20 Best Gifts for 13 Year Old Boys in 2017

gifts for 13 year old boys

The Yuletide Season for this year is just around the corner. Just several more weeks and we’ll be greeting 2017 already. And if you haven’t decided yet on what to give your 13 year old boy before the year ends, then you might want to consider checking our list of the top 20 gifts you can give to any thirteen year old boy. We guarantee they will love it.

20 Best Gifts for Thirteen Year Old Boys

PictureProduct NameBrandType
Apple iPad mini MD532LL/A (32GB, Wi-Fi, White)AppleTablet
MM-B80 Youth Mini Bike (Black)Monster MotoRide On
Sony PlayStation 4 Pro - 1TBSonyGame Console
GP - NextX 1/12 4WD RC S-Track Truggy/ Remote control Off Road Cars Classic Toy Gift & Hobby RedGPRemote Controlled Toy
Nike Men's Stefan Janoski Max L Sequioa/White/Black Skate Shoe 13 Men USNikeShoes
X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair, WirelessX RockerGaming Chair
Beats Solo2 Wired On-Ear Headphone, Luxe Edition - BlackBeatsHeadphones

1iPad Mini MD532LL/A by Apple

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In the battle for mobile communications supremacy, there are only 2 platforms that are really slugging it out: iOS and Android. However, nothing beats Apple when it comes to providing you with superb products especially with the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Clearly, Samsung has taken a huge hit. On the other hand, it only cemented the position of Apple in the mobile market as the undisputed leader. That’s why it should not be surprising if we’d recommend getting an iPad Mini MD532LL/A for your 13 year old boy this 2016. Its 7.9-inch LED display is one of the most responsive in the market, proof of Apple’s superior technology. Its high definition resolution at 1024×768 makes for excellent viewing of your kid’s favorite movies or even playing downloadable games from Apple’s iTunes. His music listening experience can also be made extra special with the iPad Mini’s powerful A5 dual core processor that runs the Apple iOS 6 platform. Remember that this is the very first iPad Mini and not your latest iPad Mini 4. So, don’t expect that the specs will be superlative. But, with a 5 megapixel iSight camera delivering superb images and video clips, we’re pretty sure your thirteen year old boy will love it.

What We Like about It – For its price, we definitely recommend the iPad Mini MD532LL/A instead of the iPad Mini 4 which is, unfortunately, almost double its price. The reason we recommend this is that it’s still going strong in the market and we think, as kids will be using it, we can opt for a lower-price version instead of the premium one. Hey, it’s the thought that really matters, right?

2MM-B80 Youth Mini Bike by Monster Moto

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In the Second World War, Harley Davidsons, Ariels, Nortons, and BMWs stirred the dust as motorcycle-riding soldiers blasted their way through enemy lines. In the Captain America films as well as the Avengers, Cap is always seen riding his 1942 Harley-Davidson Liberator. It really is such a joy to see these classic motorcycles hit the road with their distinct roar in pretty much the same way as an American muscle car, a Mustang or even a Charger, can turn heads. Now, your 13 year old boy can also turn heads in your neighborhood or even in school with the MM-B80 Youth Mini Bike. You’ll agree with us that this is one really cool-looking piece of motorcycle engineering. Its ultra-rugged, super-reinforced steel frame gives it that menacing look that your pre-teen can literally take anywhere. Powered by a 79.5cc overhead valve engine and rated at 2.5 horsepower, the MM-B80 is powerful enough to see any 13 year old kick up the dust from behind and zoom away to a maximum of 23 miles per hour. The knobby, extra-wide tires make for superb traction on the dirt, on rocky terrain, on sandy dunes and beaches, and even on grass. With no-dent fenders made of polypropylene and large comfortable seat, the MM-B80 can take any beating thrown its way. You can see more like this in our post on the best electric dirt bike for kids.

What We Like about It – The MM-B80’s iconic design and styling is what we really fell for. The engine is powerful enough to propel any individual less than 150 lbs in weight is also admirable. It’s great for enhancing kids’ agility and coordination.

