10 Best Kids Alarm Clocks in 2017

best kids alarm clock

Waking most children up so early in the morning can be a real headache. This is particularly true if kids have been accustomed to going to bed so late at night. While you can shake them to wake them up, you just might want to get them a children’s alarm clock that they’ll love. As such, we’re sharing with you ten of the best kids’ alarm clocks in 2017.

10 Best Alarm Clocks For Kids

Keynice Alarm Clock With LED Bluetooth Speaker and Bedside LampKEYNICE5
LEGO Kids' 9002113 Star Wars Darth Vader Mini-Figure Light Up Alarm ClockLEGO4.9
LEGO Kids' 9005718 DC Super Heroes Batman Mini-Figure Light Up Alarm ClockLEGO4.8
Galaxy Clock by MomKnows. Soothing Night Sky Star ProjectorMomKnows4.7
BulbBotz 2020633 Star Wars BB-8 Light Up Alarm ClockBulb Botz4.6
Plumeet Digital Large LCD Easy Setting Travel Alarm ClockPlumeet4.5

1OK to Wake! Alarm Clock and Night Light by Patch Products LLC

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Designed specifically for 3 to 5 year olds, the OK to Wake! Alarm Clock and Night Light is one fantastic looking and truly functional toddler alarm clock that actually grows well with your kids. The lovable design reminds us of Furby or some other extraterrestrial character that children love. The LCD screen not only displays the time but also flashes fantastic and fun animations that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your tot. It’s like having a friendly glowing little bug complete with two antennas greeting your child every morning. The OK to Wake! Is designed primarily to help teach young children about the value of sleeping and how obtaining the correct number of hours of sleep can help with growth and development. At night, the OK to Wake! emits a soft yellowish glow that mimics the gentle rays of the setting sun. This helps set the tone for a more relaxed evening, paving the way for earlier bedtimes. In the morning, aside from the usual alarm tones your kid will get, he or she will also be greeted to the warm greenish glow of the OK to Wake! The device is very easy to program, too. Parents can effectively set the nap timer, snooze function, and other features from the controls located underneath the base of the toddler alarm clock. And if you think that’s about it, the OK to Wake! has changeable face plates, too. This simply means your child will have plenty of opportunities to personalize or customize his or her alarm clock.

What We Like about It – The fun animations, changeable face plates, soothing night lamp, and vibrant wakeup color make the OK to Wake! the ideal bedtime and waking up companion of any young child.

2LEGO Kids’  DC Super Heroes Batman Mini Figure Light Up Alarm Clock by LEGO

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For kids who have an extensive collection of LEGO building and construction play sets, the LEGO Kids’ DC Super Heroes Batman mini Figure Light Up Alarm Clock should really be a fantastic addition to the collection. Wait a minute! Did you say LEGO? If you’re thinking that this kids digital alarm clock is as small as the iconic bricks or building blocks of LEGO, then you’re grossly mistaken. This Batman timepiece is stands a full 9.5 inches tall which makes it very ideal as a desktop or table décor or even a bedside table décor for your child’s bedroom. The figure is designed to be just like the classic mini doll figures of LEGO, only it’s 9.5 inches tall. The superb detail put into the design makes for a fantastic collector’s item while its yellow backlit display can be easily accessed by simply pressing on Batman’s head. While the caped crusader’s mask and cape does nothing in timekeeping, it does provide a more realistic impersonation of the real Bruce Wayne inside the mask.

What We Like about It – This one’s for LEGO and Batman lovers of all ages. And we’re pretty sure there are lots of them.

3LEGO Kids’ Star Wars Darth Vader Mini Figure Light Up Alarm Clock by LEGO

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No matter how we look at it, no matter how bad he is portrayed in the saga, Darth Vader remains one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars franchise. Just look at a variety of costume parties as well as comic conventions. If not the Darth Vader mask and getup, you’d have plenty of people donning costumes of Stormtroopers. Seldom do we get a Luke Skywalker or even an Obi Wan costume. Now, if you’re a midget, you might consider R2D2 or even BB8. But the point is, Darth Vader remains as iconic as ever regardless of how evil he is portrayed in the screen. With the LEGO Kids’ star Wars Darth Vader Mini Figure Light Up Alarm Clock your kid will now be able to add to his or her collection of Star Wars figures, albeit, just like the Batman timekeeper, a bit tall at 9.5 inches. Nevertheless, the LCD backlight glows an eerily familiar red glow which mimics Darth Vader’s signature light saber. The details on the figurine are also superb right down to the mask that has been worn by millions during costume parties. Just like the LEGO Batman, the Darth Vader children’s alarm clock is activated by pushing down on the figure’s helmet.

What We Like about It – We would have said “May the dark force be with you” but it surely doesn’t sound right. Instead, we’ll just say this is an excellent buy for kids who are fans of the series.

4Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Alarm Clock for Kids by It’s About Time

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If it’s a lovable adorable and very unique toddler alarm clock that you’re after, then we strongly suggest getting the Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Alarm Clock for Kids. Scientists and education specialists say that young children learn best with the use of lights. It would seem as if our little brains have been programmed for such visual inputs compared to the auditory instructions they receive from their teachers. That is why, many of today’s school curriculums integrate a lot of visual learning aids for young children as these help a lot in their cognitive development. The Stoplight is designed to capitalize on this knowledge by giving young children something that they all see every day – the traffic light. They learn to associate the green light as “go” while the red means “stop”. In the same way, when the Stoplight is programmed, your kid knows that it’s time to stop all activities and go to sleep if the device’s light turns Red. All throughout the night, the Stoplight is shining a soft and gentle reddish glow telling your child that it’s not yet time to move. Once the timer has run out and it’s time to wake up, then the Stoplight turns to Green, just like the traffic light. To accompany this visual clue, the Stoplight also emits a beeping alarm so your child will surely awaken to a more wonderful morning.

What We Like about It – The ingenious design – traffic light – of the Stoplight makes for learning associations a lot easier. The functional Red, Yellow, and Green lights allow for conditioning of your child’s behavior so he or she learns to go on green and stop on red.

5KEYNICE Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker and Night Light by KEYNICE

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If it’s multifunctionality that you’re after, we recommend the KEYNICE Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker and Night Light. This kids digital alarm clock, as the name implies, already comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker and a changeable night light. The beauty of the KEYNICE is in the integration of soft melodies and soothing mood light with its alarm function. Since the night lamp is made of LED lights, changing the colors is made easy with just a touch of the KEYNICE’s top. There are 6 colors that occur in a series. To get the color that your kid wants, he or she will have to cycle through the selection. The night light function can also be dimmed as needed to further set the mood for sleeping. As for its music playing capabilities, the KEYNICE accepts a Micro SD card or even a TF card which you can fill with your kid’s favorite tunes or songs. If you don’t have a memory card, you can also use your Bluetooth enabled music device to wirelessly connect to the KEYNICE and play your favorite music. In this particular setup the KEYNICE serves as your device’s powerful speakers. There’s a built-in hands-free function, too so you don’t need to be fumbling for your smartphone if in case someone calls.

What We Like about It – The KEYNICE is one truly multi-functional sleeping and waking-up aid. The combination of wireless connectivity, digital timekeeping, and functional mood lights make it one of the best kids alarm timepieces today.

6Galaxy Clock by MomKnows

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Fancy sleeping under the soft light of the nighttime sky? Now that would be a great thing to do except that it won’t actually be safe for your young kids. A much better option is to get them the Galaxy Clock which is actually a multi-functional children’s alarm clock that includes a night sky projector, a standalone night light, and a soothing music player. The starry nighttime sky projected into your kid’s bedroom ceiling should come in very handy as you play Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars in the background. There are plenty of nature sounds as well which can help provide for a more soothing sleep time for kids of all ages. You can also play your child’s very own favorite tunes using your Bluetooth enabled device such as tablets and smartphones as well as music players with Bluetooth connectivity. And if you don’t like projecting artificial stars into the ceiling, you can always go for the mood light that can provide your kid with soft colors to set the tone for a more restful sleep. It’s even got a temperature monitor so you’ll be sure you’ve got the correct temperature settings in your kid’s bedroom right.

What We Like about It – The Galaxy Clock is one fantastic sleep aid for your child. Since a restful sleep is guaranteed, waking up to the tunes of the Galaxy should never be difficult.

7Peakeep 4-Inch Twin Bell Alarm Clock by Peakeep

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Everyone loves the classic. When we talk about timepieces that are designed to wake us up early in the morning with its signature bell, we’re always reminded of that iconic clock face with two legs and two bells being struck by a hammer mechanism on top. That’s exactly what the Peakeep 4” Twin Bell Alarm Clock is. While fully analog, it does make for a very interesting children’s alarm clock. This is perfect for heavy sleepers who simply don’t wake up to any form of digital ringing. It doesn’t have any snooze function so your kid will really have to reach for it and stop the ringing. He or she has to get up at once since it’s not going to ring a second time. Great for teaching discipline.

What We Like about It – It’s a timeless classic and one that everyone else have grown to associate with wakeup devices. The sweeping motion of its hand also eliminates the tick-tock sound we’ve all come to appreciate over the years.

8BulbBotz Star Wars Light Up Alarm Clock by Bulb Botz

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For Star Wars fans, you simply have to have the BulbBotz Star Wars Light Up kids digital alarm clock. Available in different characters of the Star Wars franchise such as Yoda, BB8, KyloRen, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and Stormtrooper, your kid will simply have a fabulous time waking up to these collector’s items. It’s the perfect gift suggestion for kids who have miniature toy figurines as this can make for a superb décor. Of course, it won’t be a timekeeping device if doesn’t have all the functionalities we’ve come to expect from a wakeup timepiece. Each of the design variants has a snooze function as well as LCD backlight modes. Simply press the head and your kid will be entering the world of Star Wars.

