10 Best HABA Board Game Toys for Toddlers

best haba board games toddlers

Every family has a board game. In fact, many adults grew up to become great strategic thinkers because of these kinds of toys. The earlier children are exposed to different board games, the greater the chance of developing their complex problem solving and critical thinking skills. And what better way to start it than with the top HABA board game toys for toddlers. These toys can help develop and enhance your toddler’s psychomotor, cognitive, emotional, and social skills and as such, it is important to choose the best one for them.

Choosing the best board game toy from HABA can be tricky. That’s why we have come up with the 10 top HABA board game toys you can give your toddler.

Our Top 10 Haba Board Game Toys for Toddlers in 2016

1My Very First Games – First Orchard Classic Cooperative Game 

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Families have been playing with HABA’s First Orchard Classic board game for over 3 decades now. The board game is a kid’s version of the original game. The objective of the game is quite simple – to collect as many fruits as toddlers possibly can before the raven beats them to the orchard. The set comes with a colorful game board complete with a basket to put the harvested wooden fruits. It also includes a colorful die with the pesky raven in one of the surfaces of the die. Tots roll the die to collect fruits from the trees. Rolling a raven, on the other hand, moves the bird of prey closer to the trees.

What We Like about It – It’s a classic game that teaches toddlers about cooperation which can help develop their social skills. It is also beneficial in strengthening motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. It can also help in color and object recognition which can become the basis for language development.   

2Wigglefants Stacking Game

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With 10 very colorful beech wood German-designed wigglefants and 5 templates made of high quality and sturdy cardboard, the Wigglefants Stacking Game is perfect for the development of the motor skills of toddlers. The legs of the Wigglefants can be interlocked with each other such that they can be flipped or positioned any way. Additionally, since the Wigglefants are made of relatively thick wood, each individual Wigglefant can stand on its own, be it on both its legs or on its back. The Wigglefants come in 5 different colors including blue, red, orange, yellow, and green. The cardboard design templates are also double-sided so that’s 10 beautiful patterns to challenge little toddlers to recreate the patterns using the colorful Wigglefants.

What We Like about It – The board game is excellent for enhancing fine motor development among toddlers as they get to stack each Wigglefant on top of the others. It also helps develop animal recognition, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity while at the same time encouraging independent play. One of the most important benefit of the Wigglefant is the development of the young child’s problem solving skills. This can also help foster their creativity as they get to play with the individual Wigglefants.

3Big HABA Racing Magnetic Game

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One of the best racing board games we have seen so far, the Big HABA Racing Magnetic Game is designed specifically for 2 kiddie players. Each kid has a magnetic rod to push the 2-colored balls around the race track. Both kids will start out at the starting line then decide which track to take. Each track comes with its own unique twists, turns, and straightaways for optimum racing fun. Towards the end of the race track, the road widens again to accommodate both racers and to see who crosses the finish line first.

What We Like about It – Playing with the Racing Magnetic Game is definitely not only for toddlers. We’ve seen Dads joining the race, too. It helps kids understand strategy especially when deciding which track to take. It’s more like a maze of tracks that can help develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Of course, it’s also great for enhancing psychomotor skills and color recognition.

4Brain Builder Peg Set 

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Call it a very unusual building block toy. That’s how HABA’s Brain Builder Peg Set is best described by the many parents who have already bought it for their children. The set comes with 18 colorful wooden shapes including 2 smiling faces. Each block is either finished in solid color or printed with different patterns like dots and checkered.

It also includes 20 cards that contain a 1-, 2-, or 3- star level of puzzle difficulty on one side of the card and the corresponding solution on the backside of the card. The goal is quite simple. Toddlers and their friends, including Mom and Dad, take turns drawing a card. They then try to solve the puzzle on the card by stacking the different blocks with reference to the drawing on the card. Toddlers can start with Level 1 which is 1 star. By the time he or she has mastered it, then he or she progresses to the next 2 levels.

What We Like about It – It’s a very interesting way to stimulate young kids’ problem solving skills as they get to look for the best possible solution to the problem on the card. This helps develop their convergent thinking. It’s also beneficial in enhancing their hand-eye coordination, understanding of spatial relations, sensory processing, and fine motor skills.

5My Very First Games – Flower Fairy

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Designed primarily for toddlers as an important tool for learning about the beauty of nature’s Spring, the My Very First Games – Flower Fairy is a wonderful board game set to give any child. It comes with 9 colorful flower blocks in 3 different colors plus a cute and lovable fairy figure – the flower fairy, Rosalina. The board game can be played by up to 3 kids each one cooperating to grow the different flowers in the springtime garden. Each one takes turns rolling the dice to see which color of flower to grow.

What We Like about It – It’s a very colorful way to help young children appreciate nature’s blooms in springtime. The stackable blocks also help enhance toddlers’ hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, and spatial intelligence. It is also helpful in fostering social interaction through cooperative play.

6My Very First Games – Little Builders Cooperative Game

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HABA’s Little Builders cooperative board game from its My Very First Games series is a shape and color matching game on 6 pieces of building and construction images or lots. The set comes with 12 building blocks in different colors and shapes including a wooden sun and a die. The Little Builders can be played by up to 3 kids at a time so they take turns rolling the dice and see what color and shape they can pick up to start building their construction scene. It also comes with a convenient storage box that has a colorful wraparound construction scene on the inner walls of the box. This same box doubles as the game’s construction site.

What We Like about It – It’s perfect for enhancing color and shape recognition while teaching kids about taking turns. It’s also helpful in enhancing kids’ hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and spatial relations skills. It can also help in encouraging children’s imagination.

