7 Best Boomerangs in 2017

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Long before kids began playing with boomerangs, these handy, flying tools were primarily intended for hunting especially by the indigenous peoples of Australia as they hunted for kangaroo in the Outback. But get this, while boomerangs are well-known to be an Australian tradition, archeologists have unearthed a wealth of information showing this trusty tool could very well be part of the weapons arsenal of advanced societies in the Stone Age. Regardless, playing with these gadgets today can bring a host of benefits especially to young kids. To help you and your kid get started on the art of boomeranging, here are the 7 best boomerangs in 2017 you’d be glad to have.

10 Best Boomerangs

PictureToyBrandAge Range
Aerobie Orbiter BoomerangAerobie13 Years +
BumbleBee Precision BoomerangColorado Boomerangs7-15 Years
High Quality Yanaki Sports Boomerang from Colorado BoomerangsColorado Boomerangs10 Years +
Polypropylene Pro Sports BoomerangColorado Boomerangs10 Years +
Colorado Boomerangs Aussie Fever Wooden BoomerangColorado Boomerangs10 Years +
Polypropylene Fast Catch BoomerangsColorado Boomerangs14 Years +

1Orbiter Boomerang by Aerobie

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Age Range: At least 13 years old

The Aerobie Orbiter doesn’t really look like your ordinary kids boomerang. It is more like the reflectorized Early Warning Device triangle we use to place behind and in front of our vehicles if we have to pull over to the side of the road to fix something. That’s a more apt description of the Aerobie Orbiter since it’s definitely an equilateral triangle with each side measuring 11.5 inches long. The good thing about the design of the Aerobie Orbiter is that it comes with lightly rubber padded edges so that it won’t hurt your hands once it completes a 90 to 100 foot roundabout in a gentle circle. Technically, the arc it makes doesn’t complete a circle unless you have the benefit of wind in your favor. Nevertheless, at 100 feet, it should be very interesting to see just how well the Aerobie Orbiter makes that effortless glide towards your hand. Aerobie Orbiter is designed with optimum performance in mind which is perfect for both newbies and seasoned throwers. Here’s the thing, the Aerobie Orbiter can be thrown regardless of whether you’re right- or left- handed.

What We Like about It – The Aerobie Orbiter’s unusual styling is one unique plus for the product. The addition of soft rubber edges for a more comfortable catch is also commendable.

2BumbleBee Precision Boomerang by Colorado Boomerangs

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Age Range: 7-15 years old

Designed primarily for beginning throwers, flyers, and catchers of the b’rang, the BumbleBee looks more like a 4-bladed propeller out of a turbo-prop airplane. Now, do take note that the BumbleBee is rather small, with only about 5 to 6 inches of radius from the center of the b’rang right up to the tip of its blade giving it roughly 11 inches diameter, which is equivalent to the length on the Aerobie Orbiter. When you buy a boomerang from Colorado Boomerangs, you will also receive a fully illustrated booklet that teaches you all you need to know about throwing the gadget including its care. This should help prepare kids on the proper throwing of such a tool. The BumbleBee is made of durable plastic so it won’t matter how many times it falls to the ground if your newbie cannot catch it yet. Unfortunately, catching the BumbleBee with the hand does come with a bit of surprise since the edges do not have the same rubber padding found on the Aerobie Orbiter. Nevertheless, since the material is plastic and not wood, then it should not really be that painful. The BumbleBee is great for introducing to kids this wonderful game.

What We Like about It – The BumbleBee has a lightweight plastic design that can help guarantee better impact resistance; perfect for beginners.

3High Quality Yanaki Sports Boomerang by Colorado Boomerangs

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Age Range: At least 10 years old

While it is principally made of wood, you can bet the High Quality Yanaki can withstand repeated crashes to the ground rather splendidly. This is because the wood used on its construction is made of airplane-grade plywood so it is tough, durable, and very resistant and resilient against repeated crashes. The Yanaki is fully crafted by hand so you get superb aerodynamic qualities with just a single throw. This sends the Yanaki in a beautiful circle that has a span of about 45 to 50 yards. As such, it would do well if you were on a football field or even in a grassy open plain. The artsy design on its top surface also makes for a great visual spectacle as it gently flies back to you. The Yanaki is made of wood and so it is quite heavy compared to the BumbleBee. This requires substantial strength to throw it. It should be good as an older kids boomerang.

What We Like about It – The Yanaki comes as a very durable wooden b’rang thanks to its use of aircraft-grade wood.

4Polypropylene Pro Sports Boomerang by Colorado Boomerangs

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Age Range: At least 10 years old

If you’re serious in becoming a professional thrower of b’rangs, we recommend that you buy a boomerang that’s designed by a real professional, made of superior quality materials, and supplies you with exceptional wind resistance. Such qualities can only be found in the Polypropylene Pro Sports Boomerang. Made of only the best, premium grade, most durable polypropylene materials, the Colorado Pro Sports is an epitome of what a real professional-grade b’rang should be. It comes in the iconic V-Omega design that allows it to be thrown in a wide circle of more than 30 meters or at least 33 yards. The Colorado Pro Sports can be modified to suit the requirements of a variety of competitions. Or, it can be thrown as is. No matter how you intend to play with it, you can expect it to provide you with superb flight characteristics that are both enjoyable to watch and marvelous to comprehend.

