10 Best Garden Tools for Kids in 2017

gardening tools for kids

The garden of any home is a treasure trove for young children. From the flowers that bloom that provide them with fantastic scents especially in the early mornings of Spring to the almost-prickly feeling of grass beneath their feet, the garden is a miniature world where many discoveries are simply awaiting to happen. There are insects like butterflies and bees for kids to marvel at as well as lady bugs and caterpillars to stimulate their interest. And if they really want to explore the entirety of the garden, kids will need the correct tools. These do not need to be the real things as we would really want them to enjoy what they are doing. So, here are the 10 best garden tools for kids in 2017 which should help you provide a more meaningful experience for them.

Top 10 Garden Tools for Kids

Kids Gardening Tool Set by Gardenline

Kids Gardening Tool Set

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Age Range: 4 to 10 years old

One of the greatest things we can teach kids whenever we go to our gardens is how they can take care of the other living things in our backyard. From the plants that grow to the insects that live in the surroundings, the garden is an ecosystem in itself whereby different life forms actually depend on one another for their survival. While young kids may not appreciate this yet, the mere fact that the Gardenline kids gardening set is primarily intended for children up to 10 years of age means that they will appreciate it soon enough. The Gardenline package comes with a watering can a shovel, a fork and a rake. It even comes with its own tote bag to keep all of these different gadgets or tools. Kids will also have their own childrens gardening gloves to protect them from dirt and debris which may hurt them and spoil the fun that they are having. Each of the tools on the set come with a wooden handle to give kids a more luxurious feel while also improving their grip on these instruments. The heads of the gadgets are made of metal so they are of substantial weight. This is one of the reasons why it is geared more for preschoolers and not really for toddlers. The edges of each tool are safely rounded, nonetheless, to improve its safety profile. The Gardenline is available in blue and pink colors for boys and girls, respectively. Now, you can go gardening yourself with your little one helping you out with your chores.

What We Like about It – The Gardenline comes with a unique metal and wood design that is almost identical to the real thing. Good thing however, is that the edges are rounded to make it safer for kids.

Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle Gardening Tote Set with Tools by Melissa & Doug

Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle Gardening Tote Set with Tools

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Age Range: 3 to 5 years old

Melissa & Doug’s Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle Gardening Tote Set with Tools is every preschooler’s dream landscaping and gardening kit completed with a very lovely and friendly looking turtle that should give your child the chance to imagine Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello, or Rafael is in the garden himself. Designed in a fabulous green with yellow accents and trims, the Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle may not be the toddler gardening set you’ve been hoping for but we’ve seen some parents actually give it to their 2 year old kids. It’s the fun styling of the tote bag that is very useful in encouraging toddlers to use their imagination while on an exploratory mission in the garden. Compared to the Gardenline, however, the Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle kit only comes with a shovel, a rake, and a water spray bottle, all of which are made of easy to clean, premium grade plastic that is also free from BPA and phthalates. The adorable turtle head, with its wide eyes beaming with wonder and an equally friendly smile actually work many wonders on the imagination of children. The tote bag itself can be used for other purposes such as carrying and transporting your kid’s other belongings when going to the beach. At any rate you will never be complaining of a turtle-paced garden work with the Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle being used by your kiddo.

What We Like about It – The Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle is a really adorable piece of gardening set which young children especially preschoolers will really love.

Gardening Tools for Kids with STEM Early Learning Guide by ROCA Home

Gardening Tools for Kids with STEM Early Learning Guide

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Age Range: 3 to 12 years old

