6 Best iPad Cases for Kids In 2017

When it comes to tablet technology, nothing beats Apple’s iPad. Just look at the throngs of people who willingly wait in long lines a few days before retail stores open their doors to the first day of a particular model in the market. People pay hundreds of dollars for these pieces of technological marvels. As such, they would also go to great lengths to secure the best protection for their devices. While adults can be expected to be a bit more careful about their gadgets, the same cannot be said of kids. That’s why you’ll need our 6 best iPad cases for kids to help ensure these devices are adequately protected.

How We Chose the iPad Cases in Our List

As there is literally an ocean full of cases for iPads, coming up with a top 6 list was quite a challenge. Nevertheless, we had to focus more on a unique combination of fun design and superb protection. We know very well that the best tablet guards don’t have designs that kids will love. Similarly, a lot of kiddie Apple tablet cases do not provide the kind of shielding that we require. As such, getting an excellent mix of the two was indeed perplexing, to say the least.

First, the protective capabilities of the casing were evaluated. From scratch-proofing to shock absorption and other features, these cases were carefully assessed as to how they would really keep children’s iPads safe and secure.

Second, the fun design was considered. Colors, textures, and other cool features were assessed and determined whether these would be loved by kids. Children don’t need the stainless steel or platinum plated covers of adult iPad cases. What they need are designs that speak of fun, of being a child.

Third, we examined other features and evaluated how these would prove beneficial to children’s use of the Apple device. Features such as integrated tablet stands, antimicrobial protection, unique handles, and other notable design structures were carefully evaluated.

Lastly, we took only products with a product rating of not less than 4 stars. At any rate, this should give you the confidence about the quality, safety, and usefulness of these products.

Teaching Kids to Take Care of their Gadgets

Whether you care to admit it or not, Apple’s devices are simply the world’s best. Unfortunately, they are also not cheap. And if they do get damaged, it would be like flushing hundreds of dollars down the drain. For some it’s not a problem. For most of us, it’s an issue. That’s why, if we do decide to give our children expensive gadgets, they must know how to take care of their gadgets. We can help kids to use gadgets wisely and at the same time initiate ways to protect electronic gadgets by making them more child-proof.

But how do we teach kids to take care of their gadgets? First, we must be able to set the rules that will help our kids understand what can and cannot be done when using a gadget. For instance, we can enforce a no-eating-while-playing rule to minimize spills, smudges, and other potential damage to the screen and other sensitive parts of the device. These ground rules must be understood very well by children so they know the possible consequences if these rules were broken. For example, drinking while playing may spill liquid onto the device can damage it permanently.

We can also try to teach our kids how to use the correct accessories such as the iPad cases we have featured here. They must be taught on how to hold the device correctly and how to operate the different functionalities of the device with the accessory on.

Having a specific place for storing the gadget when not in use can also help. This teaches kids to be more responsible for the upkeep of their tech gadgets.

The Bottom Line

Everyone wants an iPad. As it is a very expensive item for kids, these gadgets must have the appropriate protection at all times. The 6 best iPad cases we presented should get you started.

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