10 Best Foosball Tables in 2017

best foosball tables

One of the most famous table-top games that you can ever find in many gaming arcades as well as in many homes with game rooms is a table football, which is more popularly known as foosball. In some countries they call it table soccer. However it is called, foosball is one very addicting game that literally puts association football in the hands of players.

We’re sure you have always wanted to get your own foosball for your home. Whether it will be a Christmas gift to your growing kids or just a treat to yourself for a job well done this past 12 months, the foosball can really make for an interesting gift. Here are the top 10 foosball tables we have shortlisted for you. Just pick out one and we can guarantee you and your entire family will be having the best football game in your hands and right in your home.

Top 10 Foosball Tables In 2017

Playcraft Sport Foosball TablePlaycraft Sport5
Atomic Pro Force Foosball TableAtomic 4.9
Hathaway Primo Soccer TableHathaway 4.7
Triumph 57" Corner Kick Major League Soccer Foosball TableKick4.5
Hathaway Playoff Soccer TableHathaway4.4
Sport Squad FX48 Foosball TableSport Squad 4.2

1FX48 Foosball Table by Sport Squad 

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Four kids can play with the FX48 Foosball Table with two kids playing as a team against an opposing two. The FX48 has 4 feet of playing surface which is marvelously constructed of MDF, not plastic or even particle board. This gives it sturdiness that is can never be seen from other foosball tables. The playing surface is encased in an elegant all-black frame which should make it a wonderful addition to any home game room or even as a centerpiece in one’s office. The side panels have simple decals in green, black, and white to complement the overall design of the FX48. It should never be an eyesore as the wonderful blend of hues is refreshing to the eyes.

The steel rods have been plated in chrome and attached with ergonomic rubber handles so you, your kids, and your friends, will have no problems holding onto and gripping the handles so you can effectively control the placement of strong, powerful, and fast shots at the goal. The legs of the table have built-in levelers so that it can withstand hours upon hours of high-intensity, high-impact gameplay. The soccer players are made of durable plastic and have been engineered to make passing, shooting, and blocking a lot more efficient. A goalie and two corner defenders man the fort to make sure no shots get past them especially those coming from the corners. Each end of the FX48 features a slidable scoring system allowing players to keep track of their progress and to keep tabs on who’s winning. The goal boxes of the FX48 are designed to automatically return the foosball in an instant. The package comes with 2 foosballs.

What We Like about It – The classic and elegant all-black design suits any room. The 3-goalie system also allows for optimum defending – great for strategic thinking for kids.

2Triumph Foosball Table by Kick

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Designed by a 25-year enthusiast, the Triumph Foosball Table is nothing less than an industrial engineering masterpiece. It has one of the largest playing surfaces in our list at 55 inches, just 5 inches short of 5 feet. It has been designed specifically for serious enthusiasts or even kids who would like to someday build a career in professional table soccer. The Triumph features highly durable leg levelers to help ensure that your gameplay is as smooth as ever. It has metal edging that seamlessly interacts with an elegant chrome detailing. The ball return and dispenser holes have chrome-plated trimmings for added elegance.

The Triumph also features round leg casters as well as support beams that help steady the table for those intense plays. It even has cup holders also plated in chrome to give players instant access to bottled refreshments. One of the most interesting features of the Triumph is its goalie system. You can choose a 3-man goalie for those excellent defending or if you are up against someone who is known for attacking from the corners. If you want a real challenge, then remove the 2 corner defenders and leave a goalie right in front of the goal. This should test your reflexes and your wit. The triumph comes packaged with 2 soccer style foosballs.

What We Like about It – The ability to choose between a 1-man or 3-man goalie is something that we really love about this table. The huge playing surface is also admirable.

3Playoff Soccer Table by Hathaway

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Unlike the playing surfaces of other soccer tables, the Playoff Soccer Table’s playing field is designed to simulate the grassy terrain of professional association football. It is not made of plastic nor of particle board. Instead, the Playoff’s soccer field is made of durable CARB-certified MDF about a quarter of an inch thick. The steel rods are also plated in chrome and the handles are beautifully wrapped in ergonomic rubber grips. For those intense plays, this should double as a natural stress reliever. The Playoff features heavily reinforced legs shaped in an L configuration coupled with full-end panels to provide excellent support.

The playing surface may be smaller than most of the soccer tables in our list at 40.5 inches but its design surely tops them all. It only features a 3-man goalie system with 10 on the field and 3 on the goal. The players are molded in acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS plastic for excellent durability. There’s the standard end ball return mechanism, a manual sliding scorer, and goal boxes.

What We Like about It – The grass-like appearance of the playing field is phenomenal. Unfortunately, it would have been even nicer if the playing field were bigger. The legs and their support mechanisms are nonetheless admirable.