3A Kick Scooter by Razor

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If you don’t like your pre-teen riding his very own motorcycle, how about getting him the A Kick Scooter instead? This doesn’t use any complicated parts. You only have a platform to plant your feet on, 2 wheels on the ends of this platform, and a rod sticking straight up from one end of the platform. Ride-on Scooters are one of the most efficient ways to travel short distances on pavement. Don’t expect the 98-mm inline wheels of the A Kick to get your kid over grassy or even sandy terrain. However, on pavement, its ABEC 5 bearings work like charm ensuring smoother ride. Stopping is quick, too. Your kid simply presses the rear fender with his non-dominant foot and the A Kick comes to a halt. Both the scooter deck, frame, and steering column are made of high grade aluminum, typically used in the aircraft manufacturing industry.

What We Like about It – The aircraft-grade aluminum construction provides superb strength as well as unmatched durability. And since it’s made of aluminum, it’s also lightweight allowing for ease of carriage and storage.

4PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB by Sony

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In the battle of the gaming consoles, we have three names that are really slugging it out: Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. Well, different folks will have different preferences. For us, we’d always go for Sony’s PlayStation simply because it has the widest array of playable games. the PlayStation 5 Pro 1TB is one of Sony’s latest offerings providing serious gamers with spectacular graphics that can rival any other gaming platform, although we’d like to believe it doesn’t really matter if the TV you’re going to connect it to is of mediocre quality. Nonetheless, its graphics engine can really provide for a superb and immersive gaming experience. It features faster frame rates perfect for certain games that are packed with super-sharp action. Adding the PlayStation Plus should give your 13 year old boy the ability to compete against other PS4 gamers anywhere in the world. And if your pre-teen is already bored playing games, he can always use the console to stream 4K videos. He can also view ordinary videos that are automatically upscaled to 4K for superb viewing experience.

What We Like about It – The 4K quality of its graphics is really phenomenal. This makes for a really enriching gaming experience. Plus, at 1 terrabyte of storage, we’d have plenty of games to put into the console’s hard drive.

5The Manual to Manhood: How to Cook the Perfect Steak, Change a Tire, Impress a Girl, & 97 Other Skills You Need to Survive by Jonathan Catherman

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When your kid asked you where he came from, how did you respond? Most parents are often taken aback by these seemingly innocent questions. Yet, they are very valid questions. Now that your child has grown into a pre-teen, there will be other questions in his mind that he’s raring to ask you. But, if he can recall how awkward you looked when he asked you that “where did I come from” question a few years back, do you think he’d ask you again? Well, just give him the book The Manual to Manhood: How to Cook the Perfect Steak, Change a Tire, Impress a Girl, and 97 Other Skills You Need to Survive. At least, let him discover for himself the answers to his questions. And if he is quite curious as to what a particular skill meant in real life, then you can supplement his reading with your own explanation. The Manual to Manhood takes a very different approach to reading for pre-teens as it provides a collection of easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow instructions, presented in a stepwise manner. The book features great visuals to aid your kid in understanding and appreciating what is being presented. If you don’t like giving your kid the paperback edition, then maybe the e-book version would interest him more.

What We Like about It – It’s so easy to read, so easy to follow. You can bet your pre-teen boy will love this as he will be more than ready to conquer the world.

6T501 SuperBreak Backpack by JanSport

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Pre-teens today need a very durable yet highly fashionable backpack to use every day going to school or simply going out on a trip. JanSport is one of the better known and trusted brands when it comes to backpacks. The T501 SuperBreak should fit well into your 13 year old boy’s active lifestyle as it is made of the highest possible quality of 600D polyester complete with fully padded shoulder straps. The SuperBreak has a single, yet very spacious main compartment which can accommodate all of your kid’s school essentials including a couple of textbooks, notebooks, paperbacks, and all of his writing instruments. He can also place his electronic devices like smartphone and MP3 player on the front pocket of the SuperBreak with its patented organizer. The T501 also features a padded back panel that covers 2/3 of the backpack to provide comfort for your pre-teen’s lower back. It also comes with a loop on top of the SuperBreak for easy hand carriage or hanging on a hook. Want more like this? Then make sure you read our line up of the best backpacks for kids.

