You don’t need to train your kids to become the next Hall of Famer. Simply provide them with the correct tools such as our 10 best kids’ baseball gloves and let them discover for themselves the true joys of playing the sport.

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