10 Best HABA Board Game Toys for Toddlers

Every family has a board game. In fact, many adults grew up to become great strategic thinkers because of these kinds of toys. The earlier children are exposed to different board games, the greater the chance of developing their complex problem solving and critical thinking skills. And what better way to start it than with the top HABA board game toys for toddlers. These toys can help develop and enhance your toddler’s psychomotor, cognitive, emotional, and social skills and as such, it is important to choose the best one for them.

Choosing the best board game toy from HABA can be tricky. That’s why we have come up with the 10 top HABA board game toys you can give your toddler.

How We Chose the Haba Toys in Our List

Choosing the correct products from a single toy manufacturer can be very daunting simply because you already have the company trustworthiness, reliability, toy quality, and product safety issues fully covered. What really matters now is the appropriateness of the board game toy to the developmental needs of toddlers. The more benefits it can provide, the better. Also, we had to take into consideration what Moms, Dads, and other consumers have to say about these board game toys so we are justified in our selection of the 12 top HABA board game toys for toddlers.

Board Games and Your Toddler’s Development

There are different board games for all ages. Many of these toys help develop critical and strategic thinking while also fostering competitiveness and cooperative play. However, since toddlers’ brains are still developing, these types of board games may not be appropriate yet. As such, the choice of the correct board game for toddlers is crucial.

Board games for toddlers are focused on the development of their psychomotor skills. This means they need to be able to take full control of the different pieces of the board game by contracting the different muscles of their fingers. This also help develop sensory processing, hand-eye coordination, and spatial intelligence. Toddlers can sense if they are exerting the correct pressure on the board game piece so that they can move it across the board. They will also learn to move it within the space allotted for that particular board game piece. This is how spatial intelligence can be developed. All of these skills can help in the development of the child’s ability to write and draw later on.

Closely related to the toddler’s psychomotor skills is his or her cognitive development. Many board game toys for toddlers come with pieces that are in a variety of shapes and colors. Some are also designed as letters of the alphabet or even as numbers and common ordinary objects. These can help develop the toddler’s letter, number, shape, and color recognition which all can lead to the development of his or her language skills. Also part of their cognitive development is learning to sort and arrange the different pieces of the board game toy according to their different characteristics such as colors, patterns, and shapes as well as any other similarities or grouping characteristics. This can help them develop their organizational skills as they grow older.

Teaching kids about the common objects or things around him or her can greatly increase the toddler’s vocabulary and this helps him or her communicate a lot better to Mom or Dad or anyone else. When toddlers are able to express themselves because they already know the right words for their thoughts, they feel more confident and won’t easily get frustrated. As we all know by now, frustration is one of the greatest triggers for toddlers to throw their infamous temper tantrums. So, the more they know, the greater they are at expressing themselves, the lesser chance they get frustrated, and the higher likelihood they won’t throw a classic tantrum.

Playing board games with toddlers can also help enhance their emotional and social skills. While an 18 month old toddler can’t be expected to share their playthings yet, by the time the toddler is 2 years old he or she already begins to understand the importance of cooperative play, of teamwork, and of taking turns. This builds the foundation for healthier social relationships which can lead to better self-confidence and self-esteem. This helps them grow into emotionally-balanced kids.

Board game toys are essential for toddlers’ development as these can help further develop their psychomotor and cognitive skills as well as lay the foundations for more effective social and emotional skills. We are optimistic that the list of the 12 top HABA board game toys is helpful in empowering you to make the correct choice for your very own tot.

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