19 Best Gifts for 13 Year Old Boys in 2017


The Yuletide Season for this year is just around the corner. Just several more weeks and we’ll be greeting 2017 already. And if you haven’t decided yet on what to give your 13 year old boy before the year ends, then you might want to consider checking our list of the top 20 gifts you can give to any thirteen year old boy. We guarantee they will love it.

How We Chose the Boys’ Gifts in Our List

We often hear people say that in giving presents, whether it’s Christmas or birthdays or on any other occasion, it’s the act of giving that is really important. So, as long as you give something, it doesn’t matter what you actually give.

But, kids simply cannot understand such concepts yet. It’s purely altruistic. That is why, we believe that, as much as the act of giving is important, it is equally vital to choose something that is very appropriate for children. This is especially true for 13 year olds as they are now at a stage where they are no longer kids, but definitely not yet adults. Choosing the right gifts for 13 year old boys should thus, take several things into consideration.

First, their developmental needs. Regardless of the type of gift that we give to 13 year olds it is crucial to choose one that has a developmental benefit. So, we scoured the net for the different presents that are developmentally helpful for children of this age. We had to examine each one for their potential value in the enhancement of a 13 year old’s physical performance, cognitive abilities, social relationship skills, and even emotional wellbeing.

As everything has a potential to help enhance a kid’s developmental tasks, we had to rely on the feedback of customers to narrow down our search to something that’s more manageable. We knew that these comments are somewhat subjective but they did point us in the right direction wherein we could employ our developmental parameters as objectively as possible.

We also scrutinized the credibility of the company that manufactured these gift items. This helps give us an idea of the overall soundness and integrity of the product’s design as well as safety features, as needed. For sure, you wouldn’t want to put your trust on a company that has shady practices so we have weeded them out for you. At least, you can be sure that the products we have listed in our top 20 gifts for 13 year old boys are of the highest possible quality and are safe, too.

Choosing Gifts for 13 Year Old Boys

The age of puberty is largely considered as one of the most exciting periods in a child’s development. For boys, this usually means a lot of physical changes such as increased energy levels leading to a more active lifestyle. Unfortunately, the surge in hormones can also bring about skin problems like acnes, freckles, and blemishes. As such, choosing a gift for 13 year old boys must take into consideration these physical changes. This is where ride-on toys, ballgames, and even exercise gadgets can help.

The cognitive development of 13 year olds is also marked by progressive change. Usually, abstract ideas as well as formal operations will already start taking shape enabling them to make more complex problem solving. Many 13 year olds like to challenge or question the views or opinions of others especially those they consider as someone with social and intellectual authority. It is thus, important to choose gifts that will enable them to make full use of their new-found intellectual abilities. Books and building blocks can help stimulate their cognitive abilities even further.

The social development of 13 year olds is often marked with a lot of ups and downs often resulting from their body image. The healthier their self-concept, the healthier their social development. Peer pressure is also very strong during this time and it is often a period of experimentation. Gifts that would work will be those that can help improve their self-esteem, their self-concept, and their self-confidence.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a gift for a 13 year old boy may not be as straightforward as it looks. Nonetheless, our top twenty gift suggestions should point you in the right direction before the year ends.

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  1. Hey Selina great article. I have a son that is going to be 12 next week. Your article really helped me to decide what to buy for his birthday. I will buy him a PlayStation 4.
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