What We Like about It – The Colorado Pro Sports is very durable and comes off as a professionally-built b’rang for everyone to enjoy.

5Aussie Fever Wooden Boomerang by Colorado Boomerangs

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Age Range: At least 10 years old

We all associate the b’rang to the Aussies. And with the Aussie Fever Wooden Boomerang, you can bet that it’s as close as it can get to the real b’rangs that the Aboriginal peoples of the Land Down Under have used for millennia to hunt roos and other animals in the Outback. The flared wings plus the authentic Aboriginal design make the Aussie Fever such a joy to throw and even more pleasure to catch. While the product is marketed by Colorado Boomerangs, the Aussie Fever is an authentic Australian-made product giving you the superb feel and experience of these famed tools. The wingspan may only be 33 centimeters or roughly 13 inches across but it does provide for a really fantastic hovering descent as it homes in for the catch. Here’s the catch, though. The Aussie Fever is designed only for right-handed throwing so if you’re a lefty, then you might want to get another product. The Aussie Fever nevertheless can give you a flight path of 30 to 40 meters.

What We Like about It – The Aussie Fever’s authentic Australian feel makes for a really great gift for kids and individuals who are fascinated by the original.

6Polypropylene Fast Catch Boomerangs by Colorado Boomerangs

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Age Range: At least 14 years old

With tiger stripe patterns on the inner two-thirds of the blade, the 3-bladed Polypropylene Fast Catch Boomerangs is a spectacle when thrown. Its 10-inch wingspan may be short but it can swirl in a perfect circle of about 20 to 30 meters. And since the kids boomerang is made of high quality polypropylene, you can make adjustments in the curvature of the blade to allow for right- or left- handed throwing. The same material construction gives it superb resistance against crashes and impacts. If it’s your first time flying one of these things, you’ll find everything you need to know in the accompanying guide booklet. And even if you don’t have the instruction guide, easy-to-understand instructions are already embossed right on the underside of the Fast Catch’s blades. You’ll never miss a throw.

What We Like about It – The Colorado Fast Catch is durable, flexible, and very versatile which is ideal for older kids.

7Speed Racer Fast Catch Boomerangs by Colorado Boomerangs 

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Age Range: 10-17 years old

If you hand a right-handed thrower who is only beginning to appreciate the art of boomeranging, then the Speed Racer Fast Catch kids boomerang is an excellent choice. It’s got 3 blades that’s fully optimized for superior throw and ease of catching. However, it does takes getting used to especially in the art of throwing the Speed Racer. Nevertheless, its sturdy construction should help dispel any concerns about getting broken to smithereens if it is not caught. The lightweight materials allow for a superb hover as it gently homes in. A word of caution, though; as we have already mentioned, this is strictly for right-handed throwers only. So, if you’re a lefty, you’d be better off with another.

What We Like about It – The Speed Racer is primarily intended for beginning thrower-catchers. At any rate, this is a great product to begin boomeranging with.

How We Chose the Best Boomerangs in Our List

Buying a boomerang can be quite tricky since they all look the same. The same thing can be said when picking the best boomerang for this particular shortlist. It was challenging, to say the least. First, the strength and durability of its construction was assessed. Since we are thinking that not everyone can throw and catch these things efficiently all the time, these must be able to withstand impacts and shocks as well as occasional drops. Otherwise, any crack or failure in the integrity of its design will ultimately affect its ability to fly and return to the thrower.

In relation to this, we also assessed how well the product was able to function in its primary purpose: to return to its thrower at a gentle arc. If this cannot be assured, then we scrapped it off our list. The comments and reviews of other people were thus, taken into consideration so we’ll get an idea as to the tool’s performance in real-life conditions. Also, since the purpose of the product is to be caught with the hands on its return flight, it should not hurt the hands catching it. Some level of comfort must thus, be assured with each catch. The distance of the flight circle was also considered. It would clearly be a shame if it can only manage a few feet.

Benefits of Playing with Boomerangs

It is quite obvious that there are several benefits of playing with boomerangs. It is actually not that very different from the benefits of ball play since the only thing that is quite different will be the boomerang itself. You can always start developing the throwing skills of children in their early years and as soon as they’ve mastered the basics, then they can start with boomerangs. Here are some of the more well-known benefits of playing with boomerangs.

  • It helps strengthen the muscles of the arms, hands, and the shoulders which should pave the way for other physical activities that rely on the excellent motor development of these body parts.
  • It introduces children to extracurricular activities as well as outdoor activities to get them off their couches in front of the computer screens. This can help provide other essential benefits that only time spent outdoors can provide such as fresh air, warm sunshine, and absolute fun.
  • Hand eye coordination is enhanced especially in terms of catching the returning boomerang. It may look so simple but it takes skill to accurately catch a spinning blade without hurting yourself. This also requires perfect timing and excellent control of muscle movements of the arms and hands.
  • Gross and fine motor development is also improved. Throwing the boomerang requires the movement of large muscles while holding onto the blade is the function of finer muscle groups.

The Bottom Line

Playing with a flying toy such as boomerang can provide a variety of benefits especially to kids. For the most part, it helps develop precision throwing and catching which can be deemed important in other aspects of life. With these 7 best boomerangs in 2017, you can now give yourself and your kids more reasons to enjoy playing outdoors.

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