10 Best Ghostbuster Toys in 2017

If you have a kid who happens to be a loyal fan of the Ghostbusters, complete with the signature hairstyle of Egon or even the cockiness of Peter or the level-headedness of Ray and Winston, then you’d better give them any of the 10 best Ghostbuster Toys in 2017 we have prepared especially for them.

Whether it is for stimulating their creativity or serving as props for their role playing activities, these Ghostbuster toys, gadgets, and gizmos are sure to be a big hit to younger fans of the franchise.

How We Chose the Ten Amazing Ghostbuster Toys and Gadgets in Our List

Creating a representative list of Ghostbuster toys, gadgets, and gizmos that fit well into our Top 10 proved to be quite a challenge. We found out that a great number of the best-selling toys of this character were the Ecto-1 car of the ghost-busting quartet. It would simply be foolish to include 4 or more toys of the same kind in a list. As such, we had to consider other types or forms of toys and gadgets that we’re sure children will love and have tons of fun playing with.

And since we’re talking about playthings for children, we had to consider the developmental appropriateness of these products as well. It was crucial that we were able to identify the developmental benefits of these products so you can feel much more confident about what you’re giving to your kids.

Company reputation was also considered as this can help establish the quality of the product as well as the safety and integrity of its construction. This is especially true for younger children such as those who are below 3 years of age. Small detachable components can pose as significant choke hazards for these young kids so it was imperative for us to ascertain that these are safe.

As we have already said earlier, we had to consider the best-selling ones in our list. So, while there were products that really deserved to be in this list, we had to think really hard about including them as it would not be a representative mix anymore. For the most part we set our cutoff product rating at 4.0 stars so any product that failed to meet this minimum was instantly written off our list.

Benefits of Role Playing among Children

Everyone knows that children love to play as it is their primary means of learning about themselves and their world. If play were to be set with rules, then it becomes a game. While there is a very thin line between play and game, children can nonetheless, benefit from both. One of the most valuable types of play activities among children is role playing. Here are some of the surprising benefits of pretend play or role play.

  • Cultivates creativity. 

When kids role play, they don’t just simply follow the script from the movie or the animated film that they saw. They will be the ones to create their own storylines including the creation of a character that they think is best suited for the role. All of these will require a bit of imagination as some of the supposed “roles” may not really work in the real world.

  • Enhances social skills. 

For role plays to be effective, different characters must be brought to life. And because different characters will have different roles to play, kids will have to learn to communicate with other players. Communication is vital in the development of one’s social interaction skills.

  • Encourages cooperation and teamwork. 

One of the more obvious benefits of roleplaying is the use of cooperation and teamwork to get the job done. This is closely related to the development of social skills since communication and interpersonal relationships can become the foundation for effective teamwork.

  • Refines problem solving skills. 

There will always be certain situations in a role play where kids will be confronted with a problem as a result of their creativity. The good thing is that, the roleplaying activity itself will provide the means upon which kids will use their cognitive abilities to work around or through the problem. Their logical and divergent thinking skills will also be greatly enhanced.

The Bottom Line

The Ghostbusters film franchise has had a great following in the 1980s. When the 21stcentury version was released in 2016, kids were introduced to the characters that we once adored. You can cultivate this fascination in the same way as our parents cultivated ours way back in the 80s by choosing any of the 10 best Ghostbuster toys we have shared with you.

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