4FX40 Foosball Table by Sport Squad

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A smaller yet equally sophisticated version of Sport Squad’s FX48, the FX40 is what you’ll need if you want a preppy, trendy, and cool-looking soccer table that you can bring anywhere. The good thing about this is that it doesn’t have any legs – well, there are legs but rather short ones – so you can just place it on any firm and flat surface and you can already be enjoying a game of mobile soccer. The rather short and stubby legs or supports are designed in an L-shape to provide maximum support and stability. The bottom part of the legs are fitted with non-marking rubberized pads so they won’t scratch any surface like your tabletop, the floor, or other furniture.

The playing surface is made of MDF board, not plastic nor particle board. It comes with the same steel rods plated in chrome as well as grooved and ergonomic rubber handles. The goal box and ball return setup is designed to mimic the goal of a real soccer field. Each goal box comes with a manual sliding scorer just behind the 3-man goalie.

What We Like about It – The compact design allows for easy storage so that, if you are not playing with it, you can conveniently store it so you can use the space where it once stood for other purposes.

5Playcraft Sport Foosball Table by Playcraft Sport

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If you really want a great-looking foosball table for your kids complete with colorful and stylish graphics, then you may want to consider the Playcraft Sport Foosball Table. The playing surface is made of sturdy MDF construction and is 48 inches long from goal to goal. The goal is defended by a single goalie but with 2 additional defenders right in front of the goalie. This is unlike other 3-man systems where the goalie is flanked on both sides by defenders. This should make for an interesting soccer play.

The frame is composed of wide panels that embody beautiful graphics that portray a fantastic soccer field and adoring fans. The leg panel design has been unified to create an impression of playing in a real soccer field. The chromium steel rods are built to stand the test of time complete with slide bearings allowing for superbly smooth rotation. There are ball serve cups and an internal ball retrieval mechanism for optimum convenience. The Playcraft also features leg levelers plated in chrome, manual sliding scorers made of plastic, and corners made of ABS plastic. It also comes with, not 2, but 3 soccer foosballs.

What We Like about It – We find the goalie configuration to be quite unique in itself. If kids will be playing with this, we are pretty sure they will have lots of fun trying to defend the goal against an attacking team. If storage is an issue, we strongly recommend getting the Playcraft version with folding legs.

6Tabletop Foosball Table by Harvil

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If you think your young kid will be interested in playing table soccer but cannot use your standard size foosball table, why not get him or her the Tabletop Foosball Table instead. With only 30 inches by 18.75 inches of playing surface and a product dimension of less than 36 inches by less than 20 inches by 5 inches, the Tabletop can easily fit into a small kiddie table for your little ones to have a blast at playing soccer.

The Harvil is constructed of high quality wood duly certified by CARB. It features L-style short stub legs fitted with rubberized non-marking pads for added safety for your surfaces. The steel rods are fitted with rubber hand grips just right for small hands. It comes with the standard features like a ball return mechanism, a goal box, and even a manual sliding scorer on each side of the soccer table. The ABS molded players come in 13 for each team colored in blue and red. The goal is guarded by a 3-man team so this defending should be no problem at all.

What We Like about It – The design is specifically built for kids and teens who may not really be serious about playing. It’s more about the fun of beating a friend or who can score the first goal. Nevertheless, it should be a great instrument for kids to hone their reflexes.

7Pro Force Foosball Table by Atomic 

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Built for the aspiring pro complete with a half-inch thick, 56-inch long MDF playing surface, the Pro Force Foosball Table is what you will definitely get if you want something sturdy, very durable, and with a classically elegant design. The playing surface comes with a 1-inch by 13-7/8 inch apron made of high quality medium density fiberboard. The playing surface is kept level and even by 3.5-inch leg levelers.

The Pro Force features an exterior surface that is made of elegant bamboo laminates complete with black accents. The hollow steel rods that attach the robot style players are finished in chrome to give it that metallic luster. Attached at the ends of these rods are octagonal rubber hand grips to provide excellent handling. It has 4-5/8 inch legs designed in an L-style to afford maximum support and stability. The Pro Force comes with an ingenious abacus-style scorer while its ball entry and return mechanisms have all been built-in internally. The Pro Force comes with 4 soccer type foosballs.

What We Like about It – The Pro Force has the largest playing surface area in our list at 56 inches, an inch larger than the Triumph. But what really made us fall in love with it is its use of bamboo laminates to give it a really elegant look. Plus, the players are not the usual people-pieces.

8Triumph Sports Soccer Table by Escalade Sports

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With players resembling more like the pawns of chess, the Triumph Sports Soccer Table is nevertheless, one of the most popular regulation-sized soccer tables currently in the market. It features a 48-inch playing field in high contrast greenish black coat. This makes for a superb contrast to the sheen of the chrome-plated hollow steel rods sized at 15.8 mm in diameter. The rods are tipped with ergonomic rubber handles giving you superb control of your 10 players on the field and 3 in front of the goal.