In our introduction we already said that the garden is more than just a simple aesthetic component for our properties. For children it is a treasure trove of many of nature’s wonders both in the plant and in the animal kingdoms. Also important are the different natural elements that make up the surroundings such as water, wood, earth, wind, and fire. Children who are exposed to gardening chores as early in their lives as possible are essentially exposed to a variety of opportunities to learn fundamental science, technology, mathematics, and engineering concepts. For instance, the ROCA Home Gardening Tools for Kids comes packaged with the latest in STEM Early Learning Guide so kids will be able to direct their learning in a more efficient manner. The childrens gardening set from ROCA Home is complete with a water sprinkler can, a shovel, a trowel, and a rake or fork. The set also comes with its own safari themed tote bag to keep things organized. The bag, of course, can be used for a variety of other purposes, not merely as a temporary storage for the gardening set. Digging soil using either the shovel or the trowel will help your kid understand more about certain soil characteristics and the different living organisms that live in the soil. Watering the plants will help children understand how various plant life obtain nutrients from the soil and how these are used by plants to produce food. Raking the soil will unearth a lot of substances which, when studied under the microscope, can reveal a lot about the history of the place. These are all science concepts and gardening tools help children learn these things. At the very least, ROCA Home’s inclusion of the STEM Early Learning Guide in the kit will help expand the learning potentials of children every time they go to the garden.

What We Like about It – The ROCA Home Gardening Kit is a great tool for kids to learn related STEM concepts to help augment classroom instruction.

JustForKids 10018 Kids Garden Tools Set: Rake, Spade, Hoe, and Leaf Rake by G & F

JustForKids 10018 Kids Garden Tools Set: Rake, Spade, Hoe, and Leaf Rake

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Age Range: At least 7 years old

One particular aspect of gardening is preparing the plot. This usually involves a lot of hard work as you will be tilling the soil, making sure it is free from weeds and inorganic matter, and preparing it for planting. It also includes the application of natural nitrogenous wastes to increase the level of nitrogen in the soil, something that plants need in order to survive. Then, the irrigation system will have to be laid out and the individual plant sections be carefully prepared. All in all, plot or garden preparation will require hardier tools. Instead of slouching or even sitting tilling the soil, it is more efficient to do things standing up. And this is where the G & F JustForKids 10018 Kids Gardening Set can help. This set of tools includes a rake, a spade, a hoe, and a leaf rake complete with their elongated handles for more efficient handling. The handle is made of highly durable solid wood to give your child a firmer grip while swinging these gadgets in the air before striking them on the ground. The functional heads of these instruments are made of premium quality metal and are combined with the solid wood handle using G & F’s patented Enhanced Binding Technology, ensuring that the union between wood and metal is kept and safeguarded. Because of the metal component of the JustForKids 10018, these are primarily intended only for older children and should never be allowed to be used or handled by younger kiddos. The overall length of the tool, which is about 27.5 inches, also adds to the risk of accidents in instances where the gadgets are used by younger children or kids who may not have adequate control of their motor skills. Nevertheless, this is not to say that it doesn’t pose a threat even to older kids. That’s why G & F provided an extra protective cap on each piece of the JustForKids 10018 to guarantee safety even for older children. With this set your kid will soon be planting his or her own vegetables.

What We Like about It – The G & F JustForKids 10018 is the ideal set for older kids who are now equipped with the basic concepts in gardening, particularly plot preparation.

Watering Can Toy by Green Toys

Watering Can Toy

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Age Range: 18 months to 10 years old

Life forms in the garden, especially plant life, are inherently dependent on water. Even desert-hardy plants like cactuses require moisture in the air to thrive. They store this in many of the sacs inside their bodies to ensure all of its functions proceed normally. It is within this line of thinking that any form of watering system is a very important aspect of gardening and landscaping. Such is the message being conveyed by Green Toys’ Watering Can Toy. How is the Green Toys different from other brands? Well, if you’re the type of person who cares about his or her environment, then this is the one to get for your kid. The Green Toys is actually a complete toddler gardening set constructed of 100 percent fully recycled plastic which significantly reduces its carbon footprint by eliminating the need for the production of high quality plastic from raw materials. Not to worry though, as the company has undergone rigorous testing for its products and have been certified to be free from PVC, phthalates, BPA, or any other external coatings. The prints used in all of its labeling are made from soy ink, further improving its eco-friendliness. The Green Toys set comes with a fork and a shovel in addition to the yellow and green watering can. Kids, especially young ones, will have a great time watering the different plants and blooms in mommy’s garden. It’s going to be useful for some beach fun as well.

What We Like about It – The Green Toys Watering Can Toy is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional gardening kits for kids. The only thing missing is a tote bag to carry the shovel and fork; but this is actually a very minor issue.