What We Like about It – JanSport is a name we can depend on for quality. Unfortunately, because of its immense popularity, there are plenty of knockoffs in the market.

7Mini Pro 1 Bright Tactical LED Flashlight by Solaray

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Your 13 year old boy will become very active both at school and in going out with his friends. One of the more popular things they might do is going camping or even going on a hiking trip. Whatever the activity, you will need to give him something he can use to illuminate his path especially in dark and unknown environments. While an ordinary flashlight will do, the amount of luminescence is simply not that bright compared to the sunlight-like power of LED lights. Good thing you can now give your kid the Mini Pro 1 Bright Tactical LED Flashlight. This features a fully adjustable zoom mechanism which allows your kid to shine light in standard, wide, or narrow beams of light that is supplied by a very powerful XM-L T6 super silicon carbide LED chip from Cree. The Mini Pro 1 also comes with 3 different light modes to help your kid with a variety of purposes. Use the high beam for superb illumination that can reach far distances. The low light beam is perfect for watching your footsteps while the strobe beam should be ideal for signal purposes. The Mini Pro 1 comes in a superior grade aluminium body giving it unparalleled resilience and sturdiness. It’s protected from the rain and water, too.

What We Like about It – The Mini Pro 1’s unique LED light technology makes it very ideal for hiking, camping, outdoor sports, and even fishing. This should come in handy especially if your 13 year old boy is fond of the great outdoors.

8NextX S911 High Speed RC Off Road Cars by GP

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Letting your 13 year old drive your car is definitely out of the question. But driving can really provide a lot of benefits to anyone. For now, though, you can help cultivate your pre-teen’s passion for driving with his very own remote controlled car. We cannot think of anything better than GP’s NextX S911 High Speed Remote Control Off Road Cars. The 390 engine is powered by 2 pieces of fully rechargeable lithium ion batteries rated at 800 mAh each which give the NextX superb long life. There is enough juice in the batteries to propel the powerful 390 to a mind-boggling 35 miles per hour speed. Mind you, the 35 mph is just the average and as such, in the hands of a skilled 13 year old, it should go faster than 35. The large, wide, and knobby tires are mated to individual S-truck suspension and an ultra-wide wheelbase for superb agility, maneuverability, and traction across all types of terrain, rugged or smooth. The high ground clearance allows the NextX to simply run over any obstacle without getting snagged from the underside. The front bumper is dutifully inclined at an angle and reinforced to absorb any impact with rocks, stones, and even the hard surface of pavement. The chassis of the NextX is engineered for excellent off-road experience, allowing it superb water resistant properties, and a reliably strong frame. The charging mechanism on the S911 is certified to have a built-in safety protocol preventing overheating, overcharging, and overcurrent.

What We Like about It – The speed is simply outstanding. Add the high ground clearance, wide wheelbase, and large knobby tires and you know that the NextX is going to go places.

9Stefan Janoski Max L Men’s Sneakers by Nike  

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In the world of professional skateboarding, no one draws more admiration than Stefan Janoski especially his signature switch-stance tricks. However, as popular as Janoski is in the professional skateboarding circuit, he is nonetheless best known as a cool, very casual guy. These are the very same things that you can expect from the Stefan Janoski Max L Men’s Sneakers provided by renowned sportswear company, Nike. The SJ Max L is very comfortable to wear, thanks to its Nike patented Zoom Air insoles providing unparalleled impact resistance and excellent cushioning. This is expected as skateboarders often require superb cushion for the soles of their feet to resist injuries because of compression. It also features a fully padded tongue to better enhance the shock-absorption capabilities of the SJ Max L. It is made of suede to give your kid’s feet a more comfortable fit as well as an elegant look that is made even classier with Nike’s signature minimalist design. Adding durability to the SJ Max L are fully stitched cupsoles.