Keeping track of the score is accomplished by the manual scorers on each goal box. The fully automatic ball return and entry mechanism allows for continuous play so you can get the ball up your opponent in no time at all. It also features leg levelers to make sure that the playing field is as even as possible to allow for fair play. The Triumph Sports also comes complete with 4 foosballs.

What We Like about It – The simple design of the Triumph Sports should fit well into any game room or even in the play room of your kids. If not, it can surely make for an interesting piece of game table in your living room or even the office.

9Quickset Foosball Table by Franklin Sports

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Need a soccer table that you can fold its legs so you can store it anytime without so much of a fuss? Then you need the Quickset Foosball Table. As its name implies, just roll it out of your closet or storage area, unlock the legs, fold it out, and you now have a regulation size foosball table right in front of you. The hinges are made of high grade reinforced steel to provide maximum durability and stability. The legs are also made of reinforced steel and tipped with corner caps for a sportier look.

The orange on black design looks spectacular. Even the 4-feet long playing field is in black. Our only concern is the colors of the players. While the orange team look magnificent on the field, the black players seemed totally lost in the sea of black. If the player has color blindness, we wouldn’t really recommend this. Nevertheless, it comes with the same standard manual scorer system, a ball return mechanism, and rubber hand grips at the ends of each player rod.

What We Like about It – The folding leg mechanism is something that we know a lot of people will also like about the Quickset. Unfortunately, the black players-on-black playing field may not really be a good idea at all.

10Primo Soccer Table by Hathaway 

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With solid steel player rods rotating on E-Z spin bearings, the Primo Soccer Table is the ultimate as far as we’re concerned. It’s got a grass-like playing field that is kept level by large, fully-independent stabilizing levelers. The ABS molded players are engineered with counter balanced design allowing for excellent control of the ball moving it up towards the goal. At the end is a single goalie providing coverage for attackers on all fronts. This is a game not suited for beginners but for serious foosball players with lightning-quick reflexes.

The Primo has a butcher block design complete with MDF side cabinet panels that have been certified by CARB. The side panels showcase an elegant wood grain and coated with a glossy melamine finish. While the playing field is 2 inches short of the regulation size 48, it still is one of the best-looking soccer tables around. A chrome-plated abacus-style scorer adorn both goal boxes with a beautiful ball holder on both sides.

What We Like about It – The Primo’s sturdy construction and elegant styling are phenomenal. The levelers are way different from the others in our list. The other features, too are superb. Unfortunately, it’s a bit costly. However, with all these features, we guess it’s well worth the price.

How We Chose the Top Foosball Tables in Our List

How do you choose a foosball table? Well, we gave that task to our research team who had to scour the internet for the most popular and most talked about foosball tables currently available in the market. We were told that it was never an easy task especially that almost every other foosball table has essentially the same features. So how did we do it?

Well, we had to look at the convenience of setting it up. We read through a lot of comments and found out that the ease of assembly matters a lot to different people. Since our goal was to provide you with an entertainment system that fits right in your home, we have decided to look for features that will sit well with modern homes which should include the overall design of the table including its sturdiness and quality craftsmanship. The materials used in its construction were also taken into consideration. We also had to look at the goalie system as some models only include 1 goalkeeper while other models have 2 separate defenders on both sides of the goal, providing a 3-goalie system. The ease of use or playing had to be considered as well.

By the time we were finished with our evaluation, we knew we had completed one of the most challenging tasks we have ever faced so far.

Foosball and Your Kids’ Visual Motor Coordination

One of the most striking benefits of playing a foosball is the development and enhancement of your child’s visual-motor coordination. The visual information is processed by the brain and almost instantaneously sends motor information to the hands holding the player rods. For us, we may think it’s all about reflexes. But for the scientific community, it is a reflection of central nervous system development. It reflects how well the brain’s neurons are processing a variety of information and how fast they can send these pieces of information to the different muscles of the body, particularly the hands.

Playing foosball is not only good for visual motor coordination. It’s also beneficial for the emotional and social development of children. It teaches them the importance of fair play as well as team work and cooperation especially if they are going to play side-by-side with their friends going up against an opposing team. This builds self-confidence while also enhancing their social skills. It can also help in their language skills as they learn to communicate tactics to their friends. Now, if children will play it with their family, it can help strengthen family social relationships.

The Bottom Line

Foosball tables are not only fun to play with. These can also be excellent instruments for developing the various skills of children especially their social and emotional skills. This Christmas, do yourself a favor and give your child any one of our top 10 foosball tables in 2016.

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