6 Best GPS Trackers for Kids in 2017

best gps tracker for kids

Going on a holiday overseas can be a great experience especially for kids. New sights. New food. New fun. New experiences. Unfortunately, you are still in a foreign land and it’s very easy to get lost in all that throngs of people. For kids, this can be a really frightening experience. And you clearly don’t want them to experience this. Good thing, we now have technology on our side to help us keep track of our kids’ and everyone else’s whereabouts. In this topic we’re going to share with you 6 of the most amazing and truly beneficial GPS trackers you can give to your kid or to anyone else in your family.

Our Top 6 GPS Trackers for Kids

Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS TrackerSpy Tec5
SinoPro Q50 Children Smart Watch Kids Wrist Watch with Anti-lost GPS TrackerSinoPro4.9
GBD GPS Tracker Smart Watch for KidsGBD4.8
Yepzon One Personal GPS LocatorYepzon4.7
NEW VERSION TickTalk 1.0S Touch Screen Kids Wearable tracker wrist Phone w/ GPS locatorTickTalk4.6
Tile Mate - Key FinderTile 4.5

1STI GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker by Spy Tec

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With this locator from a leading provider of global positioning system tracking gear, you will feel more confident about traveling anywhere with your kids. The STI GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker is one of the best geolocators we have in the world. It’s portable that it can fits inside your kid’s pocket or even in his or her backpack. What is truly amazing about the Spy Tec STI GL300 is that it is part of Spy Tec’s larger system of geolocators. You are actually advised to log onto the company’s website or use their app so you can set the boundaries of the STI GL300. Called geofencing, this allows you to set an invisible layer of protection around the device as well as anyone who wears it. For instance, you can effectively map out the route of your kid as he or she goes home from school. If your child wanders off this predetermined route or even makes an unscheduled stop, you will be notified instantaneously so you’ll know what to do. Such a feature can come in very handy because there are simply a lot of risks in the route from your child’s school to your home. At least, the Spy Tec STI GL300 system will be able to keep you updated of the whereabouts of your loved ones, particularly your children. One of the unique things about the Spy Tec STI GL300 is its energy efficiency. It has a well-engineered accelerometer which powers it. If the device is not moving, then it powers off the geolocator. This simply means that you will have the best technology in your hands right where and when you need it.

What We Like about It – The overall integration of the geolocator an geofencing capabilities of the Spy Tec STI GL300 makes it one of the best loved geolocators in the world. Its real time tracking of your love ones is simply phenomenal.

2Q50 Children Smart Watch with Anti-lost GPS Tracker by SinoPro

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One of the more colorful and truly ingenious GPS trackers we have seen especially built for kids is the Q50 Children’s Smart Watch with Anti-Lost GPS Tracker. Since this is a wearable technology, you can be sure that your kid will have plenty of things to do with the Q50. First, it’s a wearable smartphone which allows your kid to make 2-way calls. You can put a micro SIM into its card slot and use it as any other handheld phone. At least you are not only going to have the peace of mind knowing where your child’s exact location is, you will also be able to talk to him or her directly. This is very handy especially if you are traveling abroad or in an unfamiliar territory. With the phone feature, you can give directions to your kid so he or she won’t be frightened and he or she will also know what to do. The Q50 is built with other features that can be very useful for today’s children. It’s got a voice chat application so staying in touch with your kid is a lot easier. Of particular importance is its geolocator and geofencing features that allow you to effectively monitor the whereabouts of your precious child. Accessing these is also made simple as you can either use your smartphone app, through an SMS, or even on the official website of the company. Other features include an SOS emergency call, a fitness tracker, a pedometer, and a taken-off alarm. We find the latter to be very helpful as it gives you an idea if your child has removed the Q50 from his or her wrist, whether by accident or on purpose.

What We Like about It – We are quite intrigued with the Q50 since obviously, its many features should rank it quite favorably among many consumers. However, the negative feedbacks about the Q50 were centered more on its well, poor English user interface. It’s more on the setting up process that many of these customers are complaining about. However, we also found out that those who persevered in setting up the Q50 eventually ended up liking it. It’s just a matter of hurdling the initial setup procedures.

3GPS Tracker Smart Watch for Kids by GBD

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Built like the Q50 but with a slightly different user interface and stylish design, the GBD GPS Tracker Smart Watch for Kids is one truly unique geolocator wearable technology for children. It’s got some really cool designs to choose from as well as a SIM card that’s already included in the package. What we would like to caution, though, is that you may need to have a bit more patience in setting this up. The English translation may be poorly written which can make the setup process quite frustrating. But, as we have seen in some of the reviews, once the setup process has been completed, the GBD really does work like a charm. The GBD is technically a smartphone wearable technology giving you the additional security of being able to talk to your child and instruct him or her how to get home in case he or she is lost. Since its built-in GPS tracking is continuously giving you real time information on the exact location of your child, you’ll know what to do. In instances when your kid is simply in a location where the signal of the global positioning system is not really that strong, you can still pinpoint the location of your child because of its built-in AGPS technology which assists the primary system in such cases. Like the Q50, the GBD also comes with a smart alarm notification whenever the smart watch is removed from your child’s writs. It also features a fitness tracker, a pedometer, and a voice chat application to further increase your communication abilities. Of course, geofencing is a standard.

What We Like about It – The addition of the Assisted-GPS or AGPS is quite unique to the GBD. This gives it superior reach in locations where the signal of the geolocator services may not be that adequate.