Kids Garden Tool Set with Tote by Bo Toys and Gifts

Kids Garden Tool Set with Tote

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Age Range: 3 to 8 years old

If you want as close to the real thing as possible, then the Bo Toys and Gifts Kids Garden Tool Set is a fantastic option. However, we do have to caution when letting your younger children use these implements as the metal components can be quite heavy, leading to injuries. Nevertheless, this childrens gardening set from Bo Toys and Gifts comes with a very beautiful tote bag made of high quality canvas making it garden proof. It has a significant number of pockets of varying sizes which should come in handy in keeping the 8.5 inch trowel, the 6 inch rake, and the 8 inch shovel. The remaining pockets on the sides of the tote bag can be used for other purposes. For instance, a water spray bottle or even a packet of flowering seeds can be safely tucked inside any of these plant themed pockets. The spacious main compartment can even serve as a mini picnic basket or an improvised lunch bag. The hard wood handles provide a secure and firm attachment to the implements that have been made with enameled metal. Because of the metal construction of the Bo set, we really have to caution you from letting your toddler use these although the company says it’s safe for 3 year olds. It’s better to be cautious than to be sorry later on.

What We Like about It – The Bo Toys and Gifts kids gardening set may not be the best but it sure is the closest thing kids can come to what mom and dad are using in the garden. You just have to keep a watchful eye especially on your little ones.

Little Garden Tool Box Toy Gardening Tools Set for Kids by Liberty Imports

Little Garden Tool Box Toy Gardening Tools Set for Kids

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Age Range: At least 4 years old

Most childrens gardening set come with 4 to 5 pieces of implements. If you want more for your child, then get Liberty Imports’ 14-piece Little Garden Tool Box Set which already includes a rake, a fork, a clipper, a wrench, a shovel, and a spade. It also comes with a watering can, 2 flower pots, and a water spray bottle. Liberty Imports also included a plant tag to complete the wonderful experience of planting and taking care of these life forms. Holding all of these together is a beautifully designed tool box instead of the usual tote bag. While some parents may not agree with the use of a tool box instead of the tote bag, it does serve its purpose especially when transporting the heavier flower pots. The flat bottom of the tool box allows for greater stability especially when kids are transporting the whole kit to your backyard or even to the beach. This actually brings us to one point in the Little Garden Tool Box: it really is a very useful package when used in beach activities.

What We Like about It – The 14-piece set is by far the most in our list making the Little Garden Tool Box the choice of many kids.

JustForKids 10012 Garden Tools Set: Tote, Hand Rake, Shovel, Trowel by G & F

JustForKids 10012 Garden Tools Set: Tote, Hand Rake, Shovel, Trowel

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Age Range: At least 5 years old

If you think the G & F JustForKids 10018 is really cool except that the handles are exceptionally long for gardening chores that require you to be seated, then worry not as G & F has an answer to such an issue: the JustForKids 10012 Kids Gardening Set that already includes a trowel, a hand rake, and a shovel. The three implements are beautifully carried in a colorful and fashionable tote bag that can really turn heads. The choice of neon green for its handle is beyond our comprehension except perhaps for the intent of drawing attention to the beauty of the bag. Well, if you’re really going to pay attention to the tote bag, it really is a very stylish, very fashionable bag for storing gardening implements. In fact, it’s too posh to be used in the garden. Nevertheless, like the JustForKids 10018, the 10012 comes with a lovely wooden handle plus a very sturdy and super durable implement that surely resembles the tools that moms and dads use. You can now go gardening with your kids and everyone will be having a really great time.

What We Like about It – The JustForKids 10012 is the shortened version of the 10018 series and it comes with a very stylish tote bag, too.

Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Gardening Tote Set with Tools by Melissa & Doug

Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Gardening Tote Set with Tools

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Age Range: 3 to 5 years old

With preschoolers in mind, Melissa & Doug designed the Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Gardening Tote Set as the girls’ version of the Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle for boys. With livelier and warmer colors, the Sunny Patch Blossom Bright is just right for the little princess who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty in mom’s little backyard. The tote bag is adorned with candy color patterns and it comes with several pockets of various sizes, perfect for holding a water spray bottle, a hand rake, and a shovel to get your little one started with garden management 101. The tote bag is made of premium quality and highly durable fabric while the hand implements are made of the finest quality of plastics sans the phthalates, PVCs, and BPAs that have been causing concern among parents. At any rate, your child now has an additional gear to bring to the beach or even to the park.

