10 Best Flying Toys in 2017

best flying toys for kids

Ever since Icarus decided to build his own bird-wings and fly towards the sun, man has continuously pushed the envelope of technology to bring him closer to being able to fly as free as a bird. The only way we can help cultivate this passion is by giving children the best flying toys we can every find. You don’t have to scour the internet to find the top 10 flying toys for kids as we’ve already done that just for you.

How We Chose the Top Flying Toys in Our List

There are many different kinds of vehicles or toys that fly. From balloons to gliders to gyrocopters to kites to radio controlled airplanes and a whole lot more. Choosing which ones among these flying toys can be a real headache. Nevertheless, we were able to create a list of what we consider to be the top ten flying toys we can ever give to our kids this Christmas, for their birthdays, or even on any other special occasion. Here’s how we did it.

First, the design technology had to be considered. It may have a very simple design but if it truly functional then we’d definitely consider it. However, the technology must also be safe. Majority of today’s toys, especially those that fly, are full of electronic parts and components that may pose a certain degree of safety risk for very young children. This also speaks about the complexity of the toy. The more features it has, the more electronic components it has, the more complex it becomes, and the more challenging it becomes for the kid to be able to maintain it.

This brings us to our second consideration. Since these toys are generally designed for kids, we would definitely want them to benefit from these toys in terms of their physical, mental, cognitive, emotional, and social development. Technically, we examined each feature that the flying toy has and tried to determine what developmental benefit it can bring to children.

Next, we also considered the words of parents as well as other consumers who have already tried the toy. The toymaker’s reputation and credibility was also considered. They must have a long history of good quality and developmentally beneficial products.

So, this is how we ended up with the ten best flying toys you can ever get for your child this coming Yuletide season.

Benefits of Flying Toys to Kids

We already know that toys play a big role in children’s physical, psychological, emotional, and social development. And while flying toys may look like any other object that we throw into the air, this action alone already has developmental implications. If you’re wondering how flying toys can benefit children, read on.

  • Enhances imagination – Kids will always be fascinated by things or events that man is incapable of doing. True, we can ride airplanes but we cannot fly ourselves. This spurs children’s imagination thinking what it would be like if man had the power of flight in the same way as birds.
  • Builds motor coordination and strength – Throwing flying toys into the air helps develop the muscles of the arms. Controlling them with a device will also require dexterity as well as the excellent coordination between what the eyes see and how the fingers manipulate the controls. There’s simply more to it than just holding onto the remote controller.
  • Improves social skills – Flying any of these types of toys is a lot more fun if shared with other kids. This provides the opportunity for children to develop their social interaction skills which can also help improve their language and communication.

The Bottom Line

Flying toys are not really just for kids as they can be great stress-busters for adults as well. Our top 10 flying toys can help you decide on which to get for your kid and the rest of your family.

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