10 Best Foosball Tables in 2017

One of the most famous table-top games that you can ever find in many gaming arcades as well as in many homes with game rooms is a table football, which is more popularly known as foosball. In some countries they call it table soccer. However it is called, foosball is one very addicting game that literally puts association football in the hands of players.

We’re sure you have always wanted to get your own foosball for your home. Whether it will be a Christmas gift to your growing kids or just a treat to yourself for a job well done this past 12 months, the foosball can really make for an interesting gift. Here are the top 10 foosball tables we have shortlisted for you. Just pick out one and we can guarantee you and your entire family will be having the best football game in your hands and right in your home.

How We Chose the Top Foosball Tables in Our List

How do you choose a foosball table? Well, we gave that task to our research team who had to scour the internet for the most popular and most talked about foosball tables currently available in the market. We were told that it was never an easy task especially that almost every other foosball table has essentially the same features. So how did we do it?

Well, we had to look at the convenience of setting it up. We read through a lot of comments and found out that the ease of assembly matters a lot to different people. Since our goal was to provide you with an entertainment system that fits right in your home, we have decided to look for features that will sit well with modern homes which should include the overall design of the table including its sturdiness and quality craftsmanship. The materials used in its construction were also taken into consideration. We also had to look at the goalie system as some models only include 1 goalkeeper while other models have 2 separate defenders on both sides of the goal, providing a 3-goalie system. The ease of use or playing had to be considered as well.

By the time we were finished with our evaluation, we knew we had completed one of the most challenging tasks we have ever faced so far.

Foosball and Your Kids’ Visual Motor Coordination

One of the most striking benefits of playing a foosball is the development and enhancement of your child’s visual-motor coordination. The visual information is processed by the brain and almost instantaneously sends motor information to the hands holding the player rods. For us, we may think it’s all about reflexes. But for the scientific community, it is a reflection of central nervous system development. It reflects how well the brain’s neurons are processing a variety of information and how fast they can send these pieces of information to the different muscles of the body, particularly the hands.

Playing foosball is not only good for visual motor coordination. It’s also beneficial for the emotional and social development of children. It teaches them the importance of fair play as well as team work and cooperation especially if they are going to play side-by-side with their friends going up against an opposing team. This builds self-confidence while also enhancing their social skills. It can also help in their language skills as they learn to communicate tactics to their friends. Now, if children will play it with their family, it can help strengthen family social relationships.

The Bottom Line

Foosball tables are not only fun to play with. These can also be excellent instruments for developing the various skills of children especially their social and emotional skills. This Christmas, do yourself a favor and give your child any one of our top 10 foosball tables in 2016.

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