What We Like about It – The SJ Max L may have a very simple design and style but this actually epitomizes the character of Stefan Janoski. The mere fact that its design inspiration is from the Nike Dunk SB 2 simply means that it is an excellent combination of comfort fit and superior footwear performance whether your 13 year old boy will use it for skateboarding or not.

10FX40 Foosball Table by Sport Squad

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It’s a game for the whole family. Instead of letting your thirteen year old boy play FIFA 2016 in his game console, why not play football instead on the FX40 Foosball Table? This tabletop foosball table affords portability and ease of storage. Its 40x20x8 inch dimensions allow for easy storage. More importantly, since there are no lengthy legs or other structures to worry about, your kid can bring it to the beach, the park, or even in school for him to have an excellent game of foosball with his pals. The 3-man goalie system allows for superb defending against the attackers. The green playing field is not made of the usual particle board but rather high quality MDF. On the four corners of the FX40 are L-shaped legs that have been engineered to withstand constant pounding on the playing field. Each goal area comes with a manual slide scoring system allowing you to keep track of the progress of the game. The game rods are made of chrome plated steel and tipped with rubber grooved handles allowing superb defending and attacking as the rods make it super easy to manipulate the plastic players. Want more like this? Then check out the best foosball tables this year.

What We Like about It – The portability of the FX40 is desirable as moving or transporting it to any location is a breeze. The game play mechanisms are also quite remarkable in that they allow for a superb playing experience.

11Solo2 Wired On-Ear Headphone by Beats

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We all know how beneficial music can be to all of us, especially to kids. While not everyone are naturally gifted to either play a musical instrument or sing a song, all of us, we’re pretty sure, love to listen to our favorite tunes. Your 13 year old boy may be a fan of rock and roll bands or even heavy metal. These kinds of music require a listening device to really get in the groove. The Solo2 Wired On-Ear Headphone guarantees superb and rich music listening experience. Beats has managed to update and improve its acoustics to give you and your child the widest range of musical tones as well as enhanced clarity. Whether it is bass that your 13 year old boy is after or the high notes of its treble, you can expect the Solo2 to provide a really rich blend of these tonal frequencies. The On-Ear design of the ear cups also allow for superb comfort which are angled ergonomically to ensure a natural fit onto your child’s ears. The ear cups are made of premium grade materials which help dissipate heat while trapping the sound inside the cup leading to excellent noise reduction capabilities.

What We Like about It – The Solo2’s sleek and sexy design make it really cool to look at. But what is really amazing is the quality of the sounds that it produces. It’s truly immersive.

12OontZ Angle 3 Next Generation Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker by Cambridge Soundworks

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While a headphone is perfect for solitary music listening experiences, maybe you need to consider getting your thirteen year old the Oontz Angle 3 Next Generation Ultraportable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker especially if he is in the company of his friends and would like to share his music with them. Or, if your child simply wants to turn his room into one gigantic music box, then the Oontz is the answer. The Oontz is very portable and since it works on wireless Bluetooth connectivity, it doesn’t have any wires or cables that can get tangled. The only cables you’ll get is a USB charging cable to provide juice to the Oontz for a good 7 hours of continuous music playtime and a 3.5 mm audio cable to connect to your other music devices that don’t have Bluetooth wireless connectivity. It has excellent protection against the elements and as such is perfect for taking to the beach, the camp, the lake, the park, the mountain, or even right in your shower. Now, taking a bath or a shower will take on an entirely different meaning. Of course, you’re not supposed to submerge it but a few splashes of water will not damage the Oontz. The true power of the Oontz is in its distortion-free sound quality, enabling your kid to streamline his favorite music channels and internet radio services without so much of a glitch.

