12 Best Easels for Kids in 2017

Easels are important tools in painting as these provide a framework or platform upon which painters can place and support their canvas. Kids, too, can benefit from these tools as they learn and explore the world of painting, drawing, and coloring. And while we don’t necessarily expect them to be painting like Da Vinci, Van Gogh, and Rembrandt, we do know that simulating or pretending to paint a wonderful masterpiece can have a great effect on their development. That’s why we’re bringing you the 12 best easels for kids in 2017. Cultivate their creativity with these products we have in line for you.

How We Chose the Best Easels for Kids in Our List

Like we said, we don’t expect really young kids to be perfecting the art of painting or the use of the easel. With this in mind, we set out focused mainly on introducing these products to children so they will know how to use it and become instrumental in their very own art works. As such, our very first criterion was the design of the easel for kids. Obviously, it should look like the real thing. However, depending on the age of the child, it should also allow for imagination to flourish. Child psychologists say that the only way we can stimulate a kid’s imagination is when we give him or her an item that has features different from the real thing. It would be then up to the child to “fill” in the gaps between the real and the toy by imagining its function.

Since we already set out on a developmental approach to the choice of kids art easel, we thought that it would really be ideal if the design of the product closely matches the recommended age of children who are going to use it. So, developmental appropriateness was a major factor in the selection process. Related to this is the ease of its setup, maintenance, and storage. It’s equally important that these products can be easily managed by kids themselves so they don’t have to rely on Mom or Dad. This fosters a sense of responsibility and independence, something that all kids need to learn.

Because kids will be effectively managing their experiences with these products, easels for children must be safe. We strived to look for components that may endanger children’s safety and health. This includes materials that were used or applied as finishing to the product. Also included are components that may be too small or maybe even too sharp for kids’ safety.

When all these were evaluated, we still came up with an amazing array of selection. Hence, we decided to look at the product rating and considered only those with no less than 4.5 stars. Most consumers will definitely look for the number of stars a particular product has as this gives them some form of security in the quality and usefulness of the item.

Why Creative Arts are Important to Kids

It is no secret that creative arts can have a lot of benefits especially to children. If we feel more relaxed, more attuned with our emotions when we look at stunning works of art, just imagine what these pieces of art can do for children. Kids doing the artwork can derive a variety of benefits, too. Studies have shown that creative arts help kids develop across a variety of domains.

First is their physical development. Hand eye coordination is enhanced which can provide the basis for better control of purposeful movements. This can provide the necessary training for them to master dexterity.

Using colors, drawing lines, and forming shapes are all domains of cognition whereby children are able to form mental concepts and express these through their drawings or paintings. What many fail to recognize is that the process of drawing or painting can entail different problem solving skills. For instance, coming up with a different color typically requires the combination of two or more primary or secondary colors. This can then be refined further by comparing the resulting color to the standards as well as the color required.

Obviously, creative arts can do a lot of things for a child’s imagination. This can form the basis for the development of the child’s divergent thinking which, in turn, forms the basis of their critical thinking and logical reasoning. Many scientific disciplines are based on these two fundamental cognitive processes.

Engaging in creative arts can also help children develop their social and emotional skills. Most of their artwork will be expressions of their views about themselves and their world. This serves as the foundation for their self-concept which is important in building healthier social relationships.

There are many other reasons why kids must engage in creative arts. The whole idea is to give them the opportunity to express themselves.

The Bottom Line

It is in the expression of their thoughts and feelings that children are able to communicate to other people, particularly parents and other caregivers. With the 12 best easels for children, you now have a tool to make this happen.

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