What We Like about It – The fun designs of the BulbBotz make it more like a valuable collectors’ item than it is a timekeeping device. Nevertheless, its fantastic design and ease of operation should fit well into the bedroom of any child.

9Plumeet Easy Setting Bedside Alarm Clock by Plumeet

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If you have a child who isn’t really a fan of any cartoon or movie character at all, then maybe the very simple design of the Plumeet Easy Setting Bedside kids digital alarm clock should suffice. As the name suggests, it can be easily setup simply by pressing on the corresponding buttons on top of the Plumeet. This is one of the most commonly used digital timers that offices, kitchens, and other establishments use as it provides an excellent view of the time on its large LCD display. When used at night, the soft glow of the display will never get in the way of your child’s attempts to go to sleep. The casing is made of high grade silicone to provide a non-slip characteristic which should help protect it against accidental falls. Like all digital timers, the Plumeet’s alarms gradually increase in volume unless you put it into an 8-minute snooze mode. Once the 8 minute period is up, the alarms go off again.

What We Like about It – The Plumeet has a very functional design and one that is easily appreciated even by young children. At least, reading the time on the large display won’t really be that difficult anymore.

10Equity by La Crosse 70905 Cube LCD Alarm Clock by Equity by La Crosse 

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If you have a home that has cubes as its main design theme, then the Equity by La Crosse Cube LCD Alarm Clock should be an excellent addition. Available in a variety of hip and trendy colors, this fantastic looking cubical timekeeper comes with a colored LCD backlight that matches the color of the cube, i.e., if the body of the Equity is blue, then you can expect the backlight on the LCD to be blue as well. The Equity doesn’t come with a lot of fancy features, though. It’s a pretty straightforward timer with a beautiful design complete with the basic timekeeping functions of time-setting and snooze capability.

What We Like about It – For families who like cubes, the Equity is one cool gadget to both add to the aesthetics of your kid’s bedroom while also waking him or her up to a beautiful morning.

How We Chose the Top Children’s Alarm Clocks in Our List

Choosing an alarm clock is like choosing a wristwatch, a wall clock, or any other timepiece for that matter. You’d really have to go for the brand of the watchmaker, or in this case the clockmaker, as reputation always guarantees quality workmanship albeit a little pricey. But if we’re really going to consider the difference between a really branded and poorly manufactured alarm clock, the price variation is quite negligible considering that the branded one will typically last a longer period of time. Hence, one of our primary screening parameters was company reputation. Of course, we didn’t aim for those ultra-expensive ones.

Next, since it’s kids that we’re talking about here, it’s imperative that the alarm clock does have kiddie features whether it is in its color scheme or even its unique styling that is patterned after a popular cartoon or anime character that kids love. We believe that a kid’s digital alarm clock should both be functional and very pleasing and entertaining to the eyes of children.

If the children’s alarm clock comes with other features aside from the standard alarm and snooze functions, then we had to examine these as well. For instance, we had a few products that provided a fully integrated night lamp function and even Bluetooth speaker. While these are not your ordinary toddler alarm clock, we believe them to be quite interesting and particularly appealing to older children especially those who love music or who like to turn their bedrooms into a cozier place to rest.

We also considered the current consumer ranking status of the product. We correlated the product ratings with the reviews and feedbacks provided by customers who have already a first-hand experience with these children’s alarm clocks. At any rate, we can say that we are not alone in our assessment of these products that we have just shared with you as our top 10 kids alarm clocks.

The Value of Alarm Clocks in Children’s Development

All of the products that are now designed for children provide a certain benefit to their development. If you’re thinking that timepieces that wake us up in the morning don’t have any kids’ developmental benefits at all, then you’d be surprised to learn that it does provide quite a number of advantages for children of all ages.

First, these devices teach children about the concept of time. We need to understand that, while saying 4 o’clockmeans precisely that to adults, for young children like toddlers and preschoolers, the concept is as vague as the clouds on a stormy day. We may say tomorrow but they will often have no idea of what tomorrow really is. They may understand the concepts of “now” but if you’re going to say “later” or “in a while”, then they get lost in its meaning. At any rate, timepieces teach our kids what it means to say “later”. For instance, they know the value of 4. Later means it can be 5 or 6 or even 10. Of course, for an older child, this may no longer be an issue.

Alarm clocks also help instill discipline in children. They know that if the bell rings, it’s usually taken as a sign to stop doing what they are presently engaged in and start performing their next task. For instance, they know that somehow they have to stay in bed all night long. Once the bell rings in their devices, it is their sign that they now need to get up and perform their early morning rituals. We’re not saying that this is the only way we can teach children self-discipline. The point is that it helps.

So, the next time you’re buying something for your child, just remember that there is always a benefit to him or her even though it may not be readily apparent at first.

The Bottom Line

Alarm clocks are valuable devices not only for kids but also for us adults. With the 10 best kids alarm clocks, you’re now more empowered to help your child learn more about the concept of time and help define his or her state of self-discipline.

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