7Peekaboo Zoo

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The Peekaboo Zoo Game of HABA’s is a color and animal matching game. It features 6 colorful wooden animal pieces including a blue elephant, a yellow giraffe, an orange lion, a purple hippo, a white zebra, and a red monkey. Each animal has a color-coded box which can also double as their house and arranged as a zoo. The progressively smaller boxes can also be stacked to form a tower, which, on one side, will depict a growing tree. Both the animal pieces and the boxes are made of high quality wood and then finished with child-safe and non-toxic finishing materials.

What We Like about It – It encourages free play so toddlers can actually play with it however they choose. Additionally, it’s great for enhancing psychomotor skills, balance and coordination, and color and animal recognition.

8Mini Monsters Stacking Game

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If you love playing with the Jenga, you and your toddler will surely love playing HABA’s Mini Monsters Stacking Game. The set comes with 12 lovable mini monsters that are stacked to form a pyramid. To prevent them from being knocked down, all of the lovable wooden monsters are interlocked by 12 pegs or dowels in 4 different colors. Toddlers roll a die to see what color of dowel they need to remove. They then try to remove the dowel without affecting the stability of the pyramid of monsters. If the pyramid collapses, then they lose. The set can also be played with in different ways. Toddlers can form interlocking shapes for added fun.

What We Like about It – It’s a unique interpretation of the classic Jenga. It helps encourage concentration and focus especially when removing the dowels. It also aids in color recognition as well as the enhancement or spatial intelligence, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. It can also foster imagination and creativity.

9My Very First Games – Hanna Honeybee

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Children love sweet things. With HABA’s Hanna Honeybee, toddlers can now imagine how bees make one of the sweetest and healthiest foods on Earth – honey. The game comes complete with a beehive box and a figure of Hanna Honeybee. The set also comes with a colorful honey pot and 10 flower tiles. Also included are a game instruction pamphlet and a die. The Hanna Honeybee can be played by up to 4 toddlers to help gather as much nectar from the flowers to turn into honey.

What We Like about It – It helps encourage imagination among young children while also helping strengthen their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. When played with other children, it can help teach about cooperation and teamwork.

10My Very First Games – Shapes and Colors

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One of HABA’s best-sellers especially for very young kids, the Shapes and Colors board game from HABA’s line of My Very First Games is a simple yet truly effective color, shape, and pattern matching game. The set includes 3 different shapes with different designs or patterns and the primary colors blue, yellow, and red. The thick puzzle pieces are made of high quality beech wood while the game board is made of high grade sturdy cardboard. Both board and puzzle pieces are finished with a water-based stain that is also child-safe. Toddlers take turns rolling the die to determine the color of the puzzle piece they have to use. They then use this piece to complete the picture on the game board. Whoever completes the pictures first, wins.

What We Like about It – The board game is excellent for enhancing color and shape recognition. It’s also ideal for stimulating problem solving skills while at the same time teaching young kids the value of taking turns. It’s also great for enhancing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

How We Chose the Haba Toys in Our List

Choosing the correct products from a single toy manufacturer can be very daunting simply because you already have the company trustworthiness, reliability, toy quality, and product safety issues fully covered. What really matters now is the appropriateness of the board game toy to the developmental needs of toddlers. The more benefits it can provide, the better. Also, we had to take into consideration what Moms, Dads, and other consumers have to say about these board game toys so we are justified in our selection of the 12 top HABA board game toys for toddlers.

Board Games and Your Toddler’s Development

There are different board games for all ages. Many of these toys help develop critical and strategic thinking while also fostering competitiveness and cooperative play. However, since toddlers’ brains are still developing, these types of board games may not be appropriate yet. As such, the choice of the correct board game for toddlers is crucial.

Board games for toddlers are focused on the development of their psychomotor skills. This means they need to be able to take full control of the different pieces of the board game by contracting the different muscles of their fingers. This also help develop sensory processing, hand-eye coordination, and spatial intelligence. Toddlers can sense if they are exerting the correct pressure on the board game piece so that they can move it across the board. They will also learn to move it within the space allotted for that particular board game piece. This is how spatial intelligence can be developed. All of these skills can help in the development of the child’s ability to write and draw later on.

Closely related to the toddler’s psychomotor skills is his or her cognitive development. Many board game toys for toddlers come with pieces that are in a variety of shapes and colors. Some are also designed as letters of the alphabet or even as numbers and common ordinary objects. These can help develop the toddler’s letter, number, shape, and color recognition which all can lead to the development of his or her language skills. Also part of their cognitive development is learning to sort and arrange the different pieces of the board game toy according to their different characteristics such as colors, patterns, and shapes as well as any other similarities or grouping characteristics. This can help them develop their organizational skills as they grow older.

Teaching kids about the common objects or things around him or her can greatly increase the toddler’s vocabulary and this helps him or her communicate a lot better to Mom or Dad or anyone else. When toddlers are able to express themselves because they already know the right words for their thoughts, they feel more confident and won’t easily get frustrated. As we all know by now, frustration is one of the greatest triggers for toddlers to throw their infamous temper tantrums. So, the more they know, the greater they are at expressing themselves, the lesser chance they get frustrated, and the higher likelihood they won’t throw a classic tantrum.

Playing board games with toddlers can also help enhance their emotional and social skills. While an 18 month old toddler can’t be expected to share their playthings yet, by the time the toddler is 2 years old he or she already begins to understand the importance of cooperative play, of teamwork, and of taking turns. This builds the foundation for healthier social relationships which can lead to better self-confidence and self-esteem. This helps them grow into emotionally-balanced kids.

Board game toys are essential for toddlers’ development as these can help further develop their psychomotor and cognitive skills as well as lay the foundations for more effective social and emotional skills. We are optimistic that the list of the 12 top HABA board game toys is helpful in empowering you to make the correct choice for your very own tot.

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