We all want our kids to stay smelling fresh and clean all the time, especially if you’ve got teens whose hormones are now creating a lot of mixtures that can lead to foul body odor. Let’s just say they have clearly lost their baby smell, that odor that only babies have, and, in turn, have taken on a more feminine or masculine scent. If your kid is hyperactive or sweats a lot, then you know how awfully smelly your child can be at the end of the day. Don’t worry because we’ve got the answer for you. We’re presenting the 5 leading deodorants for kids in 2017 to help you narrow down your choices to what really works for today’s children.

How We Chose the Amazing Kids’ Deodorants in Our List

There were three things that we looked for in the deodorants that we included in this list: length of effectiveness, ease of application, and safety of the product. Of course, other factors had to be considered as well. For instance, the deodorant must be designed specifically for kids, not adults. This is because of the unique anatomy of children that is grossly different from what we have as adults. Another point is the consumer reception. We decided to include only products that have no less than 4 star ratings so you’ll feel a lot more confident about giving this particular deodorant to your kid.

Deodorants must have a very long lasting effect. At the very least, its effects should last the whole day. Otherwise, your kid will have to reapply it every now and then. This can lead to skin irritation as even natural ingredients are known to cause skin problems if applied very frequently and for a prolonged period of time. This brings us to our second point. These products will be applied onto the skin of our children. And you know that their skin is not yet as thick as ours. It is thus, important that deodorants don’t contain chemicals that can abrade, irritate, or even dry the skin. The hydration status of the skin should be maintained at all times. That’s why we had to be particularly selective in our product list.

Obviously, the ease of application was also considered, although it’s more a matter of personal preference. There are those who prefer roll-ons while there are also individuals who prefer using sticks. Whatever the case, we did away with the spray type of deodorants as these are considered unsafe, not only for the environment, but also for kids as the aerosol can be inhaled.

How to Manage Body Odor among Kids

Older children and teenagers are at a point in their lives when image matters a lot. While body odor cannot be seen, a foul smelling scent can usually put off others a lot faster than having an ugly face. As parents we need to know how to manage our kid’s body odor especially if it’s the really offensive type. Here are some  ways to help manage foul odor coming from our children’s and teens’ bodies.

  • Understand the cause of your kid’s body odor 

Body odor is almost always associated with the onset of puberty. As such, it is to be expected that your child will be emitting this particular scent by the time he or she reaches a certain age, usually 10 for girls and 11 for boys. However, if your child is not yet in his or her puberty and he or she is already emitting an offensive smell, then it’s best to understand the causes of body odor in children. It can be because of food, a rare metabolic problem, or even metal toxicities. Whatever the case, it’s best to consult your doctor.

  • Teach your kid correct and proper hygiene. 

Majority of cases of body odor is caused by poor hygiene like not taking a bath daily or not washing thoroughly the armpits and other body parts. This can harbor microorganisms that give off foul odors. So, make sure to teach your child the importance of maintaining good hygiene.

  • Introduce age appropriate deodorants and antiperspirants. 

There’s a big difference between antiperspirants and deodorants. As the term implies, antiperspirants prevents the secretion of sweat by the sweat glands as this can exacerbate offensive smells. Deodorants, on the other hand, mask the smell by providing something “fresher”. In some cases, these products also help absorb the smell that emanates from these regions of the body.

The Bottom Line

Keep your kid’s confidence level high with these 5 best deodorants for kids. Made of safe ingredients to give your child long-lasting protection from body odors, you can bet these deodorants will keep your kids feeling and smelling clean and fresh all day, every day.

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