10 Top Drones Perfect For Kids in 2017


One of the most useful pieces of technology today from military reconnaissance to surgical-precision strikes to increasing perimeter security and even to providing absolute creativity in aerial photography and videography is the unmanned aerial vehicle, more popularly known as the drones. However, drones are not only limited to the air; there are also some models that patrol inhospitable landscapes while there are also those that skim the waves. Among kids, nothing fascinates them more than flying objects. And given the opportunity to control one of these truly engineering marvels will not only paint a wide grin on their faces, they will forever cherish the fact that you gave them one of the best gizmos any kid could ever ask for.

This early, drone manufacturers are already inundated with pre-Holiday orders. Retailers are beginning to see their inventory dwindling because of the increased demand. And if you are not going to take action anytime soon, you might not have the top-selling, most popular, and truly amazing aerial drone for your kid this coming Holiday season.

Nevertheless, allow us to take the guesswork from you. Let our list of the top 10 drones for kids be your guide in choosing the most appropriate gift to give your child. We can guarantee that these gadgets are safe, of the highest possible quality, and full of features that any kid will simply love. Without further ado, here are the most popular drones that you simply have to get for your child this coming Holiday season or perhaps for his or her birthday.

How We Chose the Top Drones in Our List

When we came up with our list of the top commercial kiddie drones in the market, we knew we had to look at the overall design of the product. It is important that it is sturdy and that it is made of highly durable materials. Kids, as we know are still way behind the proficiency of teenagers and adults flying these things, so it is not uncommon that the drone will be crash landing most of the time. As such it is crucial that we take the gizmo’s strength and impact-resistance.

Of course, what’s an aerial drone if it cannot perform tricks as well as other features like high resolution camera systems and gyroscopic sensors? So we had to consider these as well. We then had to take a look at the overall reputation of the company. This is very important to use because we clearly don’t want our readers to buy a product from a company that may have some shady manufacturing practices.

Consumers who have already bought the product often share their personal experiences in internet forums. We had to consider this as well to gain a more holistic picture of the overall quality of the aerial drone.

At least, we can be proud to say that our list of the top drones is a product of meticulous research.

Benefits of Drone Toys to Kids

We all know how important toys are for children.

While some people look at drones more as toys that don’t provide educational value, childcare experts agree that aerial drones are beneficial in helping children develop their full potential. Flying one of these toys can help enhance children’s imagination. They can pretend to be flying a UFO or even a military drone ready to pounce on the enemy at a moment’s notice. They can also pretend to be flying a real commercial aircraft. All of these can help them get a better appreciation of the mechanics of flight and how trim, yaw, pitch, and roll can all interact to provide a steadier flight.

Drones can also help children develop further their creativity. This is especially true in drones with built-in camera systems. These types of drones give children the opportunity to be as creative in the pictures that they are able to shoot as well as the videos that they can record. They can then have the opportunity to make interesting storyboards using these media.

And as we all know, creativity spurs emotional development. If kids are able to accomplish something out of the ordinary, then this can help improve their views about themselves. They learn to be more self-confident and, as a result, can be motivated to do more great things. Additionally, the increase in self-confidence naturally builds self-esteem which becomes a foundation for excellent social skills. When children are able to form healthier self-concepts, they are able to interact with their peers as well as adults in a more positive way.

Physically, flying a drone requires visual-motor coordination and a sense of balance to keep the drone steady in flight. While there’s not so much benefit to motor development, drones nevertheless, are important in ensuring more profound psychomotor development.

The Bottom Line

Drones are one of the best gifts you can every buy for your kid this coming season of giving. Our list of the top 10 drones for kids will help you find the best one for your kid.

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