4One Personal GPS Locator by Yepzon

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While a wearable technology is a very unique way to keep a digital eye on your children, sometimes they simply don’t care so much about the watch function and other features of the device. In such cases, you will need the One Personal GPS Locator. This geolocator is designed like a rather bulky dog-tag pendant like the ones we see from military name tags. It has a very unassuming design, styled in an all-white faceplate except for the logo of Yepzon at the back and a few inscriptions. The thing is that you can easily think of the One Personal as a large name tag worn around your child’s neck like a necklace. The good news is, despite its very simple design, it really works. You can even use the cellular services of T-Mobile and AT&T for geolocation purposes. Setting it up is a breeze as you only need to download and install the Yepzon app on your smartphone and remotely activate the One Personal from there. Once activated you can readily locate where the One Personal is. The other good thing about it is that it has a truly superb accelerometer function, activating the geolocator only when it senses movement. Users have been known to use the One Personal for up to a few months without charging which can be achieved by using the accompanying USB charging cable. The One Personal is also waterproof so you can track your kid wherever he or she may be. Well, as long as he or she doesn’t remove the One Personal off his or her neck.

What We Like about It – The simple design yet very effective geolocation features of the One Personal is simply astounding. However, it’s the ease of setup that we really love about it. There are no passwords nor registrations to worry about. Everything is actually controlled by the app in your smartphone.

5TickTalk Touch Screen Kids Wearable Tracker Wrist Phone with GPS Locator by TickTalk

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If you need improved security for your child’s wearable technology, we recommend the TickTalk Touch Screen Kids Wearable Tracker. This is pretty much identical to the Q50 and the GBD we have also included in this list. However, the security features of the TickTalk are simply phenomenal. For starters, it has a TickTalk Firewall which effectively limits all incoming and outgoing calls for up to 13 preset contacts. This simply means that if you’re going to call your kid on the TickTalk, make sure to use a number that is listed as a preset contact in the TickTalk. Otherwise, your call will be rejected by the firewall of the TickTalk. It also has a History Tracker to get an idea of the callers or numbers that have been recently registered in the wearable technology’s memory. This way you can easily track who the last person your child was able to talk to. And if your child already forgot your number, he or she can easily press the SOS button and whatever number is designated as an emergency number is immediately called. Of course, these features all work to enhance the geolocation capabilities of the TickTalk which does not only rely on orbiting satellites for positioning. It can also utilize location based services and WiFi signals to provide a more precise location of your child. This information are continuously updated in the TickTalk app so you’ll have a better understanding of where your child is. And since it’s a smart watch, you can still expect 2-ay communication, voice messages, private chat, and other useful features.

What We Like about It – The superb security and call features of the TickTalk make it one of the best we have in our list. It’s all touchscreen, too.

6Tile Mate Key Finder by Tile 

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The One Personal may be great but its size may not appeal to everyone. If you need a smaller size of personal geolocator, then you’d have to get the Tile Mate Key Finder. Now, don’t raise your eyebrows yet. We know it’s not really for kids but since its design mimics that of an accessory on your keychain, then it should be an invaluable tool for anything that we don’t want to lose. Who among us would want to lose a child? This can be attached to your child’s belt loop or even in his or her necklace as it is small enough to be inconspicuous. Just download the Tile Mate app and you’re good to go. But there’s a catch. It works on Bluetooth technology so the effective range is often limited by the range of your Bluetooth device.

What We Like about It – The Tile Mate is one very tiny marvel of engineering designed to help us never lose track of what are precious to us.

How We Chose the Top GPs Trackers in Our List

How do you choose a GPS tracker especially for kids? We had to look at the portability of the device. Kids have very small frames. As such it is very important for us to choose satellite locators that are very convenient to carry. And if it can be worn by kids such that it becomes a rather inconspicuous device, then we took that into consideration. Additional features of the device were also examined closely. It would be more fun for kids to have a device if they have some additional use for it.

Power is a major consideration in the selection of these devices. It would be useless to get a geolocator that doesn’t last as long as you want it to. It is therefore, crucial for us to choose only those that have superb battery life, otherwise, it would simply be senseless having these electronic devices if you cannot even power it on when you need it the most.

We also considered what other consumers think about these geolocators. Those who already have a first-hand experience about the use of these products were taken into consideration. This gave us the guarantee that your kid will be much safer as you’ll know exactly where he or she is. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy about these products. But for those who do, we tried to determine what about the product that made them feel very satisfied. And for those who had negative experiences with the product, we tried to examine closely whether their reasons were justified or not. We do recognize that some have higher expectations than others. It is thus, crucial for us to determine whether those negative things about the product are deal breakers or not and whether these are isolated cases or a sign of a more pervasive problem.

Ensuring the Safety of Your Child when Going Out

Going out every weekend can have a lot of benefits to the family, especially children. However, going out to a place where no one is familiar can be a frightening experience. This is especially true if you are going to participate in certain activities where there are a lot of people. While adults can easily navigate their way out of the dilemma, children may not have the faculties to do so. As such, it is important to ensure the safety of your children whenever you are going out to a place that’s unfamiliar to you.

First, you need to strategize. You can easily discuss with your family things everyone needs to do in case they get separated from the family and get lost. You can decide on a meeting place with a particular time of day for meet-ups. Make sure that everyone truly understands the place where you are going to visit so that everyone knows where the meeting place is. For kids, it is important to teach them who to approach in case they get lost. Uniformed officers such as policemen will be their primary resource persons. The wearing of GPS trackers can also help; just make sure that all of these devices are functioning properly.

Going on a trip with your kids can be made more fun if you can avoid one of your family members getting lost. Planning and vigilance is needed to help make this happen.

The Bottom Line

Today’s technology now allows us to do a lot of things, even track the whereabouts of our loved ones. This is not because we’re suspicious or anything but we just want them to be safe. Our top 6 GPS trackers for kids can help you with this.

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