10 Best Kids’ Baseball Gloves in 2017

One way to get kids off their couches is to let them experience the joys of many sports and games. And nothing can be more American than baseball. Aside from the fact that it is somewhat physically demanding, playing baseball can also help develop kids’ other skills primarily their spatial reasoning and hand and eye coordination. That being said, it would be wise to equip them with any of our 10 best kids’ baseball gloves in 2017 as these are the necessary tools to help make sure you get that ball.

How We Chose the Top Kids’ Baseball Gloves in Our List

Picking the best youth baseball glove is like choosing the best mitt to use in the kitchen. Why? Well, you should be able to perform all of your expected chores like holding hot pans and baking trays while also protecting your hands from thermal injuries. In like manner, picking the right ball mitt involves the same process. We had to make sure that it is designed primarily to catch the baseball and minimize dropping the ball. Once the ball has been caught, then it should be kept within the confines of the mitt. It simply doesn’t make sense being able to catch a fly ball only to drop it moments later. That’s number one criteria. So we had to examine the different features that will allow your kids to catch the baseball every time and minimize drops.

Secondly, protection. Imagine a ball that’s going for 90 to 100 mph and you’ve got to stop this with your hand. All of that kinetic energy will be transmitted to your hands and through the rest of your body like a shockwave creating ripples all over. If you don’t wear baseball mitts, it is never uncommon to see injuries not only in your hands but elsewhere. A baseball glove, while it is intended to catch baseballs, should also be able to absorb this kinetic energy and help dissipate it across its surface to help protect your hand from any form of injury. As such, the material design of the baseball glove was crucial as this can help spell the difference between safety and injury. This also included optimum comfort for the hands.

Third, wearability. While baseball mitts come in sizes often in inches, we really cannot make any recommendations as to the appropriate age of the child who will be wearing it. There are some children who may still be young yet already have appendages that are unusually large. Conversely, there are those who are already old yet their hands are still small. As such, it was imperative to look at the size requirements of these gloves. More importantly, these mitts need to have a mechanism that will allow for guaranteeing the perfect fit regardless of hand size or age of the child. Moreover, there must be a mechanism to help ensure it stays in place.

Company reputation was also considered. We evaluated this in relation to the current standing of the product in terms of customer satisfaction. We deemed it necessary to evaluate these two parameters together as it all boils down to trustworthiness.

Benefits of Playing Baseball for Kids

We already said in the beginning that playing baseball can bring a lot of benefits for kids. These can range from health effects to physical and emotional benefits. In case you’re still wondering why your child should play baseball, we’ve listed here some of the many health, wellness, and fitness benefits of playing the game.

  • Strengthens their arms and legs. Throwing and catching the ball requires substantial force from the muscles of the arms. Running from one base to another or running after a ball involves the use of all the muscle groups of the legs as well. This makes playing baseball a great way to achieve leaner and stronger limbs.
  • Promotes decision-making skills. Stealing a base requires split-second decisions. Catching a ball and deciding on which base to throw it to also require making a decision. These will not be possible if one cannot stay focused on the game.
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination. Catching a ball is not easy as one needs to be able to coordinate the placement of the glove in relation to the approaching ball.
  • Boosts spatial intelligence. Playing baseball is all about understanding one’s relationship with space. This is especially true with the ball flying through the air. Catchers will have to have a fair sense of space and the overall trajectory of the ball to anticipate where it will land.
  • Fosters camaraderie and boosts social relationship skills. Baseball is a team sport. Children will learn how to play as a member of a team and how to work together with others to bring home the win.

The Bottom Line

Playing baseball is fun. For kids, it can bring a lot of developmental and health-related benefits. You don’t need to train your kids to become the next Hall of Famer. Simply provide them with the correct tools such as our 10 best kids’ baseball gloves and let them discover for themselves the true joys of playing the sport.

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