10 Best Kids Alarm Clocks in 2017


Waking most children up so early in the morning can be a real headache. This is particularly true if kids have been accustomed to going to bed so late at night. While you can shake them to wake them up, you just might want to get them a children’s alarm clock that they’ll love. As such, we’re sharing with you ten of the best kids’ alarm clocks in 2017.

How We Chose the Top Children’s Alarm Clocks in Our List

Choosing an alarm clock is like choosing a wristwatch, a wall clock, or any other timepiece for that matter. You’d really have to go for the brand of the watchmaker, or in this case the clockmaker, as reputation always guarantees quality workmanship albeit a little pricey. But if we’re really going to consider the difference between a really branded and poorly manufactured alarm clock, the price variation is quite negligible considering that the branded one will typically last a longer period of time. Hence, one of our primary screening parameters was company reputation. Of course, we didn’t aim for those ultra-expensive ones.

Next, since it’s kids that we’re talking about here, it’s imperative that the alarm clock does have kiddie features whether it is in its color scheme or even its unique styling that is patterned after a popular cartoon or anime character that kids love. We believe that a kid’s digital alarm clock should both be functional and very pleasing and entertaining to the eyes of children.

If the children’s alarm clock comes with other features aside from the standard alarm and snooze functions, then we had to examine these as well. For instance, we had a few products that provided a fully integrated night lamp function and even Bluetooth speaker. While these are not your ordinary toddler alarm clock, we believe them to be quite interesting and particularly appealing to older children especially those who love music or who like to turn their bedrooms into a cozier place to rest.

We also considered the current consumer ranking status of the product. We correlated the product ratings with the reviews and feedbacks provided by customers who have already a first-hand experience with these children’s alarm clocks. At any rate, we can say that we are not alone in our assessment of these products that we have just shared with you as our top 10 kids alarm clocks.

The Value of Alarm Clocks in Children’s Development

All of the products that are now designed for children provide a certain benefit to their development. If you’re thinking that timepieces that wake us up in the morning don’t have any kids’ developmental benefits at all, then you’d be surprised to learn that it does provide quite a number of advantages for children of all ages.

First, these devices teach children about the concept of time. We need to understand that, while saying 4 o’clock means precisely that to adults, for young children like toddlers and preschoolers, the concept is as vague as the clouds on a stormy day. We may say tomorrow but they will often have no idea of what tomorrow really is. They may understand the concepts of “now” but if you’re going to say “later” or “in a while”, then they get lost in its meaning. At any rate, timepieces teach our kids what it means to say “later”. For instance, they know the value of 4. Later means it can be 5 or 6 or even 10. Of course, for an older child, this may no longer be an issue.

Alarm clocks also help instill discipline in children. They know that if the bell rings, it’s usually taken as a sign to stop doing what they are presently engaged in and start performing their next task. For instance, they know that somehow they have to stay in bed all night long. Once the bell rings in their devices, it is their sign that they now need to get up and perform their early morning rituals. We’re not saying that this is the only way we can teach children self-discipline. The point is that it helps.

So, the next time you’re buying something for your child, just remember that there is always a benefit to him or her even though it may not be readily apparent at first.

The Bottom Line

Alarm clocks are valuable devices not only for kids but also for us adults. With the 10 best kids alarm clocks, you’re now more empowered to help your child learn more about the concept of time and help define his or her state of self-discipline.

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  1. I love the Lego Batman alarm clock. Both of my older kids have an alarm clock and my younger one keeps asking for one. I think this might be the perfect choice!


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