12 Best Crayola Toys for Kids in 2017

One of the most fun and creative activities for young children is coloring whether it is the use of crayons, water color, coloring pens and pencils, or even pastels. For children, it’s all about having fun, being able to create something, and being able to express their thoughts and feelings through colors. And whenever colors for kids are concerned, Crayola is the brand that the world has come to trust. That is why we are making a list of the 12 top Crayola toys for kids this 2016.

Let us help you make the correct choice. Here are our list of the top twelve Crayola toys we are positive your kids will also love.

How We Chose the Top Toys in Our List

Choosing the best Crayola toys is never easy simply because you are looking at a company that is already well-known for making high-quality coloring products for kids. As such, to come up with a shortlist, we had to modify our usual parameters for choosing our top and best products.

Because everything is made by Crayola, there should be no question about trustworthiness and the quality and safety of the design. What we did focus on, however, is the developmental appropriateness of these toys for the intended age group. We also had to look at the toy’s overall appeal to children and whether they would love the toy or not. We then looked at what parents have been saying about these toys so we will have an idea of their overall acceptability and usefulness.

Crayons, Coloring, and Your Kids

Crayons and other coloring materials help introduce the idea of tools to children in the creation of something very colorful, creative, and fun. This can ultimately lead to the development of hand-eye coordination as well as dexterity and fine and gross motor skills. Coloring also helps develop bilateral coordination wherein one hand holds the crayon while the other holds the paper or art material where the colors are to be applied. This can help develop the kid’s ability to write later on as he or she gains mastery of coordinating the different muscle movements of his or her hands.

Coloring also develops the muscle endurance of kids. They can color drawings and images for hours on end and this strengthens the muscles of their hands and fingers. This should help them develop the same endurance in writing as well as in other hand-related activities. You can think of coloring as a child’s fun way of exercising the muscles of his or her hands. The more he or she uses them, the stronger they become, and the more useful they are when the time comes for them to perform other hand-initiated tasks like writing and drawing.

Using crayons to color images also help children with sensory processing. Unlike coloring with markers, coloring with crayons allow them to exercise their proprioceptive sense. This means that if they want a deeper or darker shade, then they have to apply greater pressure on the crayon. If they require a lighter shade, then they have to adjust the pressure applied onto the crayons as well. This helps them enhance their sensory processing abilities. Coloring also helps with color identification as well as color matching.

Coloring can also help children develop spatial awareness especially in making sure their colors don’t go beyond the lines of the drawing or the image. This can help provide the foundation for spatial intelligence which is necessary when writing or using a page for a variety of purposes. This simply means that children will be able to make good use of the space that is dedicated for writing or drawing or any other purpose.

At the end of it all, coloring is such a fun activity. When kids are able to accomplish coloring a particular project, they naturally feel proud of themselves. They know that they have just created something that is inspired by their imagination. Getting praise from Mom and Dad can also help boost self-confidence leading to enhanced self-esteem.

Playing with colors is not only a fun way to unleash a kid’s creativity and imagination. It is also a very important activity for stimulating psychomotor, emotional, and cognitive development. This is why we are confident that our list of the 12 top Crayola toys will prove highly beneficial for your own kids.

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