20 Best Building Toys for Kids In 2017

best building toys for kids

One of the most developmentally important toys you can ever provide any kid, be it as a gift on his or her birthday or as a present on any special occasion, is a building toy. Some parents and toy manufacturers call these kinds of playthings as construction toys. However they are called, these kinds of toys are excellent in terms of developing and enhancing the psychomotor, emotional, cognitive, and social skills of children. It is for this reason that, if you really want to see your child to grow and develop to his or her full potential, then you simply have to get him or her a building toy.

Which building toy, you ask? That’s the problem because there are literally thousands out there claiming to be the best building toy ever. We are not toy manufacturers but we do love toys. And we understand your predicament as a parent so we have come up with a list of the 20 best building toys for kids.

How We Chose the Toys in Our List

Coming up with a list is quite easy. Identifying which building toys should be included in the list is an entirely different matter. There are a lot of things our team of dedicated researchers have to scrutinize. For example, we have to make sure that the toy company has a sterling record, a reputation of making high quality, safe, and developmentally appropriate toys. We placed emphasis on what these toys can do for your child. We want to include only toys that are guaranteed to help your child develop to his or her optimum potential. Additionally, we have to listen to what countless parents have to say about these toys. We had to look at some of their concerns and whether these were adequately addressed by the toy maker. Feedback about how their children used the gift suggestions or played with the toys were duly noted.

With these, we were able to shortlist 20 building toys that we believe every parent should consider giving to his or her children.

Kids and the Many Benefits of Building Toys

It is without a doubt that building toys are one of the most fundamentally-beneficial toys any kid can have. These kinds of toys can help promote a variety of developmental skills which children can use later on in their respective lives.

First and foremost, building toys help develop, refine, and enhance control of motor skills. Even younger children can benefit from holding the different building blocks. The mere act of holding the blocks requires mastery of muscle contraction of the fingers and hands. Moving the blocks and slotting them into their place requires spatial intelligence or the relationship between objects and space. They will also have to master hand-eye coordination especially in the correct positioning of the building block.

Building toys also encourage experimentation and testing which can also be interpreted as creativity, imagination, and divergent problem solving skills. Sure, building and construction toys come complete with very detailed instructions on how to build the proposed toy or model but this does not necessarily prevent kids from experimenting with the different shapes and forms of the building blocks. In many cases, it’s like solving a puzzle except that, instead of having a single solution, you have a multitude of possibilities. This provides the basis for testing which can become a very significant stepping stone for divergent problem solving skills and counterfactual reasoning.

For example, if a building toy is supposed to produce a large robot model, is it not possible that it can be converted into another form like a building, a tower, a box, or even a spaceship? The possibilities are endless and building toys are teaching kids how to think out of the box. This is the essence of counterfactual reasoning. It encourages kids to think outside the box, to think in the “what-if” way of looking at things. It is like, “What if I use the different building blocks to create a totally different model?”

This fosters creativity among children. The more building blocks they are able to play with, the greater the number of variations in their creations. And with each creation comes imagination. Children tend to build character in their creations. They are now able to create fantastic stories about their creations. This can ultimately lead to better emotional health as they are able to express their ideas in a very constructive way. Additionally, this can also help foster better social relationships especially when the building toy is shared with playmates and friends. Cooperative play is the foundation of enhanced social skills among children.

Building toys also help children understand some basic principles of the design process as well as engineering and architectural sciences. These kinds of toys are also helpful in introducing kids to the different materials used in the real world. It also teaches them about the impermanence of objects as well as the importance of social interaction and cooperation in the building process.

Truly, building toys are one of the best kinds of toys you can ever give to any child. With our list of the 20 best building toys, we hope you are more empowered now to choose the correct one for your kid.

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