What We Like about It – The Oontz is clearly the epitome of next generation of ultra-portables that combine superb sound quality, excellent connectivity, and superior protection against the elements.

13Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 Electronics Discovery Kit by Elenco

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Boys are always fascinated by mechanical things and other objects or items that run on electricity. And in a world where almost everything is run by some form of electrical power, it pays to help them harness their understanding of the fundamental principles of electricity by giving them the Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 Electronics Discovery Kit. Think of the Snap Circuits as a LEGO construction play set with the main difference being, instead of building bricks or blocks, your 13 year old will be using different electronic parts and components that can be easily snapped onto a beautifully engineered “logic board”. The kit comes with more than 80 electronic parts to enable your child to build more than 750 electronic projects such as a fully working AM radio, a sound-activated switch, or even a simple lie detector machine. Attaching the Snap Circuits to your child’s computer monitor and using the CI-73 computer interface can help your child build an oscilloscope of his own. There are photo resistors, capacitors, solar cells, and power amplifiers as well as other electronic parts included in the Snap Circuits kit.

What We Like about It – The idea of creating their very own electronic device appeals to many boys of this particular age. It helps them understand the fundamental principles associated with electronics. It also helps strengthen their imagination and creative potential.

1451396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Wireless Video Gaming Chair by X Rocker

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If you have a 13 year old boy who happens to be a serious PC or video gamer, then you will also have to consider his posture while playing. Imagine the strain a slouched position can have on your child’s neck and back as he tries to manipulate his game character. This can lead to serious low back problems and even spinal issues later in his life. To help prevent this and to provide him with the ultimate comfort while playing his favorite computer games, you’d have to get him the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Wireless Video gaming Chair. Yes, this chair is not your ordinary executive lounger. Why does your kid need this? Well, just imagine a headrest with a fully integrated 2-speaker setup and a subwoofer mated to an ergonomic chair with comfort cushion and you now have the X Rocker. The built-in sound system can truly transform any game play into a really lively experience. Here’s the best part, it can be connected to other X Rocker chairs so everyone can have a really superb multiplayer gaming experience. Don’t ever think that the X Rocker is only good for video gaming. It’s also phenomenal for reading, listening to music, or even watching your favorite TV shows and simply relaxing. Its wireless transmitter can seamlessly connect with any stereo output that works with RCA. The gunstock arms help provide comfort for your arms while its tilt and swivel features allow for more versatile relaxation positions.

What We Like about It – Need we say that it’s the ultimate in gaming chairs? With all these features, it would be a grave injustice not to get it especially this Christmas. If not for your 13 year old boy, then get it for yourself.

1570-Pound MMA Heavy Bag Kit by Everlast

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While we don’t expect your kid to follow in the footsteps of The Spider, Rush The Last Emperor, or even Bones as the next MMA superstar, the 70-pound MMA Heavy Bag Kit should help your 13 year old boy to stay in perfect shape. The MMA Heavy Bag is filled with natural and synthetic fibers that have been integrated into the sifted sand content. This gives it unmatched stuffing that should not really hurt that much whenever your child decides to throw a punch. The wrap and gloves that come with the kit also helps protect your kid’s hands against possible abrasion.

What We Like about It – The safety features integrated into the Heavy Bag Kit should help maintain a certain level of safety for your thirteen year old boy. At least, he can train for throwing really powerful punches while at the same time build his arm muscles.

1621019 The Eiffel Tower by LEGO Architecture

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One of the most beneficial toys you can give to anyone, and we really mean anyone, is a LEGO building and construction set. Adults have Tecnics while young infants have Duplo. For your pre-teenaged boy we recommend the Eiffel Tower from the Architecture line of LEGO. Whenever we talk about Europe, nothing is more iconic and more famous than this tower in Paris. Of course we also have the Parthenon in Greece and the SagradaFamilia in Spain but nothing can come close to the popularity of the Eiffel Tower. In fact, it is one of the most photographed landmarks in the world. With the LEGO Architecture line, your kid will simply have a great time recreating the iconic structure. Made of 321 building blocks, the LEGO Eiffel Tower stands a full foot high once completed. This should be a very interesting centerpiece in your living room or even in the trophy case of your 13 year old’s bedroom.