What We Like about It – The Sunny Patch Blossom Bright is a delightfully fun and warm way to enjoy a day in the garden. The child-friendly design of the implements makes this a great gift suggestion for anyone.

Garden Wagon and Tools Toy Set for Kids with 8 Gardening Tools by Liberty Imports 

Garden Wagon and Tools Toy Set for Kids with 8 Gardening Tools

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Age Range: 4 to 10 years old

The Little Garden Tool Box of Liberty Imports is simply phenomenal, don’t you agree? Well, just when you though it couldn’t get any better, Liberty Imports now showcases its Garden Wagon and Tools Toy Set for Kids. This could very well be the best childrens gardening set you could ever find as it comes with more functional backyard implements. Like the Little Garden kids gardening set, the Garden Wagon also comes with a hand rake, a fork, a clipper or shears, a spade, and a wrench. Also packaged into the set are 2 sets of large and small flower pots complete with a spray bottle and a watering can. Also included in the Garden Wagon are a standard rake, a pick mattock, and a leaf rake. What’s really amazing is the wagon that is used to carry all of these implements. If you’re not amazed with this, then perhaps none will. Whether your kid will decide to use these implements in your backyard or at the beach or perhaps even in your neighborhood children’s area, chances are he or she will be having a blast playing make-believe with this superb kids gardening set.

What We Like about It – The Garden Wagon is a very unique way to revolutionize the way your child appreciates and enjoys a day in the gardens.

How We Chose the Best Kiddie Garden Tools in Our List

Our primary concern in choosing the products to include in this listing was the safety of the kiddie garden tools. These must not, in any way, bring harm to our precious little ones. We would like them to appreciate what it’s like to work with grass, plants, insects, critters, and, of course, the earth. It is for this reason that the products we included are, first and foremost, toys or have toy-like features. This provides the element of fun in the gardening activity while retaining the functionality of the tool it represents.

It was therefore, important for us to look at the developmental appropriateness of such gadgets. We believe that older children will require more realistically designed instruments complete with more complex functions while younger children should be provided with simpler designs with simpler functions. This also goes hand in hand with the overall safety of the tool as older kids will already have the capacity to understand basic safety guidelines whereas younger children will be dependent on our supervision.

It was equally imperative for us to consider the company’s reputation or credibility. While we did consider the product’s consumer satisfaction rating, we had to correlate this with the soundness of the various feedbacks and comments from customers. These must jive. More importantly, these must both point to the classification of the product as a great kids gardening set.

Benefits of Gardening for Kids

Gardening is not just an activity that is enjoyed by adults. With the right encouragement and continuing motivation kids, too, can develop a liking to this outdoor activity. And why would you want your kid to be involved in such “dirty” work? Well, there are many benefits of gardening for children. Here are some of them.

  • It encourages the use of all of the senses which can help in the enhancement of sensory processing and integration in the brain. This forms the foundation of optimum cognitive development.
  • It fosters healthy eating habits especially if kids have been involved in the planting, growing, and harvesting of fruits and vegetables. They know that these foods must be good and healthy since they were the ones who planted and grew them.
  • It refines the development of children’s fine motor skills. When kids do gardening, they have to use very fine motor movements to place seeds into the plots. They will also need fine motor skills to pull out weeds and pick fresh fruits from their stems.
  • It’s a great way to introduce children to scientific concepts especially biology, botany, zoology, chemistry, and even physics. They may not realize the principles yet but with the correct instruction in class, they soon will.
  • It teaches kids to be responsible especially in caring for their plants. From watering them to removing weeds and debris, it takes a great sense of responsibility to care for another living organism.

These are just some of the many benefits of gardening for children. The list can go on for miles.

1The Bottom Line

The garden is a marvelous place to be in where kids can explore and discover a lot of things. With the 10 best garden tools for kids in 2017 you are essentially giving them the right implements to further their learning needs.


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