10 Best Bunk & Loft Beds for Kids in 2017

Not all of us have a home that has spacious living areas especially bedrooms for our kids. If we only have one child, this should not really be an issue. However, if we already have 2 kids whose ages are not so distant, then we might want to consider getting them a bunk bed especially if they are already at least 6 years old. Bunk beds can be real space-savers especially if we live in an apartment or even a house with small rooms. To help you get started with shopping for the best bunk bed for your kids, check out our top 10 bunk beds.

How We Chose the Top Double-Decker Beds for Kids in Our List

One of the major concerns of parents is the risk of injuries secondary to falls to their toddlers. It is for this reason that manufacturers of bunk beds explicitly recommend the use of their double-deckers only by children who are at least 6 years old. Unfortunately, we know that most parents cannot wait that long before they can buy these pieces of furniture for their children especially if space is an issue. As such, our primary focus in the selection of the double-deckers for our list is safety especially that of the top bunk.

We had to make sure that there are plenty of safety features in these furnitures that will help prevent falls or perhaps even mitigate the seriousness of injuries in cases where falls are inevitable. Railings are a standard and these must be of the wraparound type. Additionally, the sturdiness of the leg supports especially for the upper structures had to be ascertained by looking at any indications of quality manufacturing. For instance, we know that these pieces of furniture must be able to pass certain tests of quality standards such as those provided for by the CPSC and the ASTM. And since we’re concerned about our kids’ safety, we also had to make sure that the materials used in the finishing of the furniture are non-toxic and made of child-friendly materials and substances.

The overall design was also taken into consideration. Wood products are often considered a classic. However, we had to be sure that the wooden furniture we’re including on our list are made of high quality, solid wood and not some wood composite. For beds that use metal or steel, we had to ensure that they are also aesthetically pleasing and would be fun and enjoyable to sleep in especially by kids who are quite picky when it comes to their very “own” furniture. We had to be certain that what we have included in our list are worthy of a child’s praise.

Lastly, the thoughts of parents and customers who have been kind enough to leave feedbacks, comments, and reviews about these products were also considered. These provided us with the means to determine the accuracy of our own shortlist. At least, we can say that we represent the views of the majority of parents who are also looking for the best bunk beds in 2016.

Safety Considerations in the Use of Bunk Beds for Kids

There have been a lot of issues concerning the use of bunk beds by kids. Unfortunately, while companies and manufacturers have tried to improve the safety features of their products as well as issuing recommendations for their use only on children at least 6 years of age, there are still some consumers who are adamant at using bunk beds for their young children.

Again there is nothing wrong with using bunk beds. The main issue is that young children, especially toddlers and pre-schoolers are known to have very active imagination. They can readily climb up almost anything and pretend to be Superman or any other superhero they can think of. That is why many experts recommend getting double-deckers that can be transformed into individual cots so that the risk of falls is minimized until such time that children have reached the right age.

Understanding of our children’s developmental skills is also important. If we think that we cannot dampen their spirit of exploration, maybe we can forego with the bunk beds for now. Regrettably, this is not an option in homes with single bedrooms or just not enough space for everyone. In such cases, vigilance is advised.

The Bottom Line

Bunk beds are excellent sleeping furniture for homes that have issues with space. However, as there are safety concerns regarding its use, it is very important to heed the advice of experts. Never allow young children to take the upper deck. Hopefully, our top ten bunk beds for kids have enlightened you on what to look for.

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