What We Like about It – LEGO is well-known when it comes to stimulating creativity among kids and adults alike. Its signature Architecture line provides a spectacular array of wonderful pieces of architecture all over the world. While the LEGO Eiffel Tower is not made of steel, it sure looks like the original.

17Guinness World Records 2017 by Guinness World Records

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Quench your thirteen year old’s thirst for knowledge with the all-new Guinness World Records 2017, which is available as a hardbound book or as an electronic book on Kindle. What makes this edition particularly unique is that it already includes several challenges that your kid can actually try at home. He can try to test the limits of his abilities. Who knows, with the right motivation, encouragement, support, and training, your kid might as well become the next Guinness World Records title-holder. The 2017 edition also features a story on the 125 years of the world of basketball.

What We Like about It – Guinness World Records has always been a great source of factual information about human feats. This should provide the motivation for your children to persevere in their respective endeavors.

18Essence Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush by Philips Sonicare

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Kids love chocolates, sweet candies, and other delicacies. That’s why if they don’t observe meticulous oral and dental care, they may have to undergo orthodontic procedures at a very young age. While 13 year olds typically have moved well beyond the sweet tooth stage of children, don’t ever think that your thirteen year old doesn’t need to brush his teeth anymore. Now that he has reached this stage, it is even more important to brush his teeth because of the hormonal changes that occur with puberty. While manual toothbrushing can help, studies show that certain types of electronic tooth brushes have a better chance of removing plaque. This helps minimize the danger of tooth abscesses and gum diseases. With the Essence Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush, your pre-teen will now have all the more reason to brush his teeth at least twice every day. The Essence comes with a patented sonic technology with sonic vibrations effectively dislodging plaques and tartar from the hard-to-reach areas of the teeth. Even toothbrushes with very fine bristles are no match for the sonic energy unleashed by the Essence. This is particularly helpful in the gumline where plaque can get really embedded like cement. Sonic vibrations help dislodge these for easier removal. The ADA also recommends brushing the teeth for a minimum of 2 minutes. Instead of having a timer with you, the Essence already took care of that with its 2-minute timer. The soft bristles come with a unique design that fades its color to tell you it’s time to replace the brush head. It’s also very energy efficient as you only need to recharge once every 2 weeks.

What We Like about It – The Essence’s sonic technology is like going to a dentist and having your plaque removed professionally. The only difference is that your kid will be doing this at least twice a day every single day. The replacement-reminder bristles are also a welcome feature as well as its 2-minute timer and 2-week capacity charge.

194-Piece Sensitive Collection Gift Set by Nivea Men

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While acne is more common among pre-adolescent girls, it is not uncommon to see these skin breakouts among boys, too. Thanks to the hypersecretion of hormones leading to the increased production of sebum, the incidence of acnes and other skin blemishes can be increased by unhygienic practices. We may use soap but this inadvertently dries the skin, scraping essential oils from the surface. What your pre-adolescent boy needs is a gift set from Nivea Men, the 4-Piece Sensitive Collection. This kit comes with a body wash, a face wash, a shaving gel, and a post-shaving balm. All of these are made of the safest substances and enriched with Vitamin E, witch hazel, and chamomile essential oils to bring back the natural glow to your 13 year old’s skin. All products don’t contain alcohol leaving the skin soft and smooth not dry and scaly. At least, your boy will be more confident interacting with his peers because he’s not going to be worried about freckles and other skin blemishes ruining his day or even date.

What We Like about It – The Sensitive Collection has the right combination of skin health-promoting vitamins and essential oils. This can give your kid the confidence he needs to socialize and feel good about himself.

