5 Best Insect Repellants for Kids in 2017

Some insects are very pretty to look at and they can provide the inspiration that we need to do good in life. Examples of these are butterflies, lady bugs, ants, and bees and many more. Unfortunately, there are also bugs that bring disease especially to young kids whose immune system are not yet fully ready to combat the parasites, bacteria, and viruses that these insects bring. Dengue, malaria, cholera, salmonellosis, and amoebic dysentery continue to plague many parts of the world. Even first world countries like the US is not safe from the infections brought about by some members of the insect world, what with the Zika virus already on our shores. While it is virtually impossible to extinguish the insect world without upsetting the delicate balance of nature, we can nevertheless, protect ourselves, especially our kids, with tested and proven insect repellants. Here are the 5 best insect repellants for kids in 2017 that you clearly should look for.

How We Chose the Top Insect Repellants for Kids in Our List

Safety is a very important concern whenever we talk about products for children. Insect repellants may be sprayed onto the skin, but different children have different skin anatomies and physiologies that can affect the effectiveness and efficiency of the active ingredients of these products. That’s why we only considered those bug repellant products that have been tested and duly certified to be safe for kids. This is important because the chemicals that can present long-term dangers to our kids are as dangerous as the disease-causing agents that are brought about by these insects and bugs. So, safety of the ingredients that are used in the formulation of the bug spray was crucial. We did include one product that may have a less-than-satisfactory safety profile. However, other concerns were factored into the decision to include it in our list, mostly related to its effectiveness which is the parameter that we next evaluated.

A product’s spectrum of activity was also determined to be important. It makes no sense to get a product that can protect kids against a single vector, although it may work if you go to a place where infections brought about by this vector are rampant. Traveling with several bottles of bug sprays is hardly our definition of efficiency, effectiveness, convenience, and practical sense. So, we chose products that are proven effective against a host of insects or bugs, especially with the threat of Zika in the minds of moms and dads all over.

Tips to Using Insect Repellents the Safe and Effective Way

As we have already mentioned, some insects are fun to behold while others are just pure nasty and mean. While you can always adhere to general outdoor safety tips for childrenwhenever you go out, it makes perfect sense to focus more  on how you can use insect repellents in a safe and effective manner since this is your kid’s primary protection against these creatures. Here are a few tips.

  • Always read the label of the product that you’re about to apply onto your kid’s skin. Take note of current guidelines regarding the use of DEET especially if you have a 6 month old child as it is considered a big no-no.
  • While some products are designed for kids, you are not supposed to let children below the age of 10 years to apply the product onto their skin themselves. Essentially, you’re supposed to keep these products out of children’s reach, even if it is intended for kids.
  • Watch where you’re applying the product. As a general rule, you are not supposed to apply these on broken skin as well as skin with signs of irritation or inflammation like sunburn.
  • Always spray the insect repellent in an open and well-ventilated area. Do not attempt to apply it inside your motorhome or, worse, inside a tent.
  • Avoid spraying the product onto your kid’s hands as he or she may rub these in his or her eyes or even mouth.
  • Always reapply an insect repellent after swimming regardless of a product’s claim of superb water resistance.

The Bottom Line

Some insects are very lovely creatures while others are not really that admirable as they bring disease to man. This is a special concern for children since their immunity is not yet fully mature to mount a full defense against vector-borne infections. With these 5 best insect repellents for kids in 2017, you’ll feel more secure about the safety of your kids whenever they’re around insects and bugs.

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