10 Best DreamWorks Trolls Toys in 2017

For those who were born in the late 1950s, we’re pretty sure they can still recall the very first Good Luck Trolls dolls that were designed by Danish woodcutter and fisherman Thomas Dam that were eventually introduced in the US market in the middle of the 1960s. They were very popular then, reached pop culture status in the 1990s, and with the release of the Trolls 3D computer animated romantic, musical adventure, and comedy film in November of 2016, the lovable creatures with their signature hairdos have truly captivated the fascination of kids of this generation. And if your child is still quite feverish about these lovable characters like Princess Poppy and Branch, then they will simply love our 10 best DreamWorks Trolls Toys in 2017. Let the happiness, hugging, dancing, and singing be forever etched in the memories of kids with these lovely toys.

How We Chose the Best Dreamworks Trolls in Our List

It was never easy choosing the best Troll dolls to be included in a particular list like this. This is perhaps of the fact that dolls are inherently a matter of personal preference. For instance, there are children who prefer a Barbie over a Bratz doll while some would rather pick an American doll over any other types of toys. The point is that we have to think as DreamWorks Trolls fans ourselves so we can be effective in coming up with this list. It would simply be a shame if we included something that will not be loved by kids.

And speaking kids, it was imperative that the developmental appropriateness of these products were ensured. We wouldn’t want children to simply be playing with these. We also want them to learn something and, hopefully, come out better children in the process. To support our initial evaluation of these products’ ability to aid children in their growth and development, we had to read the experiences of Moms and Dads everywhere especially about their kids’ experiences with these playthings. We wanted to identify any similarities in their observations with our assessment. We know this is a very unscientific way of establishing relationships between variables but we were confident that it is the closest thing we can do to make for a more credible product evaluation.

Dolls and Kids’ Development

When we talk about dolls, it is inadvertent that we only think of it as a toy especially for girls. But the fact is, even boys can benefit from playing with toy dolls. And, in case you’re wondering what it is that playing with dolls can provide to our kids, here are some of the reasons why kids should play with dolls.

  • It helps refine their motor skills especially when performing grooming activities on their dolls such as combing or styling the hair. These require the absolute control of the muscles of the hand which can lead to enhanced motor coordination.
  • It improves the cognitive skills of children especially in the creation of roles to play. While these may not be readily apparent, they do form the basis of scientific problem solving skills later in life.
  • It helps enhance language development by using the different words and phrases that they can think of to give life to their role play.
  • It introduces them to the idea of nurturing and caring. For kids, dolls are like their own babies which they must learn to care for.

The Bottom Line

The trolls bring happiness and joy to everyone who happens to understand their true essence. And with these 10 best DreamWorks Trolls toys in 2017, you can bring some of the positivity and happiness right in your home.

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