20G-Shock GA-110TS-1A4 Analog Digital Watch by Casio 

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What’s men’s fashion if your 13 year old boy doesn’t have the coolest-looking yet truly functional wristwatch? Casio’s G-Shock line has been touted for its bulky and rugged appearance which is perfect for the active lifestyle of today’s men. The G-Shock GA-110TS-1A4 Analog Digital Watch exudes with a manly appeal in its black body and strap adorned with bright orange details. The GA-110TS-1A4 boasts of 29 different time zones to let your kid synchronize his time with that of his online friends in other countries. This way, he knows when he needs to log in and play their favorite online multiplayer gamers. The GA-110TS-1A4 is also designed to be water-resistant up to a depth of 200 meter or 660 feet. However water-resistant, the GA-110TS-1A4 should never be used for deep sea scuba diving. It may be used, nonetheless, for marine or aquatic activities such as snorkeling or even swimming. See more like this in our best watches for kids post.

What We Like about It – G-Shocks are always known for their quality especially their ruggedness. The GA-110TS-1A4 never fails to continue on this Casio tradition. Additionally, the styling is perfect for pre-teens as it denotes a certain sense of manliness and an active lifestyle.

How We Chose the Boys’ Gifts in Our List

We often hear people say that in giving presents, whether it’s Christmas or birthdays or on any other occasion, it’s the act of giving that is really important. So, as long as you give something, it doesn’t matter what you actually give.

But, kids simply cannot understand such concepts yet. It’s purely altruistic. That is why, we believe that, as much as the act of giving is important, it is equally vital to choose something that is very appropriate for children. This is especially true for 13 year olds as they are now at a stage where they are no longer kids, but definitely not yet adults. Choosing the right gifts for 13 year old boys should thus, take several things into consideration.

First, their developmental needs. Regardless of the type of gift that we give to 13 year olds it is crucial to choose one that has a developmental benefit. So, we scoured the net for the different presents that are developmentally helpful for children of this age. We had to examine each one for their potential value in the enhancement of a 13 year old’s physical performance, cognitive abilities, social relationship skills, and even emotional wellbeing.

As everything has a potential to help enhance a kid’s developmental tasks, we had to rely on the feedback of customers to narrow down our search to something that’s more manageable. We knew that these comments are somewhat subjective but they did point us in the right direction wherein we could employ our developmental parameters as objectively as possible.

We also scrutinized the credibility of the company that manufactured these gift items. This helps give us an idea of the overall soundness and integrity of the product’s design as well as safety features, as needed. For sure, you wouldn’t want to put your trust on a company that has shady practices so we have weeded them out for you. At least, you can be sure that the products we have listed in our top 20 gifts for 13 year old boys are of the highest possible quality and are safe, too.

Choosing Gifts for 13 Year Old Boys

The age of puberty is largely considered as one of the most exciting periods in a child’s development. For boys, this usually means a lot of physical changes such as increased energy levels leading to a more active lifestyle. Unfortunately, the surge in hormones can also bring about skin problems like acnes, freckles, and blemishes. As such, choosing a gift for 13 year old boys must take into consideration these physical changes. This is where ride-on toys, ballgames, and even exercise gadgets can help.

The cognitive development of 13 year olds is also marked by progressive change. Usually, abstract ideas as well as formal operations will already start taking shape enabling them to make more complex problem solving. Many 13 year olds like to challenge or question the views or opinions of others especially those they consider as someone with social and intellectual authority. It is thus, important to choose gifts that will enable them to make full use of their new-found intellectual abilities. Books and building blocks can help stimulate their cognitive abilities even further.

The social development of 13 year olds is often marked with a lot of ups and downs often resulting from their body image. The healthier their self-concept, the healthier their social development. Peer pressure is also very strong during this time and it is often a period of experimentation. Gifts that would work will be those that can help improve their self-esteem, their self-concept, and their self-confidence.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a gift for a 13 year old boy may not be as straightforward as it looks. Nonetheless, our top twenty gift suggestions should point you in the right direction before the year ends.

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