10 Best Go-Karts for Kids in 2017


Nothing excites kids more than having to drive their very own car. And if they can take it to a racing level, then that would even be thrilling for them. Who knows, your kid might as well belong to the next generation of Sennas, Schumachers, and Prosts as well as other greats in Formula 1 racing. Of course, we don’t expect your kid to jump right away into any one of ultra-high performance Formula One racing monsters. Instead, your kid will be hopping into one of our 10 top go-karts for kids. These will serve as the all-important stepping stone to F1 glory.

How We Chose the Top Go-Karts in Our List

Choosing a go-kart to include in a list is like trying to figure out which among the world’s best automobile makers is the best, the fastest, the most efficient, and the safest. Unfortunately, every single manufacturer strives for perfection in these areas. The only thing that clearly separates them is their overall design philosophy which includes the seamless integration of all of these parts and its unique styling. While a go-kart doesn’t really have to be as aerodynamic as an F1 racecar and be used as an actual racing go-kart, it still needs to have certain elements to make it a racecar for kids.

First, safety is very important. As such, the different safety features that have been built into the go-kart have been examined. From protective bars to seat belts and other features, we had to make sure we fully understood the implications of these features on your kids’ safety. While we really cannot examine directly these safety features, we had to rely on the company’s reputation as well as any indicators of quality workmanship. Typically, products that have been tested and passed rigorous assessment tests often have a seal or certification issued to them by recognized federal agencies as well as third party national and international organizations. If such certifications exist in the product, then we know that it is safe and of the highest possible quality of workmanship.

We looked at the other features of each product specifically their motors, pedals, acceleration and braking systems, and other things that have been integrated into the go-kart. These must serve a purpose and that purpose must be able to help children who sit behind the wheel to have greater control of their go-karts. More importantly, we would like kids to really have fun while taking the go-kart for a spin cruising along with their friends. This can help improve their social development. We also chose quite a handful of pedal-powered go-karts because we believe these can help with your kid’s physical development as well.

We read the different comments and feedbacks of other parents like us who simply wanted a ride for their kids. We’d love to find out what their experiences are and how their children responded to their go-kart. We also looked for specific issues and whether these were addressed by the go-kart maker in a very timely and appropriate manner. We felt the need to ensure you get high quality and reliable customer service so that if you encounter an issue with your purchase, you’ll get the answers straightaway.

Go-Karts, Ride-On Toys, and Your Kid’s Development

We have always said that toys are very vital tools to help ensure the healthier and more “normal” development of children as they move across the different life stages from infancy all the way to adolescence. And while some may not readily admit the benefits of ride on toys in child development, everyone nevertheless, agree that it is one of the most fun and truly meaningful playtime experiences for children.

But how do ride-on toys, especially go-karts, help develop your child?

First, the most obvious benefit is in the enhancement of their cognitive abilities. This is firmly rooted in their ability to imagine and extend the boundaries of their imagination by role playing what-if scenarios. For us adults, kids playing what-if situations are just kids’ play. But experts agree there is more to than just kids’ play. Child development professionals say that children who operate on what-if scenarios are actually exercising their abilities to use divergent thinking. What this essentially means is that they have a very good idea of what the standards and norms are and that they would like to see if changing some or all of the attributes of a particular norm can change the expected outcome.

For example, children know that driving in the real world means obeying traffic rules and that they need to follow these rules. In a divergent thinking child, they will try to see what happens if such rules don’t exist. They test this through their roleplaying activities. That’s why we can see them having so much fun bumping into each other with their ride on toys. Of course, it’s up to us to refocus their thinking that such a manner of driving is totally unacceptable in the real world.

In essence, the roleplaying activity helps children act out their feelings and their thoughts. Go-karts and other toys can help facilitate the expression of these thoughts and feelings.

Secondly, some go-carts run on pedal power. It should be readily obvious what benefit this brings to kids. Because they will have to use their legs to move the go-kart, then they will have the opportunity to grow and develop their muscles a lot better as well as enhance their motor skills. Additionally, this helps improve their energy expenditure which, sadly, has been proven by healthcare authorities to be one of the main reasons why we have such a huge problem on childhood obesity. The lack of or insufficient physical activities among children favor the deposition of fats from high calorie and high fat diets. Having kids pedal through the different terrain should help them get physically active while also giving them a more engaging experience.

The child’s emotional development is also substantially enhanced by playing with these go-karts. Being able to drive a go-kart at 12 miles per hour can be an amazing feat for a child. Performing a variety of tricks can also help foster a sense of confidence, making the child believe in his or her abilities spurring the child to excel. And as we all know, a well-motivated child is a happy child. And a happy child will definitely translate into happier parents.

There are other ways in which ride-on toys like go-karts can help in children’s development. Suffice it to say, these are very helpful tools.

The Bottom Line

You don’t have to let your kids race in these go-karts. Just let them enjoy and relish the feeling of sitting behind a Formula One inspired ride-on toy. This should really make for a great and truly fun day for them.

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